Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; State: NJ; County: Essex Co
PhysiciansJere A. 1907NJEssex CoUpper Montclair
PhysiciansWilliam H. 1901NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
PhysiciansWilliam Henry 1907NJEssex CoUpper Montclair, St Vincents Hospital
TeachersNathalie V. 1914-1918NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
PhysiciansCharles Howell 1907NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
TeachersFrederick Oliver 1904-1905NJEssex CoMontclair, Montclair Academy
MinistersCarl Brenton 1919-1920NJEssex CoMontclair, First Congregational Church
LibrariansAlta M. 1923NJEssex CoMontclair, Free Public Library
TeachersMary Franklin 1908NJEssex CoMontclair, State Normal School
BusinesspeopleFrederick Waldo 1910NJEssex CoUpper Montclair
TeachersHarold Hall 1919-1925NJEssex CoMontclair, Montclair Academy
MinistersGeorge Jeremiah 1910-1912NJEssex CoMontclair, Grace Presbyterian Church
TeachersGeorge Stedman 1891-1892NJEssex CoMontclair, Montclair Academy
MinistersJames Romeyn 1870-1887NJEssex CoMontclair, First Presbyterian Church
MinistersLouis Fletcher 1897-1903NJEssex CoMontclair, First Congregational Church
PhysiciansWilliam Bogardus 1878NJEssex CoMontclair
Board of EducationU. N. 1920NJEssex CoMontclair, President
OthersUnion Noble 1918NJEssex CoMontclair, American Telephone and Telegraph Co, Vice-Pres
PrincipalsCharles Wesley 1887-1888NJEssex CoUpper Montclair
School SuperintendentsDon. C. 1920NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersHoward Sweetser 1894-1902NJEssex CoUpper Montclair, Congregational Church
LibrariansCatharine Electa 1922-1924NJEssex CoMontclair, Free Public Library
PhysiciansE. E. 1901NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital Dispensary
PhysiciansEdwin E. 1907NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
TeachersArthur Elmore 1884-1886NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
MinistersAmory Howe 1870NJEssex CoMontclair, Congregational Church
MinistersArmory Howe 1870-1911NJEssex CoMontclair, Presbyterian Church
TeachersClara Louise 1903-1909NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
TeachersStella Stevens 1893-1894NJEssex CoMontclair
PhysiciansStella Stevens 1907NJEssex CoMontclair
PhysiciansJames Spencer 1901NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
LibrariansAnne Goodloe 1926-1927NJEssex CoMontclair, State Normal School
TeachersJulian Scott 1915-1916NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
TeachersJohn Smith 1900-1903NJEssex CoMontclair, Military Academy
TeachersJohn Smith 1900-1903NJEssex CoMontclair, Montclair Academy
TeachersGeorge Edgar 1917NJEssex CoMontclair, Montclair Academy
PhysiciansHayes Joseph 1907NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersEdson Wyllys 1894-1898NJEssex CoMontclair, Methodist Church
MinistersJonathan Kelsey 1877-1878NJEssex CoMontclair, Methodist Church
PhysiciansClarence W. 1890NJEssex CoMontclair
PhysiciansJulius Alexander 1926NJEssex CoMontclair
PhysiciansFletcher F. 1907NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
ScientistsF. B. 1898NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersFrederick Brewerton 1899NJEssex CoMontclair, St Lukes Episcopal Church
LibrariansJulia Frances 1906-1907NJEssex CoMontclair, Free Public Library
MinistersCarl Delos 1902-1904NJEssex CoMontclair, Baptist Church
PhysiciansLevi W. 1901NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital Dispensary
PhysiciansLevi W. 1907NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
TeachersAlice E. 1908NJEssex CoMontclair
PhysiciansFrank Woodruff 1907NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersLawrence Seward 1910-1918NJEssex CoMontclair
PrincipalsLawrence Seward 1918NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersMorris De Veau 1884-1887NJEssex CoMontclair, Methodist Church
LibrariansMary Elizabeth 1927-1933NJEssex CoMontclair, Free Public Library
ArtistsWalter Avery 1915NJEssex CoUpper Montclair
BusinesspeopleHenry John 1915NJEssex CoUpper Montclair
TeachersMary Imogene 1903NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
MinistersJohn 1881-1883NJEssex CoMontclair, Methodist Church
TeachersMary M. 1897NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
TeachersMarion Hobart 1880-1881NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersEllen Maria 1906NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersSusan Maria 1897-1910NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersAlice Josephine 1906-1911NJEssex CoMontclair
PhysiciansLemuel E. 1896-1898NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersJ. J. 1920NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersCharles William 1896-1898NJEssex CoMontclair, Montclair Academy
MinistersJohn Y. 1897-1904NJEssex CoMontclair, Methodist Church
PrincipalsHerbert W. 1920NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
PrincipalsElsie Marion 1890NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
AttorneysHerbert H. 1918NJEssex CoMontclair
LibrariansElizabeth 1930-1933NJEssex CoMontclair, Free Public Library
PhysiciansEllsworth, Jr 1901NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
MinistersBenjamin Smith 1869NJEssex CoMontclair, Presbyterian Church
TeachersEdwin 1915NJEssex CoMontclair
LibrariansLeila Gay 1921-1923NJEssex CoMontclair, State Normal School
MinistersHarry Emerson 1904-1915NJEssex CoMontclair, Baptist Church
PhysiciansHerbert W. 1907NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersJennie Leooora 1912NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
PhysiciansRichard P. 1907NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
MinistersLlewellyn Stover 1901NJEssex CoMontclair, First Presbyterian Church
TeachersCharles Henry 1904-1905NJEssex CoMontclair, Montclair Academy
TeachersAnnette Chapin 1899-1901NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersGeorge Augustus 1880-1887NJEssex CoUpper Montclair, Congregational Church
ScientistsJ. Stewart 1898NJEssex CoMontclair
PrincipalsClara S. 1924NJEssex CoMontclair
EngineersOtto Emil 1903NJEssex CoMontclair
ScientistsWilliam C. 1898NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersLouise K. 1900-1903NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersStanley Riddell 1912-1913NJEssex CoMontclair, Montclair Academy
PrincipalsJohn Parshley 1870-1874NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersCharles Wyckoff 1898-1903NJEssex CoMontclair Heights, Dutch Reformed Church
TeachersMargaret Lucy 1912NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
PhysiciansLevi W. 1901NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital Dispensary
PhysiciansLevi W. 1907NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
PhysiciansJames Taylor 1907NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
MinistersFrederick Jackson 1916-1923NJEssex CoMontclair, Methodist Church
TeachersAlice 1920NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersGeorgia 1909NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
PhysiciansWilliam Nelson 1905NJEssex CoMontclair
PhysiciansWilliam Nelson 1907NJEssex CoUpper Montclair
TeachersKatharine S. 1909NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
MinistersHarry Houston 1901-1906NJEssex CoMontclair, Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansMelissa C. 1907NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersWilliam N. 1890-1896NJEssex CoMontclair, Baptist Church
MinistersGeorge Duryee 1910NJEssex CoMontclair Heights, Dutch Reformed Church
MinistersJesse Lyman 1867-1869NJEssex CoMontclair, Methodist Church
PhysiciansEdward J. 1901NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
OthersLaura B. 1901NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital, Supt
TeachersHerbert Everard 1903-1904NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
MinistersHenry Ezekiel 1907NJEssex CoUpper Montclair, Congregational Church
LibrariansEdith 1928-1933NJEssex CoMontclair, Free Public Library
PhysiciansAndrew R. 1907NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersWilliam Finney 1888-1900NJEssex CoMontclair, First Presbyterian Church
TeachersKatherine R. 1880-1881NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersMary Cassandra 1906-1910NJEssex CoMontclair, Kimberly School
PhysiciansCharles J. 1901NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
TeachersJosiah Edwards 1860-1861NJEssex CoMontclair
PrincipalsA. S. 1924NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersAlice Adelaide 1909NJEssex CoUpper Montclair
TeachersLeila Charlton 1908NJEssex CoMontclair, Kimberly School
TeachersMarguerite 1915NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
PhysiciansJames Wesley 1907NJEssex CoMontclair
PhysiciansPhilip E. 1907NJEssex CoMontclair
PhysiciansTheodora W. 1907NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersThompson Hoadley 1869-1872NJEssex CoMontclair, Methodist Church
PhysiciansJennings Sipe 1926NJEssex CoMontclair
PhysiciansJohn J. H. 1890NJEssex CoMontclair
PhysiciansLeslie Clifford 1907NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
LibrariansElizabeth Janet 1918NJEssex CoMontclair, Free Public Library
OthersClarence Mortimer 1930NJEssex CoMontclair, Western Union Telegraph Co, Maintenance Supervisor
BusinesspeopleJohn Theodore 1915NJEssex CoMontclair
PhysiciansJ. Corwin 1907NJEssex CoMontclair
PrincipalsJohn George 1887-1911NJEssex CoMontclair, Montclair Academy
TeachersGenevieve Lottie 1909NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersJames L. 1875NJEssex CoMontclair, St Lukes Episcopal Church
PhysiciansWilliam Carnahan 1881-1882NJEssex CoMontclair
PrincipalsWilliam 1924NJEssex CoUpper Montclair
PrincipalsJohn G. 1920NJEssex CoMontclair, Military Academy
PhysiciansElizabeth 1907NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
LibrariansFlorence Ethel 1926-1926NJEssex CoMontclair, State Normal School
MinistersNelson 1862-1867NJEssex CoMontclair, First Presbyterian Church
TeachersDavid Dewitt 1909-1911NJEssex CoMontclair, Montclair Academy
TeachersHarriet Chidsey 1893-1894NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersJohn Nelson 1899-1901NJEssex CoMontclair, Presbyterian Church
OthersIrving Hartwell 1914NJEssex CoMontclair, Western Electric Co, distributing dept
BusinesspeopleAlfred Powell 1915NJEssex CoUpper Montclair
TeachersMargaret 1910-1911NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersFrank Woolley 1909-1914NJEssex CoMontclair, First Congregational Church
PhysiciansAndrew 1890NJEssex CoMontclair
PhysiciansRichard Cole 1907NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
PhysiciansWillis Clarke 1907NJEssex CoMontclair
BusinesspeopleAdolphus Stewart 1906NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersMary 1897NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
ArchitectsRhys Harrower 1915NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersWilliam 1902-1903NJEssex CoMontclair, Congregational Church
TeachersHelen McFarlan 1898-1905NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
TeachersAnna M. 1891-1893NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
PhysiciansRalph 1907NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
LibrariansEmma V. 1923NJEssex CoMontclair, State Normal School
MinistersEdward P. 1894NJEssex CoMontclair, Grace Presbyterian Church
MinistersEdward Phillips 1894-1909NJEssex CoMontclair, Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansFrederick 1901NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
EngineersHerbert H. 1930NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersCharles Frank 1906-1908NJEssex CoMontclair, Montclair Academy
PhysiciansJohn W. 1890NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersLouis Wetherbee 1920NJEssex CoMontclair, St Lukes Episcopal Church
MinistersGeorge Montclair 1916NJEssex CoMontclair, Trinity Episcopal Church
TeachersClara Fisher 1907-1909NJEssex CoMontclair, Kimberly School
TeachersCarleton Elderkin 1908-1910NJEssex CoMontclair, Montclair Academy
TeachersCarleton Elderkin 1910NJEssex CoMontclair, Military Academy
PhysiciansHenry 1901NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
MinistersJosiah Addison 1858-1861NJEssex CoMontclair, Presbyterian Church
TeachersRussell Talcott 1918-1919NJEssex CoMontclair, Montclair Academy
LibrariansMargery Cosey 1927-1933NJEssex CoMontclair, Free Public Library
ScientistsLouis 1915NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersJulia A. Idrayer 1911-1912NJEssex CoMontclair
LibrariansPhyllis Stevens 1927-1929NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersFred P. 1920NJEssex CoMontclair
ArchitectsFrederick Newland 1915NJEssex CoUpper Montclair
MinistersJohn Joseph 1880-1881NJEssex CoMontclair, Methodist Church
PhysiciansRobert Finley 1907NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersDaniel Sheldon 1870-1882NJEssex CoMontclair
Board of EducationMabel 1920NJEssex CoMontclair, Clerk
TeachersNoah Cornwell 1881-1882NJEssex CoMontclair, High School
MinistersClaudius Monell 1901-1912NJEssex CoMontclair, St Johns Episcopal Church
LibrariansN. Louise 1930-1933NJEssex CoMontclair, Free Public Library
MinistersFrederick Newman 1891-1894NJEssex CoMontclair, Grace Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansR. H. 1901NJEssex CoMontclair, Mountainside Hospital
MinistersAlbert Henry Von 1903-1910NJEssex CoMontclair Heights, Dutch Reformed Church
PhysiciansCharles Henry 1907NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersMartha E. 1890-1892NJEssex CoMontclair
TeachersOra Winona Louise 1895-1896NJEssex CoMontclair
PhysiciansAnna L. 1907NJEssex CoMontclair
AttorneysDyer 1918NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersGeorge Washington 1874-1876NJEssex CoMontclair, Methodist Church
MinistersRobert Seneca 1906-1911NJEssex CoMontclair, First Congregational Church
TeachersWilliam Mackey 1904-1906NJEssex CoMontclair, Montclair Academy
TeachersHorace Homer 1890-1892NJEssex CoMontclair, Montclair Academy
School SuperintendentsRandall 1874NJEssex CoMontclair
MinistersWilson Reiff 1912-1915NJEssex CoMontclair, St Lukes Episcopal Church

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1EngineersNJ, Union Co, Elizabeth

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