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Historical Record Lists; State: NE; County: Douglas Co
TeachersIsaac, Jr 1883NEDouglas CoOmaha
AttorneysIsaac, Jr 1884-1900NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsH. D. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsHerbert D. 1893NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersClarence Eugene 1925-1928NEDouglas CoOmaha, First Methodist Church
MinistersCyrus Benjamin, Jr 1898NEDouglas CoOmaha, Beth-Eden Baptist Church
PhysiciansEdmund Turney 1886-1894NEDouglas CoOmaha
PrincipalsCora S. 1922NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersF. H. 1897-1900NEDouglas CoOmaha, Park Vale Congregational Church
RailroadsR. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsRichmond 1893NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersSwan 1892NEDouglas CoOmaha, Calvary Baptist Church
ArchitectsWalker Whitcomb 1917NEDouglas CoOmaha
GraduatesElisha Benjamin 1884NEDouglas CoOmaha, University Of Nebraska
MinistersLars 1884-1888NEDouglas CoOmaha, Baptist Church
MayorsGeorge Robert 1858-1859NEDouglas CoOmaha
PhysiciansHarry L. 1903NEDouglas CoOmaha
PrincipalsMary N. 1924NEDouglas CoOmaha
GraduatesWilliam 1898NEDouglas CoOmaha, University Of Nebraska
MinistersAlfred William 1896-1897NEDouglas CoOmaha, Pilgrim Congregational Church
GraduatesClarence Walworth 1898NEDouglas CoOmaha, University Of Nebraska
AttorneysWilliam Elmer 1890-1891NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersLucius Olmsted 1905-1910NEDouglas CoOmaha, St Marys Ave Congregational Church
RailroadsW. H. Jr 1890-1891NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsR. W. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsAlva 1915NEDouglas CoOmaha
GraduatesJames Wilson 1902-1905NEDouglas CoOmaha, Theological Seminary
RailroadsD. T. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
MayorsWilliam F. 1897-1897NEDouglas CoOmaha
MayorsDavid Douglas 1859-1860NEDouglas CoOmaha
MayorsGeorge Pickering 1892-1896NEDouglas CoOmaha
GraduatesDeWltt M. 1891NEDouglas CoOmaha, University Of Nebraska
AttorneysJohn A. 1912NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersW. Francis 1903NEDouglas CoOmaha, Hillside Congregational Church
RailroadsJohn B. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsH. I. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsGeorge F. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
TeachersClara J. 1916NEDouglas CoOmaha
GraduatesRollin B. 1897NEDouglas CoOmaha, Theological Seminary
MinistersFrancis Scott 1880-1886NEDouglas CoOmaha, Second Presbyterian Church
AttorneysEugene Nelson 1919NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersAugust 1895NEDouglas CoOmaha, Baptist Church
MinistersHenry Frederic 1869-1871NEDouglas CoOmaha, Unitarian Church
TeachersAugust Mothe 1915NEDouglas CoOmaha
MusiciansAugust Mothe 1915NEDouglas CoOmaha
AttorneysJohn James 1908NEDouglas CoOmaha
GraduatesKnox 1897NEDouglas CoOmaha, Theological Seminary
MayorsJames E. 1881-1883NEDouglas CoOmaha
PrincipalsAngeline 1924NEDouglas CoOmaha
GraduatesJohn B. 1896NEDouglas CoOmaha, University Of Nebraska
MayorsWilliam M. 1873-1874NEDouglas CoOmaha
AttorneysWilliam Stowe 1868NEDouglas CoOmaha
TeachersNona S. 1908-1909NEDouglas CoOmaha, High School
MayorsClinton 1860-1861NEDouglas CoOmaha
BusinesspeopleNat Maynard 1882-1890NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsJacob O. 1893NEDouglas CoOmaha
MayorsWilliam J. 1887-1890NEDouglas CoOmaha
TeachersWilliam Ellsworth 1897-1901NEDouglas CoOmaha, High School
RailroadsSanford O. 1879-1882NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersAndrew Christy 1897-1900NEDouglas CoOmaha, Knox Presbyterian Church
MayorsCharles H. 1867-1868NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsPrank D. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsJ. R. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsJohn R. 1881-1893NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsE. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsDexter Clark 1915NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersNewman Hall 1903-1908NEDouglas CoOmaha, Second Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansH. L. 1903NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsH. G. 1893NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsH. G. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsHorace G. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
TeachersMartin W. 1915NEDouglas CoOmaha
MusiciansMartin W. 1915NEDouglas CoOmaha
TeachersMyrtle Elizabeth 1911NEDouglas CoOmaha
MayorsDan Bernard 1936-1945NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersS. Wright 1892-1899NEDouglas CoOmaha, St Marys Ave Congregational Church
MayorsSmith Samuel 1871-1872NEDouglas CoOmaha
GraduatesHarry Austin 1895NEDouglas CoOmaha, Theological Seminary
AttorneysJames H. 1857-1859NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsCharles Morland 1876NEDouglas CoOmaha
TeachersAlfred 1869-1870NEDouglas CoOmaha
AttorneysPaul 1887-1905NEDouglas CoOmaha
MayorsChampion S. 1874-1877NEDouglas CoOmaha
AttorneysChampion Spaulding 1866NEDouglas CoOmaha
PhysiciansEdward Webb 1887-1899NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersMattison Wilbur 1899-1901NEDouglas CoOmaha, First Methodist Church
PrincipalsMartha W. 1924NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersAnderson William 1887-1891NEDouglas CoOmaha, Calvary Baptist Church
RailroadsJames T. 1873-1883NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersJohn Lew 1899-1901NEDouglas CoOmaha, Baptist Church
MinistersAndrew Stuart Currie 1902-1907NEDouglas CoOmaha, Lowe Ave Presbyterian Church
RailroadsEdward 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
ArchitectsEdwin Besanqon 1903NEDouglas CoOmaha
ArchitectsFrederick Woodruff 1905-1912NEDouglas CoOmaha
GraduatesJohn Caldwell Calhoun 1894NEDouglas CoOmaha, University Of Nebraska
PhysiciansAugustus Davis 1919NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersJohn Peet 1908-1911NEDouglas CoOmaha, Plymouth Congregational Church
AttorneysWilliam James 1912NEDouglas CoOmaha
GraduatesHarrison Scott 1896NEDouglas CoOmaha, Theological Seminary
AttorneysIsaac E. 1913NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersGeorge A. 1891-1893NEDouglas CoOmaha, Saratoga Congregational Church
MinistersWilliam Ellery 1878-1888NEDouglas CoOmaha, Unitarian Church
GraduatesStephen Jared 1898NEDouglas CoOmaha, University Of Nebraska
MusiciansHenry 1915NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersHenry Calvin 1887-1891NEDouglas CoOmaha, Hillside Congregational Church
MinistersHorace Alonzo 1890-1893NEDouglas CoOmaha, Methodist Church
MinistersJohn 1888NEDouglas CoOmaha, Second Presbyterian Church
MinistersHerbert Gould 1902-1903NEDouglas CoOmaha, Hillside Congregational Church
RailroadsGeorge H. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
GraduatesJohn Young 1905-1908NEDouglas CoOmaha, Theological Seminary
MayorsGlenn C. 1948-1954NEDouglas CoOmaha
GraduatesJames N. 1898NEDouglas CoOmaha, Theological Seminary
MinistersJames Barr 1893-1911NEDouglas CoOmaha, Second Presbyterian Church
MayorsRichard C. 1890-1892NEDouglas CoOmaha
MayorsJames C. 1906-1918NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsJohn H. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
GraduatesPeter Samuel 1889NEDouglas CoOmaha, University Of Nebraska
MinistersHenry Wilson 1899-1902NEDouglas CoOmaha, Immanuel Baptist Church
PhysiciansHerbert Haywood 1926NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersSamuel Taylor 1892-1895NEDouglas CoOmaha, Second Presbyterian Church
BusinesspeopleAmbrose Burnside 1889-1893NEDouglas CoOmaha
TeachersGrace Mildred 1907-1909NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersAlonzo Alvin 1916NEDouglas CoOmaha, First Baptist Church
RailroadsE. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsEdward 1891-1893NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersB. F. 1904NEDouglas CoOmaha, Saratoga Congregational Church
MinistersRobert Matthew 1902-1906NEDouglas CoOmaha, Second Presbyterian Church
MinistersFrancis Marion 1860-1872NEDouglas CoOmaha, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJohn 1873-1874NEDouglas CoOmaha, Baptist Church
GraduatesArthur Joseph 1907-1908NEDouglas CoOmaha, Theological Seminary
TeachersJean P. 1915NEDouglas CoOmaha
MusiciansJean P. 1915NEDouglas CoOmaha
PhysiciansArthur D. 1919NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsW. P. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersJoseph T. 1888-1895NEDouglas CoOmaha, First Congregational Church
MinistersJoseph Tuthill 1888-1895NEDouglas CoOmaha, First Baptist Church
BusinesspeopleWilliam Weber 1892-1912NEDouglas CoOmaha
BusinesspeopleHerman John 1919NEDouglas CoOmaha
GraduatesOrrin A. 1890NEDouglas CoOmaha, University Of Nebraska
GraduatesWilber Theodore 1896NEDouglas CoOmaha, University Of Nebraska
MinistersEdward L. 1894-1896NEDouglas CoOmaha, Cherry Hill Congregational Church
MinistersEdward L. 1894-1896NEDouglas CoOmaha, Saratoga Congregational Church
PhysiciansMax Washabaugh 1926NEDouglas CoOmaha
OthersJames Edwin 1888NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersJames Edwin 1891NEDouglas CoOmaha, Methodist Church
RailroadsJoseph Warren 1915NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsP. S. 1876-1880NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersWilliam Wallace 1895-1897NEDouglas CoOmaha, Baptist Church
AttorneysJoseph P. 1912NEDouglas CoOmaha
TeachersFaith Avery 1903-1904NEDouglas CoOmaha, Brownell Hall
MinistersGrant Eugene 1909-1915NEDouglas CoOmaha, Dundee Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames A. 1894NEDouglas CoOmaha, Plymouth Congregational Church
MinistersJesse Lee 1908-1910NEDouglas CoOmaha, Saratoga Congregational Church
MinistersJacob 1895-1900NEDouglas CoOmaha, Hillside Congregational Church
MinistersArthur J. 1904NEDouglas CoOmaha, Plymouth Congregational Church
PhysiciansDellizon Arthur 1919NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersFrank Sumner 1888-1889NEDouglas CoOmaha, Saratoga Congregational Church
PrincipalsFannie 1924NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersFrancis Wyman 1887-1897NEDouglas CoOmaha, Baptist Church
AttorneysWilliam Anderson 1908NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsJ. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersJohn McClellan 1889-1893NEDouglas CoOmaha, First Presbyterian Church
MinistersWilliam Shouse 1907-1909NEDouglas CoOmaha, Westminster Presbyterian Church
MinistersReuben 1855-1864NEDouglas CoOmaha, First Congregational Church
MinistersElmer Lamont 1919NEDouglas CoOmaha, First Methodist Church
MayorsJames S. 1874-1874NEDouglas CoOmaha
TeachersVirginia Banks 1883-1887NEDouglas CoOmaha
ArchitectsPaul 1912NEDouglas CoOmaha
MayorsAddison R. 1864-1865NEDouglas CoOmaha
PhysiciansRobert 1919NEDouglas CoOmaha
AttorneysHeman M. 1858-1864NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersJohn Ogden 1887-1897NEDouglas CoOmaha, Westminster Presbyterian Church
ProfessorsJohn Ogden 1891-1899NEDouglas CoOmaha, Theological Seminary
GraduatesFred H. 1898NEDouglas CoOmaha, Theological Seminary
RailroadsJ. W. 1902NEDouglas CoOmaha
RailroadsJohn W. 1893NEDouglas CoOmaha
PrincipalsFrances 1924NEDouglas CoOmaha
AttorneysJohn Henry 1886NEDouglas CoOmaha
TeachersMarion Elvira 1905-1906NEDouglas CoOmaha, Brownell Hall
RailroadsJames Madison 1867-1870NEDouglas CoOmaha
BusinesspeopleCharles William 1912NEDouglas CoOmaha
PrincipalsMargaret 1922NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersLeroy Sutherland 1896-1900NEDouglas CoOmaha, Cherry Hill Congregational Church
MinistersLeroy Sutherland 1896-1900NEDouglas CoOmaha, Saratoga Congregational Church
MinistersEdward Norman 1891-1893NEDouglas CoOmaha, Beth-Eden Baptist Church
MinistersJudson Wade 1880-1886NEDouglas CoOmaha, First Baptist Church
BusinesspeopleJudson Wade 1896-1901NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersJudson Wade 1897-1899NEDouglas CoOmaha, Immanuel Baptist Church
MinistersWilliam Justin 1877NEDouglas CoOmaha, Second Presbyterian Church
MinistersWilliam Justin 1887-1891NEDouglas CoOmaha, First Presbyterian Church
ProfessorsWilliam Willett 1891NEDouglas CoOmaha, Theological Seminary
MinistersFrederick A. 1900-1903NEDouglas CoOmaha, Plymouth Congregational Church
MinistersTheodore Symonds 1897-1901NEDouglas CoOmaha, Lowe Ave Presbyterian Church
TeachersZella Frederika 1905-1906NEDouglas CoOmaha, High School
MinistersWilliam Potts 1892-1896NEDouglas CoOmaha, First Baptist Church
GraduatesAlvin M. 1895NEDouglas CoOmaha, Theological Seminary
MinistersWilliam Rossman 1886-1890NEDouglas CoOmaha, Second Presbyterian Church
MinistersFrank Edmonds 1900-1904NEDouglas CoOmaha, Saratoga Congregational Church
AttorneysWilliam H. 1908NEDouglas CoOmaha
MinistersHubert Clinton 1898-1907NEDouglas CoOmaha, First Congregational Church
Updated: 03 Jun 2020

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