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Historical Record Lists; State: NC; County: Orange Co
BusinesspeopleRalph Preston 1917NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsAlgernon S. 1895-1901NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsAlgernon S. 1907-1911NCOrange CoChapel Hill
TeachersAlexander Doughan 1886-1888NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsJohn W. 1873-1874NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsMerritt 1879-1882NCOrange CoChapel Hill
TeachersCollier 1880-1881NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsOliver K. 1954-1961NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsZebulon 1927-1933NCOrange CoChapel Hill
ConstablesHenry 1902NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsJohn M. 1933-1942NCOrange CoChapel Hill
BusinesspeopleJunius Thomas 1907-1911NCOrange CoChapel Hill
PhysiciansJ. R. 1890NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsEdwin S. 1949-1954NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsJames C., Jr. 1901-1903NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsR. W. 1942-1949NCOrange CoChapel Hill
PhysiciansW. P. 1890NCOrange CoChapel Hill
PhysiciansIsaac Hall 1919NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsA. J. 1884-1885NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsA. J. 1888-1891NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsL. P. 1913-1914NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsAndrew 1874-1876NCOrange CoChapel Hill
TeachersJulian H. 1885-1886NCOrange CoChapel Hill
PhysiciansJohn C. 1890NCOrange CoChapel Hill
BusinesspeopleAlexander Winston 1903-1905NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsWilliam N. 1887-1888NCOrange CoChapel Hill
PhysiciansGeorge Washington 1876-1885NCOrange CoChapel Hill
BusinesspeopleGeorge Hall 1908NCOrange CoChapel Hill
PhysiciansA. B. 1890NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsWilliam S. 1903-1907NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsWilliam S. 1911-1913NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsWilliam S. 1914-1927NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsH. B. 1869-1872NCOrange CoChapel Hill
TeachersJ. H. 1874-1876NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsJohn H. 1872NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsJohn H. 1876-1879NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsJohn H. 1883-1884NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsJohn H. 1885-1887NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsJohn H. 1891-1895NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsJones 1882-1883NCOrange CoChapel Hill
BusinesspeopleJunius Davis 1916NCOrange CoChapel Hill
PhysiciansLouis Harward 1910-1917NCOrange CoChapel Hill
MayorsJohn 1874NCOrange CoChapel Hill
TeachersMrs. J. S. 1920-1921NCOrange CoChapel Hill
PhysiciansThomas J. 1890NCOrange CoChapel Hill
Updated: 12 Apr 2020

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Most Recent Entries
50RailroadsNC, , North Carolina Railroad
6AttorneysNC, Alamance Co, Burlington
2MayorsNC, Alamance Co, Graham
6TeachersNC, Alamance Co, Graham
3PhysiciansNC, Alamance Co, Haw River
2BusinesspeopleNC, Alamance Co, Mebane
2AttorneysNC, Alexander Co, Taylorsville
2TeachersNC, Alexander Co, Taylorsville
2TeachersNC, Alleghany Co, Sparta
5PhysiciansNC, Anson Co, Ansonville
3PhysiciansNC, Ashe Co, Jefferson
3RailroadsNC, Avery Co, Cranberry, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad
2TeachersNC, Beaufort Co, Aurora
2PhysiciansNC, Beaufort Co, Bath
2RailroadsNC, Beaufort Co, Pinetown, Washington and Plymouth Railroad
1PhysiciansNC, Bertie Co, Aulander
2TeachersNC, Bertie Co, Aulander
1RailroadsNC, Bertie Co, Windsor, Wellington and Powellsville Railroad
2PharmacistsNC, Buncombe Co, Asheville
2RailroadsNC, Buncombe Co, Asheville, Richmond and Danville Railroad
2TeachersNC, Buncombe Co, Black Mountain
2ScientistsNC, Burke Co, Morganton
3AttorneysNC, Caldwell Co, Lenoir
2BusinesspeopleNC, Caldwell Co, Lenoir
1RailroadsNC, Caldwell Co, Lenoir, Caldwell and Northern Railroad
1ScientistsNC, Carteret Co, Beaufort
2TeachersNC, Carteret Co, Beaufort
2AttorneysNC, Carteret Co, Morehead City
2BusinesspeopleNC, Carteret Co, Morehead City
2TeachersNC, Caswell Co, Yanceyville
3RailroadsNC, Chatham Co, Gulf, Durham and Charlotte Railroad
5BusinesspeopleNC, Chatham Co, Pittsboro
2MayorsNC, Cherokee Co, Murphy
3RailroadsNC, Chowan Co, Edenton, Wellington and Powellsville Railroad
5TeachersNC, Cleveland Co, Kings Mountain
2BusinesspeopleNC, Cleveland Co, Shelby
2TeachersNC, Columbus Co, Whiteville
1AttorneysNC, Craven Co, New Bern
2BusinesspeopleNC, Craven Co, New Bern
10RailroadsNC, Craven Co, New Bern, Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad
3TeachersNC, Craven Co, Vanceboro
2MayorsNC, Cumberland Co, Fayetteville
2PharmacistsNC, Cumberland Co, Fayetteville
6RailroadsNC, Cumberland Co, Fayetteville, Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railway
2TeachersNC, Dare Co, Hatteras
2BusinesspeopleNC, Dare Co, Manteo
3BusinesspeopleNC, Davidson Co, Lexington
1PhysiciansNC, Davie Co, Advance
1PhysiciansNC, Duplin Co, Albertson
2TeachersNC, Duplin Co, Kenansville
2BusinesspeopleNC, Duplin Co, Warsaw
4DentistsNC, Durham Co, Durham
5RailroadsNC, Durham Co, Durham, Cape Fear and Northern Railway
1OthersNC, Durham Co, Durham, Internal Revenue Service
2PhysiciansNC, Edgecombe Co, Battleboro
7RailroadsNC, Edgecombe Co, Tarboro, East Carolina Railway
3PhysiciansNC, Forsyth Co, Bethania
2DentistsNC, Forsyth Co, Winston-Salem
2PharmacistsNC, Forsyth Co, Winston-Salem
1RailroadsNC, Forsyth Co, Winston-Salem, Norfolk and Western Railway
2TeachersNC, Franklin Co, Franklinton
1AttorneysNC, Franklin Co, Louisburg
2BusinesspeopleNC, Gates Co, Gatesville
3PhysiciansNC, Gates Co, Gatesville
2AttorneysNC, Granville Co, Oxford
2BusinesspeopleNC, Granville Co, Oxford
3PhysiciansNC, Granville Co, Stovall
3BusinesspeopleNC, Greene Co, Hookerton
6RailroadsNC, Guilford Co, Greensboro, Southern Railway
3PharmacistsNC, Guilford Co, High Point
1PhysiciansNC, Halifax Co, Aurelian Springs
4MayorsNC, Halifax Co, Enfield
2AttorneysNC, Halifax Co, Littleton
2RailroadsNC, Halifax Co, Weldon, Wilmington and Weldon Railroad
2BusinesspeopleNC, Harnett Co, Dunn
3PhysiciansNC, Haywood Co, Clyde
2BusinesspeopleNC, Haywood Co, Waynesville
2MayorsNC, Haywood Co, Waynesville
2AttorneysNC, Henderson Co, Hendersonville
2PharmacistsNC, Henderson Co, Hendersonville
2TeachersNC, Henderson Co, Hendersonville
2AttorneysNC, Hertford Co, Ahoskie
2RailroadsNC, Hertford Co, Ahoskie, Wellington and Powellsville Railroad
1RailroadsNC, Hyde Co, Belhaven, Norfolk and Southern Railroad
3PhysiciansNC, Iredell Co, Mooresville
3TeachersNC, Iredell Co, Statesville
2BusinesspeopleNC, Jackson Co, Sylva
4PhysiciansNC, Jackson Co, Webster
4MayorsNC, Johnston Co, Benson
1PhysiciansNC, Johnston Co, Bentonville
3BusinesspeopleNC, Johnston Co, Four Oaks
4TeachersNC, Johnston Co, Princeton
3AttorneysNC, Johnston Co, Smithfield
2TeachersNC, Jones Co, Trenton
3RailroadsNC, Lee Co, Cumnock, Raleigh and Western Railway
3PhysiciansNC, Lee Co, Sanford
3RailroadsNC, Lenoir Co, Kinston, Kinston and Carolina Railroad
3AttorneysNC, Lincoln Co, Lincolnton
2MayorsNC, Lincoln Co, Lincolnton
3PhysiciansNC, Macon Co, Highlands
8PhysiciansNC, Martin Co, Jamesville
5TeachersNC, Martin Co, Williamston
2BusinesspeopleNC, McDowell Co, Marion
3PhysiciansNC, McDowell Co, Old Fort
2DentistsNC, Mecklenburg Co, Charlotte
1MayorsNC, Mecklenburg Co, Charlotte
2ScientistsNC, Mecklenburg Co, Charlotte
7RailroadsNC, Mecklenburg Co, Charlotte, Edgmoor and Manetta Railroad
3PhysiciansNC, Mecklenburg Co, Huntersville
5RailroadsNC, Montgomery Co, Biscoe, Aberdeen and Asheboro Railway
2AttorneysNC, Montgomery Co, Troy
3PhysiciansNC, Montgomery Co, Troy
22RailroadsNC, Moore Co, Aberdeen, Aberdeen and Asheboro Railway
2TeachersNC, Moore Co, Carthage
6PhysiciansNC, Nash Co, Nashville
2BusinesspeopleNC, Nash Co, Whitakers
41RailroadsNC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington, Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
2AttorneysNC, Northampton Co, Garysburg
6RailroadsNC, Northampton Co, Garysburg, Seaboard Air Line
4PhysiciansNC, Pamlico Co, Bayboro
2TeachersNC, Pamlico Co, Bayboro
1AttorneysNC, Pender Co, Burgaw
3PhysiciansNC, Pender Co, Rocky Point
3BusinesspeopleNC, Perquimans Co, Hertford
2TeachersNC, Perquimans Co, Hertford
2TeachersNC, Person Co, Roxboro
1PhysiciansNC, Pitt Co, Ayden
3BusinesspeopleNC, Randolph Co, Asheboro
2PhysiciansNC, Randolph Co, Asheboro
2BusinesspeopleNC, Richmond Co, Hamlet
6RailroadsNC, Richmond Co, Hamlet, Charlotte, Monroe and Columbia Railroad
3TeachersNC, Richmond Co, Rockingham
3BusinesspeopleNC, Robeson Co, Lumberton
4MayorsNC, Robeson Co, Lumberton
6RailroadsNC, Robeson Co, Lumberton, Carolina Northern Railway
2TeachersNC, Robeson Co, Red Springs
3PhysiciansNC, Robeson Co, Rowland
4MayorsNC, Rockingham Co, Madison
6PhysiciansNC, Rockingham Co, Madison
3BusinesspeopleNC, Rockingham Co, Reidsville
5TeachersNC, Rockingham Co, Reidsville
2PhysiciansNC, Rowan Co, China Grove
3TeachersNC, Rowan Co, Salisbury
1OthersNC, Rowan Co, Salisbury, Internal Revenue Service
5RailroadsNC, Rowan Co, Salisbury, Southern Railway
3AttorneysNC, Rutherford Co, Rutherfordton
3BusinesspeopleNC, Rutherford Co, Rutherfordton
4TeachersNC, Rutherford Co, Rutherfordton
2MayorsNC, Scotland Co, Laurinburg
3PhysiciansNC, Scotland Co, Laurinburg
1RailroadsNC, Scotland Co, Laurinburg, Carolina Central Railroad
1PhysiciansNC, Stanly Co, Big Lick
3PhysiciansNC, Stokes Co, Francisco
3PhysiciansNC, Surry Co, Elkin
3TeachersNC, Surry Co, Elkin
1RailroadsNC, Surry Co, Mt Airy, Mount Airy and Eastern Railway
2RailroadsNC, Transylvania Co, Brevard, Transylvania Railroad
2TeachersNC, Tyrrell Co, Columbia
5AttorneysNC, Union Co, Monroe
3PhysiciansNC, Vance Co, Kittrell
6TeachersNC, Wake Co, Apex
16RailroadsNC, Wake Co, Apex, Cape Fear and Northern Railway
10PhysiciansNC, Wake Co, Auburn
2AttorneysNC, Wake Co, Cary
1DentistsNC, Wake Co, Raleigh
1MusiciansNC, Wake Co, Raleigh
3PhysiciansNC, Warren Co, Ridgeway
3TeachersNC, Warren Co, Warrenton
5RailroadsNC, Warren Co, Warrenton, Aberdeen and Rock Fish Railroad
3PhysiciansNC, Washington Co, Creswell
2MayorsNC, Washington Co, Plymouth
1RailroadsNC, Washington Co, Roper, Norfolk and Southern Railroad
4PhysiciansNC, Watauga Co, Blowing Rock
2AttorneysNC, Watauga Co, Boone
2MayorsNC, Wayne Co, Fremont
2AttorneysNC, Wilkes Co, North Wilkesboro
3PhysiciansNC, Wilkes Co, Wilkesboro
1PhysiciansNC, Yadkin Co, Boonville
2TeachersNC, Yadkin Co, Yadkinville

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29 Apr 2020Poor's Manual of Railroads, 19027,772165
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15 Apr 2020Johns Hopkins Directory 1876-19263,70914
12 Apr 2020Trinity College (Duke), 19166754
11 Apr 2020Boyd's directory of the District of Columbia, 1894706
10 Apr 2020Eastern Illinois University, Alumni Register, 1914425
09 Apr 2020Cornell College Register and Alumni Record, 19134992
07 Apr 2020Register of the State Department, 19162,225
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02 Apr 2020Who's Who in the Nation's Capital4,846
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26 Mar 2020Directory of trained nurses, 18951,763
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17 Mar 2020Naturalists Directory, 18982,710
15 Mar 2020State Normal School for Women, Farmville, Va, 1916455
15 Mar 2020State Normal and Training School, Potsdam 1869-1894727
14 Mar 2020Iowa State Normal School Alumni 19096471
12 Mar 2020Directory of graduates, State Normal School, Milwaukee, WI1,716
11 Mar 2020Teachers and School Officers Directory for Ohio5,845
10 Mar 2020United States Art Directory and Yearbook, 1882812
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06 Mar 2020Midwest Musicians and Allied Artist Directory1,927
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02 Mar 2020Who's Who in South Carolina615
01 Mar 2020The North Carolina Teacher 1884-1885189
01 Mar 2020The North Carolina Teacher 1886-1887112
29 Feb 2020Alumni History of the University of North Carolina2,2848
26 Feb 2020Catalogue of the officers and alumni of Washington and Lee University338
25 Feb 2020Baylor University, Alumni Directory, 1854-19142122
24 Feb 2020Milton College Alumni Directory78
22 Feb 2020American Men [and Women] of Science; a Biographical Directory12,332
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16 Feb 2020History of the University of North Carolina71
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