Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; State: MN; County: Hennepin Co
PhysiciansAmos W. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
AttorneysHoward Strickland 1885MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
GraduatesMabel Louise 1902MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
LibrariansMabel Louise 1914-1918MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Public Library
TeachersCharles 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Corcoran School
TeachersCharles 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Minnehaha School
TeachersEmma W. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Logan School
BusinesspeopleGeorge Washington 1910MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersWillard H. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, East High School
PhysiciansClarence Martin 1919MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersMarie R. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, West High School
TeachersArthur T. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, South High School
TeachersCynthia E. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Central High School
TeachersCynthia Emroy 1910MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, North High School
TeachersE. Ruth 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Lafayette School
TeachersEmma N. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersJulia 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Central High School
LibrariansWilma Frances 1928-1933MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, West Lake Branch Library
OthersDaniel 1917MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Trussed Concrete Steel Co, Minneapolis Representative
MinistersJonas M. 1901MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Swedish Congregational Church
TeachersAlice G. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Bremer School
GraduatesGeorge B. 1887MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
PrincipalsGeorge B. 1891MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Winthrop School
ScientistsGeorge B. 1898MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersNannie E. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Harrison School
TeachersBelle C. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Sidney Pratt School
MinistersJacob 1886-1891MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Baptist Church
TeachersGrace 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Blaine School
TeachersGrace 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Franklin School
MinistersGeorge E. 1904-1906MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, 38th Street Congregational Church
TeachersNora B. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Holland School
MinistersAhaz N. 1898MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Presbyterian Church
TeachersMary M. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Harrison School
PostmastersCyrus 1867-1871MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
GraduatesFlora L. 1887MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Minnesota Hospital College
PhysiciansHenry Clay 1887MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
ProfessorsHenry Clay 1893MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Minnesota Homeopathic College
PrincipalsMalcolm 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Calhoun School
TeachersRuth A. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Robert Fulton School
BusinesspeopleJohn Grant 1924MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PhysiciansIsaac D. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersHelen G. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Central High School
TeachersAnne M. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Clinton School
TeachersAlbert D. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Marcy School
TeachersAlbert D. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Pillsbury School
TeachersAlbert D. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Tuttle School
PhysiciansBenson T. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersBlanche A. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Irving School
PhysiciansCharles P. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
GraduatesCharles T. 1882MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Minnesota Hospital College
PhysiciansCharles T. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersEgbert L. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Central High School
TeachersEthel L. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Lake Harriet School
TeachersGeorge Delwin 1919MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
RailroadsGeorge Gardner 1881-1904MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul Railway, stores dept clerk
PhysiciansHenry W. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PrincipalsIda M. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Pillsbury School
PrincipalsL. Kate 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Holland School
MinistersLorenzo Bickford 1865-1868MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Baptist Church
RailroadsLouis B. 1886-1889MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul Railway, station clerk
PhysiciansLovel B. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersMabel R. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, McKinley School
TeachersMary Adele 1891-1892MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PrincipalsMiss L. Kate 1891MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Holland School
PhysiciansFrank 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
ProfessorsFrank 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
TeachersIda 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Horace Mann School
MayorsA. A. 1876-1877MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, & 82-84, 86-89, 01-02
PhysiciansAlbert A. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PostmastersAlfred E. 1856MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PhysiciansAndrew James 1903MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
MinistersClair E. 1920MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Linden Hills Congregational Church
TeachersClair Elwood 1895-1898MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
MayorsEli B. 1870-1872MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
LibrariansGeorgiana 1911-1912MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Public Library
GraduatesGeorgiana 1912MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
PrincipalsLuella B. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Harrison School
TeachersMaude 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Monroe School
TeachersNettie 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Adams School
RailroadsA. 1902MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Minneapolis, St Paul and Sault St Marie Railway, Supt Bridges
RailroadsAlexander 1886-1893MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Minneapolis, St Paul and Sault St Marie Railway, supt and foreman bridges and buildings
GraduatesBeryl Dorothy 1926MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
ProfessorsAlexander Pierce 1899-1900MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
OthersChas 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Lyndale School, Janitor
TeachersDeborah M. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, West High School
OthersEdgar C. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, George Bancroft School, Engineer
PhysiciansJohn D. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
GraduatesLouis 1896MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
TeachersMargaret E. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Prescott School
TeachersMartha D. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Van Cleve School
PharmacistsMyron Albert 1910MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
OthersNils 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Eugene Field School, Janitor
TeachersNora C. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Holland School
OthersRichard 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Simmons School, Janitor
GraduatesSamuel Gilmore 1881MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
AttorneysSydney 1903MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
LibrariansWilliam 1923MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Public Library
MayorsWilliam A. 1931-1933MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
OthersEngvald 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Monroe School, Janitor
TeachersAbbie E. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Lincoln School
TeachersAdolph P. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Central High School
TeachersBernice L. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Longfellow School
BusinesspeopleGeorge Austin 1902MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PhysiciansRobert Strahl 1926MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
MinistersS. M. 1901-1903MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Scandinavian Congregational Church
ProfessorsJames Rowland 1894MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
TeachersLaura W. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Harrison School
TeachersAlma K. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Hawthorne School
PostmastersJohn J. 1886MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersSara T. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Clinton School
PostmastersWilliam P. 1858MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PhysiciansHomer Burnham 1913MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
OthersAbraham 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Madison School, Janitor
TeachersMaud Retta 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Greeley School
TeachersJosephine J. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Hamilton School
ProfessorsDean William Remsen 1890-1891MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
ProfessorsWilliam B. 1898MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minneapolis
OthersWilliam R. 1920MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota, Dean, Mines
ProfessorsWilliam Remson 1900-1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
ProfessorsCarlos J. Vazquez 1925MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minneapolis
PhysiciansJohn L. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersFern A. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Marcy School
LibrariansJessie Louise 1922-1931MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
TeachersAlmeda 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Bryant School
TeachersOrie V. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Washington School
FoodiesSolon 1879-1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersMabel D. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Grant School
TeachersOle J. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, South High School
TeachersJoseph Charles 1882MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
TeachersJennie 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Bryant School
PhysiciansT. N. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersMaude M. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Madison School
MinistersH. C. 1859MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Plymouth Congregational Church
PhysiciansEdward E. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersEva L. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
MusiciansFlorence 1925MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
PhysiciansMarshall P. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersBertha C. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Holmes School
PhysiciansHenry N. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
MusiciansStanley R. 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersStanley R. 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersFrederic Gibbs 1902-1903MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Central High School
MayorsEdward C. 1889-1891MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
GraduatesLucile 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
TeachersM. Vinette 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Bryant School
OthersE. W. 1910MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Minnesota and Ontario Power Co, President
RailroadsE. W. 1922MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Minnesota, Dakota and Western Railway, president
BusinesspeopleEdward Wellington 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersEleanor J. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Simmons School
ArtistsFlorence R. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
AttorneysSelden 1883-1894MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
ProfessorsSelden 1889-1894MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
MinistersLucius Franklin 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Presbyterian Church
TeachersAnna A. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Lincoln School
MinistersJohn William 1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, St Matthews Episcopal Church
LibrariansElva Barber 1918-1920MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Public Library
TeachersJean E. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Schiller School
PhysiciansWilliam L. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersWinifred B. 1917MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
MayorsA. G. 1933-1935MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
LibrariansHelen Campbell 1925-1933MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Public Library
EngineersLyman Stanton 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
OthersE. B. 1910MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Minnesota Central Telephone Co, Gen Mgr
TeachersEarl L. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
LibrariansGladys Vlola 1926-1928MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
MinistersSmith 1890-1893MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Park Ave Congregational Church
GraduatesClara Frances 1892MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
LibrariansClara Frances 1892-1899MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Public Library
PhysiciansF. R. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersGrace 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Sumner School
RailroadsR. J. 1866MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Minnesota Central Railway, secretary
TeachersLouise V. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Simmons School
TeachersFrances M. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Tuttle School
MinistersJames E. 1909-1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Robbinsdale Congregational Church
TeachersWilliam R. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Whittier School
GraduatesC. A. 1894MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
TeachersHuldah 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Calhoun School
TeachersEmma K. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Holland School
TeachersEdith 1909MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersEdith S. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Logan School
TeachersElla M. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Seward School
TeachersMay L. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Horace Mann School
PhysiciansJohn P. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersLaura 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Clinton School
TeachersStella B. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Prescott School
TeachersBertha Rickenbrode 1916-1916MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, University of Minnesota
PhysiciansOscar F. 1890MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
TeachersMyrta E. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Bremer School
Football PlayersAdrian 1923-1924MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Minneapolis Marines
TeachersNellie I. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Horace Mann School
TeachersWilliam E. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, South High School
TeachersWilliam Elliott 1915MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, High School
LibrariansNelle 1922-1923MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Public Library
PhysiciansAlbion 1857-1865MNHennepin CoMinneapolis
RailroadsWilliam Alanson 1899-1906MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Minneapolis, St Paul and Sault St Marie Railway, chief dispatcher
LibrariansClara Mae 1919-1921MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Public Library
RailroadsEdward H. 1881-1883MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Minneapolis and St Louis Railroad, stenographer
MinistersGeorge B. 1906-1909MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Vine Congregational Church
TeachersRobert J. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, West High School
TeachersEdith M. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Motley School

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