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Historical Record Lists; State: MA; County: Suffolk Co
GraduatesJohn Bayne 1907MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
Baseball PlayersEd 1903-1905MASuffolk CoBoston
MembersCleveland MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston Society of Natural History
GraduatesEdward Payson 1852MASuffolk CoBoston, Harvard Medical School
PhysiciansFrederick R. 1896MASuffolk CoSouth Boston, Carney Hospital
AttorneysWilliam Alanson 1861-1863MASuffolk CoBoston
Other Naval ServiceCharles W. 1869-1871MASuffolk CoBoston, Navy Pay Office
Other Naval ServiceCharles W. 1875-1876MASuffolk CoBoston, Navy Pay Office
Other Naval ServiceCharles W. 1878-1879MASuffolk CoBoston, Navy Yard
Other Naval ServiceCharles W. 1880-1881MASuffolk CoBoston, Navy Yard
PhysiciansE. Stanley 1893MASuffolk CoBoston, City Hospital
AttorneysEdwin Hale 1862MASuffolk CoBoston
TeachersGabrielle 1900MASuffolk CoBoston, Cook School
TeachersGabrielle 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, Abraham Lincoln School
GraduatesGeorge Galen 1876MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
Other Naval ServiceJoel 1830-1832MASuffolk CoBoston, Receiving Ship
Other Naval ServiceJoel 1839MASuffolk CoBoston, Navy Yard
TeachersJoseph Hale 1833-1855MASuffolk CoBoston
GraduatesMaud Elizabeth 1904MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
GraduatesMontelle Weston 1896MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
TeachersRosalie Y. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, Girls Latin School
PhysiciansSamuel L. 1892MASuffolk CoBoston
TeachersSusan E. 1900MASuffolk CoBoston, West Concord Street School
TeachersSusan E. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, Louisa May Alcott School
PhysiciansAdelaine N. 1915MASuffolk CoSouth Boston
GraduatesAlbert Francis 1903MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
GraduatesAlice Carey 1898MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
OthersArthur Howard 1915MASuffolk CoBoston, General Electric
MembersCharles Conrad MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston Society of Natural History
TeachersCharles Edwards 1837-1843MASuffolk CoBoston
PhysiciansCharles Shewell 1893-1894MASuffolk CoBoston, Massachusetts Homeopathic Hospital
PhysiciansCharles Shewell 1893-1895MASuffolk CoBoston
MinistersClifford Belcher 1897MASuffolk CoBoston, Congregational Church
GraduatesDavid Gushwa 1895MASuffolk CoBoston University Theological Seminary
JournalistsEdward 1869-1878MASuffolk CoBoston, The Congregationalist
GraduatesEllen Mehitable 1881MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
GraduatesEulalie Marie 1899MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
TeachersGeorge J. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
MinistersGranville Sharp 1863-1869MASuffolk CoSouth Boston, Baptist Church
TeachersHelen A. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
TeachersHelen M. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
RailroadsJ. G. 1866MASuffolk CoBoston, Nashua and Lowell Railroad
TeachersJacob 1829-1833MASuffolk CoBoston
AttorneysJames Alexander 1843-1859MASuffolk CoBoston
AttorneysJohn Edward 1872-1877MASuffolk CoBoston
Police nnd FiremenJohn G. 1849-1850MASuffolk CoBoston, Engine Co No 2
AttorneysJohn Getchell 1876-1884MASuffolk CoBoston
AttorneysJohn Stevens 1860-1881MASuffolk CoBoston
AttorneysJohn True 1871-1876MASuffolk CoBoston
AttorneysJosiah Gardner 1861MASuffolk CoBoston
AttorneysLeon Martin 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
ArchitectsLewis Benjamin 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
TeachersLewis W. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
GraduatesLillian Beardslee 1879MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
TeachersMollie 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
PhysiciansMrs. A. N. 1892MASuffolk CoBoston
Police nnd FiremenN. E. 1869MASuffolk CoBoston, Hose Co No 3
GraduatesNathan 1893MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
GraduatesNatt Thurston 1902MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
ProfessorsNatt Thurston 1902MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
OthersRoy C. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, Massachusetts General Hospital
TeachersSarah B. 1870MASuffolk CoSouth Boston, Norcross School
GraduatesSusan Edgar 1902MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
GraduatesThomas T. 1857MASuffolk CoBoston University Theological Seminary
AttorneysWilliam Allen 1901MASuffolk CoBoston
GraduatesCharles Osgood 1898MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
LibrariansAlice M. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, Public Library
GraduatesEdward Everett 1892MASuffolk CoBoston University Theological Seminary
GraduatesEdward Everett 1892MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
PrincipalsCaroline D. 1900MASuffolk CoBoston, Appleton Street School
TeachersRuth H. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
OthersIsrael 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, City Hospital
GraduatesIsadora 1912MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
GraduatesMaurice Daniel 1901MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
AttorneysEdgar Oakes 1884MASuffolk CoBoston
PhysiciansJ. Warren 1892MASuffolk CoBoston
PhysiciansJohn Warren 1891MASuffolk CoBoston
GraduatesHenry W. 1864MASuffolk CoBoston University Theological Seminary
GraduatesJohn W. 1860MASuffolk CoBoston University Theological Seminary
GraduatesAnna Estella 1905MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
TeachersAlfred 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
GraduatesAmy F. 1895MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
GraduatesHoward Alexander 1914MASuffolk CoBoston University Theological Seminary
GraduatesRoss Wesley 1906MASuffolk CoBoston University Theological Seminary
MinistersGarabed Haratune 1903MASuffolk CoBoston, Congregational Church
GraduatesHovsep Garo 1914MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
TeachersAlfonso G. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
MusiciansJosef 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
TeachersJosef 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, New England Conservatory
MusiciansTimothee 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
TeachersTimothee 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, New England Conservatory
MinistersAlfred Windham 1895-1897MASuffolk CoBoston, Twelfth Baptist Church
RailroadsAustin W. 1902MASuffolk CoBoston, Union Freight Railroad
Baseball PlayersBob 1925MASuffolk CoBoston
GraduatesCarlos Lemuel 1887MASuffolk CoBoston University Theological Seminary
TeachersCaroline A. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
MinistersCharles 1845MASuffolk CoBoston, Bromfield Street Methodist Church
RailroadsCharles Francis 1884MASuffolk CoBoston, Union Pacific Railroad
AttorneysCharles Francis 1893MASuffolk CoBoston
GraduatesCharles Goldthwait 1816MASuffolk CoBoston, Harvard Medical School
GraduatesCharles H. 1874MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
MinistersCharles Josiah 1873-1874MASuffolk CoBoston, Episcopal Church
GraduatesCharles Sullivan 1887MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
GraduatesCharles W. 1884MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
GraduatesClara Augusta 1895MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
GraduatesEdward F. 1906MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
ScientistsEdward P. 1898MASuffolk CoBoston
OthersEleanora 1910MASuffolk CoBoston, Berkeley Infirmary
TeachersEmily A. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
TeachersEmma C. 1870MASuffolk CoSouth Boston, F. W. Lincoln School
GraduatesErnest Clayton 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
GraduatesForrest Nathan 1892MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
GraduatesFrank R. 1891MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
TeachersFrank S. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
MinistersFrank Stone 1885MASuffolk CoBoston, Third Congregational Church
GraduatesFrank William 1881MASuffolk CoBoston University Theological Seminary
GraduatesFranklin Launcelot 1900MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
TeachersGeorge 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
GraduatesGeorge Burrett 1894MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
AttorneysGeorge Caspar 1900MASuffolk CoBoston
TeachersGrace W. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
DentistsH. W. 1892MASuffolk CoBoston
EngineersHenry Sewall 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
MinistersHenry Wright 1850-1851MASuffolk CoBoston, Christ Episcopal Church
TeachersIda H. 1900MASuffolk CoBoston, Horace Mann School
PhysiciansIsaac 1865-1868MASuffolk CoBoston
GraduatesJessie Louise 1893MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
AttorneysJohn 1768-1778MASuffolk CoBoston
RailroadsJohn 1878-1893MASuffolk CoBoston, Fitchburg Railroad
PhysiciansJohn D. 1910MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston Dispensary
PhysiciansJohn D. 1910MASuffolk CoBoston, Mt Sinai Hospital
PhysiciansJohn Dresser 1904MASuffolk CoBoston, Childrens Hospital
MinistersJohn Folsom 1839MASuffolk CoBoston, Bromfield Street Methodist Church
GraduatesJohn Franklin 1894MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
AttorneysJohn Quincy 1910MASuffolk CoBoston
MinistersJoseph Augustus 1853-1856MASuffolk CoBoston, Methodist Church
GraduatesJulius 1875MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
TeachersKate M. 1880MASuffolk CoBoston
GraduatesLewis Grant 1907MASuffolk CoBoston University Theological Seminary
GraduatesLouise 1900MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
TeachersLouise 1916MASuffolk CoEast Boston, High School
TeachersLucy E. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
TeachersM. Medora 1900MASuffolk CoBoston, Girls High School
TeachersMabel E. 1900MASuffolk CoBoston, Horace Mann School
TeachersMary 1909-1910MASuffolk CoBoston, Miss Creechs School
TeachersMary B. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, Horace Mann School
GraduatesMelvin O. 1874MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
RailroadsMelvin O. 1902MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad
TeachersMyrtle A. 1916MASuffolk CoEast Boston, Theodore Lyman School
MinistersNehemiah 1834-1871MASuffolk CoBoston, Union Congregational Church
GraduatesNina A. 1907MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
GraduatesRichard Laban 1905MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
BusinesspeopleRobert Carr 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
GraduatesRobert G. 1868MASuffolk CoBoston University Theological Seminary
MinistersRobert John 1886-1893MASuffolk CoBoston, Stoughton Street Baptist Church
DentistsS. E. 1892MASuffolk CoBoston
TeachersSarah E. 1855MASuffolk CoBoston, Phillips Street School
TeachersSarah E. 1880MASuffolk CoBoston, Brimmer School
TeachersSarah E. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, Abraham Lincoln School
TeachersSolomon 1840-1856MASuffolk CoBoston
MinistersSolomon 1840-1856MASuffolk CoBoston, Congregational Church
TeachersSusan J. 1870MASuffolk CoEast Boston, Theodore Lyman School
GraduatesWalter Forester 1895MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
TeachersWarren W. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
PhysiciansWilliam Gray 1897-1898MASuffolk CoBoston, City Hospital
TeachersWilliam Gray 1915MASuffolk CoBoston, Tufts College Medical School
PrincipalsWilliam T. 1855MASuffolk CoBoston, Boylston School
PhysiciansZ. B. 1910MASuffolk CoBoston, Childrens Hospital
PhysiciansZabdiel B. 1910MASuffolk CoBoston, Massachusetts General Hospital
PhysiciansZabdiel Boylston 1855-1867MASuffolk CoBoston
Other Naval ServiceAlfred 1897-1898MASuffolk CoBoston, Navy Yard
GraduatesCharles E. 1891MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
GraduatesCharles Edgar 1882MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
MinistersHarold Ethelbert 1900-1900MASuffolk CoBoston, Church of the Advent
Baseball PlayersBob 1873MASuffolk CoBoston
TeachersElizabeth 1916MASuffolk CoBoston
GraduatesSarah 1910MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
GraduatesMax 1917MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
GraduatesFrederic Edward 1917MASuffolk CoBoston University Theological Seminary
GraduatesAvedis Garrabet 1898MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
Baseball PlayersDoc 1902MASuffolk CoBoston
ProfessorsHerman M. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, Harvard Medical School
PhysiciansHerman Morris 1915MASuffolk CoRoxbury, Boston Psychopathic Hospital
MusiciansHazel L. 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
RailroadsAlexander 1902MASuffolk CoBoston, Hecla and Torch Lake Railroad
GraduatesAlbert G. 1915MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
Baseball PlayersSam 1916-1918MASuffolk CoBoston
GraduatesWalter D. 1901MASuffolk CoBoston University Theological Seminary
GraduatesSarah 1913MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
GraduatesDavid C. 1906MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
RailroadsWilliam Howard 1915MASuffolk CoBoston, Bay State Street Railway
TeachersGertrude A. 1916MASuffolk CoEast Boston, Philip H. Sheridan School
GraduatesTimothy J. 1901MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
TeachersGeorgianna E. 1880MASuffolk CoBoston, Cook School
PhysiciansH. C. 1892MASuffolk CoBoston
OthersFrancis P. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, Eliot School
PhysiciansE. W. 1892MASuffolk CoBoston
TeachersFlorence W. 1900MASuffolk CoBoston
MinistersSilas 1837-1848MASuffolk CoBoston, Park Street Congregational Church
TeachersMartha H. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston

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