Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; State: IL; County: Warren Co
GraduatesLewis James, Jr 1874ILWarren CoMonmouth College
BusinesspeopleJohn Clayton 1939ILWarren CoMonmouth
GraduatesSamuel Lane 1877ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesThomas Dougall 1867ILWarren CoMonmouth College
MinistersJohn 1880-1883ILWarren CoMonmouth, Baptist Church
EngineersJohn Schuyler 1905-1911ILWarren CoMonmouth
TeachersAllen L. 1911-1913ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesSamuel R. 1864ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesHenry Chalmers 1891ILWarren CoMonmouth College
ProfessorsGeorge Herbert 1903-1911ILWarren CoMonmouth College
School SuperintendentsChapman Vinson 1862-1863ILWarren CoMonmouth
ProfessorsJames Ritchie 1853-1858ILWarren CoMonmouth College
TeachersJessie J. 1915-1916ILWarren CoMonmouth
MinistersJames McGee 1891-1894ILWarren CoMonmouth, Presbyterian Church
School SuperintendentsLee Lynton 1916ILWarren CoMonmouth
TeachersEmma 1912ILWarren CoMonmouth
GraduatesHomer Mitchell 1907ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesThomas Howard 1876ILWarren CoMonmouth College
TeachersNeva M. 1914-1916ILWarren CoMonmouth
GraduatesDavid 1867ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesWilliam Morton 1903ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesEdwin M. 1894ILWarren CoMonmouth College
TeachersMarion Bayley 1919ILWarren CoMonmouth
GraduatesWilliam Carson 1875ILWarren CoMonmouth College
TeachersLinnie West 1917-1918ILWarren CoMonmouth, High School
MinistersAmos Hammond 1882-1902ILWarren CoMonmouth, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJoseph H. 1893ILWarren CoMonmouth, Baptist Church
GraduatesWilliam Irenaeus 1879ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesFrank Ray 1906ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesJames Samuel Edwin 1881ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesJohn Waker 1897ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesSamuel Whitten 1893ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesThomas Maskell 1874ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesCharles MacQueen 1879ILWarren CoMonmouth College
TeachersLola E. 1911-1913ILWarren CoMonmouth
GraduatesCharles Carroll 1889ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesJohn L. 1859ILWarren CoMonmouth College
TeachersEleanor O. 1904-1907ILWarren CoMonmouth
TeachersGarnet 1908-1912ILWarren CoMonmouth
MinistersClinton Jennings 1911ILWarren CoMonmouth, Presbyterian Church
GraduatesHenry Nelson 1904ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesG. W. 1875ILWarren CoMonmouth College
TeachersThomas Hoffman 1912ILWarren CoMonmouth College
AttorneysAbner Clark 1838ILWarren CoMonmouth
GraduatesWilliam Gilbert McDill 1878ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesJohn MacNeil 1878ILWarren CoMonmouth College
ProfessorsEdward Otto 1915-1918ILWarren CoMonmouth College
ProfessorsFred Cole 1902-1906ILWarren CoMonmouth College
TeachersNora E. 1914-1915ILWarren CoMonmouth
TeachersLivonia Starr 1919ILWarren CoMonmouth, High School
TeachersOla Estelle 1918ILWarren CoMonmouth, High School
ProfessorsJohn Calvin 1861-1865ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesJohn William 1892ILWarren CoMonmouth College
TeachersHelen 1913-1914ILWarren CoMonmouth
TeachersEmma Gertrude 1906-1907ILWarren CoMonmouth
TeachersGertrude 1912-1915ILWarren CoMonmouth
MinistersWilliam Robert 1902-1915ILWarren CoMonmouth, Presbyterian Church
GraduatesThomas Carter 1864ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesJohn George 1892ILWarren CoMonmouth College
AttorneysJohn Jacob 1919ILWarren CoMonmouth
ProfessorsSamuel I. 1878-1880ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesThomas Hanna 1888ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesRobert B. 1867ILWarren CoMonmouth College
BusinesspeopleClarence Henry 1909ILWarren CoMonmouth
TeachersHarriet Goodrich 1903-1904ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesHenry George 1879ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesThomas 1870ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesThomas 1871ILWarren CoMonmouth College
MinistersRobert C. 1852-1881ILWarren CoMonmouth, Presbyterian Church
GraduatesHoratio Burgoyne 1869ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesGeorge Tiffany 1869ILWarren CoMonmouth College
ProfessorsDavid 1876-1884ILWarren CoMonmouth College
ProfessorsJames Alexander Porter 1867-1868ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesJames Alexander Porter 1871ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesDaniel W. 1866ILWarren CoMonmouth College
TeachersKarl Franklin 1903ILWarren CoMonmouth, High School
GraduatesWilliam Isaac 1909ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesCharles 1890ILWarren CoMonmouth College
PrincipalsK. C. 1918ILWarren CoMonmouth
TeachersEdna 1913-1915ILWarren CoMonmouth
TeachersFlorence 1915-1916ILWarren CoMonmouth
GraduatesJames Erskine 1866ILWarren CoMonmouth College
ProfessorsMarion 1856-1862ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesDavid Ambrose 1885ILWarren CoMonmouth College
TeachersMary 1916ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesGeorge 1861ILWarren CoMonmouth College
MinistersHenry Harris 1861-1862ILWarren CoMonmouth, Baptist Church
MinistersWilliam Theodore 1908-1909ILWarren CoMonmouth, Baptist Church
GraduatesWilliam Jackson 1895ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesWill McNite 1876ILWarren CoMonmouth College
AttorneysIvory 1837ILWarren CoMonmouth
TeachersLouise D. 1911-1914ILWarren CoMonmouth
ProfessorsThomas Henry 1864-1898ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesMartin L. 1866ILWarren CoMonmouth College
TeachersEarle Underwood 1917ILWarren CoMonmouth, High School
MinistersWillis J. 1897ILWarren CoMonmouth, Baptist Church
GraduatesJohn Loughran 1870ILWarren CoMonmouth College
PhysiciansJoseph Leslie 1926ILWarren CoMonmouth
TeachersHazel G. 1916ILWarren CoMonmouth
PrincipalsMvrtle T. 1924ILWarren CoMonmouth
BusinesspeopleJay Bear 1915ILWarren CoMonmouth
AttorneysMelville Glenn 1902ILWarren CoMonmouth
GraduatesArchibald George 1896ILWarren CoMonmouth College
MusiciansWylie 1925ILWarren CoMonmouth
GraduatesAllen B. 1864ILWarren CoMonmouth College
TeachersRalph B. 1915ILWarren CoMonmouth, High School
ScientistsW. Edgar 1898ILWarren CoMonmouth
TeachersWilliam Arthur 1906-1907ILWarren CoMonmouth, High School
MinistersJohn N. 1857-1858ILWarren CoMonmouth, Baptist Church
MinistersDavid Meikleham 1872-1874ILWarren CoMonmouth, Presbyterian Church
TeachersNina L. 1914-1916ILWarren CoMonmouth
MinistersWilliam George 1880-1882ILWarren CoMonmouth, Baptist Church
MinistersDavid Alexander 1856-1868ILWarren CoMonmouth, Presbyterian Church
MinistersWilliam J. 1883-1890ILWarren CoMonmouth, Baptist Church
GraduatesHoratio Harold 1879ILWarren CoMonmouth College
GraduatesEdward Payson 1874ILWarren CoMonmouth College
TeachersJean Shaw 1901-1903ILWarren CoMonmouth College
BusinesspeopleRobert A. 1873-1874ILWarren CoMonmouth
TeachersLenora Mary 1915-1917ILWarren CoMonmouth
TeachersMabel Fern 1915-1916ILWarren CoMonmouth, High School

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Most Recent Entries
1MinistersIL, Alexander Co, Cairo, Church of the Redeemer
1PrincipalsIL, Bureau Co, Neponset, High School
1PrincipalsIL, Bureau Co, Ohio, High School
2TeachersIL, Carroll Co, Lanark, High School
3LibrariansIL, Champaign Co, Champaign, Public Library
2TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Homer, High School
3TeachersIL, Champaign Co, Tolono, High School
3LibrariansIL, Champaign Co, Urbana, Public Library
3TeachersIL, Christian Co, Pana, High School
3TeachersIL, Christian Co, Stonington, High School
1LibrariansIL, Coles Co, Charleston, Public Library
2TeachersIL, Coles Co, Charleston, Western School
2LibrariansIL, Cook Co, Blue Island, Public Library
3TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago Heights, Bloom High School
1LibrariansIL, Cook Co, Chicago Heights, Public Library
19PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Alexian Brothers Hospital
3TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Allen Academy
19PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Augustana Hospital
1LibrariansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Austin Branch Library
16PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Baptist Hospital
2TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Brooks School
1MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, cathedral
10PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Childrens Hospital
1MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Church of the Atonement
1MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Church of the Epiphany
1MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Church of the Holy Communion
144PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Cook County Hospital
14PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Daily News Fresh Air Sanitarium For Sick Babies
1PrincipalsIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Englewood High School
1PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Englewood Hospital
5MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Episcopal Church
2TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Faulkner School
13PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, German American Hospital
1LibrariansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Harper Memorial Library
1LibrariansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Henry E. Legler Branch Library
17PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Homeopathic Hospital
33PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Illinois Charitable Eye And Ear Infirmary
4TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Jefferson High School
28PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, La Salle Avenue Hospital
52PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Lakeside Hospital
2TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, LaSalle School
2TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Latin School
2TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Lindblom High School
24PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Lying-In Hospital
12PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Mary Thompson Hospital
12PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Maternity Hospital
30PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Mercy Hospital
36PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Michael Reese Hospital
2PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Monroe Street Hospital
1OthersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, New York Life Insurance Co
7PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Norwegian Lutheran Deaconess Home And Hospital
23PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Passavant Memorial Hospital
29PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Peoples Hospital
58PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Presbyterian Hospital
1LibrariansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Pulaski Branch Library
1MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, St Ansgarius Episcopal Church
17PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, St Elizabeths Hospital
45PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, St Lukes Hospital
1MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, St Marks Episcopal Church
18PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, St Marys of Nazareth Hospital
1MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, St Stephens Episcopal Church
6TeachersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Training School
24PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Union Hospital
1PrincipalsIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Wendell Phillips High School
32PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Wesley Hospital
14PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, West Side Hospital
2PrincipalsIL, Cook Co, Cicero, J. Sterling Morton High School
5TeachersIL, Cook Co, Evanston, Northwestern School of Music
4TeachersIL, Cook Co, Evanston, Northwestern University
1PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Evanston, St Francis Hospital
1MinistersIL, Cook Co, Hyde Park, St Pauls Episcopal Church
1LibrariansIL, Cook Co, La Grange, Public Library
2TeachersIL, Cook Co, Maywood, High School
1PhysiciansIL, Cook Co, Oak Forest, Tuberculosis Hospital
1LibrariansIL, Cook Co, Park Ridge, Public Library
3LibrariansIL, Cook Co, River Forest, Public Library
2TeachersIL, Cook Co, Wilmette, High School
2LibrariansIL, Cook Co, Wilmette, Public Library
1LibrariansIL, Cook Co, Winnetka, Public Library
3PrincipalsIL, Crawford Co, Robinson, High School
2TeachersIL, Cumberland Co, Neoga, High School
2TeachersIL, DeKalb Co, DeKalb, High School
1LibrariansIL, DeKalb Co, DeKalb, Public Library
1PrincipalsIL, Douglas Co, Newman, High School
2TeachersIL, Douglas Co, Newman, High School
3PrincipalsIL, Douglas Co, Tuscola, High School
2TeachersIL, Douglas Co, Villa Grove, High School
1LibrariansIL, DuPage Co, Glen Ellyn, Public Library
2TeachersIL, DuPage Co, Hinsdale, High School
3LibrariansIL, DuPage Co, Hinsdale, Public Library
2PrincipalsIL, DuPage Co, Naperville, High School
2TeachersIL, DuPage Co, Naperville, High School
1LibrariansIL, DuPage Co, Wheaton, Adams Memorial Library
3TeachersIL, DuPage Co, Wheaton, High School
2TeachersIL, Ford Co, Gibson City, High School
2LibrariansIL, Franklin Co, Benton, Public Library
3TeachersIL, Fulton Co, Farmington, High School
1LibrariansIL, Grundy Co, Morris, Public Library
3TeachersIL, Hancock Co, Hamilton, High School
2TeachersIL, Hancock Co, Plymouth, High School
2TeachersIL, Henry Co, Galva, High School
1LibrariansIL, Henry Co, Galva, Public Library
1LibrariansIL, Henry Co, Geneseo, Public Library
1MinistersIL, Henry Co, Geneseo, Trinity Episcopal Church
3TeachersIL, Iroquois Co, Onarga, High School
3TeachersIL, Iroquois Co, Sheldon, High School
3TeachersIL, Iroquois Co, Watseka, High School
3TeachersIL, Jackson Co, Carbondale, Southern Illinois State Normal School
2PrincipalsIL, Jackson Co, Murphysboro, High School
2TeachersIL, Jersey Co, Jerseyville, High School
1MinistersIL, Jo Daviess Co, Galena, Grace Episcopal Church
1LibrariansIL, Jo Daviess Co, Galena, Public Library
2TeachersIL, Jo Daviess Co, Hanover, High School
2TeachersIL, Jo Daviess Co, Stockton, High School
2TeachersIL, Kane Co, Aurora, West Side High School
1MinistersIL, Kane Co, Elgin, Church of the Redeemer
1MinistersIL, Kane Co, Geneva, St Marks Episcopal Church
2TeachersIL, Kane Co, St Charles, High School
3LibrariansIL, Kane Co, St Charles, Public Library
3LibrariansIL, Kankakee Co, Kankakee, Public Library
2TeachersIL, Kankakee Co, Momence, High School
1PrincipalsIL, Kendall Co, Oswego, High School
2LibrariansIL, Knox Co, Galesburg, Public Library
3TeachersIL, Knox Co, Knoxville, St Marys School
2TeachersIL, Knox Co, Oneida, High School
3TeachersIL, Lake Co, Highland Park, Deerfield Shields High School
2TeachersIL, Lake Co, Highland Park, Northwestern Military Academy
1MinistersIL, Lake Co, Highland Park, Trinity Episcopal Church
2LibrariansIL, Lake Co, Lake Forest, Public Library
2TeachersIL, Lake Co, Waukegan, High School
1MinistersIL, LaSalle Co, Farm Ridge, St Andrews Episcopal Church
3TeachersIL, LaSalle Co, La Salle, High School
1LibrariansIL, LaSalle Co, La Salle, Public Library
2TeachersIL, LaSalle Co, Marseilles, High School
2TeachersIL, LaSalle Co, Mendota, High School
2PrincipalsIL, LaSalle Co, Ottawa, High School
1LibrariansIL, LaSalle Co, Peru, Public Library
2TeachersIL, Lasalle Co, Rutland, High School
3TeachersIL, LaSalle Co, Streator, High School
1MinistersIL, Lee Co, Dixon, St Lukes Episcopal Church
1LibrariansIL, Livingston Co, Fairbury, Dominy Memorial Library
1PrincipalsIL, Livingston Co, Pontiac, High School
1LibrariansIL, Livingston Co, Pontiac, Public Library
3TeachersIL, Logan Co, Lincoln, High School
2LibrariansIL, Macon Co, Decatur, Public Library
2TeachersIL, Macoupin Co, Bunker Hill, Military Academy
1MinistersIL, Macoupin Co, Carlinville, St Pauls Episcopal Church
1MinistersIL, Madison Co, Alton, St Pauls Episcopal Church
2TeachersIL, Madison Co, Granite City, High School
2TeachersIL, Marion Co, Kinmundy, High School
2TeachersIL, Marion Co, Salem, High School
1MinistersIL, Marshall Co, Henry, St Johns Episcopal Church
2TeachersIL, Mason Co, Havana, High School
2TeachersIL, McDonough Co, Macomb
3TeachersIL, McDonough Co, Macomb, High School
2TeachersIL, McDonough Co, Macomb, Junior High School
1MinistersIL, McHenry Co, Algonquin, St Johns Episcopal Church
3PrincipalsIL, McHenry Co, Marengo, High School
1MinistersIL, McLean Co, Bloomington, St Matthews Episcopal Church
2TeachersIL, McLean Co, LeRoy, High School
2TeachersIL, McLean Co, Saybrook, High School
2TeachersIL, Menard Co, Petersburg, High School
1MinistersIL, Mercer Co, Aledo, Grace Episcopal Church
1LibrariansIL, Mercer Co, Aledo, Public Library
2TeachersIL, Mercer Co, Keithsburg, High School
2TeachersIL, Montgomery Co, Nokomis, High School
3TeachersIL, Montgomery Co, Witt, High School
1PhysiciansIL, Morgan Co, Jacksonville, Illinois Hospital for Insane
2TeachersIL, Moultrie Co, Lovington, High School
3TeachersIL, Ogle Co, Oregon, High School
2TeachersIL, Ogle Co, Rochelle, High School
2PrincipalsIL, Peoria Co, Peoria, High School
1LibrariansIL, Peoria Co, Peoria, Lincoln Branch Library
2TeachersIL, Perry Co, Pinckneyville, High School
3TeachersIL, Pike Co, Pittsfield, High School
1MinistersIL, Randolph Co, Chester, St Marks Episcopal Church
2TeachersIL, Richland Co, Olney, High School
2TeachersIL, Sangamon Co, Illiopolis, High School
2TeachersIL, Sangamon Co, Pawnee, High School
1LibrariansIL, Sangamon Co, Springfield, Public Library
2PrincipalsIL, Schuyler Co, Rushville, High School
2PrincipalsIL, Scott Co, Winchester, High School
2PrincipalsIL, Shelby Co, Shelbyville, High School
2TeachersIL, Shelby Co, Shelbyville, High School
2LibrariansIL, Stephenson Co, Freeport, Public Library
2TeachersIL, Tazewell Co, Mackinaw, High School
2LibrariansIL, Tazewell Co, Pekin, Public Library
2TeachersIL, Vermilion Co, Hoopeston, High School
1LibrariansIL, Vermilion Co, Hoopeston, Public Library
2TeachersIL, Vermilion Co, Indianola, High School
1PrincipalsIL, Vermilion Co, Oakwood, High School
2TeachersIL, Wabash Co, Mt Carmel, High School
1PrincipalsIL, Washington Co, Ashley, High School
1PrincipalsIL, Washington Co, Nashville, High School
2PrincipalsIL, Whiteside Co, Sterling, High School
1PrincipalsIL, Will Co, Crete, High School
2LibrariansIL, Will Co, Joliet, Public Library
1LibrariansIL, Will Co, Lockport, free Public Library
1MinistersIL, Winnebago Co, Harlem, Christ Episcopal Church
1LibrariansIL, Winnebago Co, Rockford, Highland Branch Library

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09 Jun 2021City of Somerville Annual Reports 1911320320
09 Jun 2021Somerville City Directory, 1889138138
08 Jun 2021Salem City Directory, 1881102102
08 Jun 2021Haverhill CIty Directory, 1902222222
06 Jun 2021Worcester City Directory, 1910702702
27 May 2021San Francisco City Directory, 18951,4911,491
24 May 2021Detroit City Directory, 19131,7491,749
23 May 2021Houston City Directory, 1918758758
19 May 2021Chicago Medical Directory, 1905734
19 May 2021North Adams City Directory, 1917138
18 May 2021Medical Directory of Greater Boston, 1915-19164,145
13 May 2021Medical Directory of Greater Boston, 19101,719
12 May 2021Portland City Directory, 1912320
10 May 2021Boston City Directory, 18551662
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 18801,052
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 1870532
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 19001,90611
01 May 2021Boston City Directory, 19164,9705
30 Apr 2021Springfield City Directory, 19155994
29 Apr 2021Newton City Directory, 190925124
29 Apr 2021Wilmington City Directory, 1918216
28 Apr 2021Wilmington City Directory, 19021,120
24 Apr 2021History of the Boston Fire Department442
20 Apr 2021added 'Foodie', 'Clothier', 'Police/Firemen', 'Hospitality' types
18 Apr 2021Los Angeles City Directory, 191547,1807
07 Apr 2021South Bend City Directory, 1921448
06 Apr 2021Saginaw City Directory, 1921354
03 Apr 2021Dallas City Directory, 19098,6324
01 Apr 2021Manchester City Directory, 1915208
01 Apr 2021Worcester City Directory, 1889277
01 Apr 2021Lowell, MA City Documents, 187566
01 Apr 2021Lowell, MA City Documents, 1926701
31 Mar 2021Lowell City Directory, 1916535
31 Mar 2021Topeka City Directory, 1890109
31 Mar 2021Topeka City Directory, 1902148
30 Mar 2021Denver City Directory, 19015,251
28 Mar 2021Colorado Educational Directory8,267
26 Mar 2021Delaware County Public Schools 1904-597
25 Mar 2021Muncie City Directory, 1934908
25 Mar 2021Fall River City Directory, 190532625
24 Mar 2021Fall River City Directory, 192160621
21 Mar 2021Directory of the Chicago public schools, 1916-77,8111
21 Mar 2021Washington City Directory, 192192
20 Mar 2021Directory of Indianapolis public schools, 1937-82,413
19 Mar 2021Indianapolis City Directory, 1891551
19 Mar 2021High schools of New York city, 19212,5821
18 Mar 2021Directory of teachers in the public schools, NYC, 190514,207
16 Mar 2021Directory, Minneapolis Public schools1,730
16 Mar 2021History of the city of Toledo2487
15 Mar 2021Cleveland OH City Directory, 1879470
15 Mar 2021New Haven CT City Directory 186366
15 Mar 2021New Haven City Directory, 18925371
14 Mar 2021Buffalo City Directory 18938362
13 Mar 2021Baltimore City Directory 191553
12 Mar 2021Directory of the schools of Baltimore, 1926-73,128
11 Mar 2021DC School Graduates, 1914447
11 Mar 2021Report of the BOE to DC, 191484
11 Mar 2021Report of the BOE to DC, 189482
10 Mar 2021Report of the BOE to Commissioners of District of Columbia176
10 Mar 2021DC Grade School Graduates, 1889825