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Historical Record Lists; State: England; County: Cambridgeshire
MinistersRichard W. 1863EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Methodist Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam (2) 1712EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Edwards Church
OrganistsWilliam 1855EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Kings College
Rectors & VicarsAmbrose 1662-1667EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Botolphs Church
Rectors & VicarsHenry (1) 1673EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
Rectors & VicarsHenry 1671EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Holy Trinity Church
ChancellorsRobert 1448EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsJohn de 1267EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsRichard de 1315EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsReginald 1521EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Clements Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn (1) 1530-1538EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Holy Trinity Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas 1722-1724EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
Rectors & VicarsJames 1756EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Michaels Church
Rectors & VicarsBrett 1718EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Botolphs Church
ChancellorsRichard de 1326-1329EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsJohn (2) 1694EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
Rectors & VicarsEdward 1837EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Giles Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn (4) 1725EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Mary the Great Church
ChancellorsStanley 1930-1947EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsSamuel 1673EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Andrew the Great
ChancellorsArthur 1919-1930EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsGeorge 1628EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Little St Marys Church
MinistersThomas Hardy 1890EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Methodist Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1474-1516EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Clements Church
Rectors & VicarsFrancis (2) 1720EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Giles Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1758EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
MinistersJ. Ant 1896EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Methodist Church
Rectors & VicarsLawrence 1566-1572EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1877-1893EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Holy Trinity Church
OrganistsMatthew 1622-1624EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Kings College
Rectors & VicarsMartin 1531-1536EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Clements Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1471-1477EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Holy Trinity Church
OrganistsWilliam 1820-1821EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Johns College
OrganistsWilliam 1820-1821EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Trinity College
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1382-1411EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1603EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
OrganistsAlfred, Jr 1856EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Johns College
Rectors & VicarsGeorge 1572-1584EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
Rectors & VicarsAlexander (2) 1683-1702EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Little St Marys Church
ChancellorsRichard de 1400-1402EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsRichard de 1409-1413EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsRichard de 1432EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1612-1617EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
Rectors & VicarsRichard 1615-1620EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Little St Marys Church
ChancellorsJohn 1494-1496EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsLewis 1753EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Botolphs Church
Rectors & VicarsStephen 1742EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
ChancellorsJohn 1463-1464EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsLawrence 1456-1458EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsEdmund 1556EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
ChancellorsJohn 1479-1483EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsHenry de 1293-1295EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsJames 1719EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Michaels Church
ChancellorsJohn de 1295-1296EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsFrancis 1673EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Michaels Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam (1) 1488-1498EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
OrganistsJohn 1670EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Johns College
Rectors & VicarsJohn (2) 1743EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Botolphs Church
ChancellorsJohn de 1382-1383EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsThomas (3) 1675EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Sepulchres Church
MinistersJ. Holland 1868EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Methodist Church
Rectors & VicarsRichard 1639EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Botolphs Church
Rectors & VicarsEdward 1539-1534EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Edwards Church
Rectors & VicarsHenry 1717EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Botolphs Church
ChancellorsJohn de 1384EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsJohn de 1386EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsMichael 1741EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Clements Church
Rectors & VicarsCharles 1639EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn Frank 1897-1906EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Peters Church
Rectors & VicarsHenry Lawe Corry Vully de 1901-1911EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Holy Trinity Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam (1) 1543EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Sepulchres Church
Rectors & VicarsLynford 1748EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
ChancellorsMichael de 1361-1366EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsJohn 1380-1381EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsSpencer 1892-1908EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsWilliam 1861-1891EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsRichard 1433-1435EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsRobert 1601-1612EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsWilliam 1559-1598EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsJohn (1) 1470EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Botolphs Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn (4) 1600EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Giles Church
Rectors & VicarsFrederick Henry 1879-1884EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Michaels Church
Rectors & VicarsCharles 1626EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Michaels Church
Rectors & VicarsTemple 1835EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Andrew the Great
Rectors & VicarsCharles James Napoleon 1897-1904EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Botolphs Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn (1) 1676EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Giles Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn (1) 1466-1467EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Holy Trinity Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas (1) 1498EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Sepulchres Church
OrganistsJohn 1799EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Johns College
OrganistsJohn 1799-1820EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Trinity College
ChancellorsRobert de 1340EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsNicholas 1450-1451EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsThomas of 1422-1423EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1759EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
ChancellorsWilliam 1388EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsWilliam 1391EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsWilliam 1394EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsRichard (1) 1600EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Edwards Church
MinistersW. Hargreaves 1879EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Methodist Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn (1) 1678EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Andrew the Great
ChancellorsThomas 1490EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsGeorge 1838EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas Wilfrid 1903EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
ChancellorsJohn de 1346-1348EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsSamuel 1760EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Mary the Great Church
Rectors & VicarsJames 1687EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
ChancellorsThomas 1535-1540EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsWilliam (1) 1471EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
Rectors & VicarsWalter 1605-1606EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Little St Marys Church
Rectors & VicarsEdmund 1563-1570EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Giles Church
Rectors & VicarsDamascene 1543EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Giles Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam (1) 1545EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
Rectors & VicarsDaniel 1626EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
ChancellorsRichard 1390-1391EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsRichard 1404-1408EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsEdward Robert Price 1902-1905EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Holy Trinity Church
ChancellorsRobert 1598-1601EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsRobert (1) 1570-1578EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Holy Trinity Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn (2) 1622-1627EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Clements Church
Rectors & VicarsRamsden 1729EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
ChancellorsJohn de 1371EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsJohn de 1374EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsEdward 1886EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
Rectors & VicarsEdward 1887-1890EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Giles Church
ChancellorsRichard 1261EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsLionel 1592-1603EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
ChancellorsJohn 1552-1553EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1471EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Holy Trinity Church
Rectors & VicarsEdmund 1548-1561EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn (2) 1664EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Holy Trinity Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam (2) 1732EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Botolphs Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1800EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Giles Church
Rectors & VicarsSimon 1498EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas (1) 1499-1528EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Botolphs Church
ChancellorsJohn 1504-1535EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsGeorge 1496-1499EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsGeorge 1502EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsRobert 1424-1426EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsAugustus 1768-1811EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsCharles 1604EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Little St Marys Church
MinistersCharles H. 1890EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Methodist Church
Rectors & VicarsHenry 1511-1524EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
ChancellorsRichard 1500EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsJohn (1) 1578EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Holy Trinity Church
ChancellorsThomas de 1329-1331EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsEdmund 1568-1570EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Holy Trinity Church
ChancellorsRoger de 1276EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
OrganistsRobert 1727-1742EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Kings College
Rectors & VicarsThomas (7) 1631EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
ChancellorsStephen 1540-1547EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsStephen 1553-1555EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsJohn (1) 1444EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
Rectors & VicarsRobert 1566EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Botolphs Church
OrganistsGeorge Mursell 1857-1897EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Johns College
Rectors & VicarsThomas 1835EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Clements Church
Rectors & VicarsLionel (1) 1633EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Clements Church
ChancellorsRichard de 1260EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsReginald 1256EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
OrganistsEdward 1592-1599EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Kings College
Rectors & VicarsThomas (1) 1620-1629EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Botolphs Church
MinistersJohn (2) 1876EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Methodist Church
ChancellorsAndrew de 1283EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsAndrew 1690-1694EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Clements Church
ChancellorsWilliam Frederick of 1811-1834EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsArthur Worthington 1910EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Botolphs Church
Rectors & VicarsRobert 1667EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Andrew the Great
Rectors & VicarsThomas 1632-1634EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Holy Trinity Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam (2) 1681EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Michaels Church
ChancellorsWilliam de 1366-1369EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsWilliam de 1376EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
MinistersCharles H. 1874EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Methodist Church
MinistersJohn 1893EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Methodist Church
ChancellorsAnthony of 1352EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsThomas de 1348EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
OrganistsAlan 1892EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Trinity College
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1492EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Botolphs Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas (1) 1682EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam George 1838EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Giles Church
Rectors & VicarsZachary 1729-1760EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Giles Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1707-1717EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
Rectors & VicarsStephen 1607-1616EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Andrew the Great
Rectors & VicarsStephen 1629-1638EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, All Saints Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas (6) 1666EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
Rectors & VicarsHenry Parr 1833EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Mary the Great Church
ChancellorsRichard 1337-1339EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsRichard 1351EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsNicholas 1539EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Mary the Great Church
Rectors & VicarsGeorge (2) 1628EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Holy Trinity Church
MinistersCharles 1881EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Methodist Church
ChancellorsJohn 1465-1468EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsStephen 1300-1303EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsStephen 1307EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsGeorge 1561EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Giles Church
ChancellorsMichael de 1361-1362EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
Rectors & VicarsEdward 1512-1532EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Benets Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1495EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, St Botolphs Church
MinistersJonathan 1871EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge, Methodist Church
ChancellorsStephen 1257EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsStephen 1287EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
ChancellorsStephen 1299EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University

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