Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; State: DE; County: Kent Co
RailroadsJ. F. 1866DEKent CoDover, Delaware Railroad, treasurer and secretary
AttorneysJames Frank, Jr 1918DEKent CoDover
MinistersJames 1848DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
PhysiciansE. S. 1890DEKent CoDover
Board of EducationJ. Hall 1920DEKent CoDover, President
DirectorsJames B. 1886-1887DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
PhysiciansJohn Wylie 1882-1883DEKent CoDover
MinistersJoseph 1807DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersWilliam 1833-1834DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
DirectorsAndrew 1808DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsAndrew 1811-1816DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersJames 1826-1827DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
AttorneysDaniel Elzey Moore 1842DEKent CoDover
DirectorsMartin L. 1829-1836DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
PrincipalsAquila Reese 1878-1881DEKent CoDover, Wilmington Conference Academy
TeachersJohn Melson 1903-1904DEKent CoDover, Wilmington Conference Academy
PhysiciansL. A. 1890DEKent CoDover
MinistersWilliam 1801DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church, & 13, 29-30
MinistersWilliam E. 1887-1889DEKent CoDover, First Methodist Church
MinistersThomas 1745-1749DEKent CoDover, Christ Episcopal Church
MinistersHenry 1806DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
AttorneysJames Caleb 1938DEKent CoDover
DirectorsJacob 1818-1831DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsJohn R. 1837-1843DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
TeachersHelen 1920DEKent CoDover
DirectorsJoseph 1833-1836DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersJacob 1787DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersJ. 1836DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
DirectorsJames S. 1838-1861DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
OthersHenry G. 1920DEKent CoDover, Wilmington Conference Academy, President
DirectorsJoseph 1884DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersJohn H. 1875-1877DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church, & 81-83
DirectorsWilson L. 1858-1861DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersArthur Dever 1893-1895DEKent CoDover, Baptist Church
MinistersGoldsmith D. 1849-1850DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
TeachersAllan Murray 1906-1907DEKent CoDover, Wilmington Conference Academy
MinistersEphraim 1804DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
PhysiciansLorenzo B. 1890DEKent CoDover
DirectorsJohn 1809-1810DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsJohn 1821DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
TreasurersWilliam J. 1860DEKent CoDover
DirectorsJohn M. 1823DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
AttorneysJohn Middleton 1819DEKent CoDover
DirectorsThomas 1810-1828DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersSamuel Joseph 1907-1910DEKent CoDover, Baptist Church
PhysiciansThomas O. 1890DEKent CoDover
MinistersOlin Burr 1880DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersHenry 1866-1867DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
TreasurersJoseph P. 1818DEKent CoDover
DirectorsJoseph P. 1847-1877DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
AttorneysJoseph Parsons 1835DEKent CoDover
TeachersL. Y. 1920DEKent CoDover
MinistersWilliam Wilmer 1895-1896DEKent CoDover, Baptist Church
TeachersCharles Sheppard 1879DEKent CoDover, Wilmington Conference Academy
MinistersCharles 1859-1860DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersIgnatius T. 1842-1843DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
DirectorsSamuel 1846-1860DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersThomas 1705-1709DEKent CoDover, Christ Episcopal Church
TeachersElmer Lincoln 1891DEKent CoDover, Wilmington Conference Academy
MinistersDaniel 1799DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
DirectorsGeorge 1816-1826DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsGeorge W. 1864-1885DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsJohn 1808-1810DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsJohn 1824-1833DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersJohn D. 1861-1862DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
PhysiciansWilliam F. 1890DEKent CoDover
MinistersWilliam P. 1878-1880DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
DirectorsWalter 1807DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsWalter 1808DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
PhysiciansPresley S. 1890DEKent CoDover
PhysiciansJohn B. 1890DEKent CoDover
MinistersSamuel 1785DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersWilliam 1901-1903DEKent CoDover, First Methodist Church
MinistersIra 1786DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersDaniel 1828DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
AttorneysGeorge Purnell 1841DEKent CoDover
DirectorsJames 1809-1820DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
TreasurersWilliam 1880DEKent CoDover, & 82
MinistersArchibald 1800DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersThomas 1791DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersWalter 1792DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
DirectorsRobert 1837-1844DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
AttorneysThomas C., Jr 1906DEKent CoDover
MinistersGeorge 1733-1735DEKent CoDover, Christ Episcopal Church
MinistersWilliam Smith 1894-1896DEKent CoDover, First Methodist Church
TeachersArthur Mathews 1898-1901DEKent CoDover, Wilmington Conference Academy
MinistersLewis W. 1873-1887DEKent CoDover, Christ Episcopal Church
MinistersHenry B. 1863-1864DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersWilliam 1783DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
DirectorsDaniel C. 1862-1867DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
TeachersW. Lambert 1874-1878DEKent CoDover, Wilmington Conference Academy
PrincipalsW. Lambert 1882DEKent CoDover, Wilmington Conference Academy
DirectorsJohn G. 1866-1876DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
TeachersMartin Wilson 1880-1882DEKent CoDover, Wilmington Conference Academy
AttorneysWillard 1803DEKent CoDover
DirectorsWilliam 1812-1822DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
AttorneysW. W. 1906DEKent CoDover
MinistersCharles Alfred 1873DEKent CoDover, Baptist Church
TeachersCharles Warren 1887DEKent CoDover, Wilmington Conference Academy
AttorneysAlexander Laws 1815DEKent CoDover
MinistersJohn D. 1850-1852DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersJacob 1710-1711DEKent CoDover, Christ Episcopal Church
DirectorsJames L. 1847-1878DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersSolomon 1824-1826DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
DirectorsJohn W. 1876-1887DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersJames 1870-1871DEKent CoDover, Christ Episcopal Church
AttorneysJames Hurd 1890DEKent CoDover
DirectorsWilliam 1807DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersJoshua 1840-1841DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersWilliam 1796DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church, & 03
MinistersCyrus 1863-1883DEKent CoDover, Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles 1759-1765DEKent CoDover, Christ Episcopal Church
DirectorsCaleb 1886DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersThomas 1798DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersRobert 1734-1744DEKent CoDover, Presbyterian Church
DirectorsHunn 1826-1841DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsHunn 1864-1867DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsJonathan 1813-1848DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
AttorneysGeorge Massey 1890DEKent CoDover
TreasurersSamuel T. 1870DEKent CoDover
MinistersWaters B. 1826DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
DirectorsIsaac 1849-1861DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersCharles 1866-1866DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
OthersRuth Hancock 1930DEKent CoDover, YWCA, Secretary
DirectorsGeorge 1807DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
AttorneysRichard Rolland 1881DEKent CoDover
NursesLena E. 1895DEKent CoDover
MinistersDaniel 1828DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersJames H. 1868-1870DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersT. Gardiner 1865-1867DEKent CoDover, Christ Episcopal Church
PrincipalsL. Maud 1920DEKent CoDover, High School
DirectorsEdward 1859-1860DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersJohn 1825DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
DirectorsGarrett 1847-1857DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersRichard 1806DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersSamuel 1767-1779DEKent CoDover, Christ Episcopal Church
DirectorsGeorge M. 1838-1843DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersThomas E. 1884-1886DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersArchibald 1727-1729DEKent CoDover, Presbyterian Church
TreasurersJohn 1847DEKent CoDover, & 57
MinistersSamuel 1871-1873DEKent CoDover, Christ Episcopal Church
MinistersJ. H. 1836DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersDora 1811DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersJames B. 1871-1872DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
TeachersMeta Tryphena Macsorley 1907-1911DEKent CoDover, High School
DirectorsDaniel 1807-1808DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsDaniel, Jr 1810DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsThomas 1843-1846DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersJohn 1748-1791DEKent CoDover, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJohn 1885-1887DEKent CoDover, Baptist Church
MinistersThomas 1819DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersGeorge 1788DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersJames 1816DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersTheophilus 1743-1745DEKent CoDover, Christ Episcopal Church
MinistersThomas Grier 1843-1861DEKent CoDover, Presbyterian Church
DirectorsElias 1843-1846DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsA. 1819DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersHugh 1749-1757DEKent CoDover, Christ Episcopal Church
MinistersDyer Aylesworth 1852DEKent CoDover, Baptist Church
AttorneysJohn Anthony 1850DEKent CoDover
TeachersWilbur Corkran 1902-1903DEKent CoDover, Wilmington Conference Academy
TeachersAnnie Reese 1923-1924DEKent CoDover, High School
MinistersHenry Buckland 1908-1910DEKent CoDover, Christ Episcopal Church
MinistersBenjamin Griffith 1876-1881DEKent CoDover, Baptist Church
PhysiciansWilliam W. 1890DEKent CoDover
AttorneysJohn Brown 1857DEKent CoDover
DirectorsC. S. 1877-1887DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersJoseph Christfield 1897-1901DEKent CoDover, Baptist Church
DirectorsJohn 1816-1824DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsJohn 1821DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersJohn Jay 1861-1862DEKent CoDover, Presbyterian Church
MinistersHarry Heffner 1902-1903DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
DirectorsJohn 1862-1863DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsJacob 1826-1842DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersCharles 1817-1818DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersEliphalet 1837-1838DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersNelson 1784DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
DirectorsRobert W. 1862-1863DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
TeachersWilliam Albert 1858-1865DEKent CoDover
TreasurersHarry A. 1881DEKent CoDover
AttorneysHenry Moore 1802DEKent CoDover
DirectorsEdward 1858-1861DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsEdward 1872-1887DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsHenry 1844-1887DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
DirectorsHenry M. 1807-1846DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersJames 1814-1815DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersWilliam C. 1857-1868DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
DirectorsJoseph G. 1826DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersWilliam 1820DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
AttorneysEli 1857DEKent CoDover
MinistersLevi 1827DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersSolomon 1831-1832DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersJohn 1810DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
TeachersOliver C. 1906DEKent CoDover
DirectorsCaleb H. 1834-1862DEKent CoDover, Farmers Bank
MinistersAsa 1812DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
MinistersJohn 1796DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church, & 23
MinistersMarshall B. 1859-1860DEKent CoDover, Christ Episcopal Church
MinistersT. 1802DEKent CoDover, Methodist Church
AttorneysNathaniel Barratt 1841DEKent CoDover

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