Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; State: CT; County: Hartford Co
DentistsE. B. 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
MusiciansTheresa Lucille 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersTheresa Lucille 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
PrincipalsWinfred Chandler 1903CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansJoseph J. 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansArvid 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersMabelle Wilcox 1901-1902CTHartford CoNew Britain
School SuperintendentsJ. N. 1891CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersGertrude Lois 1912-1913CTHartford CoNew Britain
ArchitectsAugustus Swaine 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansH. D. 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansTheodore 1890CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansMaria E. S. 1890CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansRichard 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansWilber P. 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansEdward 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
MusiciansClara Asher 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersClara Asher 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
ScientistsDavid N. 1898CTHartford CoNew Britain
AttorneysMortimer Hart 1906CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersMary Galpin 1898-1900CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansWilliam Wright 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersGertrude Holbrook 1899-1900CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansGeorge 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
OthersCharles Fremont, Jr 1908-1912CTHartford CoNew Britain, Corbin Screw Corporation
AttorneysJohn 1887CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansM. J. 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersHelen Louise 1905-1908CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansB. N. 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
AttorneysCharles F. 1912CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansC. B. 1890CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansGeorge Pitkin 1918CTHartford CoNew Britain
AttorneysJames Ernest 1898CTHartford CoNew Britain
RailroadsVergil 1866CTHartford CoNew Britain, Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad, director
MusiciansWalter Ruel 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansL. M. 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersLouise W. 1895-1897CTHartford CoNew Britain
MusiciansHarold 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersHarold 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansHorace C. 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
OthersLester Francis 1906CTHartford CoNew Britain, Stanley Works
MusiciansDeborah 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
OthersEdmund 1909-1910CTHartford CoNew Britain, Stanley Works
PhysiciansHenry 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersFrances Hobbs 1902-1903CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersMary Elizabeth 1900-1902CTHartford CoNew Britain
DentistsR. C. 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
DentistsA. C. 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansHarry A. 1904CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansRobert E. 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersElla A. 1920CTHartford CoNew Britain
OthersJohn Hibbard 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain, Stanley Works
TeachersMay Stockbridge 1896-1897CTHartford CoNew Britain
EngineersFrederick Carl 1926CTHartford CoNew Britain
MusiciansCharles R. 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersCharles R. 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
EngineersRudolph Herzer 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
Board of EducationB. F. 1920CTHartford CoNew Britain, President
PhysiciansCharles Adelbert 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
ScientistsH. B. 1898CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansEdward E. 1890CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersBertha Emily 1899-1908CTHartford CoNew Britain
OthersWilliam Morgan 1909-1910CTHartford CoNew Britain, Taplin Manufacturing Company
PhysiciansRoger M. 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
MusiciansWilliam Edwin 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
MusiciansHelen Eugenia 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
OthersFrederic Hobart Lawrence 1890-1894CTHartford CoNew Britain, YMCA, Secretary
OthersFrederick Hobart Lawrence 1890-1894CTHartford CoNew Britain, YMCA, General secretary
PhysiciansSamuel W. 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
OthersWalter Raymond 1909CTHartford CoNew Britain, Stanley Works
OthersGeorge Harold 1919CTHartford CoNew Britain, Stanley Works
School SuperintendentsStanley H. 1920CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansG. J. 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersEdith Archer 1900-1903CTHartford CoNew Britain
ScientistsE. M. 1898CTHartford CoNew Britain
MusiciansHarold 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersHarold 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
OthersGeorge Henry 1907-1916CTHartford CoNew Britain, Union Manufacturing Company
PhysiciansSamuel Wellington 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
MusiciansHarry Benjamin 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
MissionariesLyman S. 1896CTHartford CoNew Britain
ScientistsWarren Irving 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansJohn L. 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
MusiciansE. A. 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansLinus S. 1890CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansE. B. 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansMaurice W. 1917CTHartford CoNew Britain
BusinesspeopleEdward Henry 1899-1900CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansMilton L. 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansJohn E. 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersGeorge B. 1920CTHartford CoNew Britain
PrincipalsSarah L. 1922CTHartford CoNew Britain
AttorneysFrederic Brainard 1885-1887CTHartford CoNew Britain
AttorneysBoleslaus Joseph 1923CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansCharles W. 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersJ. C. 1920CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersMaria L. Fredrika 1900-1903CTHartford CoNew Britain
OthersCarl Stephen 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain, Union Manufacturing Company
PhysiciansThomas 1890CTHartford CoNew Britain
MusiciansVictoria Josephine 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersVictoria Josephine 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
OthersCarl Samuel 1903-1904CTHartford CoNew Britain, Union Manufacturing Company
OthersHarvey Zenos 1919CTHartford CoNew Britain, Stanley Works
OthersCarl Edwin 1920CTHartford CoNew Britain, Stanley Works
PhysiciansDaniel Webater 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
MusiciansHoratio W. 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
OthersErnest Williams 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain, Stanley Works, supt
AttorneysWilliam J. 1912CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersMary Katharine 1900-1903CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersGrace K. 1902-1905CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansJ. P. 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansJohn B. 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansJohn B., Jr 1890CTHartford CoNew Britain
Board of EducationEdward M. 1920CTHartford CoNew Britain, Secretary
PhysiciansThomas Eben 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
MusiciansJames Wyllis 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersJames Wyllis 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
ScientistsJames 1898CTHartford CoNew Britain
EngineersLewis Thompson 1917CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersChartotte Jewell 1919CTHartford CoNew Britain
MusiciansDavid Stanley 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
RailroadsFred Everett 1882CTHartford CoNew Britain, New York and New England Railroad, chief clerk at freight station
OthersCharles Francis 1915-1917CTHartford CoNew Britain, Fafnir Company
MusiciansGeorge Chadwick 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersGeorge Chadwick 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansJ. S. 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
ScientistsWilliam R. 1898CTHartford CoNew Britain
BusinesspeopleCharles Henry 1904-1906CTHartford CoNew Britain
ScientistsHomer David 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansHermann 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
School SuperintendentsGiles Alfred 1896CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansE. L. 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansErastus Perry 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
ScientistsW. B. 1898CTHartford CoNew Britain
MusiciansIsador 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
MayorsRobert Johnstone 1896-1897CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersAugusta Louise 1903-1906CTHartford CoNew Britain
DentistsA. E. 1892CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansBenjamin 1890CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersMary Louise 1914CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersMary Crowell 1886-1889CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersGrace Louise 1898-1903CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersGertrude E. 1906-1907CTHartford CoNew Britain
MusiciansHelen 1915CTHartford CoNew Britain
TeachersJoseph 1920CTHartford CoNew Britain
PhysiciansTheodore Goodell 1907CTHartford CoNew Britain

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1ProfessorsCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Yale College
3OthersCT, New London Co, New London, Eastern Shipbuilding Co
1OthersCT, New London Co, New London, Electric Boat Co

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