Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; State: CT; County: Hartford Co
LibrariansEtheldred 1890CTHartford CoHartford, Public Library
TeachersCharles Edwards 1866-1880CTHartford CoHartford
GraduatesNahabed 1877CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
MinistersR. M. 1856-1861CTHartford CoHartford, Christ Episcopal Church
PhysiciansAlva E. 1901CTHartford CoHartford, Orphan Asylum
PhysiciansAlva E. 1907CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital
PhysiciansTheodore Furton 1907CTHartford CoHartford
Board of EducationElijah 1899CTHartford CoEast Hartford
ProfessorsJohn Douglas 1919CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
OthersA. C. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Aetna Insurance Co, asst secretary
OthersAlice Lockwood 1906CTHartford CoHartford, Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co
ProfessorsArthur 1919CTHartford CoHartford, Trinity College
LibrariansArthur 1923CTHartford CoHartford, Trinity College
BusinesspeopleCharles Edgar 1915-1917CTHartford CoHartford
MinistersE. J. 1857-1858CTHartford CoHartford, Talcott Street Congregational Church
GraduatesEzra 1838CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
PhysiciansFrancis Wayland 1868-1869CTHartford CoHartford, Retreat for the Insane
GraduatesGeorge Blake 1878CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
GraduatesGeorge Davis 1880CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
PhysiciansHenry Ely 1907CTHartford CoHartford
GraduatesHenry Martyn 1854CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
LibrariansKatherine Acker Oberholtzer 1916-1917CTHartford CoHartford, Connecticut State Library
LibrariansKatherine Oberholtzer 1916-1917CTHartford CoHartford, Connecticut State Library
GraduatesMyron Winslow 1884CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
ScientistsSherman W. 1898CTHartford CoHartford
Baseball PlayersBob 1874CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Dark Blues
TeachersMary Chastina 1899-1904CTHartford CoEast Hartford
BankersWilliam Augustus 1914CTHartford CoHartford, Savings Bank of Hartford, president
ConstablesSeymour P. 1899CTHartford CoHartford
PhysiciansB. B. 1890CTHartford CoHartford
PhysiciansMax F. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
PhysiciansRalph W. 1907CTHartford CoWest Hartford
MinistersM. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Jewish Church
OthersArthur W. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Orient Insurance Co, director
ArtistsCharles Dexter 1914CTHartford CoHartford
MayorsEdward N. 1947-1948CTHartford CoHartford
OthersF. S. 1910CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co, Chief Inspector
OthersFrancis B. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co, VP
OthersFrank S. 1919CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Hospital, Director
GraduatesFred Hovey 1873CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
ScientistsJ. M. 1898CTHartford CoHartford
BankersJ. M. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Connecticut River Banking Co, director
OthersJ. M. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co, president
OthersJ. M. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Orient Insurance Co, director
OthersJ. M. 1902CTHartford CoHartford, Retreat for the Insane, Director
OthersJeremiah M. 1902CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary, President Board of Trustees
OthersJohn 1902CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary, Treasurer
ProfessorsMorse Shepard 1920CTHartford CoHartford, Trinity College
OthersMrs J. W. 1919CTHartford CoHartford, Orphan Asylum, School Committee
MusiciansNathan H. 1914CTHartford CoHartford
MinistersS. H. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Roman Catholic Church
BusinesspeopleWalter Bateman 1901-1906CTHartford CoHartford
PhysiciansWilfred Cornell 1907CTHartford CoHartford
PhysiciansWilmar Mason 1926CTHartford CoHartford
Baseball PlayersArt 1875CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Dark Blues
Baseball PlayersDoug 1875-1877CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Dark Blues
BankersN. B. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, National Exchange Bank of Hartford, director
MayorsTimothy M. 1858-1860CTHartford CoHartford
OthersJoseph Wright 1922CTHartford CoHartford, Public Utilities Commission, member
OthersCharles D. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co, medical referee
PhysiciansCharles Delancey 1919CTHartford CoHartford
GraduatesFrederick 1857CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
ProfessorsMardiros Harootioon 1919CTHartford CoHartford, Kennedy School of Missions
PhysiciansG. A. 1907CTHartford CoHartford
PhysiciansJ. 1907CTHartford CoEast Hartford
TeachersAnna Harris 1890CTHartford CoHartford, High School
MinistersEdward W. 1837-1840CTHartford CoWest Hartford, Congregational Church
LibrariansElizabeth Parkhill 1900-1901CTHartford CoHartford, Watkinson Library
LibrariansElizabeth Parkhill 1901CTHartford CoHartford, High School
LibrariansElizabeth Parkhill 1908CTHartford CoHartford, Public Library
LibrariansElizabeth Parkhill 1914CTHartford CoHartford, Case Memorial Library
AldermenHorace M. 1899CTHartford CoHartford
AttorneysJames P. 1914CTHartford CoHartford
BankersM. A. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Charter Oak National Bank, cashier
BusinesspeopleMyron Morris 1919CTHartford CoHartford
MinistersS. J. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Roman Catholic Church
BankersW. S. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford National Bank, asst cashier
PhysiciansG. 1890CTHartford CoHartford
OthersCharles B. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, National Life Insurance Co, VP
PhysiciansAugustus 1907CTHartford CoHartford
GraduatesSamuel 1906-1907CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
TeachersBurleigh Smart 1896CTHartford CoHartford, High School
AttorneysThomas Smith 1862-1873CTHartford CoHartford
GraduatesEdward D. 1880CTHartford CoHartford, Trinity College
RailroadsJames 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford and Connecticut Western Railroad, Director
OthersF. W. 1910CTHartford CoHartford, Berkshire Ice Co, Director
PhysiciansHarold S. 1904-1906CTHartford CoHartford
RailroadsSamuel 1856CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad, supt and chief engineer
MusiciansFlorence A. 1915CTHartford CoHartford
TeachersFlorence A. 1915CTHartford CoHartford, School of Music
PhysiciansEdward 1901CTHartford CoHartford, Retreat for the Insane
TeachersClarence Willis 1895CTHartford CoHartford
OthersHarry Sprong 1914CTHartford CoHartford, Travelers Insurance Co, trial counsel of the law dept
GraduatesSamuel John 1854-1855CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
PhysiciansGeorge W. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
OthersPaul Livingston 1919-1921CTHartford CoHartford, Aetna Life Insurance Co
GraduatesWilliam Pitt 1842CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
PhysiciansJ. Frank 1892CTHartford CoHartford
PhysiciansJohn Franklin 1907CTHartford CoHartford
ProfessorsFrank Cole 1902CTHartford CoHartford, Trinity College
OthersFrank Cole 1919CTHartford CoHartford, Trinity College, Secretary
OthersCharles H. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Life Insurance Co, secretary
Board of EducationFrancis P. 1899CTHartford CoEast Hartford
RailroadsWilliam James 1922CTHartford CoHartford, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, Engineer maintenance of way
OthersHarriet E. 1919CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Retreat, Matron
BusinesspeopleHerbert Morton 1915CTHartford CoHartford
RailroadsJohn W. 1856CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad, agent
OthersM. Louise 1891CTHartford CoHartford, Female Seminary, President
OthersWilliam F. 1901CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital, Consultant
PhysiciansWilliam T. 1901CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Hospital
PhysiciansWilliam Turner 1906CTHartford CoHartford
PhysiciansGeorge C. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
OthersGeorge C. 1902CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital, Board
PhysiciansGeorge Cornelius 1907CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital
TeachersGeorge Rexford 1930CTHartford CoHartford
GraduatesHenry Lincoln 1889CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
LibrariansLouise Morse 1911-1915CTHartford CoHartford, Connecticut State Library
LibrariansLouise Morse 1921-1933CTHartford CoHartford, Trinity College
OthersM. A. 1902CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital, Surgical
PhysiciansMichael A. 1907CTHartford CoHartford, St Francis Hospital
TeachersThomas Craig 1930CTHartford CoHartford
AldermenWilliam Jr 1899CTHartford CoHartford
BusinesspeopleGeorge William 1915CTHartford CoHartford
OthersMiss A. M. 1923CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Electric Light Co, Librarian
PhysiciansEdward R. 1890-1892CTHartford CoHartford
OthersJames Gordon 1895-1900CTHartford CoHartford, Electric vehicle Co
TeachersRalph L. 1920CTHartford CoHartford
TeachersRose 1920CTHartford CoEast Hartford
GraduatesWilliam Wetmore 1848CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
GraduatesCharles Bassett 1855CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
TeachersGertrude Ada 1904-1906CTHartford CoHartford
OthersStephen 1899CTHartford CoHartford, National Life Insurance Co, President
BankersRaphael 1899CTHartford CoHartford, First National Bank of Hartford, director
OthersCalvin Joseph 1917CTHartford CoHartford, Travelers Insurance Co
OthersWilliam H. 1884CTHartford CoHartford, Washburn Car-wheel Co, VP & Manager
GraduatesDavid 1838CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
TeachersEdith 1907-1911CTHartford CoHartford, High School
PhysiciansHarold A. 1919CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Retreat
GraduatesClarence Howard 1880CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
GraduatesLuther Humphrey 1842CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
TeachersAmy Louise 1897-1898CTHartford CoHartford, High School
TeachersAmy Louise 1898-1899CTHartford CoHartford, Beacon School
MinistersJohn H. 1878CTHartford CoHartford, Grace Chapel
MinistersJohn H. 1879CTHartford CoHartford, Episcopal Church
LibrariansJohn H. 1882CTHartford CoHartford, Trinity College
OthersL. A. 1920CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Mining Co, president
BankersLucius A. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Charter Oak National Bank, director
OthersLucius A. 1900CTHartford CoHartford, American Manufacturing Co, VP
OthersLucius A. 1900CTHartford CoHartford, American Thread Co, VP
OthersLucius A. 1902CTHartford CoHartford, American School For The Deaf, VP
OthersMrs Lucius 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Orphan Asylum, Purchasing Committee
MinistersPaul Humphrey 1916-1919CTHartford CoHartford, Christ Episcopal Church
MinistersPaul Humphrey 1919CTHartford CoHartford, Christ Cathedral
AttorneysSylvester 1875CTHartford CoHartford
MinistersGeorge Milton 1907-1909CTHartford CoHartford, First Baptist Church
PhysiciansFrank N. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
MinistersHerbert Austin 1901-1903CTHartford CoHartford, Fourth Congregational Church
MinistersOtis Webb 1908-1917CTHartford CoHartford, Congregational Church
Baseball PlayersTom 1874CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Dark Blues
School SuperintendentsPercival 1919CTHartford CoEast Hartford
School SuperintendentsPercival S. 1924CTHartford CoEast Hartford
GraduatesStephen Goodyear 1892CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
ProfessorsStephen Goodyear 1902-1903CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
PhysiciansJohn F. 1869-1870CTHartford CoHartford
Baseball PlayersBilly 1874CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Dark Blues
Football PlayersEddie 1926CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Blues
JournalistsJoseph H. 1898CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford CT Journal, editor
ProfessorsLeRoy Carr 1910CTHartford CoHartford, Trinity College
ProfessorsLeRoy C. 1919CTHartford CoHartford, Trinity College
MinistersS. A. 1899CTHartford CoEast Hartford, Congregational Church
PhysiciansAshbel W. 1890CTHartford CoHartford
PhysiciansAshbel W. 1892CTHartford CoHartford
PhysiciansBenjamin Safford 1907CTHartford CoHartford
GraduatesJohn Otis 1860-1861CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
ProfessorsWalter L. 1919CTHartford CoHartford, Trinity College
GraduatesWilliam Henry 1862CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
PhysiciansCaspar 1890CTHartford CoEast Hartford
MinistersJohn 1913-1914CTHartford CoHartford, Wethersfield Ave Congregational Church
MinistersJohn 1920-1927CTHartford CoHartford, Windsor Ave Congregational Church
RailroadsG. M. 1866CTHartford CoHartford, Chicago and Northwestern Railway, director
RailroadsGeorge M. 1866CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad, auditor
OthersDavid Elmore 1915CTHartford CoHartford, Underwriters Laboratories, Engineer
TeachersDavid Ely 1828-1832CTHartford CoHartford, Asylum for Deaf Mutes
BankersEdwin S. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, First National Bank of Hartford, director
GraduatesLyman 1861CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
MinistersWalter Reynolds 1894-1897CTHartford CoWest Hartford, Baptist Church
PhysiciansC. 1892CTHartford CoEast Hartford
GraduatesJames Levi 1884CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
GraduatesRobert Jacob 1884-1885CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
GraduatesWalter 1861CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
GraduatesGeorge Sumner 1882CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
Baseball PlayersJohn 1877CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Dark Blues
TeachersA. B. 1902CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
GraduatesGeorge Washington 1837CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Seminary
OthersAlbert C. 1923CTHartford CoHartford, State Historical Society, Librarian
LibrariansAnna L. 1923CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford Public High School
ScientistsJ. S. 1869CTHartford CoHartford
BankersJames G. 1899CTHartford CoHartford, Hartford National Bank, director
MayorsWalter E. 1928-1931CTHartford CoHartford
ProfessorsOrissa Marian 1919CTHartford CoHartford, School of Religious Pedagogy

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2OthersCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, New Haven Insulated Wire Co
2OthersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, Connecticut Mutual Steam Boiler Inspection And Insurance Co
2OthersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co

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