Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; State: CT; County: Fairfield Co
PhysiciansLarmon W. 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
DentistsC. B. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansFrederic Joseph 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansMartin Frederick 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersWalter Torrey 1914-1915CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Baptist Church
TeachersAdaline White 1892-1893CTFairfield CoBridgeport
AttorneysChanles Bartlett 1861CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersOtto 1890CTFairfield CoBridgeport, St Johns Episcopal Church
MinistersFrancis Vernon 1908-1911CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Second Baptist Church
MayorsFred 1921-1923CTFairfield CoBridgeport
RailroadsCharles K. 1866CTFairfield CoBridgeport
ScientistsCharles K. Jr 1898CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersJoseph August 1915-1920CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Baptist Church
MinistersLouis 1920-1921CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Baptist Church
DentistsC. B. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
TeachersElla Louisa 1896CTFairfield CoBridgeport, High School
AttorneysRaymond Earl 1924CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersCharles Sturges 1907-1910CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Congregational Church
MinistersCharles Sturges 1907-1910CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Methodist Church
PhysiciansCharles Lincoln 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansAlvin Elizur 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
DentistsG. F. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansFrank J. 1891-1893CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MayorsPhineas Taylor 1875-1876CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersCharles Martin 1901-1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Elmore 1908-1911CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Washington Park Methodist Church
DentistsW. J. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
RailroadsH. D. 1902CTFairfield CoBridgeport
RailroadsHenry D. 1888-1893CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersRobert James 1915CTFairfield CoBridgeport, First Methodist Church
MinistersThomas Frederick Rutledge 1921CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Park Street Congregational Church
PhysiciansWilliam H. 1903CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersGerald Hamilton 1904-1921CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Park Street Congregational Church
PhysiciansWilliam B. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
TeachersFrancis Everett 1862CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MayorsF. William, Jr. 1923-1929CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansCelestia A. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansHarry Raymond 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersFrank Hoffnagle 1911-1915CTFairfield CoBridgeport, St Johns Episcopal Church
PhysiciansC. H. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansPhilip Worcester 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
RailroadsE. F. 1856CTFairfield CoBridgeport
RailroadsE. F. 1856CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersE. Ferris 1875-1879CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Episcopal Church
PhysiciansFrederick C. 1895-1896CTFairfield CoBridgeport
RailroadsW. D. 1902CTFairfield CoBridgeport
RailroadsW. D., Jr. 1902CTFairfield CoBridgeport
RailroadsWilliam Darius 1883-1893CTFairfield CoBridgeport
RailroadsWilliam Darius Jr 1883-1893CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansChester Eugene 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersEdwin Alonzo 1875CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Methodist Church
MinistersEdwin Alonzo 1885-1888CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Washington Park Methodist Church
PhysiciansElmer Francis 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersJohn 1830-1836CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Congregational Church
MinistersSamuel 1797-1804CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Congregational Church
PhysiciansHenry 1881CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansHenry 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
AttorneysWilliam Bradford 1898CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersLouis Norman 1883CTFairfield CoBridgeport, St Johns Episcopal Church
MinistersLouis Norman 1887CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Trinity Episcopal Church
MinistersLouis Norman 1897CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Church of the Nativity
MayorsSilas C. 1858-1860CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MayorsCharles 1840CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MayorsWalter B. 1893-1895CTFairfield CoBridgeport
School SuperintendentsEugene 1890-1894CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersAlfred Hubbard 1910-1914CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Baptist Church
MinistersWellesley Wellington 1869-1872CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Washington Park Methodist Church
PhysiciansWilliam C. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansAllen C. 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansJames D. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersNathaniel Lindsay 1876CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Episcopal Church
MinistersWilliam A. Des 1875CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Episcopal Church
PhysiciansBenjamin Frank 1876-1905CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersAsahel L. 1854-1856CTFairfield CoBridgeport, South Congregational Church
MinistersAsahel Lyon 1854CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Presbyterian Church
MayorsJohn, Jr. 1851-1852CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersHerbert Stanley 1917CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Congregational Church
MinistersJohn 1903-1906CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Christ Episcopal Church
MayorsEdward T. 1909-1911CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansJohn H. D. 1904CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansJohn Harry Diedericks 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
AttorneysIsrael Martin 1870-1879CTFairfield CoBridgeport
TeachersMary Grace 1899-1900CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Courtland School
PhysiciansW. H. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
RailroadsW. P. 1856CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MayorsWilliam P. 1841-1842CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersFrank 1893-1901CTFairfield CoBridgeport, South Congregational Church
PhysiciansJ. T. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MayorsPhilo Clark 1855-1858CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersJames Theodore 1918-1919CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Trinity Episcopal Church
MinistersErnest Charles 1898-1901CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Summerfield Methodist Church
PhysiciansFrancis Patrick 1926CTFairfield CoBridgeport
DentistsJ. S. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersJames Monroe 1867-1869CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Methodist Church
OthersJohn Elmer 1917-1919CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersCharles Laforest 1904-1905CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Immanuel Baptist Church
MinistersCharles 1695-1714CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Congregational Church
MinistersWilhelm Eurenius 1914-1920CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Methodist Church
MinistersNathan Gilbert 1898-1903CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Methodist Church
MayorsStillman S. 1865-1866CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersAllen 1874-1880CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Congregational Church
MayorsFrank E. 1895-1897CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MayorsRobert Toucey 1874-1875CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersSylvester 1861-1863CTFairfield CoBridgeport, St Johns Episcopal Church
MinistersSylvester 1863-1887CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Trinity Episcopal Church
PhysiciansConrad C. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansKonrad 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansAlbert E. 1898-1899CTFairfield CoBridgeport
BusinesspeopleHenry Clay 1853-1865CTFairfield CoBridgeport
RailroadsHenry Clay 1892-1893CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansWilliam B. 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersGurdon Saltonstall 1833-1862CTFairfield CoBridgeport, St Johns Episcopal Church
PhysiciansHarlan P. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansGeorge W. A. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansEdgar Frank 1894-1895CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersHerbert Dunbar 1895-1904CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Christ Episcopal Church
MinistersSamuel 1715-1747CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Congregational Church
PhysiciansFrank H. 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
TeachersJane 1897-1903CTFairfield CoBridgeport, High School
MayorsPatrick 1888-1889CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersJoseph Smith 1876-1880CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Episcopal Church
PhysiciansGeorge B. 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport, St Vincents Hospital
PhysiciansLeander James 1904-1908CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansJames R. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansWilliam W. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersSaul Ober 1893-1895CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Washington Park Methodist Church
MayorsCarlos 1882-1883CTFairfield CoBridgeport
TeachersLucy Sackett 1911CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersHenry 1875-1879CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Church of the Nativity
TeachersBlanche Mildred 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
AttorneysDaniel 1875CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersHenry Adolphus 1878-1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport, First Presbyterian Church
MinistersJohn Gaylord 1868-1881CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Park Street Congregational Church
TeachersMay Olmstead 1900-1902CTFairfield CoBridgeport
TeachersMay Olmstead 1908CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersArthur Robert 1905CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Trinity Methodist Church
EngineersAlbert Tatum 1910-1912CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MusiciansSusan Hawley 1915CTFairfield CoBridgeport
TeachersSusan Hawley 1915CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansJ. W. 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansFessenden Lorenzo 1893CTFairfield CoBridgeport
AttorneysRobert Elliott 1870CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersThomas George 1902-1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Baptist Church
RailroadsA. L. 1856CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansHugh J. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersH. L. 1898CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Baptist Church
MinistersJames Gideon 1890CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Baptist Church
MinistersJames Gideon 1890CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Immanuel Baptist Church
PhysiciansWilliam Henry 1882-1885CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersCharles Henry 1905CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Episcopal Church
PhysiciansFrederick B. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansDaniel M. 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport, St Vincents Hospital
PhysiciansHermann 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansMartin VanBuren 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansEdward Wilson 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
ScientistsEdwin H. 1898CTFairfield CoBridgeport
TeachersEmma Frances 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport, High School
MinistersJoseph Warren 1837-1840CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Baptist Church
DentistsG. C. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansThomas L. 1896-1897CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansThomas Long 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport, St Vincents Hospital
TeachersDavid De Forest 1846CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersSamuel Hopkins 1872-1874CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Olivet Congregational Church
PhysiciansRichard M. 1899CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersEdgar Ai 1885-1887CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Episcopal Church
MinistersJohn Blake 1864-1870CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Christ Episcopal Church
AttorneysFrederick B. 1912CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersJoseph Brooks 1890-1893CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Presbyterian Church
DentistsW. L. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersOren Dennis 1905-1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport, West End Congregational Church
PhysiciansEdward 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport, St Vincents Hospital
PhysiciansHarry W. 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport, St Vincents Hospital
DentistsA. E. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
DentistsC. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MayorsCivilion 1886-1888CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MayorsCharles 1839CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansGeorge Skiff 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MayorsRobert E. De 1878-1879CTFairfield CoBridgeport
District AttorneysRobert Elliott De 1872CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MayorsRobert Elliott De 1878CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansJohn 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersHarry Schuyler 1918CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Baptist Church
PhysiciansJoseph Shelton 1856CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PrincipalsGardner 1864-1865CTFairfield CoBridgeport, High School
MinistersEdward Grier 1891-1904CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Park Street Congregational Church
TeachersGrace Margaret 1899-1902CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersHerbert Draper 1912-1916CTFairfield CoBridgeport, First Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansCharles Wesley 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansSamuel Middleton 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersStephen 1912CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Baptist Church
PhysiciansJacob W. 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
TeachersLouise J. 1909CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Courtland School
PhysiciansCharles C. 1892CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansCharles C. 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport, St Vincents Hospital
PhysiciansJames Douglas 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport
PhysiciansJames Douglas 1907CTFairfield CoBridgeport, St Vincents Hospital
MayorsEpaphras B. 1871-1874CTFairfield CoBridgeport
MinistersJohn Russell 1886-1891CTFairfield CoBridgeport, Second Baptist Church
MusiciansFrederick Burrage 1915CTFairfield CoBridgeport
TeachersFrederick Burrage 1915CTFairfield CoBridgeport

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