Historical Record Lists

Source: Historical sketch of the Massachusetts Baptists, 1802-1902

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Historical Record Lists
MinistersLevi Augustus 1855-1858MAWorcester CoMilford, Baptist Church
MinistersLevi Augustus 1862-1868MAPlymouth CoMiddleboro, Central Baptist Church
MinistersSamuel 1804-1807MAPlymouth CoMiddleboro, Fourth Baptist Church
MinistersSamuel 1807-1817MAPlymouth CoMiddleboro, First Baptist Church
MinistersSamuel 1821-1824MAHampshire CoHuntington, Baptist Church
MinistersLyman H. 1881MAMiddlesex CoSomerville, Broadway Baptist Church
MinistersAlfred Windham 1895-1897MASuffolk CoBoston, Twelfth Baptist Church
MinistersPaul S. 1845-1849MAMiddlesex CoWakefield, Baptist Church
MinistersPaul S. 1849-1851MAEssex CoNewburyport, Baptist Church
MinistersPaul S. 1851-1852MAEssex CoGeorgetown, Baptist Church
MinistersRobert John 1886-1893MASuffolk CoDorchester, Stoughton Street Baptist Church
MinistersSamuel 1824-1827MANorfolk CoWestwood, Baptist Church
MinistersSamuel 1830-1833MAEssex CoGloucester, First Baptist Church
MinistersJohn, Jr 1833-1840MAFranklin CoShelburne Falls, Baptist Church
MinistersJohn, Jr 1848-1853MAHampden CoWestfield, Central Baptist Church
MinistersJohn, Jr 1859-1860MAHampshire CoChesterfield, Baptist Church
MinistersJonathan 1828-1830MANorfolk CoWestwood, Baptist Church
MinistersJonathan 1830-1832MAEssex CoBeverly, First Baptist Church
MinistersJonathan 1832-1834MAMiddlesex CoCambridge, Second Baptist Church
MinistersJonathan 1834-1837MAWorcester CoWorcester, First Baptist Church
MinistersJonathan 1846-1850MAMiddlesex CoFramingham, First Baptist Church
MinistersJonathan 1850-1853MAPlymouth CoMiddleboro, Central Baptist Church
MinistersJustus 1862-1866MAHampden CoWales, Baptist Church
MinistersJustus 1866-1868MABerkshire CoBecket, Baptist Church
MinistersThomas 1837-1841MAFranklin CoDeerfield, Baptist Church
MinistersIsaac 1872-1873MABarnstable CoPocasset, Baptist Church
MinistersIsaac 1873-1875MADukes CoGay Head, Baptist Church
MinistersIsaac 1877-1878MABerkshire CoFlorida, Baptist Church
MinistersRoland F. 1877-1879MABerkshire CoHinsdale, Baptist Church
MinistersRoland F. 1879-1891MABerkshire CoBecket, Baptist Church
MinistersRoland F. 1898-1901MANantucket CoNantucket, Summer Street Baptist Church
MinistersSamuel R. 1848-1850MAHampden CoWales, Baptist Church
MinistersCharles W. 1899-1900MAMiddlesex CoNewton, Second Baptist Church
MinistersGeorge H. 1866-1873MAMiddlesex CoChelmsford, First Baptist Church
MinistersGeorge H. 1873-1880MAMiddlesex CoAyer, Baptist Church
MinistersIsaac N. 1886-1887MAPlymouth CoHalifax, Baptist Church
MinistersIsaac N. 1887-1888MANorfolk CoQuincy Point, Baptist Church
MinistersIsaac N. 1888-1890MABerkshire CoFlorida, Baptist Church
MinistersIsaac N. 1890-1894MADukes CoGay Head, Baptist Church
MinistersJohn 1824-1827MANorfolk CoWrentham, Baptist Church
MinistersJohn 1827-1838MAPlymouth CoKingston, Baptist Church
MinistersJohn 1839-1840MABristol CoSeekonk, Baptist Church
MinistersJohn 1842-1844MAWorcester CoSterling, Baptist Church
MinistersJohn 1846-1849MABristol CoMansfield, Baptist Church
MinistersJohn 1850-1853MAMiddlesex CoGroton, Baptist Church
MinistersThomas U. 1846-1848MABristol CoNew Bedford, Second Baptist Church
MinistersWilbur F. 1902MABristol CoAttleboro, First Baptist Church
MinistersLucius 1858-1862MAFranklin CoColrain, First Baptist Church
MinistersW. W. 1856-1859MAFranklin CoGreenfield, First Baptist Church
MinistersW. W. 1860-1861MAMiddlesex CoAshland, Baptist Church
MinistersJoseph 1839-1840MANantucket CoNantucket, Summer Street Baptist Church
MinistersJoseph 1842-1847MADukes CoGay Head, Baptist Church
MinistersS. H. 1854-1856MAFranklin CoAshfield, Baptist Church
MinistersCharles W. 1863-1871MAMiddlesex CoCambridge, Old Baptist Church
MinistersCharles W. 1883-1890MABerkshire CoAdams, Baptist Church
MinistersJames 1850-1852MAPlymouth CoNorth Bridgewater, Baptist Church
MinistersCharles William 1898MAWorcester CoWorcester, First Swedish Baptist Church
MinistersEdward Coffin 1872MAEssex CoGroveland, Baptist Church
MinistersEdward Coffin 1873-1875MAWorcester CoPetersham, Baptist Church
MinistersSamuel Duff 1894-1897MAMiddlesex CoBillerica, First Baptist Church
MinistersThomas Davis 1848-1862MASuffolk CoBoston, Dudley Street Baptist Church
MinistersThomas Davis 1880-1883MASuffolk CoBoston, South Baptist Church
MinistersE. A. 1876-1877MASuffolk CoBoston, Bowdoin Square Baptist Church
MinistersElisha 1802-1823MAWorcester CoBaldwinville, Baptist Church, & 28-30
MinistersElisha 1825-1826MAWorcester CoPrinceton, Baptist Church, & Leominster
MinistersElisha 1836-1837MAFranklin CoShelburne, First Baptist Church
MinistersErastus 1830-1832MAHampden CoAgawam, Baptist Church
MinistersErastus 1832-1838MAFranklin CoSunderland, Baptist Church, & 45-57
MinistersErastus 1840-1842MAFranklin CoBernardston, Baptist Church
MinistersErastus 1861-1862MAFranklin CoDeerfield, Baptist Church
MinistersErastus 1862-1865MAFranklin CoMontague, Baptist Church
MinistersNeil, Jr 1895-1899MAFranklin CoShelburne Falls, Baptist Church
MinistersNeil, Jr 1899-1901MAEssex CoEast Lynn, Baptist Church
MinistersEdward Carey 1898MASuffolk CoBoston, Elm Hill Baptist Church
MinistersHenry C. 1900MAMiddlesex CoCambridge, First Baptist Church
MinistersJ. P. 1844-1846MABristol CoMansfield, Baptist Church
MinistersWilliam S. 1868-1894MAMiddlesex CoCambridge, North Ave Baptist Church
MinistersWilliam 1854-1855MAMiddlesex CoWoodville, Baptist Church
MinistersHenry 1824-1826MAWorcester CoShrewsbury, Baptist Church, & West Boylston
MinistersHenry 1828-1830MAHampshire CoBelchertown, Baptist Church
MinistersHenry 1830-1833MAHampden CoHolyoke, First Baptist Church
MinistersHenry 1833-1835MAHampshire CoMiddlefield, Baptist Church
MinistersHenry 1837-1839MAEssex CoWenham, Baptist Church
MinistersAndrew W. 1860-1862MABarnstable CoSouth Yarmouth, Baptist Church
MinistersAndrew W. 1868-1871MAMiddlesex CoNorth Reading, Baptist Church
MinistersFreeman B. 1856-1859MABarnstable CoOsterville, Baptist Church
MinistersFreeman B. 1859-1864MANorfolk CoSharon, Baptist Church
MinistersR. K. 1852-1854MAPlymouth CoNorth Bridgewater, Baptist Church
MinistersR. K. 1854-1860MAWorcester CoGardner, Baptist Church
MinistersSamuel D. 1871-1875MABerkshire CoBecket, Baptist Church
MinistersSamuel D. 1875-1878MAHampshire CoHuntington, Baptist Church
MinistersSamuel D. 1885-1891MAEssex CoMerrimac, Baptist Church
MinistersSamuel D. 1891-1898MAWorcester CoMillbury, Baptist Church
MinistersWilliam W. 1857-1858MABarnstable CoBarnstable, Third Baptist Church
MinistersWilliam W. 1858-1859MABarnstable CoWest Harwich, Baptist Church
MinistersWinthrop L. 1902MAHampden CoWest Springfield, Baptist Church
MinistersGeorge Benjamin 1822-1825MAHampden CoEast Longmeadow, Baptist Church
MinistersThomas 1860-1862MABristol CoRaynham, Baptist Church
MinistersThomas 1870-1872MAMiddlesex CoShirley, Baptist Church
MinistersThomas 1873-1874MADukes CoNorth Tisbury, Baptist Church

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Most Recent Entries
1Railroads, , Bachman Valley Railroad
1Railroads, , Baltimore and Hanover Railroad
8Army Deployments, , Cheyenne Expedition
6Army Deployments, , Gila Expedition
1Journalists, , Lutheran Observer
88Army Deployments, , Military Occupation of Texas
9Army Deployments, , Navajo Expedition
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3ProfessorsAZ, Pima Co, Tucson, University of Arizona
61Battle ParticipantsCA, Monterey Co, Monterey, chartered accountant
31Battle ParticipantsGA, Catoosa Co, Chickamauga, agriculturist
14Battle ParticipantsGA, Clayton Co, Jonesboro, aviator
27Battle ParticipantsGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, bank president
19Battle ParticipantsGA, Gordon Co, Resaca
10GraduatesIA, Fayette Co, Fayette, Upper Iowa University
15GraduatesIA, Henry Co, Mt Pleasant, Iowa Wesleyan University
10GraduatesIA, Story Co, Ames, Iowa State University
1MinistersIN, Clark Co, New Liberty, Baptist Church
17Battle ParticipantsKY, Boyle Co, Perryville, bacteriologist
18Battle ParticipantsLA, East Baton Rouge Parish, Port Hudson
32Attorneys GeneralMD,
60Battle ParticipantsMD, Washington Co, Boonsboro, county surveyor
114Battle ParticipantsMD, Washington Co, Sharpsburg, AC technician
16Battle ParticipantsMexico, Coahuila, Buena Vista, cemetery superintendent
174Battle ParticipantsMexico, Mexico State, Mexico City
91Battle ParticipantsMexico, Mexico State, Mexico City, Cfficier de marine
68Battle ParticipantsMexico, Mexico State, Mexico City, chairmaker
98Battle ParticipantsMexico, Veracruz, Cerro Gordo, caster
125Battle ParticipantsMexico, Veracruz, Vera Cruz
14Battle ParticipantsMO, Greene Co, Springfield
45Battle ParticipantsMS, Alcorn Co, Corinth, bank officer
35Battle ParticipantsMS, Warren Co, Vicksburg
11MinistersNJ, Warren Co, Stewartsville, Lutheran Church
12Battle ParticipantsNM, Socorro Co
1GraduatesNY, Albany Co, Albany Law School
1MinistersNY, Cayuga Co, Auburn, Calvary Presbyterian Church
1MinistersNY, Genesee Co, Bergen, Presbyterian Church
1GraduatesNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Auburn Theological Seminary
1128GraduatesNY, Orange Co, West Point, West Point Academy
1MinistersNY, Tompkins Co, Ithaca, Presbyterian Church
15GraduatesOH, Clark Co, Springfield, Wittenberg University
5GraduatesOH, Wayne Co, Wooster, Wooster University
1JournalistsPA, , Lutheran Observer
86Battle ParticipantsPA, Adams Co, Gettysburg
1PrincipalsPA, Adams Co, Gettysburg, Bethany School
27GraduatesPA, Adams Co, Gettysburg, Gettysburg College
4ProfessorsPA, Adams Co, Gettysburg, Gettysburg College
3MinistersPA, Berks Co, Lyons, Lutheran Church
5MinistersPA, Berks Co, Mohrsville, Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Berks Co, Reading, Lutheran Church
7MinistersPA, Berks Co, Reading, St Matthews Lutheran Church
8MinistersPA, Berks Co, Reading, Trinity Lutheran Church
13MinistersPA, Bucks Co, Chalfont, Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Bucks Co, Durham, Lutheran Church
7MinistersPA, Bucks Co, Nockamixon, Lutheran Church
2MinistersPA, Bucks Co, Riegelsville, Lutheran Church
2MinistersPA, Cambria Co, Greenwich, Lutheran Church
10MinistersPA, Cambria Co, Greenwich, St James Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Chester Co, Coatesville, Lutheran Church
10MinistersPA, Chester Co, Lionville, Lutheran Church
6MinistersPA, Chester Co, Phoenixville, Lutheran Church
20MinistersPA, Chester Co, Pikeland, Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Chester Co, St Peters, Lutheran Church
2MinistersPA, Clarion Co, Sandy Hollow, Lutheran Church
34Army DeploymentsPA, Cumberland Co, Carlisle, Carlisle Barracks
7MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Dauphin, Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg, Augsburg Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg, Bethlehem Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg, Christ Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg, Memorial Lutheran Church
7MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg, Messiah Lutheran Church
13MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg, Zion Lutheran Church
18MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Hummelstown, Lutheran Church
8MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Lykens, Lutheran Church
4MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Millersburg, Lutheran Church
3MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Oberlin, Lutheran Church
4MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Steelton, St Johns Lutheran Church
2MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Steelton, St Marks Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Steelton, St Pauls Lutheran Church
3MinistersPA, Dauphin Co, Union Deposit, Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Delaware Co, Norwood, Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Lackawanna Co, Scranton, Asbury Methodist Church
15MinistersPA, Lancaster Co, Brickerville, Lutheran Church
4MinistersPA, Lancaster Co, Columbia, Lutheran Church
7MinistersPA, Lancaster Co, East Petersburg, Lutheran Church
3GraduatesPA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster, Franklin and Marshall College
8MinistersPA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster, St Johns Lutheran Church
2MinistersPA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster, St Stephens Lutheran Church
12MinistersPA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster, Trinity Lutheran Church
4MinistersPA, Lancaster Co, Lititz, Lutheran Church
18MinistersPA, Lancaster Co, Manheim, Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Lancaster Co, Manheim, Zions Lutheran Church
24MinistersPA, Lancaster Co, Maytown, Lutheran Church
12MinistersPA, Lancaster Co, Millersville, Lutheran Church
3MinistersPA, Lancaster Co, Neffsville, Lutheran Church
5MinistersPA, Lebanon Co, Annville, Hill Lutheran Church
7MinistersPA, Lebanon Co, Annville, Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Lebanon Co, Bellegrove, Lutheran Church
3MinistersPA, Lebanon Co, Lebanon, 7th Street Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Lebanon Co, Lebanon, Lutheran Church
9MinistersPA, Lebanon Co, Lebanon, Salem Lutheran Church
7MinistersPA, Lebanon Co, Lebanon, Zion Lutheran Church
2MinistersPA, Lebanon Co, Palmyra, Lutheran Church
5MinistersPA, Lebanon Co, Schaefferstown, Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Lehigh Co, Allentown, St Matthews Lutheran Church
13MinistersPA, Lehigh Co, Allentown, St Pauls Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Lehigh Co, Centreville, Christ Lutheran Church
9MinistersPA, Lehigh Co, Fogelsville, Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Luzerne Co, Kingston, Methodist Church
2MinistersPA, Monroe Co, Tannersville, Lutheran Church
22MinistersPA, Montgomery Co, Ardmore, Lutheran Church
18MinistersPA, Montgomery Co, Barren Hill, Lutheran Church
2MinistersPA, Montgomery Co, Conshohocken, Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Montgomery Co, Conshohocken, St Marks Lutheran Church
6MinistersPA, Montgomery Co, Upper Dublin, Lutheran Church
15MinistersPA, Montgomery Co, Whitemarsh, Lutheran Church
4MinistersPA, Northampton Co, Easton, Christ Lutheran Church
2GraduatesPA, Northampton Co, Easton, Lafayette College
4MinistersPA, Northampton Co, Easton, Lutheran Church
11MinistersPA, Northampton Co, Easton, St Johns Lutheran Church
3MinistersPA, Northampton Co, Easton, St Pauls Lutheran Church
4MinistersPA, Northampton Co, Easton, St Peters Lutheran Church
3MinistersPA, Northampton Co, Martins Creek, Mt Zion Lutheran Church
6MinistersPA, Northampton Co, Martins Creek, Trinity Lutheran Church
6MinistersPA, Northampton Co, Stone Church, Lutheran Church
11MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Germantown, St Michaels Lutheran Church
5MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Germantown, Trinity Lutheran Church
3MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, All Saints Lutheran Church
2MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Bethany Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Calvary Lutheran Church
4MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Grace Lutheran Church
18MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Lutheran Church
5MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Messiah Lutheran Church
9MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, St Matthews Lutheran Church
11GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
1MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Zions Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Schuylkill Co, Ashland, Lutheran Church
9MinistersPA, Schuylkill Co, Ashland, St James Lutheran Church
2MinistersPA, Schuylkill Co, Ashland, Zions Lutheran Church
5MinistersPA, Schuylkill Co, Gordon, Lutheran Church
9MinistersPA, Schuylkill Co, Mahanoy City, Lutheran Church
17MinistersPA, Schuylkill Co, Minersville, Lutheran Church
2MinistersPA, Schuylkill Co, Port Carbon, Lutheran Church
7MinistersPA, Schuylkill Co, Pottsville, English Lutheran Church
3MinistersPA, Schuylkill Co, Pottsville, Lutheran Church
4MinistersPA, Schuylkill Co, Schuylkill Haven, Jerusalem Lutheran Church
10MinistersPA, Schuylkill Co, Schuylkill Haven, Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Schuylkill Co, Schuylkill Haven, St Pauls Lutheran Church
5MinistersPA, Schuylkill Co, Shenandoah, Lutheran Church
9MinistersPA, Schuylkill Co, Tremont, Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, Somerset Co, Somerset, Methodist Church
1MinistersPA, Washington Co, Hill Church, Lutheran Church
1MinistersPA, York Co, Bridgeton, Lutheran Church
1RailroadsPA, York Co, Hanover, Baltimore and Harrishurg Railroad
1RailroadsPA, York Co, Hanover, Berlin Branch Railroad
1RailroadsPA, York Co, Hanover, Hanover and Gettysburg Railroad
38Army DeploymentsSC, Charleston Co, Fort Moultrie
29Army DeploymentsSD, Gregory Co, Fort Randall
15Attorneys GeneralTN,
19Battle ParticipantsTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, bank teller retail
19Battle ParticipantsTN, Hamilton Co, Chattanooga
30Battle ParticipantsTN, Hardin Co, Shiloh
25Battle ParticipantsTN, Rutherford Co, Murfreesboro, airplane inspector
36Attorneys GeneralTX,
60Battle ParticipantsTX, Cameron Co, Brownsville
57Battle ParticipantsTX, Cameron Co, Brownsville, chaplain
40Army DeploymentsTX, Starr Co, Rio Grande City, Ringgold Barracks
7Attorneys GeneralUT,
44Attorneys GeneralVA,
22Battle ParticipantsVA, Caroline Co, estate trustee
21Battle ParticipantsVA, Charles City Co
20Battle ParticipantsVA, Culpeper Co
20Battle ParticipantsVA, Dinwiddie Co
14Battle ParticipantsVA, Dinwiddie Co, event coordinator
106Battle ParticipantsVA, Fredericksburg
38Army DeploymentsVA, Hampton, Fort Monroe
63Battle ParticipantsVA, Hanover Co
62Battle ParticipantsVA, Hanover Co, espress service
12Battle ParticipantsVA, Hanover Co, executive
33Battle ParticipantsVA, Henrico Co, aircraft electrician
37Battle ParticipantsVA, Henrico Co, entrepreneur
13Battle ParticipantsVA, Henrico Co, equipment operator
8Battle ParticipantsVA, Henrico Co, escheator
1GraduatesVA, Lexington, Washington And Lee University
13Battle ParticipantsVA, Loudoun Co
15Battle ParticipantsVA, Louisa Co, Trevilians
15Battle ParticipantsVA, Prince Edward Co, Farmville
11Battle ParticipantsVA, Spotsylvania Co, aerospace industry
53Battle ParticipantsVA, Spotsylvania Co, bank clerk
62Battle ParticipantsVA, Spotsylvania Co, Chancellorsville, actor-actress
45Battle ParticipantsVA, Williamsburg, engineer
26Battle ParticipantsVA, Winchester
129Battle ParticipantsVA, York Co, Yorktown, engine fitter
9Attorneys GeneralVT,
10Attorneys GeneralWA,
33Attorneys GeneralWI,
20Attorneys GeneralWV,
12Attorneys GeneralWY,

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