Historical Record Lists

Source: Haverford College Biographical Catalogue, 1833-1922

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Historical Record Lists
GraduatesCharles David, Jr 1922PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsCharles Tucker 1868PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesAlan Mason 1921PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesConrad Berens 1925PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsThomas Wistar 1858PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesDouglas Howe 1896PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
TeachersDouglas Howe 1897-1898RINewport CoNewport, Cloyne House School
TeachersDouglas Howe 1898-1909PADelaware CoHaverford
GraduatesJedediah Howe 1887PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsJustus C. 1843PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesSamuel F. 1845PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesThomas 1923PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsHollis Emery 1919PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsWilliam Charles 1858PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsJoseph W. 1843PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsCharles Allison 1904PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsJohn William 1918PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesHarry 1891PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
TeachersHarry 1891-1898PAChester CoWesttown, Boarding School
TeachersHarry 1898RINewport CoNewport
StudentsCharles Francis 1901PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesCharles Jackson 1900PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesGeorge Raymond 1896PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsGideon, Jr 1854PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesJohn Henry 1884PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsMarmaduke Watson 1840PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesPercival Roy 1915PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesRussel Green, Jr 1923PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesWilliam Williams, Jr 1900PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesWilmar Mason 1916PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesEdward Page 1910PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesEdward Pease 1874PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesFrancis Greenleaf 1876PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
ProfessorsFrancis Greenleaf 1895-1898RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
GraduatesWilliam Kite 1896PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesIsaac W. 1877PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsAdelbert Owen 1904PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
TeachersAdelbert Owen 1911-1912KSSedgwick CoWichita, High School
GraduatesFred Van Winkle 1904PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesEdward Mott 1890PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesFranklin 1864PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesTakeo 1904PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesHarrison Heikes 1918PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesJerrold Clement 1925PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesHarold Walton 1921PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesNoel Stryker 1922PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesFrederick, Jr 1854PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsAbraham Sharpless 1842PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesGeorge 1867PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesJohn 1867PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesRichard 1872PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesWilliam 1864PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesJames 1911PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesRobert 1921PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
TeachersJoseph Hoag 1849-1850PADelaware CoHaverford
StudentsJoseph Hoag 1851PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesJames Stuart 1890PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesWilliam Grattan 1890PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsNathaniel Davis 1910PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesIwao Frederick 1917PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesJervis Jefferis 1921PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsMaurice Jefferis 1904PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
ProfessorsMaurice Jefferis 1922PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
StudentsHarold French 1901PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesJames Addison 1896PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsGeorge Warder 1864PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsJohn 1887PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsJoseph Kirkbride 1843PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsMorris 1859PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesWilliam Warder, Jr 1923PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesCharles Frederick, Jr 1924PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesJoseph Lukens 1851PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesLeslie Adelbert 1893PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsThomas Franklin 1904PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesAlbert Lang 1878PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesAlbert Lang, Jr 1912PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
TeachersAlbert Lang, Jr 1921-1922PAChester CoWesttown
GraduatesArthur Ha Hum 1887PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesCharles Winter 1885PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesFisher Corlies 1908PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesFrederick Lang 1877PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesHenry 1878PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesJoshua Longstreth, Jr 1912PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsLivingston Boyd 1921PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsThomas Chalkley James 1855PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsThomas Loyd 1840PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesWilliam Lloyd 1883PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
ProfessorsWilliam Lloyd 1889-1890PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
GraduatesWilliam Lloyd, Jr 1917PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesEdmund Fletcher 1906PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesHenry Clay 1924PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesDonald Galbraith 1915PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesJames MacGranahan 1921PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesPaul Gay 1913PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsPhilip J. 1910PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesHenry Lloyd 1902PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
StudentsLloyd 1839PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
GraduatesMark 1912PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College
ProfessorsMark 1915-1922NCGuilford CoGreensboro, Guilford College
GraduatesRichard Mead 1919PADelaware CoHaverford, Haverford College

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Most Recent Entries
9Others, , American Antiquarian Society
1Journalists, , Christian Journal
1TeachersDC, Washington, George Washington University
93State RepresentativesKY,
16State SenatorsKY,
32State RepresentativesKY, Adair Co
8State SenatorsKY, Adair Co
22State RepresentativesKY, Allen Co
8State SenatorsKY, Allen Co
24State RepresentativesKY, Anderson Co
2State SenatorsKY, Anderson Co
10State RepresentativesKY, Ballard Co
2State SenatorsKY, Ballard Co
42State RepresentativesKY, Barren Co
15State SenatorsKY, Barren Co
32State RepresentativesKY, Bath Co
4State SenatorsKY, Bath Co
35State RepresentativesKY, Boone Co
8State SenatorsKY, Boone Co
74State RepresentativesKY, Bourbon Co
15State SenatorsKY, Bourbon Co
11State RepresentativesKY, Boyle Co
4State SenatorsKY, Boyle Co
36State RepresentativesKY, Bracken Co
5State SenatorsKY, Bracken Co
8State RepresentativesKY, Breathitt Co
2State SenatorsKY, Breathitt Co
29State RepresentativesKY, Breckinridge Co
4State SenatorsKY, Breckinridge Co
33State RepresentativesKY, Bullitt Co
3State SenatorsKY, Bullitt Co
12State RepresentativesKY, Butler Co
2State SenatorsKY, Butler Co
19State RepresentativesKY, Caldwell Co
6State SenatorsKY, Caldwell Co
18State RepresentativesKY, Calloway Co
4State SenatorsKY, Calloway Co
35State RepresentativesKY, Campbell Co
9State SenatorsKY, Campbell Co
11State RepresentativesKY, Carroll Co
1State SenatorsKY, Carroll Co
14State RepresentativesKY, Carter Co
2State SenatorsKY, Carter Co
24State RepresentativesKY, Casey Co
2State SenatorsKY, Casey Co
42State RepresentativesKY, Christian Co
10State SenatorsKY, Christian Co
45State RepresentativesKY, Clark Co
9State SenatorsKY, Clark Co
14State RepresentativesKY, Clay Co
5State SenatorsKY, Clay Co
7State RepresentativesKY, Clinton Co
28State RepresentativesKY, Cumberland Co
8State SenatorsKY, Cumberland Co
4JudgesKY, Daviess Co
16State RepresentativesKY, Daviess Co
10State SenatorsKY, Daviess Co
14State RepresentativesKY, Edmonson Co
24State RepresentativesKY, Estill Co
3State SenatorsKY, Estill Co
53State RepresentativesKY, Fayette Co
12State SenatorsKY, Fayette Co
60State RepresentativesKY, Fleming Co
10State SenatorsKY, Fleming Co
13State RepresentativesKY, Floyd Co
8State SenatorsKY, Floyd Co
34State RepresentativesKY, Franklin Co
10State SenatorsKY, Franklin Co
30State RepresentativesKY, Gallatin Co
5State SenatorsKY, Gallatin Co
14State RepresentativesKY, Garrard Co
7State SenatorsKY, Garrard Co
19State RepresentativesKY, Grant Co
2State SenatorsKY, Grant Co
18State RepresentativesKY, Graves Co
3State SenatorsKY, Graves Co
22State RepresentativesKY, Grayson Co
3State SenatorsKY, Grayson Co
45State RepresentativesKY, Green Co
11State SenatorsKY, Green Co
11State RepresentativesKY, Greenup Co
8State SenatorsKY, Greenup Co
18State RepresentativesKY, Hancock Co
1State SenatorsKY, Hancock Co
47State RepresentativesKY, Hardin Co
13State SenatorsKY, Hardin Co
15State RepresentativesKY, Harlan Co
3State SenatorsKY, Harlan Co
57State RepresentativesKY, Harrison Co
11State SenatorsKY, Harrison Co
25State RepresentativesKY, Hart Co
2State SenatorsKY, Hart Co
30State RepresentativesKY, Henderson Co
5State SenatorsKY, Henderson Co
36State RepresentativesKY, Henry Co
11State SenatorsKY, Henry Co
14State RepresentativesKY, Hickman Co
2State SenatorsKY, Hickman Co
30State RepresentativesKY, Hopkins Co
5State SenatorsKY, Hopkins Co
136State RepresentativesKY, Jefferson Co
32State SenatorsKY, Jefferson Co
29State RepresentativesKY, Jessamine Co
2State SenatorsKY, Jessamine Co
9State RepresentativesKY, Johnson Co
19State RepresentativesKY, Kenton Co
7State SenatorsKY, Kenton Co
20State RepresentativesKY, Knox Co
5State SenatorsKY, Knox Co
11State RepresentativesKY, Larue Co
1State SenatorsKY, Larue Co
12State RepresentativesKY, Laurel Co
3State SenatorsKY, Laurel Co
20State RepresentativesKY, Lawrence Co
3State SenatorsKY, Lawrence Co
8State RepresentativesKY, Letcher Co
1State SenatorsKY, Letcher Co
28State RepresentativesKY, Lewis Co
2State SenatorsKY, Lewis Co
45State RepresentativesKY, Lincoln Co
10State SenatorsKY, Lincoln Co
29State RepresentativesKY, Livingston Co
4State SenatorsKY, Livingston Co
47State RepresentativesKY, Logan Co
12State SenatorsKY, Logan Co
1State RepresentativesKY, Lyon Co
85State RepresentativesKY, Madison Co
14State SenatorsKY, Madison Co
81State RepresentativesKY, Mason Co
16State SenatorsKY, Mason Co
58State RepresentativesKY, Mercer Co
15State SenatorsKY, Mercer Co
46State RepresentativesKY, Montgomery Co
11State SenatorsKY, Montgomery Co
14State RepresentativesKY, Morgan Co
4State SenatorsKY, Morgan Co
68State RepresentativesKY, Nelson Co
14State SenatorsKY, Nelson Co
37State RepresentativesKY, Nicholas Co
11State SenatorsKY, Nicholas Co
9State RepresentativesKY, Ohio Co
7State SenatorsKY, Ohio Co
21State RepresentativesKY, Owen Co
3State SenatorsKY, Owen Co
10State RepresentativesKY, Owsley Co
2State SenatorsKY, Owsley Co
25State RepresentativesKY, Pendleton Co
2State SenatorsKY, Pendleton Co
10State RepresentativesKY, Perry Co
7State RepresentativesKY, Pike Co
37State RepresentativesKY, Pulaski Co
13State SenatorsKY, Pulaski Co
20State RepresentativesKY, Rockcastle Co
4State SenatorsKY, Rockcastle Co
17State RepresentativesKY, Russell Co
4State SenatorsKY, Russell Co
41State RepresentativesKY, Scott Co
15State SenatorsKY, Scott Co
73State RepresentativesKY, Shelby Co
12State SenatorsKY, Shelby Co
17State RepresentativesKY, Spencer Co
3State SenatorsKY, Spencer Co
10State RepresentativesKY, Taylor Co
1State SenatorsKY, Taylor Co
24State RepresentativesKY, Todd Co
6State SenatorsKY, Todd Co
29State RepresentativesKY, Trigg Co
4State SenatorsKY, Trigg Co
11State RepresentativesKY, Trimble Co
1State SenatorsKY, Trimble Co
22State RepresentativesKY, Union Co
8State SenatorsKY, Union Co
44State RepresentativesKY, Warren Co
10State SenatorsKY, Warren Co
60State RepresentativesKY, Washington Co
11State SenatorsKY, Washington Co
30State RepresentativesKY, Wayne Co
4State SenatorsKY, Wayne Co
24State RepresentativesKY, Whitley Co
1State SenatorsKY, Whitley Co
44State RepresentativesKY, Woodford Co
8State SenatorsKY, Woodford Co
62CommissionersMD, Dorchester Co
19Court ClerksMD, Dorchester Co
11District AttorneysMD, Dorchester Co
81SheriffsMD, Dorchester Co
64JudgesMD, Frederick Co
56JudgesMD, Montgomery Co
7OthersMS, Hinds Co, Jackson, Mississippi Institution for the Deaf and Dumb
9OthersMS, Lafayette Co, Oxford, University of Mississippi
3OthersNH, Grafton Co, Hanover, Dartmouth College
2OthersNH, Merrimack Co, Concord, St Pauls School
1OthersNH, Merrimack Co, New London, Colby Academy
13Justices of the PeacePA, Fulton Co, Todd Twp
8Justices of the PeacePA, Fulton Co, Union Twp
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Constellation (1854)
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Melville (AD2)
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Pope (DD225)
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Vega (AK17)

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