Historical Record Lists

Source: Bangor Theological Seminary, 1816-1901

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Historical Record Lists
TutorsTheophilus Capen 1852-1853MEKennebec CoWaterville, Colby College
GraduatesTheophilus Capen 1855MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesRalph Henry 1896MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesHagop Haratum 1883MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesAaron Chester 1836MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin College
GraduatesAaron Chester 1839MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
MinistersAaron Chester 1839-1841MEKennebec CoGardiner, Congregational Church
MinistersAaron Chester 1842-1845MECumberland CoGorham, Congregational Church
MinistersAaron Chester 1858-1867MEAndroscoggin CoAuburn, Congregational Church
MinistersAaron Chester 1868-1879CTHartford CoWethersfield, First Congregational Church
MinistersAaron Chester 1880-1886CTWindham CoThompson, Congregational Church
GraduatesAlvan Bacon 1880MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesDaniel Emerson 1860MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesGeorge Washington 1835MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin College
GraduatesGeorge Washington 1838MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesGeorge William Hosher 1868MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesJohn Calvin 1837MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesJonathan Edwards 1858MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
OthersJonathan Edwards 1883MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary, Trustee
PhysiciansSilas Nelson 1885MEHancock CoBucksport
GraduatesSilas Nelson 1888MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesWilliam Gushing 1896MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesWilliam Gushing 1897MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin College
GraduatesIrvin D. 1869MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
MinistersIrvin D. 1874NHMerrimack CoWest Concord, Congregational Church
GraduatesJames Edward 1885MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesEdwin Hyde 1862MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesGeorge 1880MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesDarius Clesson 1826MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
MinistersEugene Vernon 1894-1897MEAroostook CoHodgdon, Methodist Church
GraduatesEugene Vernon 1895MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
MinistersEugene Vernon 1897-1899MEAroostook CoFort Fairfield, Methodist Church
MinistersEugene Vernon 1899MEAroostook CoMonticello, Methodist Church
GraduatesHerbert Marsena 1893MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesJames Stewart 1880MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
MinistersJames Stewart 1883MEWaldo CoSearsport, Methodist Church
MinistersJames Stewart 1884MEHancock CoTremont, Methodist Church
GraduatesWilliam P. 1878MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesAmos William Creamer 1880MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesJames Alexander 1889MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesCharles Everett 1881MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesEzra 1874MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
AttorneysEzra 1879MEWaldo CoBelfast
GraduatesGeorge Frederic 1859MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesSamuel Baker 1868MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
MinistersSamuel Baker 1872-1875MANorfolk CoBraintree, Congregational Church
MinistersSamuel Baker 1875-1882MAEssex CoGloucester, Lanesville Congregational Church
MinistersSamuel Baker 1885-1886MAWorcester CoPhillipston, Congregational Church
MinistersSamuel Baker 1889-1896MABarnstable CoChatham, Congregational Church
MinistersSamuel Baker 1900CTNew London CoSalem, Congregational Church
GraduatesSarkis Apov 1894MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesWilliam Elder 1881MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
MinistersWilliam Elder 1887-1888COCuster CoSilver Cliff, Presbyterian Church
MinistersWilliam Elder 1889-1894KSShawnee CoNorth Topeka, Presbyterian Church
MinistersWilliam Elder 1894MANorfolk CoBrookline, Presbyterian Church
GraduatesArthur Edson 1882MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesElam Stockbridge 1838MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesDavid Prank 1898MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesDavid Prank 1901MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin College
GraduatesFrederick William 1899MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesWilliam Ferdinand 1865MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesAlexander 1844MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesGeorge Hamilton 1867MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesEdward Payson 1857MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
MinistersEdward Payson 1857-1860MEWashington CoDennysville, Congregational Church
MinistersEdward Payson 1865-1872MEKennebec CoWinthrop, Congregational Church
MinistersEdward Payson 1872-1879CASan Francisco CoSan Francisco, Congregational Church
MinistersEdward Payson 1880-1894HIHawaii CoHilo, Foreign Congregational Church
GraduatesFrank Herman 1896MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesNathaniel Putnam 1856MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesSmith 1860MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesWilliam Melville 1847MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin College
GraduatesWilliam Melville 1850MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesWilliam Augustus 1853MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesWilliam Otis 1854MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesAmander 1838MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin College
GraduatesAmander 1841MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
ProfessorsAmander 1856-1857OHButler CoOxford, Miami University
TeachersAmander 1857INVanderburgh CoEvansville
GraduatesFranklin Whitehead 1895MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesJoseph 1875MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesLeavitt 1865MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesIsaac Austin 1841MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesHenry George 1899MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesCalvin Reddington 1838MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesAlvan Jones 1847MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
MinistersAlvan Jones 1847-1865MEPenobscot CoLincoln, Congregational Church
MinistersAlvan Jones 1865-1868MABarnstable CoHarwichport, Congregational Church
MinistersAlvan Jones 1868-1877MAWorcester CoSaundersville, Congregational Church
GraduatesCharles Sumner 1890MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesHarry Annesley 1898MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesEbenezer 1861MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesAlbert Hart 1887MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesJohn Baptist Charles 1859MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesClarence Augustine 1877MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesElijah 1838MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesJohn Stacey 1848MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesNewton Hervey 1868MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesJames Thomas 1898MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
GraduatesWilliam Henry 1859MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary

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1MinistersCT, Hartford Co, Thompsonville, Methodist Church
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23DiplomatsEngland, Gloucestershire, Bristol
5DiplomatsEngland, Hampshire, Cowes
2DiplomatsEngland, Hampshire, Portsmouth
1DiplomatsEngland, Staffordshire, Wolverhampton
15DiplomatsEngland, Yorkshire, Bradford
4DiplomatsEngland, Yorkshire, Kingston Upon Hull
10DiplomatsEstonia, , Tallinn
1DiplomatsFrance, Brittany, Rennes
12DiplomatsFrance, Champagne, Reims
8DiplomatsFrance, Charentes, La Rochelle
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4DiplomatsFrance, Loire, St Nazaire
3DiplomatsFrance, Midi-Pyrenees, Pau
5DiplomatsFrance, Pas-de-Calais, Dunkirk
9DiplomatsFrance, Pas-de-Calais, Roubaix
5DiplomatsGermany, Bayern, Bamberg
1DiplomatsGermany, Mecklenburg, Schwerin
10DiplomatsGermany, Niedersachsen, Hannover
10DiplomatsGermany, Nordrhein, Düsseldorf
12DiplomatsGermany, Sachsen, Annaberg
4DiplomatsGermany, Sachsen, Eibenstock
8DiplomatsGermany, Sachsen, Glauchau
6DiplomatsGermany, Sachsen, Zittau
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4DiplomatsGermany, Thuringen, Weimar
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3DiplomatsHonduras, , Bonacca
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10DiplomatsHonduras, , Tela
4DiplomatsHonduras, , Truxillo
6DiplomatsHonduras, , Utilla
41DiplomatsHong Kong,
1PhysiciansIL, McLean Co, Bloomington
9DiplomatsIndonesia, , Medan
11DiplomatsIndonesia, , Soerabaya
6DiplomatsIndonesia, , Surabaya
3DiplomatsIran, , Tabriz
4DiplomatsIraq, , Basra
1DiplomatsIreland, Waterford Co, Waterford
4DiplomatsIsrael, , Haifa
5DiplomatsItaly, Campania, Castellammare di Stabia
6DiplomatsJapan, , Hiogo
5DiplomatsJapan, , Nagoya
3DiplomatsJapan, , Yokkaichi
3DiplomatsKenya, , Mombasa
9DiplomatsMadagascar, , Tamatave
7DiplomatsMadagascar, , Tananarive
7DiplomatsMalaysia, , Sandakan
7DiplomatsMexico, Sonora, Agua Prieta
3DiplomatsMexico, Tamaulipas, Victoria
4DiplomatsMozambique, , Beira
3DiplomatsNB, Northumberland Co, Newcastle
5DiplomatsNetherlands, Zuid Holland, Schiedam
20DiplomatsNetherlands, Zuid Holland, The Hague
4DiplomatsNicaragua, , Matagalpa
5DiplomatsNicaragua, , San Juan del Norte
1PrincipalsNJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City, Classical School for Boys
1DiplomatsNorway, Sør-Trøndelag, Trondheim
7DiplomatsNorway, Vest-Agder, Kristiansand
4DiplomatsNS, Hants Co, Windsor
3DiplomatsNS, Lunenburg Co, Lunenburg
3DiplomatsNS, Queens Co, Liverpool
3DiplomatsON, Brant Co, Paris
4DiplomatsON, Chatham-Kent, Wallaceburg
2DiplomatsON, Durham, Whitby
4DiplomatsON, Elgin Co, Port Stanley
2DiplomatsON, Hastings Co, Trenton
3DiplomatsON, Kawartha Lakes, Lindsay
1DiplomatsON, LA Co, Napanee
5DiplomatsON, Norfolk Co, Port Rowan
3DiplomatsON, Peterborough Co, Peterborough
7DiplomatsON, Simcoe Co, Orillia
3DiplomatsON, Simcoe Co, Waubaushene
10DiplomatsPakistan, , Karachi
5DiplomatsPanama, , Bocas del Toro
4DiplomatsPE, Prince Co, Summerside
37DiplomatsPeru, , Lima
5DiplomatsPortugal, Azores, Fayal
2DiplomatsPortugal, Azores, Horta
22DiplomatsPortugal, Azores, St Michaels
3DiplomatsPQ, Bas-Saint-Laurent, Cabano
6DiplomatsPQ, Bas-Saint-Laurent, Rimouski
1DiplomatsPQ, Chaudiere-Appalaches, Levis
3DiplomatsPQ, Estrie, Frelighsburg
5DiplomatsPQ, Estrie, Stanbridge
3DiplomatsPQ, Estrie, Stanstead
8DiplomatsPQ, Gaspesie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Gaspe
3DiplomatsPQ, Monteregie, Hemmingford
3DiplomatsPQ, Monteregie, Sorel
6DiplomatsPQ, Monteregie, St Johns
2DiplomatsPQ, Monteregie, Waterloo
4DiplomatsPR, , Arecibo
5DiplomatsRussia, Siberian District, Irkutsk
4DiplomatsRussia, Siberian District, Omsk
1DiplomatsRussia, Southern District, Taganrog
5DiplomatsSamoa, , Apia
9DiplomatsScotland, Mid-Lothian, Leith
5DiplomatsSenegal, , Dakar
9DiplomatsSierra Leone,
5DiplomatsSouth Africa, , Bloemfontein
3DiplomatsSouth Africa, , East London
6DiplomatsSpain, Andalusia, Huelva
7DiplomatsSpain, Canary Islands, Las Palmas
6DiplomatsSpain, Cantabria, Santander
4DiplomatsSpain, Catalonia, Tarragona
5DiplomatsSpain, Valencia, Alicante
5DiplomatsSpain, Valencia, Denia
5DiplomatsSwitzerland, Canton Aargau, Aarau
4DiplomatsSwitzerland, Canton Vaud, Lausanne
4DiplomatsSwitzerland, Canton Vaud, Vevey
8DiplomatsSwitzerland, Canton Zurich, Horgen
1DiplomatsSwitzerland, Canton Zurich, Winterthur
4DiplomatsTaiwan, , Taihoku
3DiplomatsTrinidad, , Brighton
3DiplomatsTunisia, , Bizerta
3DiplomatsTurkey, , Angora
78DiplomatsTurkey, , Constantinople
7DiplomatsTurkey, , Izmir
4DiplomatsTurkey, , Mersina
22DiplomatsTurks and Caicos, , Turks Island
6DiplomatsVenezuela, , Ciudad Bolivar
3DiplomatsVenezuela, , Coro
1DiplomatsWales, Monmouthshire, Newport
3TeachersWV, Jefferson Co, Harpers Ferry, Storer College
3DiplomatsYemen, , Hodeida

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07 Mar 2023The Political Graveyard6,3996,399
06 Mar 2023Register of the Department of State for the year 19264,9634,963
04 Mar 2023Register of the US diplomatic service, 18719292
21 Feb 2023American Newspaper Directory, 18984,879325
09 Feb 2023Manual of the Railroads of the US, 18892,13735
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06 Feb 2023Whipples Electric, Gas and Street Railway Directory4,1212
03 Feb 2023The Mines Handbook, 192019,0311
31 Jan 2023Bankers Magazine and Historical Register, v.39368
30 Jan 2023Moody's Manual of Industrial Securities6,282
28 Jan 2023Brown's directory of American gas companies3,054
20 Jan 2023Poor's Manual of Industrials, 191032,1512
09 Jan 2023Directory of Directors of New York, 191514,990
04 Jan 2023Notable men of Pittsburgh and vicinity556
03 Jan 2023Directory of Directors in the Pittsburgh District9,911
29 Dec 2022https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Society_of_Mechanical_Engineers50
26 Dec 2022Directory of Directors, Chicago, 190310,156
19 Dec 2022Philadelphia and notable Philadelphians643
16 Dec 2022Directory of Directors in the City of Philadelphia3,9111
15 Dec 2022Directory of Directors in the State of Rhode Island2,756
12 Dec 2022Directory of Directors in Boston and Vicinity, 19067,618
03 Dec 2022Utica NY City Directory147
02 Dec 2022Waterbury City Directory, 188066
27 Nov 2022Toledo City Directory, 1913282
27 Nov 2022Cleveland City Directory, 1906259
23 Nov 2022Albany City Directory, 1905421
23 Nov 2022Hartford City Directory, 1899408
23 Nov 2022Norwich City Directory, 1870173
19 Nov 2022Bankers Directory2,149
03 Nov 2022Alumni, Illinois State University1,570
30 Oct 2022New Mexico Educational Directory, 1914+3,078
28 Oct 2022Herringshaw's American Blue Book of Biography17,55213
28 Oct 2022added 'Author' and 'Poet' types under 'Artist'; 'Genealogist' and separate 'Banker' types
20 Oct 2022Wyoming Seminary, 1844-1944500
18 Oct 2022Report of the Board of DC Public Schools, 1873-4133
17 Oct 2022Annual Reports of the President of Bryn Mawr College, 1911-1915312
17 Oct 2022Annual Reports of the President of Bryn Mawr College, 1917-1918393
17 Oct 2022Annual Reports of the President of Bryn Mawr College, 1906-1911415
16 Oct 2022Annual catalogue of the State Teachers College, Indiana, PA478
14 Oct 2022History and reunion of Falley seminary137
13 Oct 2022Boys High School, Frederick MD75
11 Oct 2022First fifty years of Cazenovia Seminary, 1825-187511,012
11 Oct 2022McKinley Manual Training School, 1914126
05 Oct 2022Manual of the Public Schools of the District of Columbia, 1920-19212,430
03 Oct 2022The American Blue Book of Biography: Prominent Americans of 19192,788
28 Sep 2022Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials, 192211,304
19 Sep 2022Army List and Directory1,856
19 Sep 2022World Cotton Centennial66
17 Sep 2022Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials of America, 19018,296
07 Sep 2022Records of Officers dn Men of NJ in the Civil War253
07 Sep 2022Massachusetts soldiers, sailors, and marines in the civil war, V12,230
07 Sep 2022Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in the Civil War, V25,058
07 Sep 2022Roster of North Carolina troops in the war between the states4,466
03 Sep 2022Worlds Columbian Exposition Directory1,390
03 Sep 2022Battle of Opequan513
31 Aug 2022Officers and Graduates of the US Military Academy, V411,4532
29 Aug 2022Battle of Stones River565
29 Aug 2022Battle of Little Bighorn75
27 Aug 2022Officers and Graduates of the US Military Academy, v35,9551
25 Aug 2022Battle of Perryville330