Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; Last: Fairbanks
GraduatesAlice Russell 1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
GraduatesAlmira Taylor 1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
TeachersAnna 1885OHRoss CoChillicothe
MembersArthur American Philological Association
MembersArthur Archaeological Institute of America
GraduatesArthur 1886NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
TutorsArthur 1886-1887NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
ProfessorsArthur 1890-1891NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
ProfessorsArthur 1895-1898CTNew Haven CoNew Haven, Yale University
ProfessorsArthur 1899-1900NYTompkins CoIthaca, Cornell University
OthersArthur 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston Museum of Fine Arts
MembersArthur Willard MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston Society of Natural History
PhysiciansArthur Willard 1919MASuffolk CoBoston
TeachersBlanche Pearl 1913IAJones CoMonticello
TeachersCarrie F. 1890MAWorcester CoFitchburg, High School
PhysiciansCharles A. 1892NHStrafford CoDover
GraduatesCharles Warren 1875OHDelaware CoDelaware, Ohio Wesleyan University
AttorneysCharles Warren 1918INMarion CoIndianapolis
GraduatesCharlotte 1894MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
ProfessorsCharlotte 1897-1899MANorfolk CoWellesley College
PhysiciansCharlotte 1902-1908PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
PhysiciansClark Vernon 1907NYLivingston CoDansville
MinistersD. 1852ILCalhoun CoHardin, Methodist Church
GraduatesDorothy 1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
GraduatesEdward Taylor 1859CTNew Haven CoNew Haven, Yale College
TeachersEdward Taylor 1859-1860VTCaledonia CoSt Johnsbury Academy
GraduatesEdward Taylor 1865MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
MinistersEdward Taylor 1866-1867VTWindsor CoChester, Congregational Church
MinistersEdward Taylor 1868-1874VTCaledonia CoSt Johnsbury, First Congregational Church
MinistersEdward Taylor 1874-1902VTCaledonia CoSt Johnsbury, South Congregational Church
GraduatesEdward Taylor 1892VTChittenden CoBurlington, University of Vermont
LibrariansEdward Taylor 1902VTCaledonia CoSt Johnsbury
State SenatorsEdward Taylor 1909VT
GraduatesEleazar 1775RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
MinistersEleazar 1793-1800VTWindham CoWilmington, Congregational Church
GraduatesElisha 1791RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
GraduatesElsie Daniels 1898MANorfolk CoWellesley College
TeachersElsie Daniels 1899NHHillsborough CoManchester, High School
DeaconsErastus 1828-1864VTCaledonia CoSt Johnsbury, North Congregational Church
RailroadsErastus 1856Connecticut and Passumpsic Rivers Railroad
GovernorsErastus 1860-1861VT
TeachersEvelyn 1895-1897MAWorcester CoSutton, Old Stone District
GraduatesFrancis Joel 1862MAHampshire CoAmherst, Amherst College
GraduatesFrancis Joel 1862-1863NJMercer CoPrinceton, Princeton Theological Seminary
GraduatesFrancis Joel 1863-1864NYNew York CoNew York City, Union Theological Seminary
MinistersFrancis Joel 1864-1871VTWindham CoWestminster, Congregational Church
MinistersFrancis Joel 1872-1874MAMiddlesex CoAyer, Congregational Church
MinistersFrancis Joel 1874-1877MAWorcester CoPaxton, Congregational Church
MinistersFrancis Joel 1877-1885MAWorcester CoWest Boylston, Congregational Church
MinistersFrancis Joel 1885-1886CTNew Haven CoSeymour, Congregational Church
MinistersFrancis Joel 1886-1893MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
ScientistsFrank 1869VTCaledonia CoSt Johnsbury
MinistersG. W. 1845ILEdgar CoParis, Methodist Church
StudentsGeorge Dudley 1899-1900TXGalveston CoGalveston, John Sealy Hospital
MinistersGeorge E. 1823MAWorcester CoLeominster, Methodist Church
GraduatesGeorge Greenwood 1847MEKennebec CoWaterville, Colby College
PrincipalsGeorge Greenwood 1847-1849MEOxford CoHebron Academy
GraduatesGeorge Greenwood 1849-1851MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
MinistersGeorge Greenwood 1851-1855MANorfolk CoMedfield, Baptist Church
MinistersGeorge Greenwood 1855-1866MAMiddlesex CoSomerville, First Baptist Church
MinistersGeorge Greenwood 1866-1869MANorfolk CoEast Dedham, Baptist Church
MinistersGeorge Greenwood 1869-1883MAPlymouth CoMiddleboro, Central Baptist Church
MayorsGeorge O. 1867-1869MABristol CoFall River
TeachersGertrude M. 1893-1896MOSt Louis City
TeachersGertrude M. 1903-1909MAMiddlesex CoWest Newton
TeachersGertrude M. 1909NYNew York CoNew York City
TeachersGladys Mae 1913IALyon CoLarchwood
MembersHarold Wellman Geological Society of America
MembersHarold Wellman National Geographic Society
MembersHarold Wellman Association of American Geographers
MembersHarold Wellman CACalifornia Academy of Sciences
OthersHarold Wellman 1899-1900US Geological Survey
GraduatesHelen Stoddard 1859-1862NHSullivan CoMeriden, Kimball Union Academy
TeachersHelen Stoddard 1863-1865VTWindsor CoSpringfield
MembersHenry American Association for the Advancement of Science
GraduatesHenry 1853NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
GraduatesHenry 1857MAMiddlesex CoNewton, Andover Theological Seminary
MinistersHenry 1857-1858VTCaledonia CoBurke, Congregational Church
MinistersHenry 1859VTCaledonia CoBarnet, Second Congregational Church
ProfessorsHenry 1859-1865NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
TrusteesHenry 1870NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
ScientistsHenry 1898VTCaledonia CoSt Johnsbury
GraduatesHerbert Stockwell 1895MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
GraduatesHiland Lockwood 1900MAMiddlesex CoCambridge, Harvard Law School
AttorneysHiland Lockwood 1900-1909MEPenobscot CoBangor
DeaconsHorace 1866-1870VTCaledonia CoSt Johnsbury, North Congregational Church
State SenatorsHorace 1869-1870VTCaledonia Co
GovernorsHorace 1876-1878VT
PhysiciansJames Root 1907NYMontgomery CoAmsterdam
SheriffsJason 1821NYJefferson Co
Rectors & VicarsJohn Foster 1901-1906IrelandTyrone CoCarnteel, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn Foster 1906IrelandTyrone CoBallygawley, Parish Church
GraduatesJoseph 1810NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
AttorneysJoseph P. 1830VTCaledonia Co
TrusteesJoseph Paddock 1851-1855VTAddison CoMiddlebury College
PrincipalsJoseph Whitcomb 1875-1878MAWorcester CoWorcester, High School
MinistersJoshua Newton 1871VTRutland CoBrandon, St Thomas Episcopal Church
AttorneysKellogg 1893ILCook CoChicago
MinistersL. H. T. 1960-1965NYMontgomery CoSt Johnsville, Grace Christian Church
DentistsLeigh Cole 1912DCWashington

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Most Recent Entries
2Others, , Interstate Commerce Commission
2Others, , Metropolitan Life Insurance Co
2Others, , US Department of Agriculture
11Others, , US Geological Survey
3Others, , US Rubber Co
1Others, , Western Electric Co
1ScientistsAL, Calhoun Co, Anniston
1OthersAL, Greene Co, Eutaw, US Geological Survey
1AttorneysAZ, Apache Co, Springerville
7ProfessorsCA, Alameda Co, Berkeley, University of California
4ScientistsCA, Los Angeles Co, Los Angeles
2OthersCA, Plumas Co, Quincy, US Forest Service
1OthersCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco, Western Electric Co
1OthersCanada, Ontario, Toronto, YWCA
1AttorneysCT, Fairfield Co, Stamford
1OthersCT, Fairfield Co, Stamford, Western Union Telegraph Co
7OthersCT, Hartford Co, Hartford, Travelers Insurance Co
1ScientistsCT, New Haven Co, Naugatuck
2OthersCT, New Haven Co, Naugatuck, US Rubber Co
2ScientistsCT, New Haven Co, New Haven
16OthersCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Winchester Repeating Arms Co
1ScientistsCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury
1ScientistsCT, Tolland Co, Storrs
8ScientistsDC, Washington
2OthersDC, Washington, US Bureau of Public Roads
18OthersDC, Washington, US Bureau of Standards
99OthersDC, Washington, US Department of Agriculture
29OthersDC, Washington, US Department of Defense
22OthersDC, Washington, US Navy Department
41OthersDC, Washington, US Patent Office
1OthersDC, Washington, YWCA
1OthersFL, Columbia Co, Lake City, US Veterans Bureau
2AttorneysFL, Pinellas Co, St Petersburg
1OthersHI, Honolulu Co, Honolulu, YWCA
2OthersIA, Cerro Gordo Co, Mason City, Lehigh Portland Cement Co
1ScientistsIL, Champaign Co, Urbana
29OthersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Western Electric Co
1ScientistsIL, Cook Co, Evanston
1OthersIL, St Clair Co, East St Louis, Pullman Palace Car Co
1ScientistsMA, Berkshire Co, Lee
1ScientistsMA, Berkshire Co, Pittsfield
1OthersMA, Bristol Co, New Bedford, New England Telephone and Telegraph Co
1OthersMA, Essex Co, Bradford, Western Union Telegraph Co
3OthersMA, Essex Co, Lynn, New England Telephone and Telegraph Co
2AttorneysMA, Essex Co, Salem
1OthersMA, Essex Co, Salem, New England Telephone and Telegraph Co
1AttorneysMA, Essex Co, Saugus
2AttorneysMA, Hampden Co, Holyoke
5OthersMA, Hampden Co, Springfield, New England Telephone and Telegraph Co
3ScientistsMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge
1OthersMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge, New England Telephone and Telegraph Co
5ScientistsMA, Middlesex Co, Lowell
1AttorneysMA, Middlesex Co, Medford
1OthersMA, Middlesex Co, Medford, New England Telephone and Telegraph Co
1OthersMA, Middlesex Co, Melrose Highlands, Western Union Telegraph Co
1OthersMA, Middlesex Co, Melrose, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co
1OthersMA, Middlesex Co, Melrose, US Department of Agriculture
1OthersMA, Middlesex Co, Melrose, Western Union Telegraph Co
1ScientistsMA, Middlesex Co, Newton Highlands
2OthersMA, Middlesex Co, North Woburn, Merrimac Chemical Co
1OthersMA, Middlesex Co, Reading, Western Union Telegraph Co
1ScientistsMA, Middlesex Co, Wakefield
1OthersMA, Middlesex Co, Wakefield, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co
1ScientistsMA, Middlesex Co, Waltham
3OthersMA, Middlesex Co, Winchester, Merrimac Chemical Co
1OthersMA, Middlesex Co, Woburn, Merrimac Chemical Co
1OthersMA, Nantucket Co, Nantucket, Western Union Telegraph Co
1OthersMA, Norfolk Co, Needham, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co
1OthersMA, Plymouth Co, Brockton, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co
1OthersMA, Plymouth Co, Brockton, New England Telephone and Telegraph Co
1OthersMA, Plymouth Co, Brockton, YMCA
1OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Allston, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co
46AttorneysMA, Suffolk Co, Boston
27ScientistsMA, Suffolk Co, Boston
2OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co
1OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Merrimac Chemical Co
1OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co
38OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, New England Telephone and Telegraph Co
1OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, US Rubber Co
1OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Western Union Telegraph Co
4OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, YMCA
2ScientistsMA, Suffolk Co, Dorchester
1OthersMA, Suffolk Co, Dorchester, Western Union Telegraph Co
1OthersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, New England Telephone and Telegraph Co
1ScientistsMD, Baltimore City
1OthersMD, Montgomery Co, Silver Spring, US Department of Agriculture
2OthersME, , Maine State Highway Commission
1OthersME, Cumberland Co, Portland, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co
1OthersME, Cumberland Co, Portland, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co
1OthersME, Cumberland Co, Portland, New England Telephone and Telegraph Co
2OthersME, Kennebec Co, Augusta, Maine State Highway Commission
1OthersME, Penobscot Co, Orono, International Harvester Co
1OthersME, Penobscot Co, Orono, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co
1OthersMI, Iosco Co, East Tawas, US Forest Service
1OthersMO, Marion Co, Hannibal, US Weather Bureau
1OthersMO, St Louis City, Western Electric Co
3OthersMO, St Louis City, YWCA
1AttorneysNH, Belknap Co, Tilton
1OthersNH, Carroll Co, Sanbornville, New Hampshire State Highway Department
1AttorneysNH, Cheshire Co, Keene
1ScientistsNH, Cheshire Co, Walpole
1ScientistsNH, Coos Co, Berlin
2OthersNH, Coos Co, Berlin, International Paper Co
1AttorneysNH, Grafton Co, Canaan
1OthersNH, Hillsborough Co, Hudson, Lehigh Portland Cement Co
3AttorneysNH, Hillsborough Co, Manchester
3OthersNH, Hillsborough Co, Manchester, New England Telephone and Telegraph Co
1OthersNH, Hillsborough Co, Manchester, YWCA
2AttorneysNH, Hillsborough Co, Nashua
2ScientistsNH, Hillsborough Co, Nashua
4AttorneysNH, Merrimack Co, Concord
2ScientistsNH, Merrimack Co, Concord
4OthersNH, Merrimack Co, Concord, New Hampshire State Highway Department
1OthersNH, Merrimack Co, Concord, US Rubber Co
1ScientistsNH, Merrimack Co, Gossville
1OthersNH, Merrimack Co, Penacook, US Department of Agriculture
1OthersNH, Merrimack Co, Pittsfield, New England Telephone and Telegraph Co
1ScientistsNH, Rockingham Co, Atkinson
1ScientistsNH, Rockingham Co, Exeter
1OthersNH, Rockingham Co, Northwood Narrows, New Hampshire State Highway Department
1AttorneysNH, Rockingham Co, Portsmouth
1ScientistsNH, Rockingham Co, Portsmouth
1OthersNH, Rockingham Co, Portsmouth, YWCA
2ScientistsNH, Strafford Co, Durham
2AttorneysNH, Strafford Co, Rochester
6OthersNH, Sullivan Co, Claremont, Sullivan Machinery Co
7ScientistsNJ, , Newark
1OthersNJ, Bergen Co, Bergenfield, New York Telephone Co
1OthersNJ, Bergen Co, Hasbrouck Heights, US Department of Agriculture
1OthersNJ, Bergen Co, Rutherford, Western Union Telegraph Co
1OthersNJ, Bergen Co, Tenafly, Western Union Telegraph Co
1AttorneysNJ, Essex Co, Bloomfield
2OthersNJ, Essex Co, East Orange, New York Telephone Co
3OthersNJ, Essex Co, East Orange, Western Union Telegraph Co
1OthersNJ, Essex Co, Montclair, Western Union Telegraph Co
2BusinesspeopleNJ, Essex Co, Upper Montclair
1OthersNJ, Hudson Co, Jersey City, Western Electric Co
2OthersNJ, Hudson Co, Kearny, Western Electric Co
1OthersNJ, Middlesex Co, New Brunswick, US Rubber Co
1OthersNJ, Passaic Co, Clifton, New York Telephone Co
1OthersNJ, Union Co, Plainfield, Western Electric Co
1OthersNJ, Union Co, Westfield, Western Electric Co
3OthersNY, Albany Co, Albany, New York Telephone Co
1ScientistsNY, Broome Co, Binghamton
21ProfessorsNY, Cayuga Co, Aurora, Wells College
2OthersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, New York Telephone Co
4ScientistsNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn
15OthersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, New York Telephone Co
3OthersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Western Union Telegraph Co
4OthersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, YMCA
1OthersNY, Nassau Co, Floral Park, International Harvester Co
1OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co
1OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co
38OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, New York Telephone Co
7OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, US Rubber Co
28OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, Western Electric Co
11OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, Western Union Telegraph Co
8OthersNY, New York Co, New York City, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co
1OthersNY, Oneida Co, Utica, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co
1OthersNY, Queens Co, Flushing, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co
1OthersNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy, National Cash Register Co
1OthersNY, Richmond Co, Stapleton, New York Telephone Co
1OthersNY, Saratoga Co, Burnt Hills, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co
1OthersNY, Saratoga Co, Corinth, International Paper Co
3OthersNY, Warren Co, Glens Falls, International Paper Co
5OthersOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, Peerless Motor Car Co
2OthersOH, Cuyahoga Co, Lakewood, National Carbon Co
3OthersOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co
3ScientistsOH, Lucas Co, Toledo
1ScientistsOH, Summit Co, Barberton
1OthersOH, Wayne Co, Wooster, Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station
1OthersOK, Oklahoma Co, Oklahoma City, US Department of Agriculture
3ScientistsPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
20OthersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co
1OthersPA, Allegheny Co, Rankin, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co
18OthersPA, Allegheny Co, Wilkinsburg, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co
3ScientistsPA, Centre Co, State College
5OthersPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania State Highway Department
1ScientistsPA, Delaware Co, Norwood
1OthersPA, Forest Co, Marienville, US Forest Service
1OthersPA, Lawrence Co, New Castle, Lehigh Portland Cement Co
1OthersPA, Lehigh Co, Stiles, Lehigh Portland Cement Co
1OthersPA, Luzerne Co, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania State Highway Department
1OthersPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport, US Rubber Co
9OthersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Electric Co
1OthersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Western Union Telegraph Co
1OthersPA, Warren Co, Warren, Pennsylvania State Highway Department
3ScientistsRI, Providence Co, Providence
1ScientistsRI, Providence Co, Rumford
1OthersRI, Washington Co, Kingston, Rhode Island Agricultural Experiment Station
1ScientistsTN, Blount Co, Alcoa
22ProfessorsTX, Travis Co, Austin, University of Texas
1OthersTX, Travis Co, Austin, US Geological Survey
2OthersVA, Arlington Co, Clarendon, US Department of Agriculture
1OthersVT, Bennington Co, Bennington, YMCA
27ProfessorsVT, Chittenden Co, Burlington, University of Vermont
1AttorneysVT, Orange Co, Chelsea
1OthersVT, Rutland Co, Rutland, New England Telephone and Telegraph Co
1OthersWA, King Co, Seattle, US Reclamation Service
8ScientistsWV, Monongalia Co, Morgantown

Do you have a minister in your tree, but don't know when and where he served? Do you have a church in your research, and want to know who served there? Or likewise for many other positions? This is the best place to answer those questions, compiling lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. A few features:

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StartedDescriptionCountLast 20 Days
04 Mar 2021Grinnell College, 1848-1898528528
02 Mar 2021University of New Hampshire1,0341,034
01 Mar 2021Rose Polytechnic Institute, 19091,1811,181
27 Feb 2021Alumni directory of the University of Maine, 19121,4431,443
24 Feb 2021Register of Mass Institute of Technology, 19154,8484,848
22 Feb 2021Alumni record, West Virginia University688688
20 Feb 2021Alumni and students of Lehigh University2,3742,374
18 Feb 2021University of Nebraska, Alumni directory, 1869-19121,7821,782
12 Feb 2021Whos Who in Library Service9,6156,987
06 Feb 2021Educational Directory 1916-17893
04 Feb 2021University of Wisconsin Alumni Diectory 1849-19113,580290
01 Feb 2021Register of the Unversity of Alabama 1831-19012,18551
31 Jan 2021Catalogue of Talladega College693
24 Jan 2021Protestant Episcopal Almanac & Directory521
21 Jan 2021Stowe's Clerical Directory, 19203,801
02 Jan 2021Dreadnaught Project908
28 Dec 2020Register of officers and agents, 1839622
27 Dec 2020Register of officers and agents, 1845523
27 Aug 2020Baptist History445
12 Aug 2020History of Upshur Co WV422
10 Aug 2020History of Barbour Co WV623
09 Aug 2020History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania298
08 Aug 2020Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-194912,672201
29 May 2020Ashcrofts Railway Directory for 18663,5187
19 May 2020United States railroad directory, for 18565,56727
17 May 2020https://archive.org/details/historyofillinoi00rail76
05 May 2020Register of the Officers and Alumni, Purdue University1,941108
03 May 2020Officials of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway5002
30 Apr 2020Biographical directory of the railway officials of America8,660207
29 Apr 2020Poor's Manual of Railroads, 19027,79723
27 Apr 2020added 'Railroad' type
23 Apr 2020Register and Directory of Physicians of California, 19033,55612
22 Apr 2020Alumni Catalogue, University of Kansas, 1905, 081,51764
21 Apr 2020Georgetown Directory 1874248
17 Apr 2020Medical Directory of NY, NJ, CT, 190714,9211
15 Apr 2020Johns Hopkins Directory 1876-19264,632609
12 Apr 2020Trinity College (Duke), 191692212
11 Apr 2020Boyd's directory of the District of Columbia, 1894706
10 Apr 2020Eastern Illinois University, Alumni Register, 1914569
09 Apr 2020Cornell College Register and Alumni Record, 191381324
07 Apr 2020Register of the State Department, 19162,2506
05 Apr 2020DC City Directory, 1843376
05 Apr 2020American Art Annual, 191650144
02 Apr 2020Who's Who in the Nation's Capital4,95222
28 Mar 2020Polks Medical Register of North America1,8942
26 Mar 2020Directory of trained nurses, 18951,850
25 Mar 2020Georgetown university in the District of Columbia, 1789-1907187
25 Mar 2020Georgetown University Alumni Directory 1789-19122,33912
24 Mar 2020Physicians, Dentists, Druggists of MD, DC, VA2,6503
23 Mar 2020added 'Dentist' type
22 Mar 2020Physicians, Dentists, Druggists Directory of New England6,8967
20 Mar 2020American Physician and Surgeon Blue Book, 19192,50227
19 Mar 2020Directory of Administrators and Teachers in Kansas1,09125
19 Mar 2020Naturalists Directory, 18697187
17 Mar 2020Naturalists Directory, 18983,45166
15 Mar 2020State Normal School for Women, Farmville, Va, 19165601
15 Mar 2020State Normal and Training School, Potsdam 1869-18949904
14 Mar 2020Iowa State Normal School Alumni 19091,04717
12 Mar 2020Directory of graduates, State Normal School, Milwaukee, WI1,96926
11 Mar 2020Teachers and School Officers Directory for Ohio6,3214