Historical Record Lists

About this page: This list compiles occupation and service lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. More are always being added. More >>

Historical Record Lists; State: NY; County: Jefferson Co
MinistersDelos Elbert 1910-1913NYJefferson CoCarthage, Baptist Church
MinistersCharles Gardiner 1837-1839NYJefferson CoWatertown, Episcopal Church
MinistersAlexander 1866-1882NYJefferson CoOxbow, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJohn Wesley 1882NYJefferson CoSouth Rutland, Baptist Church
MinistersArthur Burnett 1898-1903NYJefferson CoMannsville, Baptist Church
MinistersAlbert W. 1883-1887NYJefferson CoSackets Harbor, Presbyterian Church
MinistersFrederick William 1903-1909NYJefferson CoCarthage, Baptist Church
MinistersNathan Shaw 1899-1903NYJefferson CoCarthage, Congregational Church
MinistersCourtland W. 1883-1890NYJefferson CoAdams, Baptist Church
MinistersCharles Albert 1916-1917NYJefferson CoWatertown, First Presbyterian Church
AttorneysCharles Frederick 1881-1885NYJefferson CoWatertown
MinistersFrank 1917NYJefferson CoWatertown, Baptist Church
TeachersGertrude Corwin 1908-1909NYJefferson CoWatertown, High School
MinistersNathaniel B. 1886-1889NYJefferson CoEvans Mills, Presbyterian Church
SheriffsDavid I. 1812NYJefferson Co
PrincipalsFrank E. 1882NYJefferson CoCarthage Union School
PrincipalsFrank Elton 1893-1897NYJefferson CoAntwerp, Ives Seminary
MinistersFrank Elton 1897-1898NYJefferson CoAlexandria Bay, Methodist Church
MinistersJoseph Maxwell 1892-1894NYJefferson CoAdams Center, Baptist Church
MinistersFrancis Vernon 1905-1907NYJefferson CoAdams, Baptist Church
MinistersWilliam Groo 1906-1908NYJefferson CoBelleville, Methodist Church
MinistersWilliam Groo 1908NYJefferson CoAntwerp, Methodist Church
MinistersEugene Frederick 1877-1878NYJefferson CoRodman, Congregational Church
SheriffsGeorge 1872NYJefferson Co
MinistersTheodore 1871NYJefferson CoWatertown, Trinity Episcopal Church
MinistersCuyler Wesley 1903-1904NYJefferson CoMannsville, Baptist Church
MinistersJoseph Niles 1889-1896NYJefferson CoBelleville, Baptist Church
MinistersJesse 1892-1894NYJefferson CoWatertown, Emmanuel Congregational Church
SheriffsAbner 1837NYJefferson Co
SheriffsAbner 1857NYJefferson Co
SheriffsChauncey 1834NYJefferson Co
MinistersGeorge Danielson 1864-1867NYJefferson CoWatertown, Second Presbyterian Church
MinistersJudson Clarence 1917NYJefferson CoAdams Center, Baptist Church
MinistersMoses Hawkes 1868-1875NYJefferson CoAdams, Baptist Church
MinistersG. B. 1873NYJefferson CoAdams Village, Presbyterian Church
MinistersSidney Orlando 1871-1874NYJefferson CoAdams, Methodist Church
MinistersArcher Bryan 1915-1917NYJefferson CoAdams, Baptist Church
MinistersWilliam Frederick 1893-1895NYJefferson CoAdams, Baptist Church
MinistersWilliam Henry 1879-1881NYJefferson CoAdams, Presbyterian Church
MinistersHoratio Stockton 1912-1914NYJefferson CoOxbow, Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Eli 1880-1881NYJefferson CoBelleville, Baptist Church
MinistersFrank Orson 1898NYJefferson CoCarthage, Baptist Church
MinistersThomas Nelson 1846-1848NYJefferson CoChampion, Congregational Church
MinistersCharles Frederick, Jr 1902NYJefferson CoAlexandria Bay, Dutch Reformed Church
District AttorneysDavid M. 1856NYJefferson Co
SheriffsWells 1855NYJefferson Co
MinistersEdward Gibbs 1871-1874NYJefferson CoChaumont, Presbyterian Church
MinistersStillman Spaulding 1881-1886NYJefferson CoAdams, Baptist Church
District AttorneysLafayette G. 1862NYJefferson Co
MinistersQuincy 1857-1863NYJefferson CoRodman, Congregational Church
MinistersJohn Spencer 1864-1867NYJefferson CoThree Mile Bay, Baptist Church
TeachersMerrill Jay 1894-1895NYJefferson CoAntwerp, Ives Seminary
TeachersElizabeth Howe 1908-1910NYJefferson CoWatertown, High School
MinistersEnos 1818NYJefferson CoAdams Village, Presbyterian Church
MinistersGeorge Colton 1895-1896NYJefferson CoRutland, Congregational Church
MinistersGeorge Smith 1821-1837NYJefferson CoWatertown, First Presbyterian Church
MinistersPaul Franklin 1925NYJefferson CoWatertown, Stone Presbyterian Church
MinistersNathan 1850-1853NYJefferson CoChampion, Presbyterian Church
MinistersGeorge Thomas Le 1877-1879NYJefferson CoWatertown, Grace Episcopal Church
MinistersJames Robert 1832-1833NYJefferson CoWatertown, Second Presbyterian Church
PrincipalsJames Robert 1836-1848NYJefferson CoJefferson County Institute
MinistersDavid Lovejoy 1892-1893NYJefferson CoCape Vincent, Presbyterian Church
MinistersGeorge Benjamin 1904-1907NYJefferson CoAdams Center, Baptist Church
SheriffsAlbert P. 1840NYJefferson Co
MinistersIsaac 1837-1864NYJefferson CoWatertown, First Presbyterian Church
MinistersJohn Charles 1918NYJefferson CoAdams, Baptist Church
MinistersLegh R. 1871NYJefferson CoCarthage, Grace Episcopal Church
MinistersLegh R. 1875-1879NYJefferson CoWatertown, Trinity Episcopal Church
MinistersGeorge Franklin 1854-1857NYJefferson CoSackets Harbor, Presbyterian Church
MinistersWillis Homer 1896-1904NYJefferson CoBelleville, Baptist Church
PrincipalsA. H. 1875-1879NYJefferson CoCarthage Union School
PrincipalsA. H. 1881NYJefferson CoCarthage Union School
MinistersCharles Henry 1905-1908NYJefferson CoCape Vincent, Presbyterian Church
MinistersEdmund Woodward 1867-1869NYJefferson CoCarthage, Congregational Church
MinistersEdmund Woodward 1867-1869NYJefferson CoCarthage, Presbyterian Church
PrincipalsE. C. 1870-1871NYJefferson CoAntwerp, Ives Seminary
MinistersWilliam Henry 1910NYJefferson CoTheresa, Presbyterian Church
District AttorneysDavid W. 1818NYJefferson Co
MinistersMiles Gaylord 1874-1877NYJefferson CoWatertown, Methodist Church
District AttorneysDyer M. 1840NYJefferson Co
TeachersGertrude Elise 1909-1910NYJefferson CoWatertown, High School
MinistersElmer James 1901-1906NYJefferson CoCape Vincent, Presbyterian Church
MinistersArthur Wakefield 1876-1880NYJefferson CoClayton, Baptist Church
MinistersCharles G. 1892NYJefferson CoTheresa, Presbyterian Church
District AttorneysDelano C. 1853NYJefferson Co
MinistersWilliam 1864-1866NYJefferson CoChaumont, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJoseph Andrew 1846-1846NYJefferson CoDexter, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJoseph Andrew 1846-1865NYJefferson CoChaumont, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJoseph Andrew 1869-1874NYJefferson CoAntwerp, Congregational Church
MinistersJoseph Andrew 1879-1887NYJefferson CoTheresa, Presbyterian Church
MinistersBenjamin Preston 1903-1905NYJefferson CoMannsville, Congregational Church
MinistersJohn H. 1839NYJefferson CoAdams Village, Presbyterian Church
MinistersHugh 1846NYJefferson CoCape Vincent, Presbyterian Church
MinistersWilliam Millar 1845-1847NYJefferson CoWatertown, Episcopal Church
MinistersCharles Mortimore 1892NYJefferson CoWatertown, Grace Episcopal Church
MinistersGeorge Cook 1894NYJefferson CoWatertown, Methodist Church
MinistersLucian West 1864-1872NYJefferson CoRutland, Congregational Church
MinistersCalvin 1867-1869NYJefferson CoMannsville, Congregational Church
MinistersGermain Hammond 1891-1898NYJefferson CoPlessis, Presbyterian Church
MinistersD. A. 1832NYJefferson CoAdams Village, Presbyterian Church

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Most Recent Entries
8TeachersNY, Albany Co, Albany
10TeachersNY, Albany Co, Albany Academy
10TeachersNY, Albany Co, Albany, High School
3TeachersNY, Albany Co, Cohoes
10TeachersNY, Broome Co, Binghamton
3TeachersNY, Broome Co, Binghamton, Lady Jane Grey School
3TeachersNY, Broome Co, Binghamton, Miss Childs School
6TeachersNY, Broome Co, Deposit
5TeachersNY, Cattaraugus Co, Gowanda
8TeachersNY, Cayuga Co, Auburn
7TeachersNY, Cayuga Co, Auburn, High School
5TeachersNY, Cayuga Co, Aurora, Cayuga Lake Academy
3TeachersNY, Cayuga Co, Aurora, Somes School
3TeachersNY, Cayuga Co, Aurora, Wells College
4TeachersNY, Cayuga Co, Union Springs, Oakwood Academy
3TeachersNY, Chautauqua Co, Dunkirk
4TeachersNY, Chautauqua Co, Dunkirk, High School
5TeachersNY, Chautauqua Co, Jamestown, High School
7TeachersNY, Chemung Co, Elmira
4TeachersNY, Chemung Co, Elmira, Elmira College
16TeachersNY, Chemung Co, Elmira, Elmira Free Academy
9TeachersNY, Chenango Co, Norwich
6TeachersNY, Chenango Co, Norwich, High School
5TeachersNY, Clinton Co, Plattsburgh, High School
3TeachersNY, Columbia Co, Chatham, High School
3TeachersNY, Columbia Co, Claverack, Hudson River Institute
4TeachersNY, Columbia Co, Hudson
3TeachersNY, Cortland Co, Cincinnatus
3TeachersNY, Cortland Co, Cortland, High School
4TeachersNY, Cortland Co, Cortland, Normal School
5TeachersNY, Cortland Co, Cortland, State Normal School
5TeachersNY, Delaware Co, Delhi
5TeachersNY, Delaware Co, Stamford
5TeachersNY, Delaware Co, Walton
7TeachersNY, Dutchess Co, Amenia Academy
54TeachersNY, Dutchess Co, Poughkeepsie
9TutorsNY, Dutchess Co, Poughkeepsie
3TeachersNY, Dutchess Co, Poughkeepsie, Quincy School
92TeachersNY, Dutchess Co, Poughkeepsie, Vassar College
4TeachersNY, Dutchess Co, Stamford Academy
25TeachersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo
6TeachersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo Seminary
5TeachersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, High School
5TeachersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Lafayette High School
4TeachersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Masten Park High School
5TeachersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Nichols School
3TeachersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, St Margarets School
3TeachersNY, Erie Co, Clarence
4TeachersNY, Erie Co, East Aurora
4TeachersNY, Erie Co, East Aurora, High School
4TeachersNY, Essex Co, Ticonderoga
7TeachersNY, Fulton Co, Gloversville
7TeachersNY, Fulton Co, Gloversville, High School
9TeachersNY, Genesee Co, Batavia
10TeachersNY, Genesee Co, Batavia, High School
3TeachersNY, Greene Co, Catskill
3TeachersNY, Greene Co, Catskill, High School
3TeachersNY, Greene Co, Coxsackie Academy
4TeachersNY, Herkimer Co, Herkimer
8TeachersNY, Herkimer Co, Little Falls
7TeachersNY, Herkimer Co, Little Falls, High School
3TeachersNY, Jefferson Co, Antwerp
15PrincipalsNY, Jefferson Co, Antwerp, Ives Seminary
5TeachersNY, Jefferson Co, Antwerp, Ives Seminary
7PrincipalsNY, Jefferson Co, Belleville, Union Academy
6TeachersNY, Jefferson Co, Belleville, Union Academy
8TeachersNY, Jefferson Co, Watertown
14TeachersNY, Jefferson Co, Watertown, High School
72TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn
7TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn Heights Seminary
15TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Adelphi Academy
15TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Boys High School
7TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Eastern District High School
27TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Girls High School
5TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Miss Elys School
12TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
14TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Pratt Institute
3TeachersNY, Lewis Co, Constableville
14TeachersNY, Lewis Co, Lowville Academy
4TeachersNY, Livingston Co, Dansville
8TeachersNY, Livingston Co, Geneseo, State Normal School
3TeachersNY, Livingston Co, Nunda
2PrincipalsNY, Livingston Co, Nunda Academy
1TeachersNY, Livingston Co, Nunda Academy
26TeachersNY, Madison Co, Cazenovia Seminary
3PrincipalsNY, Madison Co, DeRuyter, High School
4TeachersNY, Madison Co, Hamilton
16ProfessorsNY, Madison Co, Hamilton, Colgate University
5TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Brockport
7TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Brockport, Normal School
24TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester
9TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, East High School
6TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, High School
5TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, Livingston Park Seminary
10TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, West High School
7TeachersNY, Montgomery Co, Amsterdam
3TeachersNY, Montgomery Co, Canajoharie, High School
5TeachersNY, Nassau Co, Freeport, High School
9TeachersNY, Nassau Co, Garden City
4TeachersNY, Nassau Co, Locust Valley, Friends Academy
4TeachersNY, Nassau Co, Sea Cliff
9PrincipalsNY, New York Co, New York City
259TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City
26ProfessorsNY, New York Co, New York City, Auburn Theological Seminary
4TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Barnard School
9TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Dewitt Clinton High School
8TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Dr Sachs Girls School
16TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, High School
11TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Institution for the Deaf and Dumb
5TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Keller School
4TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Miss Chapins School
10TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Miss Grahams School
4TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Miss Spences School
14TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Normal College
4TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Randolph-Pond School
5TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, School for the Blind
7TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, St John Baptist School
10TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Washington Irving High School
5TeachersNY, Niagara Co, Lockport
4TeachersNY, Niagara Co, Niagara Falls, High School
5TeachersNY, Niagara Co, North Tonawanda
8TeachersNY, Oneida Co, Oneida, High School
4TeachersNY, Oneida Co, Rome, High School
19TeachersNY, Oneida Co, Utica
13TeachersNY, Oneida Co, Utica Free Academy
8TeachersNY, Oneida Co, Whitestown Seminary
8TeachersNY, Onondaga Co, Manlius, St Johns School
32TeachersNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse
41TeachersNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse, High School
15TeachersNY, Ontario Co, Canandaigua
4TeachersNY, Ontario Co, Canandaigua, Granger Place School
3TeachersNY, Ontario Co, Canandaigua, High School
5TeachersNY, Ontario Co, Clifton Springs
4PrincipalsNY, Ontario Co, East Bloomfield, High School
5TeachersNY, Ontario Co, Geneva, High School
101ProfessorsNY, Ontario Co, Geneva, Hobart College
3TeachersNY, Orange Co, Chester
3TeachersNY, Orange Co, Cornwall-on-Hudson, Military Academy
5TeachersNY, Orange Co, Newburgh, Miss Mackies School
3TeachersNY, Orange Co, Port Jervis
3TeachersNY, Oswego Co, Central Square, High School
7TeachersNY, Oswego Co, Mexico Academy
6TeachersNY, Oswego Co, Pulaski
7TeachersNY, Oswego Co, Pulaski, High School
4TeachersNY, Otsego Co, Cherry Valley
3TeachersNY, Putnam Co, Carmel
10TeachersNY, Putnam Co, Carmel, Drew Seminary
3TeachersNY, Queens Co, Astoria
16TeachersNY, Queens Co, Flushing
8TeachersNY, Queens Co, Flushing, High School
17TeachersNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy
9TeachersNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy Academy
5TeachersNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy, High School
4TeachersNY, Richmond Co, Staten Island
6TeachersNY, Saratoga Co, Saratoga
10TeachersNY, Saratoga Co, Saratoga Springs
6PrincipalsNY, Saratoga Co, Saratoga Springs, High School
8TeachersNY, Schenectady Co, Schenectady
13TeachersNY, Schenectady Co, Schenectady, High School
2TeachersNY, Schoharie Co, Cobleskill
8TeachersNY, Schoharie Co, Cobleskill, High School
20TeachersNY, Schuyler Co, Montour Falls, Cook Academy
4TeachersNY, St Lawrence Co, Canton
3TeachersNY, St Lawrence Co, Canton, High School
6TeachersNY, St Lawrence Co, Gouverneur, Wesleyan Seminary
4TeachersNY, Steuben Co, Bath
3TeachersNY, Steuben Co, Corning
5TeachersNY, Steuben Co, Corning, Corning Free Academy
11TeachersNY, Steuben Co, Hornell, High School
4TeachersNY, Suffolk Co, Amityville
5TeachersNY, Suffolk Co, Northport, High School
4TeachersNY, Tioga Co, Owego
7TeachersNY, Tompkins Co, Ithaca
44ProfessorsNY, Tompkins Co, Ithaca, Cornell University
3TeachersNY, Ulster Co, Allaben, Mountain School
6TeachersNY, Ulster Co, Kingston
4TeachersNY, Ulster Co, Kingston Academy
4TeachersNY, Ulster Co, New Paltz
6TeachersNY, Warren Co, Glens Falls Academy
5TeachersNY, Washington Co, Cambridge
7TeachersNY, Washington Co, Fort Edward, Collegiate Institute
4TeachersNY, Washington Co, Whitehall
5TeachersNY, Wayne Co, Marion, Collegiate Institute
5TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Chappaqua, Mountain Institute
5TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Dobbs Ferry, Mackenzie School
7TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Dobbs Ferry, Masters School
5TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Mount Vernon
17TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Peekskill, Military Academy
11TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Peekskill, St Gabriels School
5TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Rye
7TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Rye Seminary
14TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Sing Sing
13TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Tarrytown
3TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Tarrytown, Miss Metcalfs School
6TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Tarrytown, Washington Irving School
11TeachersNY, Westchester Co, White Plains
16TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Yonkers
7TeachersNY, Westchester Co, Yonkers, Halsted School
4TeachersNY, Wyoming Co, Perry
3TeachersNY, Yates Co, Keuka College

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21 Apr 2019Andover, Abbot Academy118
19 Apr 2019Haverford College Biographical Catalogue, 1833-19223,101
17 Apr 2019Sutton Mass List of Teachers175
15 Apr 2019West Newton School, 1871-1893193
11 Apr 2019Smith College Catalogue 1875-19109,060
08 Apr 2019Wellesley College General Catalog 1875-19126,211
08 Apr 2019Vassar College Fourth General Catalogue, 1861-19104,936
05 Apr 2019University of Illinois Alumni Record2,445
05 Apr 2019added 'Architect' type
04 Apr 2019Wayne Co NY Ministers Project59
03 Apr 2019Episcopal Convention of CT 187752
22 Mar 2019DePauw University Alumni Register2,442
20 Mar 2019Kalamazoo College Historical Catalogue 1851-1902575
18 Mar 2019Third general catalogue of Colby College 1820-19081,085
15 Mar 2019Bowdoin Catalogue 1794-19167,279
13 Mar 2019Biographical catalogue of Lafayette college, 1832-19126,185
11 Mar 2019Catalogue of Kimball Union Academy3,177
10 Mar 2019History of the Polk Co Baptist Association57
10 Mar 2019History of the Seneca Baptist Association181
09 Mar 2019Presbytery of Westchester NY205
07 Mar 2019History of the Presbytery of Steuben362
06 Mar 2019History of the Presbytery of Central Texas446
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03 Mar 2019History of the Washington PA Presbytery450
03 Mar 2019Congregational Year Book 1917135
24 Feb 2019Episcopal Almanac 1890169
22 Feb 2019Congregational Year Book 1918145
21 Feb 2019San Francisco Theological Seminary Alumni191
20 Feb 2019Congregational Year Book 1920239
20 Feb 2019Congregational Year Book 1919149
19 Feb 2019Congregational Year Book 1921246
14 Feb 2019Episcopal Almanac 1871131
14 Feb 2019Episcopal Almanacs 1875-1879, 1886895
13 Feb 2019Congregational Year Book 1922278
12 Feb 2019Congregational Nebraska1,079
06 Feb 2019New Brunswick Theological Seminary 1784-19111,456
03 Feb 2019NFL Rosters2,925
01 Feb 2019Colgate University General Catalog 19196,543
31 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1923237
30 Jan 2019Colonial Churches & Clergy of the Middle & Southern Colonies3,792
30 Jan 2019Colonial Clergy & Churches of New England1,114
25 Jan 2019History of Baptists in Vermont374
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24 Jan 2019History of the Shaftsbury Association751
23 Jan 2019History of the Presbytery of Philadelphia154
23 Jan 2019History of the Red Stone Presbytery80
22 Jan 2019History of the Rochester Presbytery277
22 Jan 2019History of the Marion Presbytery413
18 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1925310
18 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1924276
16 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1927275
16 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1926299
15 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1929284
15 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1928322
14 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1930413
14 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1931295
11 Jan 2019Presbyterian Church in Iowa 1837-19001,213
10 Jan 2019History of East PA United Brethren472
10 Jan 2019Ellicott City, Westwood Methodist Church61
07 Jan 2019Susquehanna Methodist Conference Archives8,020