Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; State: NY
SheriffsMichael 1837NYAlbany Co
Baseball PlayersJohn 1875NYKings CoBrooklyn
PrincipalsE. A. 1858NYFulton CoKingsboro Academy
MinistersHarry Allen Grant 1901-1904NYRockland CoNyack, Congregational Church
Baseball PlayersBert 1895-1896NYKings CoBrooklyn
MinistersDavid 1884-1885NYChautauqua CoWatts Flats, Methodist Church Circuit
MinistersDavid 1889-1890NYErie CoHarris Hill, Methodist Church Circuit
MinistersDavid 1890-1891NYChautauqua CoChautauqua, Methodist Church Circuit
MinistersDavid Avery 1853-1854NYUlster CoRondout, Presbyterian Church
MinistersDavid Avery 1854-1857NYYates CoWest Dresden, Presbyterian Church
MinistersDavid Avery 1862NYTioga CoApalachin, Presbyterian Church
MinistersEdward W. 1903-1937NYSuffolk CoSmithtown, Presbyterian Church
GraduatesEdward William 1871NYOneida CoClinton, Hamilton College
MinistersEdward William 1898NYSchuyler CoBurdett, Presbyterian Church
GraduatesRoy Edwin 1911NYMadison CoHamilton, Colgate University
TeachersRoy Edwin 1912NYSchenectady CoSchenectady, High School
GraduatesElizabeth Owen 1873NYDutchess CoPoughkeepsie, Vassar College
GraduatesEtheldred 1895NYDutchess CoPoughkeepsie, Vassar College
MinistersGorham Dummer 1837-1841NYWestchester CoNew Rochelle, Presbyterian Church
TeachersHelen Munro 1904-1908NYNassau CoGarden City, St Marys School
PrincipalsA. B. 1868-1871NYWarren CoGlens Falls Academy
MinistersA. O. 1861NYAllegany CoBirdsall, Methodist Church
MinistersAaron 1824-1827NYSeneca CoCovert, Baptist Church
MinistersAaron 1828-1833NYTompkins CoTrumansburg, Baptist Church
MinistersAaron D. 1875-1876NYSchuyler CoMecklenburg, Baptist Church
MinistersAaron D. 1877-1878NYTompkins CoEnfield, Baptist Church
MinistersAlexander Hewes 1911-1918NYAlbany CoAlbany, Emmanuel Baptist Church
GraduatesArietta Maria 1881NYDutchess CoPoughkeepsie, Vassar College
TeachersArietta Maria 1881-1888NYDutchess CoPoughkeepsie, Vassar College
GraduatesAugustus Levi 1880NYMonroe CoRochester Theological Seminary
GraduatesAustin 1851NYNew York CoNew York City, New York University
GraduatesBeatrice Vail 1899NYDutchess CoPoughkeepsie, Vassar College
MinistersBenjamin 1791NYKings CoBrooklyn, Old Sands St Methodist Church
MinistersBennett Tyler 1877-1880NYNew York CoNew York City, John Street Methodist Church
MinistersBennett Tyler 1880-1881NYSuffolk CoRiverhead, Methodist Church
MinistersBennett Tyler 1883-1886NYSuffolk CoBabylon, Methodist Church
MinistersBennett Tyler 1886-1889NYNassau CoSea Cliff, Methodist Church
MinistersBennett Tyler 1889-1891NYSuffolk CoSouthold, Methodist Church
MinistersBennett Tyler 1896-1901NYWestchester CoPort Chester, Methodist Church
GraduatesCaleb 1835NYSchenectady CoSchenectady, Union College
GraduatesCarrie Gardner 1899NYDutchess CoPoughkeepsie, Vassar College
TeachersCharles Edwards 1843-1845NYNew York CoNew York City
GraduatesChristabel 1895NYOnondaga CoSyracuse University
TeachersChristabel 1899-1900NYSchoharie CoCobleskill, High School
MinistersDudley Chase 1908-1909NYWarren CoChestertown, Methodist Church
MinistersDudley Chase 1909NYSaratoga CoClifton Park, Methodist Church
GraduatesEdward 1860NYNew York CoNew York City, New York University
MinistersEdward Johnson 1895-1899NYEssex CoWadhams Mills, Congregational Church
MinistersEdward Johnson 1899-1904NYSaratoga CoCorinth, Presbyterian Church
MinistersEdward Johnson 1905-1906NYRockland CoStony Point, Presbyterian Church
GraduatesElisha Litchfield 1838NYMadison CoHamilton, Colgate University
GraduatesEllen Cordelia 1892NYDutchess CoPoughkeepsie, Vassar College
GraduatesEphraim Eliphalet Pearson 1864-1866NYNew York CoNew York City, Union Theological Seminary
GraduatesErnest Hamlin 1893-1895NYNew York CoNew York City, Union Theological Seminary
GraduatesFrances Matilda 1881NYDutchess CoPoughkeepsie, Vassar College
GraduatesGeorge Irving 1888NYOnondaga CoSyracuse University
PrincipalsGeorge N. 1854-1856NYMontgomery CoAmes Academy
MinistersH. C. 1869NYWayne CoSavannah, Methodist Church
MinistersH. C. 1870NYCayuga CoFleming, Methodist Church
PrincipalsH. O. 1861NYGreene CoGreenville Academy
MinistersH. O. 1864-1865NYAllegany CoBolivar, Methodist Church
GraduatesHarriett Elizabeth 1895NYDutchess CoPoughkeepsie, Vassar College
TeachersHelen Louise 1903-1905NYWestchester CoRye
GraduatesHelen Page 1904NYDutchess CoPoughkeepsie, Vassar College
MinistersHenry Crounce 1860-1862NYOswego CoConstantia, Methodist Church
MinistersHenry Crounce 1863-1865NYOrange CoWashingtonville, Methodist Church
MinistersHenry Crounce 1866-1867NYLewis CoTurin, Methodist Church
MinistersHenry Crounce 1869NYWayne CoButler, Methodist Church
MinistersHenry Crounce 1871-1873NYOswego CoHannibal, Methodist Church
MinistersHenry Crounce 1873-1875NYSt Lawrence CoHeuvelton, Methodist Church
MinistersHenry Crounce 1887-1889NYSt Lawrence CoNorfolk, Methodist Church
MinistersHenry Crounce 1889-1891NYSt Lawrence CoLisbon, Methodist Church
MinistersHenry Crounce 1894-1896NYSt Lawrence CoColton, Methodist Church
MinistersIra 1854NYSuffolk CoPatchogue, Methodist Church
GraduatesJacob Jackson 1843-1845NYNew York CoNew York City, Union Theological Seminary
AttorneysJohn Edward 1877-1879NYNew York CoNew York City
TeachersJohn Stevens Cabot 1844-1851NYNew York CoNew York City
AttorneysJohn True 1907-1914NYNew York CoNew York City
GraduatesJustin Edwards 1879NYNew York CoNew York City, Union Theological Seminary
GraduatesKate Leora 1892NYOnondaga CoSyracuse University
TeachersKate Leora 1892-1893NYPutnam CoCarmel
SupervisorsLewis S. 1857NYBroome CoBinghamton
GraduatesLyman 1853NYNew York CoNew York City, New York University
MinistersLyman 1888-1899NYKings CoBrooklyn, Plymouth Congregational Church
GraduatesMary Ethel 1888NYOnondaga CoSyracuse University
GraduatesMary Merriman 1878NYDutchess CoPoughkeepsie, Vassar College
GraduatesMary Winchester 1894NYDutchess CoPoughkeepsie, Vassar College
GraduatesPaul Richard 1904NYOneida CoClinton, Hamilton College
Town ClerksPeter B. 1837NYRensselaer CoPittstown
Town ClerksPeter F. 1861-1866NYRensselaer CoPittstown
MinistersPitson Joseph 1864-1868NYDelaware CoSidney, Presbyterian Church
MinistersPitson Joseph 1868-1871NYClinton CoChazy, Presbyterian Church
MinistersPitson Joseph 1872-1874NYSchoharie CoJefferson, Presbyterian Church
MinistersPitson Joseph 1874-1875NYDelaware CoCannonsville, Presbyterian Church
MinistersRichard 1895NYOneida CoCamden, Presbyterian Church
SupervisorsRoyal 1875-1876NYRensselaer CoPittstown
Town ClerksRoyal, Jr. 1839-1840NYRensselaer CoPittstown
MinistersW. P. 1862-1863NYBroome CoChoconut Center Methodist Church
MinistersW. P. 1864-1865NYTioga CoSpencer, Methodist Church
MinistersW. P. 1865NYTioga CoCandor, Methodist Church
Updated: 12 Oct 2019

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Most Recent Entries
13BusinesspeopleNY, Albany Co, Albany
3MinistersNY, Albany Co, Clarksville, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Albany Co, Delmar, Methodist Church
11MinistersNY, Allegany Co, Andover, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Bronx Co, Morrisania, St Anns Episcopal Church
13BusinesspeopleNY, Broome Co, Binghamton
16TeachersNY, Broome Co, Binghamton, High School
3MinistersNY, Broome Co, Castle Creek, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Broome Co, Conklin, Baptist Church
7TeachersNY, Broome Co, Deposit
16MinistersNY, Broome Co, Deposit, Baptist Church
15MinistersNY, Broome Co, Deposit, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersNY, Cattaraugus Co, East Otto, Baptist Church
4TeachersNY, Cattaraugus Co, Olean, High School
7MinistersNY, Cattaraugus Co, Randolph, Baptist Church
12AttorneysNY, Cayuga Co, Auburn
5BusinesspeopleNY, Cayuga Co, Auburn
12TeachersNY, Cayuga Co, Auburn
13MinistersNY, Cayuga Co, Auburn, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNY, Cayuga Co, Moravia, Baptist Church
23MinistersNY, Cayuga Co, Port Byron, Baptist Church
21MinistersNY, Cayuga Co, Scipio, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Cayuga Co, Union Springs, Baptist Church
10MinistersNY, Chautauqua Co, Forestville, Baptist Church
6TeachersNY, Chautauqua Co, Jamestown, High School
5MinistersNY, Chautauqua Co, Ripley, Baptist Church
11MinistersNY, Chenango Co, Oxford, Baptist Church
10MinistersNY, Chenango Co, Pitcher, Baptist Church
9MinistersNY, Chenango Co, Sherburne, Baptist Church
4AttorneysNY, Clinton Co, Plattsburgh
4TeachersNY, Clinton Co, Plattsburgh
8MinistersNY, Clinton Co, Plattsburgh, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Clinton Co, Plattsburgh, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Clinton Co, West Plattsburgh, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Columbia Co, Martindale, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Cortland Co, Solon, Baptist Church
10MinistersNY, Cortland Co, Truxton, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Cortland Co, Virgil, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Delaware Co, Sidney Center, Baptist Church
9MinistersNY, Delaware Co, Walton, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Dutchess Co, Beekman, Baptist Church
18MinistersNY, Dutchess Co, Poughkeepsie, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Dutchess Co, South Dover, Baptist Church
65AttorneysNY, Erie Co, Buffalo
28BusinesspeopleNY, Erie Co, Buffalo
16PhysiciansNY, Erie Co, Buffalo
3MinistersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Emmanuel Baptist Church
11MinistersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, First Methodist Church
11MinistersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, First Presbyterian Church
6TeachersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, High School
5MinistersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Lebanon Presbyterian Church
3MinistersNY, Erie Co, Clarence, Baptist Church
8MinistersNY, Essex Co, Jay, Baptist Church
11MinistersNY, Franklin Co, Malone, Baptist Church
3BusinesspeopleNY, Fulton Co, Gloversville
9MinistersNY, Fulton Co, Mayfield, Methodist Church
4MinistersNY, Genesee Co, Bergen, Methodist Church
4MinistersNY, Greene Co, East Durham, Baptist Church
8MinistersNY, Herkimer Co, Herkimer, Baptist Church
8MinistersNY, Herkimer Co, Norway, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Herkimer Co, West Winfield, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Jefferson Co, Evans Mills, Baptist Church
10MinistersNY, Jefferson Co, Philadelphia, Baptist Church
9MinistersNY, Jefferson Co, Smithville, Baptist Church
4BusinesspeopleNY, Jefferson Co, Watertown
3School SuperintendentsNY, Jefferson Co, Watertown
10TeachersNY, Jefferson Co, Watertown
5MinistersNY, Jefferson Co, Watertown, Presbyterian Church
18BusinesspeopleNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn
85TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn
3MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Church of the Atonement
18MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Episcopal Church
8MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, First Baptist Church
5TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Latin School
9Other Naval ServiceNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Naval Hospital
30Other Naval ServiceNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Navy Yard
18TeachersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Pratt Institute
41MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, St Anns Episcopal Church
4MinistersNY, Lewis Co, Leyden, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Lewis Co, Martinsburg, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Livingston Co, Hunt, Baptist Church
15MinistersNY, Livingston Co, Nunda, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Madison Co, Eaton, Methodist Church
18BusinesspeopleNY, Madison Co, Hamilton
8MinistersNY, Madison Co, North Brookfield, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Madison Co, Union, Baptist Church
13MinistersNY, Monroe Co, Clarkson, Presbyterian Church
33BusinesspeopleNY, Monroe Co, Rochester
29TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester
26MinistersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, Baptist Church
7TeachersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, High School
6MinistersNY, Monroe Co, Wheatland, Baptist Church
3AttorneysNY, Montgomery Co, Amsterdam
1013AttorneysNY, New York Co, New York City
338BusinesspeopleNY, New York Co, New York City
257PhysiciansNY, New York Co, New York City
299TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City
3MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, 23rd Street Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, First Union Presbyterian Church
7Other Naval ServiceNY, New York Co, New York City, Hydrographic Office
8Other Naval ServiceNY, New York Co, New York City, Marine Rendezvous
53Other Naval ServiceNY, New York Co, New York City, Naval Hospital
11Other Naval ServiceNY, New York Co, New York City, Naval Laboratory
17Other Naval ServiceNY, New York Co, New York City, Naval Rendezvous
415Other Naval ServiceNY, New York Co, New York City, Navy Yard
5TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Stuyvesant High School
10ProfessorsNY, New York Co, New York City, Union Theological Seminary
4TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Veltin School
4BusinesspeopleNY, Niagara Co, Lockport
16MinistersNY, Niagara Co, Wilson, Baptist Church
10MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Cassville, Baptist Church
8MinistersNY, Oneida Co, New Hartford, Baptist Church
4AttorneysNY, Oneida Co, Rome
4TeachersNY, Oneida Co, Rome
32AttorneysNY, Oneida Co, Utica
12BusinesspeopleNY, Oneida Co, Utica
30MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Utica, Baptist Church
2MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Utica, St Georges Episcopal Church
17MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Whitesboro, Baptist Church
3BusinesspeopleNY, Onondaga Co, Baldwinsville
4TeachersNY, Onondaga Co, Baldwinsville Academy
5MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Cicero, Methodist Church
31MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Fabius, Baptist Church
12MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Fayetteville, Baptist Church
17MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Jordan, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Marcellus, Baptist Church
140AttorneysNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse
17BusinesspeopleNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse
65PhysiciansNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse
32MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse, Episcopal Church
4MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse, Good Will Congregational Church
5TeachersNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse, North High School
2BusinesspeopleNY, Ontario Co, Geneva
1MissionariesNY, Ontario Co, Geneva
7MinistersNY, Orleans Co, Gaines, Baptist Church
13MinistersNY, Orleans Co, Medina, Baptist Church
9MinistersNY, Orleans Co, Yates, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Oswego Co, Central Square, Baptist Church
4TeachersNY, Oswego Co, Mexico
11TeachersNY, Oswego Co, Mexico Academy
8MinistersNY, Oswego Co, Sandy Creek, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Burlington Flats, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Chaseville, Baptist Church
15MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Gilbertsville, Baptist Church
10MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Morris, Baptist Church
14MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Oneonta, Baptist Church
11MinistersNY, Putnam Co, Brewster, Baptist Church
10MinistersNY, Putnam Co, Carmel, Baptist Church
2BusinesspeopleNY, Queens Co, Flushing
1MissionariesNY, Queens Co, Flushing
15MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Petersburg, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Rensselaer, Baptist Church
9BusinesspeopleNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy
33MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Richmond Co, Mariners Harbor, Baptist Church
15MinistersNY, Saratoga Co, Clifton Park, Baptist Church
8MinistersNY, Saratoga Co, Mechanicville, Baptist Church
3BusinesspeopleNY, Saratoga Co, Saratoga Springs
3School SuperintendentsNY, Saratoga Co, Saratoga Springs
7MinistersNY, Saratoga Co, Saratoga Springs, Second Presbyterian Church
19MinistersNY, Saratoga Co, Waterford, Baptist Church
6ProfessorsNY, Schenectady Co, Schenectady, Union College
5MinistersNY, Schenectady Co, Scotia, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Schoharie Co, Richmondville, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Schoharie Co, Sharon Springs, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Schoharie Co, Sharon Springs, Trinity Episcopal Church
9MinistersNY, Schoharie Co, Sloansville, Baptist Church
23MinistersNY, Schuyler Co, Bennettsburg, Baptist Church
9MinistersNY, Schuyler Co, Reading Center, Baptist Church
15MinistersNY, Seneca Co, Ovid, Baptist Church
13MinistersNY, St Lawrence Co, Ogdensburg, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, St Lawrence Co, Russell, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Steuben Co, Prattsburgh, Baptist Church
26PrincipalsNY, Steuben Co, Prattsburgh, Franklin Academy
5MinistersNY, Steuben Co, Wayne, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Bay Shore, Congregational Church
7MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, East Moriches, Methodist Church
10MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Port Jefferson, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Tioga Co, Apalachin, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersNY, Tioga Co, Owego, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Ulster Co, Rondout, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Warren Co, Lake George, Methodist Church
8MinistersNY, Washington Co, Whitehall, Baptist Church
4TeachersNY, Wayne Co, Lyons
11MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Lyons, Baptist Church
10MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Lyons, Methodist Church
5MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Ontario, Baptist Church
13MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Palmyra, Baptist Church
4AttorneysNY, Wayne Co, Wolcott
13MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Wolcott, Baptist Church
10MinistersNY, Westchester Co, Croton, Baptist Church
11MinistersNY, Westchester Co, Mount Kisco, Presbyterian Church
24MinistersNY, Westchester Co, New Rochelle, Methodist Church
17MinistersNY, Westchester Co, Yonkers, St Johns Episcopal Church
15MinistersNY, Wyoming Co, Castile, Baptist Church
17MinistersNY, Wyoming Co, Wyoming, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Yates Co, Middlesex, Baptist Church
25MinistersNY, Yates Co, Middlesex, Methodist Church

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11 Dec 2019Alumni oxonienses : University of Oxford 1715-1886, Vol 11,506367
11 Dec 2019Alumni oxonienses : University of Oxford 1715-1886, Vol 42,597639
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11 Dec 2019Alumni oxonienses : University of Oxford 1715-1886, Vol 32,733716
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27 Oct 2019Bishops in Ireland26366
27 Oct 2019Higham Ferrers, St Mary The Virgin Church57
23 Oct 2019Index Ecclesiasticus11,7561,608
19 Oct 2019Alumni oxonienses : University of Oxford 1500-1714, Vol 35,629730
19 Oct 2019Alumni oxonienses : University of Oxford 1500-1714, Vol 25,320604
19 Oct 2019Alumni oxonienses : University of Oxford 1500-1714, Vol 45,422585
19 Oct 2019Alumni oxonienses : University of Oxford 1500-1714, Vol 15,788690
16 Oct 2019Alumni Cantabrigienses Vol 47,915854
16 Oct 2019Alumni Cantabrigienses Vol 38,268890
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05 Oct 2019Notes on Old London City Churches231
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09 Sep 2019Presbyterian and General Baptist Churches in West England317
07 Sep 2019Wesleyan Methodist ministers of British Conferences12,558
05 Sep 2019Alne, St Helens Church51
05 Sep 2019Market Weighton, All Saints Church52
04 Sep 2019London, St Bride Fleet Street Church70
04 Sep 2019Boroughbridge, St James Church54
04 Sep 2019Hemingbrough, St Marys Church50
04 Sep 2019Barton Stacey, All Saints Church50
04 Sep 2019Wath upon Dearne, All Saints Church51
04 Sep 2019Dorney, St James the Less Church53
04 Sep 2019Leek Wootton, All Saints Church50
03 Sep 2019Buckland, All Saints Church51
02 Sep 2019High Sheriffs of England970
31 Aug 2019London74
31 Aug 2019London713
30 Aug 2019Deans in the Church of England1,2071
30 Aug 2019Chichester77
30 Aug 2019List of Bishops in England & Ireland1,49672
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23 Aug 2019Barton Seagrave, St Botolphs Church51
23 Aug 2019Hastingleigh Church72
23 Aug 2019Berkhamstead, St Peters Church57
23 Aug 2019London, St Botolph Without Bishopsgate66
22 Aug 2019Bedford County Archives221
22 Aug 2019Eyam, St Lawrence Church76
22 Aug 2019Loughborough, All Saints Church50
18 Aug 2019Huggate, St Marys Church52
18 Aug 2019London, St Catherine Coleman Church61
28 Jul 2019The history of the Chaplain Corps, United States Navy1,667