Historical Record Lists

About this page: This list compiles source lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. More are always being added. More >>

Historical Record Lists; State: NY
SheriffsMichael 1837NYAlbany Co
MinistersEdward W. 1903-1937NYSuffolk CoSmithtown Presbyterian Church
MinistersA. O. 1861NYAllegany CoBirdsall, Methodist Church
MinistersB. T. 1880-1881NYSuffolk CoRiverhead, Methodist Church
MinistersBenjamin 1791NYKings CoBrooklyn, Old Sands St Methodist Church
MinistersH. C. 1869NYWayne CoButler, Methodist Church
MinistersH. C. 1869NYWayne CoSavannah, Methodist Church
MinistersH. C. 1870NYCayuga CoFleming, Methodist Church
MinistersH. O. 1864-1865NYAllegany CoBolivar, Methodist Church
MinistersIra 1854NYSuffolk CoPatchogue, Methodist Church
Town ClerksPeter B. 1837NYRensselaer CoPittstown
Town ClerksPeter F. 1861-1866NYRensselaer CoPittstown
SupervisorsRoyal 1875-1876NYRensselaer CoPittstown
Town ClerksRoyal, Jr. 1839-1840NYRensselaer CoPittstown
MinistersW. P. 1862-1863NYBroome CoChoconut Center Methodist Church
MinistersW. P. 1864-1865NYTioga CoSpencer, Methodist Church
MinistersW. P. 1865NYTioga CoCandor, Methodist Church
State RepresentativesWarner 1844NYOnondaga Co
County ClerksCharles C. 1826-1832NYGreene Co
MinistersDavid 1826NYGreene CoAthens, Dutch Reformed Church
TreasurersGarret 1800NYGreene Co
State RepresentativesGerrit 1796NYSchoharie Co
State RepresentativesGerrit 1798-1799NYUlster Co
TrusteesGustavus 1836-1838NYOntario CoGeneva, Hobart College
MayorsJohannis 1694NYAlbany CoAlbany
JudgesJohn 1702NYAlbany Co
TrusteesJohn N. 1799-1812NYNew York CoNew York City, Columbia College
Lighthouse KeepersFrank B. 1975-1976NYSuffolk CoMontauk Point Lighthouse
SupervisorsDyer B. 1860-1861NYOrleans CoRidgeway
SheriffsOliff 1859NYWashington Co
MinistersD. E. 1906NYFulton CoBroadalbin, Baptist Church
MinistersG. W. 1856NYFulton CoBroadalbin, Baptist Church
MinistersG. W. 1857-1859NYSchenectady CoSchenectady, First Baptist Church
MinistersGeorge 1875NYGreene CoAthens, Baptist Church
MinistersG. F. 1890NYOtsego CoWorcester, Methodist Church
MinistersG. F. 1891-1892NYChenango CoSmyrna, Methodist Church
MinistersG. F. 1893-1894NYOtsego CoMorris, Methodist Church
SheriffsJacob 1837NYNew York Co
County ClerksOrville B. 1876NYSuffolk Co
SupervisorsL. H. 1866-1867NYAllegany CoWilling
SupervisorsCalvin 1874NYColumbia CoKinderhook
PostmastersJulius M. 1849NYTompkins CoIthaca
MayorsJames N. 1906-1909NYErie CoBuffalo
State RepresentativesAaron 1816NYSullivan Co
SheriffsAmos 1840NYAlbany Co
SheriffsBenjamin W. 1843NYSeneca Co
MinistersC. M. 1900NYTompkins CoAsbury, Methodist Church
MinistersC. M. 1900NYTompkins CoLudlowville, Methodist Church
MinistersC. M. 1902NYWayne CoRed Creek, Methodist Church
MinistersCharles 1853NYLivingston CoLima, Methodist Church
MinistersCharles 1936-1939NYBroome CoWindsor, Methodist Church
MinistersCharles M. 1925-1926NYBroome CoChenango Bridge Methodist Church
MinistersCharles M. 1927-1928NYChenango CoCastle Creek, Methodist Church
MinistersCharles M. 1928-1932NYTioga CoCandor, Methodist Church
MinistersClarence A. 1895-1896NYChautauqua CoJamestown, First Baptist Church
State RepresentativesDarius 1841NYCayuga Co
Justices of the PeaceEdward 1878-1883NYGreene CoCairo
SheriffsEllsha A. 1858NYEssex Co
SupervisorsGeorge 1826-1827NYFranklin CoBangor
SupervisorsGeorge 1859-1860NYSteuben CoHornby
PresidentsH. F. 1866NYMadison CoHomeopathic Medical Society
District AttorneysHenry 1846NYMontgomery Co
MinistersHiram 1838-1848NYUlster CoSaugerties, Trinity Episcopal Church
Town ClerksJacob M. 1854NYRensselaer CoLansingburgh
Town ClerksJames 1816-1818NYRensselaer CoLansingburgh
SupervisorsJames 1836-1837NYFranklin CoBangor
District AttorneysJames B. 1866NYLivingston Co
SupervisorsJames I. 1850NYRensselaer CoLansingburgh
TrusteesJasper 1826-1828NYOntario CoGeneva, Hobart College
PresidentsJasper 1826-1828NYOntario CoGeneva, Hobart College
ProfessorsJasper 1826-1828NYOntario CoGeneva, Hobart College
State RepresentativesJohn 1813NYGreene Co
Justices of the PeaceJohn A. 1895NYSteuben CoBath
PostmastersJohn C. 1875NYOrange CoNewburgh
SheriffsLevi 1815NYLewis Co
MinistersMoses 1833NYTioga CoNewark Valley, Methodist Church
MinistersMoses 1846NYTompkins CoDanby, Methodist Church
SupervisorsNathan O. 1864-1865NYFranklin CoBrandon
SheriffsParmenio 1815NYGenesee Co
SheriffsPeter C. 1802-1806NYGreene Co
State RepresentativesPiatt 1821NYGreene Co
SheriffsPlatt 1829-1832NYGreene Co
MinistersR. G. 1877NYFulton CoBroadalbin, Methodist Church
TreasurersThomas 1897-1900NYFranklin Co
State RepresentativesTruman 1816NYOnondaga Co
MinistersW. 1869-1870NYTompkins CoNewfield, Methodist Church
MinistersW. 1871-1872NYCayuga CoFleming, Methodist Church
MinistersW. 1874NYCayuga CoCayuga, Methodist Church
MinistersW. 1876NYCayuga CoOwasco, Methodist Church
MinistersWalter S. 1896-1899NYOtsego CoDecatur, Methodist Church
MinistersWalter S. 1900-1902NYOtsego CoLaurens, Methodist Church
MinistersWalter S. 1903NYOtsego CoDecatur, Methodist Church
MinistersWalter S. 1903NYOtsego CoEast Worcester, Methodist Church
MinistersWilliam 1758-1759NYSuffolk CoOrient, Presbyterian Church
State RepresentativesWilliam 1798-1799NYWestchester Co
MinistersWilliam 1859NYTompkins CoNorth Lansing, Methodist Church
MinistersWilliam 1878-1880NYOntario CoCanandaigua, Congregational Church
State RepresentativesWilliam H. 1825NYWayne Co
JudgesWilliam H. 1846NYWayne Co
ProfessorsWilliam L. 1861-1865NYRensselaer CoTroy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Most Recent Entries
36Lieutenant GovernorsNY,
59Secretaries of StateNY,
20District AttorneysNY, Albany Co
30JudgesNY, Albany Co
17District AttorneysNY, Allegany Co
12JudgesNY, Allegany Co
20State RepresentativesNY, Allegany Co
16District AttorneysNY, Broome Co
12JudgesNY, Broome Co
28State RepresentativesNY, Broome Co
14JudgesNY, Cattaraugus Co
26State RepresentativesNY, Cattaraugus Co
17District AttorneysNY, Cayuga Co
10JudgesNY, Cayuga Co
92State RepresentativesNY, Cayuga Co
18District AttorneysNY, Chautauqua Co
12JudgesNY, Chautauqua Co
41State RepresentativesNY, Chautauqua Co
11JudgesNY, Chemung Co
10State RepresentativesNY, Chemung Co
19District AttorneysNY, Chenango Co
14JudgesNY, Chenango Co
107State RepresentativesNY, Chenango Co
15District AttorneysNY, Clinton Co
20JudgesNY, Clinton Co
33State RepresentativesNY, Clinton Co
25County ClerksNY, Columbia Co
16District AttorneysNY, Columbia Co
14JudgesNY, Columbia Co
141State RepresentativesNY, Columbia Co
18County ClerksNY, Cortland Co
11JudgesNY, Cortland Co
68State RepresentativesNY, Cortland Co
15County ClerksNY, Delaware Co
21District AttorneysNY, Delaware Co
15JudgesNY, Delaware Co
61State RepresentativesNY, Delaware Co
18District AttorneysNY, Dutchess Co
24JudgesNY, Dutchess Co
230State RepresentativesNY, Dutchess Co
15JudgesNY, Erie Co
44State RepresentativesNY, Erie Co
14District AttorneysNY, Essex Co
29State RepresentativesNY, Essex Co
12District AttorneysNY, Franklin Co
15State RepresentativesNY, Franklin Co
8County ClerksNY, Fulton Co
13District AttorneysNY, Fulton Co
15County ClerksNY, Genesee Co
16District AttorneysNY, Genesee Co
75State RepresentativesNY, Genesee Co
19District AttorneysNY, Greene Co
99State RepresentativesNY, Greene Co
11District AttorneysNY, Hamilton Co
19JudgesNY, Herkimer Co
89State RepresentativesNY, Herkimer Co
16District AttorneysNY, Jefferson Co
35JudgesNY, Kings Co
10Registers of DeedsNY, Kings Co
41State RepresentativesNY, Kings Co
11JudgesNY, Lewis Co
33State RepresentativesNY, Lewis Co
10JudgesNY, Livingston Co
43State RepresentativesNY, Livingston Co
11JudgesNY, Madison Co
96State RepresentativesNY, Madison Co
12JudgesNY, Monroe Co
58State RepresentativesNY, Monroe Co
19JudgesNY, Montgomery Co
116State RepresentativesNY, Montgomery Co
27Registers of DeedsNY, New York Co
381State RepresentativesNY, New York Co
7GraduatesNY, New York Co, New York City, New York University
19JudgesNY, Niagara Co
24State RepresentativesNY, Niagara Co
13JudgesNY, Oneida Co
151State RepresentativesNY, Oneida Co
111State RepresentativesNY, Onondaga Co
104State RepresentativesNY, Ontario Co
271State RepresentativesNY, Orange Co
20State RepresentativesNY, Orleans Co
30State RepresentativesNY, Oswego Co
131State RepresentativesNY, Otsego Co
64MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Westford, Methodist Church
27MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Worcester, Methodist Church
35State RepresentativesNY, Putnam Co
27JudgesNY, Queens Co
57State RepresentativesNY, Queens Co
15MinistersNY, Queens Co, Jamaica, Congregational Church
14JudgesNY, Rensselaer Co
177State RepresentativesNY, Rensselaer Co
26County ClerksNY, Richmond Co
14District AttorneysNY, Richmond Co
18JudgesNY, Richmond Co
42State RepresentativesNY, Richmond Co
10TreasurersNY, Richmond Co
11County ClerksNY, Rockland Co
15District AttorneysNY, Rockland Co
28State RepresentativesNY, Rockland Co
5TreasurersNY, Rockland Co
116State RepresentativesNY, Saratoga Co
60State RepresentativesNY, Schenectady Co
8JudgesNY, Schoharie Co
81State RepresentativesNY, Schoharie Co
6JudgesNY, Schuyler Co
25County ClerksNY, Seneca Co
17District AttorneysNY, Seneca Co
15JudgesNY, Seneca Co
49State RepresentativesNY, Seneca Co
14TreasurersNY, Seneca Co
34State RepresentativesNY, St Lawrence Co
25County ClerksNY, Steuben Co
21District AttorneysNY, Steuben Co
15JudgesNY, Steuben Co
46State RepresentativesNY, Steuben Co
10TreasurersNY, Steuben Co
27County ClerksNY, Suffolk Co
12District AttorneysNY, Suffolk Co
30JudgesNY, Suffolk Co
146State RepresentativesNY, Suffolk Co
16TreasurersNY, Suffolk Co
14PresidentsNY, Suffolk Co, Agricultural Society
12TreasurersNY, Suffolk Co, Agricultural Society
14Vice PresidentsNY, Suffolk Co, Agricultural Society
18MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Aquebogue, Congregational Church
9MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Aquebogue, Presbyterian Church
9PostmastersNY, Suffolk Co, Babylon
12MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Babylon, Methodist Church
12MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Babylon, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Bridgehampton, Congregational Church
6MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Brookhaven, Congregational Church
19MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Coram, Methodist Church
10MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Cutchogue, Presbyterian Church
12PostmastersNY, Suffolk Co, East Hampton
33SupervisorsNY, Suffolk Co, East Hampton
25Town ClerksNY, Suffolk Co, East Hampton
5MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, East Hampton, Congregational Church
3MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Greenport, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Huntington, Congregational Church
40MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Jamesport, Methodist Church
26MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Lake Grove, Methodist Church
118Lighthouse KeepersNY, Suffolk Co, Montauk Point Lighthouse
9MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Moriches, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Newtown, Congregational Church
12MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Northville, Congregational Church
18MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Orient, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Patchogue, Congregational Church
26MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Patchogue, Methodist Church
18MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Port Jefferson, Methodist Church
24SupervisorsNY, Suffolk Co, Riverhead
12Town ClerksNY, Suffolk Co, Riverhead
32MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Riverhead, Methodist Church
15MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Riverhead, Second Congregational Church
19PostmastersNY, Suffolk Co, Sag Harbor
26SupervisorsNY, Suffolk Co, Shelter Island
17Town ClerksNY, Suffolk Co, Shelter Island
36SupervisorsNY, Suffolk Co, Southampton
22Town ClerksNY, Suffolk Co, Southampton
10MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Southampton, Congregational Church
34SupervisorsNY, Suffolk Co, Southold
29Town ClerksNY, Suffolk Co, Southold
14MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Southold, Congregational Church
13MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, St James, St James Episcopal Church
14JudgesNY, Sullivan Co
58State RepresentativesNY, Sullivan Co
16JudgesNY, Tioga Co
49State RepresentativesNY, Tioga Co
26MinistersNY, Tioga Co, Lockwood, Methodist Church
37MinistersNY, Tioga Co, Nichols, Methodist Church
32MinistersNY, Tioga Co, North Tioga, Methodist Church
48MinistersNY, Tioga Co, Owego, Methodist Church
70MinistersNY, Tioga Co, Spencer, Methodist Church
16MinistersNY, Tioga Co, Tioga, Methodist Church
22MinistersNY, Tioga Co, Waverly, Methodist Church
11JudgesNY, Tompkins Co
55State RepresentativesNY, Tompkins Co
42MinistersNY, Tompkins Co, Slaterville, Methodist Church
38MinistersNY, Tompkins Co, South Danby, Methodist Church
47MinistersNY, Tompkins Co, Speedsville, Methodist Church
21MinistersNY, Tompkins Co, West Danby, Methodist Church
24JudgesNY, Ulster Co
123State RepresentativesNY, Ulster Co
25PostmastersNY, Ulster Co, Ellenville
44Justices of the PeaceNY, Ulster Co, Wawarsing
35SupervisorsNY, Ulster Co, Wawarsing
28Town ClerksNY, Ulster Co, Wawarsing
11JudgesNY, Warren Co
22State RepresentativesNY, Warren Co
19JudgesNY, Washington Co
116State RepresentativesNY, Washington Co
15JudgesNY, Wayne Co
40State RepresentativesNY, Wayne Co
22JudgesNY, Westchester Co
7Registers of DeedsNY, Westchester Co
96State RepresentativesNY, Westchester Co
6JudgesNY, Wyoming Co
6State RepresentativesNY, Wyoming Co
7JudgesNY, Yates Co

This list compiles source lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. A few features:

More are always being added. Major additions: