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Historical Record Lists; State: VA; County: Lexington
ProfessorsJames Tazewell 1882VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersJohn Mcdowell 1858-1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesAlexander 1889VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersFrancis T. 1853-1887VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
OthersWilliam A. 1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesJohn Barr 1892VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesThomas Stllington 1884VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn 1850VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesOscar Vance 1905VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
LibrariansCorinne 1931VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn H. 1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesGeorge Leese 1882VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesCharles Jacob 1895VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam 1874VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesFrank J. 1897VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesHenry 1827VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJoseph 1830VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesSamuel 1829VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam 1828VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersWilliam 1853VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesRobert Flshburne 1879VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsHarry Donald 1882-1884VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesIsaac N. 1874VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJohn Lyle 1851-1886VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesSamuel Blair 1850VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesSamuel Davis 1830VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Graham 1825VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Spencer 1883VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsEugene Russell 1882VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesAlexander Broadnax 1854VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesSamuel H. 1872VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersBolivar 1858VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesDavid Holmes 1827VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn Newton 1856VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesPhilander Montgomery 1840VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesEdwin Charles 1888VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesHenry Thomas 1859VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersJames B. 1858-1882VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
ProfessorsJohn William 1896-1897VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersRobert F. 1878VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
OthersGeorge H. 1902VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, President
ProfessorsLucius Junius 1926VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsCharles Augustus 1875VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsDe La Warr Benjamin 1910VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesThomas Treadwell 1880VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersJohn 1869VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
ProfessorsWilliam, Jr 1872VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersJames K. 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesTheodrick Pryor 1874VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsHarry 1878-1880VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesThomas Thompson 1881VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsBenjamin S. 1846-1848VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsEdwin Whitfield 1893-1899VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsHarvard Univ 1916VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsHarvey Butler 1873VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesDavid H. 1828VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesGeorge Williamson 1889VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesEbenezer Dickey 1849VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn J. 1893VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesRobert Hanson 1891VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesCharles David 1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJ. H. 1859VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersWilliam A. 1865VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesCalvin Curtis 1860VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJohn Alexander 1926VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsCharles A. 1875VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJoseph Armstrong 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesAugustus Houston 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersG. D. 1920VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Dean, Commerce
ProfessorsGlover Dunn 1910VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsWilliam Wirt Henry 1874VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJames Albert 1876-1914VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJames 1859VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJames Hardy 1876VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesAnderson Dana 1911VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsAddison 1893-1914VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJames William 1878VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJames Lewis 1894VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsWilliam Dana 1915VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn Paris 1825VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersDavid C. 1920VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Dean, Applied Science
ProfessorsDavid Carlisle 1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsMilton W. 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsWilliam Madison 1871VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesLeonldas W. 1887VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesSamuel Macauley 1892VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesCarter Helm 1895VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn William 1874VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesRobert Ware 1893VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesDaniel Penick 1881VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesW. M. 1889VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Finney 1875VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJames William 1902-1920VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsThomas Jones 1873VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersThomas Jellis 1860VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
ProfessorsErnest Benjamin 1870-1872VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJulius 1873VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesBeverly Tucker 1847VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Warren 1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJohn Holladay 1902-1913VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersG. W. C. 1891VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, President
OthersG. W. Custis 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, President
GraduatesFrancis Walton 1871VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersAlfred 1841-1878VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesEdward R. 1887VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesGeorge Lacon 1869VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesGeorge M. 1859VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam 1849VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesAndrew Y. 1827VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesRobert 1840VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesAndrew McClenahan 1850VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesGeorge Tate 1858VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesGeorge Kollock 1849VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsRodes 1866-1869VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn Vallandingham 1886VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn Louis 1890-1893VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJames Alexander 1899VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesEmmett Wallace 1896VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Parsons 1874-1876VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
LibrariansBlanche Prichard 1918-1922VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesFrank 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersWilliam 1865VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesLewis 1840VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesCharles Chamberlain 1903VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Marcellus 1889VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesCharles Addison 1846VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesKerby Sinclair 1890VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam McClanahay 1879VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesAlexander Stewart 1871VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsSidney Turner 1880VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsRobert 1904VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Walker 1855VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsAlexander L. 1853VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJames 1827VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Swan 1825VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersWilliam T. 1865-1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesMiles 1891VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJohn W. Hobbs 1917VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam L. 1900VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesGeorge Jenkins 1879VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesThomas Lewis 1854VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Thomas 1856VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJames Addison 1886VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesDavid McKibben 1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsFranklin Lafayette 1914VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJohn Rewis 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesHenry B. 1860VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJ. W. 1886VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn 1874VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Henry 1842VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersWilliam Henry 1865-1876VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesJohn Richard 1886VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsEdward M. 1891VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam N. 1868VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsHarvey Bee 1877-1878VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersHenry Louis 1920VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, President
ProfessorsLivingston Waddell 1906VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesAlexander W. 1894VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJohn Philip 1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesFrancis Holmes 1918VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesFrancis McFarland 1860VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesHiram Mason 1877VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersWilliam M. 1856VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
ProfessorsWilliam Henry 1875VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJames Barnette 1886VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesLeRoy 1904VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam W. 1840VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJohn Randolph 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesEdgar 1894VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesThomas Stanhope 1877VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn Stonestreet 1869VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsRichard Morton 1926VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsWilliam Daniel 1872VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsFrank Alexander 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJoseph W. 1846VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
TeachersIsaac S. 1905-1907VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesRobert 1849VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsGeorge Armstrong 1887VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesFrank Bell 1869VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
LibrariansAnne Robertson 1920VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesHenry Alexander 1887VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsHenry Alexander 1889-1902VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesHenry Martin 1854VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
LibrariansSarah 1930-1933VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn Higgins 1924VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam C. 1901VALexingtonWashington And Lee University

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17 Oct 2022Annual Reports of the President of Bryn Mawr College, 1917-1918394
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