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Historical Record Lists; State: VA; County: Lexington
ProfessorsJames Tazewell 1882VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersJohn Mcdowell 1858-1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesAlexander 1889VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersFrancis T. 1853-1887VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
OthersWilliam A. 1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesJohn Barr 1892VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesThomas Stllington 1884VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn 1850VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesOscar Vance 1905VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
LibrariansCorinne 1931VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesGeorge Leese 1882VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesCharles Jacob 1895VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam 1874VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesFrank J. 1897VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesHenry 1827VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJoseph 1830VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesSamuel 1829VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam 1828VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersWilliam 1853VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesRobert Flshburne 1879VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsHarry Donald 1882-1884VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesIsaac N. 1874VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJohn Lyle 1851-1886VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesSamuel Blair 1850VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesSamuel Davis 1830VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Graham 1825VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Spencer 1883VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsEugene Russell 1882VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesAlexander Broadnax 1854VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesSamuel H. 1872VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersBolivar 1858VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesDavid Holmes 1827VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn Newton 1856VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesPhilander Montgomery 1840VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesEdwin Charles 1888VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesHenry Thomas 1859VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersJames B. 1858-1882VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
ProfessorsJohn William 1896-1897VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersRobert F. 1878VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
ProfessorsLucius Junius 1926VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsCharles Augustus 1875VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsDe La Warr Benjamin 1910VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesThomas Treadwell 1880VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersJohn 1869VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
ProfessorsWilliam Jr. 1872VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersJames K. 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesTheodrick Pryor 1874VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsHarry 1878-1880VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsEdwin Whitfield 1893-1899VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsHarvard Univ 1916VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsHarvey Butler 1873VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesDavid H. 1828VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesGeorge Williamson 1889VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesEbenezer Dickey 1849VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn J. 1893VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesRobert Hanson 1891VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesCharles David 1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJ. H. 1859VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersWilliam A. 1865VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesCalvin Curtis 1860VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJohn Alexander 1926VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsCharles A. 1875VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJoseph Armstrong 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesAugustus Houston 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersG. D. 1920VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Dean, Commerce
ProfessorsGlover Dunn 1910VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsWilliam Wirt Henry 1874VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJames 1859VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJames Hardy 1876VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJames William 1878VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJames Lewis 1894VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsWilliam Dana 1915VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn Paris 1825VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersDavid C. 1920VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Dean, Applied Science
ProfessorsDavid Carlisle 1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsMilton W. 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsWilliam Madison 1871VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesLeonldas W. 1887VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesSamuel Macauley 1892VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesCarter Helm 1895VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn William 1874VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesRobert Ware 1893VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesDaniel Penick 1881VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesW. M. 1889VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Finney 1875VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJames William 1902-1920VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsThomas Jones 1873VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersThomas Jellis 1860VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
ProfessorsErnest Benjamin 1870-1872VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesBeverly Tucker 1847VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Warren 1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJohn Holladay 1902-1913VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersG. W. C. 1891VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, President
GraduatesFrancis Walton 1871VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersAlfred 1841-1878VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesEdward R. 1887VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesGeorge Lacon 1869VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesGeorge M. 1859VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam 1849VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesAndrew Y. 1827VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesRobert 1840VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesAndrew McClenahan 1850VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesGeorge Tate 1858VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesGeorge Kollock 1849VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsRodes 1866-1869VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn Vallandingham 1886VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn Louis 1890-1893VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJames Alexander 1899VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesEmmett Wallace 1896VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Parsons 1874-1876VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
LibrariansBlanche Prichard 1918-1922VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesFrank 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersWilliam 1865VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesLewis 1840VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesCharles Chamberlain 1903VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Marcellus 1889VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesCharles Addison 1846VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesKerby Sinclair 1890VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam McClanahay 1879VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesAlexander Stewart 1871VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsSidney Turner 1880VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Walker 1855VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsAlexander L. 1853VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJames 1827VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Swan 1825VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersWilliam T. 1865-1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesThomas Lewis 1854VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Thomas 1856VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJames Addison 1886VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesDavid McKibben 1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsFranklin Lafayette 1914VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJohn Rewis 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesHenry B. 1860VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJ. W. 1886VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn 1874VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam Henry 1842VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersWilliam Henry 1865-1876VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
GraduatesJohn Richard 1886VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsEdward M. 1891VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam N. 1868VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsHarvey Bee 1877-1878VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersHenry Louis 1920VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, President
ProfessorsLivingston Waddell 1906VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesAlexander W. 1894VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJohn Philip 1885VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesFrancis McFarland 1860VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesHiram Mason 1877VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
OthersWilliam M. 1856VALexingtonWashington And Lee University, Trustee
ProfessorsWilliam Henry 1875VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJames Barnette 1886VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesLeRoy 1904VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesWilliam W. 1840VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsJohn Randolph 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesEdgar 1894VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJohn Stonestreet 1869VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsRichard Morton 1926VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsWilliam Daniel 1872VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsFrank Alexander 1870VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesJoseph W. 1846VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesRobert 1849VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsGeorge Armstrong 1887VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesFrank Bell 1869VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesHenry Alexander 1887VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
ProfessorsHenry Alexander 1889-1902VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
GraduatesHenry Martin 1854VALexingtonWashington And Lee University
LibrariansSarah 1930-1933VALexingtonWashington And Lee University

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Most Recent Entries
1RailroadsVA, , Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio Railway
2Board of EducationVA, Accomack Co, Accomac
2PrincipalsVA, Accomack Co, Accomac, High School
1School SuperintendentsVA, Alexandria
2PrincipalsVA, Alexandria, Episcopal High School
1TeachersVA, Alexandria, Episcopal High School
1OthersVA, Alexandria, Virginia Theological Seminary
2Board of EducationVA, Alleghany Co, Clifton Forge
1School SuperintendentsVA, Alleghany Co, Clifton Forge
1PrincipalsVA, Alleghany Co, Clifton Forge, High School
1OthersVA, Amherst Co, Sweet Briar College
7TeachersVA, Amherst Co, Sweet Briar College
1LibrariansVA, Bedford Co, Bedford, Public Library
1LibrariansVA, Bedford Co, Bellevue, High School
1PrincipalsVA, Bedford Co, Bellevue, High School
1PrincipalsVA, Bland Co, Bland, High School
2Board of EducationVA, Bristol
1OthersVA, Bristol
2PrincipalsVA, Bristol
1School SuperintendentsVA, Bristol
2Board of EducationVA, Brunswick Co, Lawrenceville
1School SuperintendentsVA, Brunswick Co, Lawrenceville
1PrincipalsVA, Brunswick Co, Lawrenceville, High School
1PrincipalsVA, Campbell Co, Brookneal, High School
1PrincipalsVA, Campbell Co, Rustburg, High School
2Board of EducationVA, Charlottesville
1LibrariansVA, Charlottesville
1PrincipalsVA, Charlottesville
1School SuperintendentsVA, Charlottesville
1TeachersVA, Charlottesville
1LibrariansVA, Charlottesville, University of Virginia
3OthersVA, Charlottesville, University of Virginia
1OthersVA, Charlottesville, University Of Virginia Law School
1PrincipalsVA, Clarke Co, Berryville, High School
1School SuperintendentsVA, Craig Co, New Castle
1PrincipalsVA, Culpeper Co, Culpeper, High School
2Board of EducationVA, Danville
1PrincipalsVA, Danville
1School SuperintendentsVA, Danville
2TeachersVA, Danville
1PrincipalsVA, Falls Church Co, Falls Church, High School
1OthersVA, Fauquier Co, Warrenton, Fauquier Institute
1PrincipalsVA, Fauquier Co, Warrenton, High School
1LibrariansVA, Fauquier Co, Warrenton, Public Library
1School SuperintendentsVA, Floyd Co, Floyd
3TeachersVA, Fredericksburg
3LibrariansVA, Fredericksburg, State Normal School
3TeachersVA, Fredericksburg, State Normal School
2PrincipalsVA, Grayson Co, Bridle Creek, Bridle Creek Academy
1Board of EducationVA, Halifax Co, South Boston
1PrincipalsVA, Halifax Co, South Boston, High School
1LibrariansVA, Halifax Co, South Boston, Public Library
1School SuperintendentsVA, Hampton
2OthersVA, Hampton, Hampton Institute
2Board of EducationVA, Hampton Co, Phoebus
1PrincipalsVA, Hampton Co, Phoebus, High School
2Board of EducationVA, Hanover Co, Ashland
1PrincipalsVA, Hanover Co, Ashland, High School
2OthersVA, Hanover Co, Ashland, Randolph Macon College
1TutorsVA, Hanover Co, Ashland, Randolph Macon College
2Board of EducationVA, Harrisonburg
1School SuperintendentsVA, Harrisonburg
2TeachersVA, Harrisonburg
1PrincipalsVA, Isle of Wight Co, Isle of Wight, High School
1PrincipalsVA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster, High School
2OthersVA, Lexington, Virginia Military Institute
1ProfessorsVA, Lexington, Virginia Military Institute
4OthersVA, Lexington, Washington And Lee University
1OthersVA, Lexington, Washington And Lee University Law School
1LibrariansVA, Loudoun Co, Leesburg, Public Library
2Board of EducationVA, Lynchburg
1PrincipalsVA, Lynchburg
1School SuperintendentsVA, Lynchburg
2TeachersVA, Lynchburg
3LibrariansVA, Lynchburg, Jones Memorial Library
1LibrariansVA, Lynchburg, Randolph Macon Womens College
1OthersVA, Lynchburg, Randolph Macon Womens College
15ProfessorsVA, Lynchburg, Randolph Macon Womens College
1TeachersVA, Lynchburg, Randolph Macon Womens College
1OthersVA, Lynchburg, Virginia Commercial and Shorthand College
1PrincipalsVA, Manassas
1School SuperintendentsVA, Martinsville
1PrincipalsVA, Mecklenburg Co, Boydton, High School
1PrincipalsVA, Mecklenburg Co, Chase City, High School
4TeachersVA, Montgomery Co, Blacksburg
2PrincipalsVA, Montgomery Co, Blacksburg, Olin and Preston Institute
1LibrariansVA, Montgomery Co, Blacksburg, Virginia Tech
1OthersVA, Montgomery Co, Blacksburg, Virginia Tech
1OthersVA, Montgomery Co, Christiansburg, Montgomery Female College
2Board of EducationVA, Newport News
1LibrariansVA, Newport News
1PrincipalsVA, Newport News
7TeachersVA, Newport News
1OthersVA, Newport News, Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co
2Board of EducationVA, Norfolk
1PrincipalsVA, Norfolk
2School SuperintendentsVA, Norfolk
7TeachersVA, Norfolk
1OthersVA, Norfolk, Southern Shorthand and Business and University
1School SuperintendentsVA, Northampton Co, Cape Charles
1PrincipalsVA, Northampton Co, Cape Charles, High School
1PrincipalsVA, Norton Co, Norton, High School
1School SuperintendentsVA, Nottoway Co
2Board of EducationVA, Nottoway Co, Blackstone
1PrincipalsVA, Nottoway Co, Blackstone, High School
1PrincipalsVA, Nottoway Co, Burkeville, High School
1PrincipalsVA, Nottoway Co, Crewe, High School
2Board of EducationVA, Orange Co, Orange
1PrincipalsVA, Orange Co, Orange, High School
1LibrariansVA, Orange Co, Orange, Public Library
6TeachersVA, Petersburg
1PrincipalsVA, Pittsylvania Co, Chatham, High School
2Board of EducationVA, Portsmouth
1LibrariansVA, Portsmouth
1PrincipalsVA, Portsmouth
1School SuperintendentsVA, Portsmouth
7TeachersVA, Portsmouth
1PrincipalsVA, Portsmouth, Churchland, High School
1School SuperintendentsVA, Prince Edward Co, Farmville
1LibrariansVA, Prince Edward Co, Farmville, Public Library
1OthersVA, Prince Edward Co, Farmville, State Normal School
1OthersVA, Prince Edward Co, Hampden Sydney College
1School SuperintendentsVA, Pulaski Co, Pulaski
2Board of EducationVA, Richmond City
3School SuperintendentsVA, Richmond City
11TeachersVA, Richmond City
1PrincipalsVA, Richmond City, Business College
1OthersVA, Richmond City, Conservatory of Music
1OthersVA, Richmond City, Federal Reserve Bank
5TeachersVA, Richmond City, Highland Park
2LibrariansVA, Richmond City, John Marshall High School
1PrincipalsVA, Richmond City, John Marshall High School
2OthersVA, Richmond City, Medical College Of VA
2OthersVA, Richmond City, Richmond College
1OthersVA, Richmond City, State Historical Society
2LibrariansVA, Richmond City, University Of Richmond
2LibrariansVA, Richmond City, Virginia State Library
1LibrariansVA, Roanoke City, Public Library
2Board of EducationVA, Roanoke City Co, Roanoke
1School SuperintendentsVA, Roanoke City Co, Roanoke
5TeachersVA, Roanoke City Co, Roanoke
1LibrariansVA, Roanoke City Co, Roanoke, Public Library
2OthersVA, Roanoke Co, Hollins, Hollins College
3TeachersVA, Roanoke Co, Hollins, Hollins College
1PrincipalsVA, Roanoke Co, Vinton, High School
1TeachersVA, Rockingham Co, Bridgewater
1OthersVA, Rockingham Co, Bridgewater, Bridgewater College
2TeachersVA, Rockingham Co, Bridgewater, Bridgewater College
1PrincipalsVA, Rockingham Co, Bridgewater, High School
2PrincipalsVA, Salem, High School
1TeachersVA, Salem, Roanoke College
2Board of EducationVA, Smyth Co, Saltville
1PrincipalsVA, Smyth Co, Saltville, High School
2Board of EducationVA, Staunton
1PrincipalsVA, Staunton
2School SuperintendentsVA, Staunton
3TeachersVA, Staunton
1OthersVA, Staunton, Staunton Military Academy
1ProfessorsVA, Staunton, Staunton Military Academy
2TeachersVA, Staunton, Staunton Military Academy
2Board of EducationVA, Suffolk
1PrincipalsVA, Suffolk
1School SuperintendentsVA, Suffolk
4TeachersVA, Sussex Co, Waverly
1TeachersVA, Tazewell Co, Tazewell
115Lighthouse KeepersVA, Virginia Beach, Cape Henry Lighthouse
2Board of EducationVA, Warren Co, Front Royal
1School SuperintendentsVA, Warren Co, Front Royal
1PrincipalsVA, Warren Co, Front Royal, High School
2PrincipalsVA, Warren Co, Front Royal, Randolph-Macon Academy
1OthersVA, Warren Co, Reliance, Old Dominion Academy
2Board of EducationVA, Washington Co, Abingdon
1PrincipalsVA, Washington Co, Abingdon, High School
3OthersVA, Washington Co, Abingdon, Martha Washington College
3TeachersVA, Washington Co, Abingdon, Martha Washington College
1LibrariansVA, Washington Co, Abingdon, Public Library
3TeachersVA, Washington Co, Abingdon, Stonewall Jackson Institute
2OthersVA, Washington Co, Emory And Henry College
2Board of EducationVA, Waynesboro
1PrincipalsVA, Waynesboro
2Board of EducationVA, Williamsburg
1PrincipalsVA, Williamsburg
1School SuperintendentsVA, Williamsburg
10GraduatesVA, Williamsburg, College Of William And Mary
3LibrariansVA, Williamsburg, College Of William And Mary
1Board of EducationVA, Winchester
1PrincipalsVA, Winchester
2School SuperintendentsVA, Winchester
1TeachersVA, Winchester
2Board of EducationVA, Wise Co, Big Stone Gap
2TeachersVA, Wise Co, Big Stone Gap
1PrincipalsVA, Wise Co, Big Stone Gap, High School
1School SuperintendentsVA, Wise Co, Coeburn
1PrincipalsVA, Wise Co, Coeburn, High School
1PrincipalsVA, Wise Co, Wise, High School
1PrincipalsVA, Wythe Co, Rural Retreat, High School
2Board of EducationVA, Wythe Co, Wytheville
1School SuperintendentsVA, Wythe Co, Wytheville
1PrincipalsVA, Wythe Co, Wytheville, High School
1LibrariansVA, Wythe Co, Wytheville, Public Library

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07 Jan 2022Smith College Catalogue 1875-19152,7132,713
06 Jan 2022Norwich University, 1819-1911428428
03 Jan 2022American Library Directory, 19232,7612,761
31 Dec 2021Annual Report of Education, Philadelphia, 19114,4644,464
30 Dec 2021Annual Report of Education, Philadelphia, 18841,93076
29 Dec 2021Annual Report of Education, Philadelphia, 19013,7281
28 Dec 2021Public Schools of Philadelphia325
28 Dec 2021Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania327
26 Dec 2021American College and Public School Directory3,489146
23 Dec 2021Asst Postmasters General103
22 Dec 2021Official Congressional Directory, 18992593
21 Dec 2021Alumni directory of Peabody College 1877-19093,22536
20 Dec 2021Directory of Alumni and Non-graduates, Goucher College1,81460
19 Dec 2021Drexel Institute Of Technology 1891-194187
18 Dec 2021Register of New York State Library School4,218604
15 Dec 2021Illinois Newspaper Directory1,670
13 Dec 2021Biographical and historical catalogue of Washington and Jefferson College1,50622
06 Dec 2021General catalogue of the University of Rochester, 1850-19111,49288
04 Dec 2021Charlotte NC City Directory 19177,8271,332
01 Dec 2021Bellevue Hospital Medical College294
29 Nov 2021Western Railroads and Eastern Capital, 1872-94647
27 Nov 2021Biographical Directory of Michigan Railway Officials12,93710
17 Nov 2021Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials of America, 18853,8832
12 Nov 2021Directory to the Iron and Steel Works of the United States1,199
18 Oct 2021Revolutionary War Records945
18 Oct 2021Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Vols 1-177,020
06 Oct 2021Record of service of Connecticut men in the War of the Revolution492
04 Oct 2021American War of Independence At Sea2,412
09 Jun 2021City of Somerville Annual Reports 1911352
09 Jun 2021Somerville City Directory, 1889153
08 Jun 2021Salem City Directory, 1881102
08 Jun 2021Haverhill City Directory, 1902222
06 Jun 2021Worcester City Directory, 19107243
27 May 2021San Francisco City Directory, 18952,82529
24 May 2021Detroit City Directory, 19131,762
23 May 2021Houston City Directory, 1918759
19 May 2021Chicago Medical Directory, 1905759
19 May 2021North Adams City Directory, 1917138
18 May 2021Medical Directory of Greater Boston, 1915-19165,361148
13 May 2021Medical Directory of Greater Boston, 19101,7479
12 May 2021Portland City Directory, 1912337
10 May 2021Boston City Directory, 1855185
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 18801,0721
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 1870531
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 19001,9304
01 May 2021Boston City Directory, 19165,1313
30 Apr 2021Springfield City Directory, 1915608
29 Apr 2021Newton City Directory, 1909264
29 Apr 2021Wilmington City Directory, 1918225
28 Apr 2021Wilmington City Directory, 19021,364
24 Apr 2021History of the Boston Fire Department442
20 Apr 2021added 'Foodie', 'Clothier', 'Police/Firemen', 'Hospitality' types
18 Apr 2021Los Angeles City Directory, 191556,92881
07 Apr 2021South Bend City Directory, 1921449
06 Apr 2021Saginaw City Directory, 1921355
03 Apr 2021Dallas City Directory, 19099,0522
01 Apr 2021Manchester City Directory, 1915210
01 Apr 2021Worcester City Directory, 1889277
01 Apr 2021Lowell, MA City Documents, 187568