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Historical Record Lists; State: VA; County: Charlottesville
ProfessorsFrancis Harris 1926VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesActius M. 1868VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
OthersEdwin Anderson 1904VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia, President
TeachersFred 1920-1922VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesAlbert 1888VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJ. B. 1888VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesR. W. 1854VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn S. 1867VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesWilliam A. 1869VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJ. W. 1867VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesE. H. C. 1848VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesRobert W. 1887VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesS. Chandler 1888VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJ. D. 1902VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn M. 1878VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
TeachersSamuel Jackson 1895-1896VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesKemp P. 1881VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesM. M. 1885VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesW. A. 1834VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsRobert Bennett 1916VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesSamuel C. 1853VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesArthur P. 1870VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesGeorge W. 1871VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesRobert A. 1882VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesW. A. 1856VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesWilliam A. 1856VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesV. C. 1881VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesHarvey 1849VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesBenjamin 1854VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesC. M. 1888VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsJohn Jay 1907-1914VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJames E. 1856VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsAlbert T. 1853-1861VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesE. D. 1877VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsRosser Daniel 1883-1884VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesE. D. 1883VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesWilliam D. 1867VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesG. A. 1873VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJames 1874VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesP. B. 1871VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesFrancis Henry 1854VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
TeachersJoseph Russell 1926VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesRockwell Smith 1899VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsAndrew Jackson 1870VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJ. G. 1849VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJames Maclin 1899-1900VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn M. 1888VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesAlmon 1865VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesSwepson T. 1889VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesBenjamin W. 1886VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJames A. 1871VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
TeachersWade Hampton 1907-1908VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsWilliam George 1883-1885VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJoseph H. 1877VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesS. B. 1879VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsCharles Henry 1906-1908VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesHenry Edward 1861VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsCharles Metcalfe 1906-1909VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesAylett J. 1887VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn R. 1850VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesRobert G. 1831VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesS. H. 1837VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesOonglas C. 1859VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn D. 1872VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
TeachersFrank 1909-1911VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesC. V. 1889VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesG. W. 1859VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesC. K. 1858VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn B. 1888VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesEustathius A. 1876VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesHugh T. 1889VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesRobert B. 1870VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesW. G. 1889VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesWilliam G. 1889VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn 1883VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn Herbert 1849VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesAbram I. 1845VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesCharles T. 1872VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesFugate 1861VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesTaliaferro 1890VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
LibrariansHarry 1927-1933VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesLucius C. 1859VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesCarter S. 1887VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn E. 1882VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesHenry P. 1877VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsEdward H. 1842-1853VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesDavid 1884VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn W. 1875VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJ. L. 1853VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesAlbert Bruce 1879VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesWilliam O. 1888VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsRichard Heath 1897-1914VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesRobert Lewis 1842VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesSamuel Gordon 1882VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesWilliam C. 1868VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesW. G. 1856VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesP. S. 1854VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesPowhatan S. 1854VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsEdwin Preston 1906VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
LibrariansAnna Pipes 1931-1933VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
LibrariansCaroline Hill 1931-1933VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesCharles G. 1873VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsCharles Woodward 1912-1913VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn S. 1889VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsKary Cadmus 1908-1913VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsNoah Knowles 1873-1906VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesR. Frank 1876VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesS. Seibert 1875VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesSmith Seibert 1875VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJ. Harvie 1867VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesFrederick N. 1867VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn W. 1875VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesWilliam S. 1846VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
LibrariansMary Louise 1911-1933VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesR. Edmond 1891VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesHenry H. 1882VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesAndrew C. 1875VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesWilliam E. 1883VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsRobley 1824-1833VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
TeachersOtto 1896-1897VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn N. 1843VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJames E. 1854VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsFrancis Perry 1898VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesPhilip P. 1846VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesSampson 1856VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJoseph B. 1886VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsWilliam Holding 1891VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesT. W. 1874VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn C. 1853VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesEdward 1880-1882VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesM. T. 1872VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJoseph B. 1876VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn D. 1880VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJ. M. 1846VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesE. B. 1871VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsJohn Augustine English 1908-1910VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn M. 1881VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesWilliam F. 1888VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesEdward E. 1879VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesW. F. 1868VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesWilliam C. 1881VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesHenry S. 1887VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJ. A. 1842VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsWilliam M. 1898VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesC. Frank 1876VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJames Lewis 1870VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsRaymond 1917-1918VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn H. 1836VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesWilliam W. 1879VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn H. 1889VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesRichard W. 1872VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn Mutius 1858VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
OthersHerbert Draper 1900-1901VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia, YMCA, Secretary
GraduatesSamuel H. 1889VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesAlgernon S. 1855VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesR. H. 1885VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesCharles G. 1884VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJames L. 1851VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesWilliam C. 1876VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesRobert 1878VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesB. W. 1880VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesBurleigh 1868VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn C. 1854VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesMarion 1870VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesEdward Lee 1898VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJohn T. 1888VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsJohn Sharshall 1908-1916VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesPeyton B. 1885VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ProfessorsRobert Egglesfield 1837-1839VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesAlexander S. 1858VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJ. E. 1883VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesAlfred E. 1872VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesW. S. 1850VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
TeachersDavid Vance 1908-1911VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesLomax 1889VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJames Edward 1893VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesWilliam Emmet 1892VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesF. McCue 1883VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJ. L. 1846VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesF. R. 1881VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesThomas A. 1854VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesBenjamin 1883VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
ChaplainsDarney Carr 1857-1859VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesEdmund 1861VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesGeorge B. 1879VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesGeorge T. 1856VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJames F. 1873VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
OthersJames F. 1886VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia, Chairman, Med Dept
GraduatesVirginius W. 1886VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesVirginus W. 1887VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesRichard H. 1874VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesW. F. 1889VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesWalker A. 1866VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
TeachersCornelius Jacobs 1908-1909VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesCharles Robert 1871VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesT. R. 1878VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
TeachersJoseph Cawdell 1896-1897VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesCharles T. 1874VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesJames Conway 1859VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia
GraduatesM. C. 1869VACharlottesvilleUniversity of Virginia

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Most Recent Entries
5OthersVA, Alexandria, Alexandria Gas Light Co
1BankersVA, Alexandria, First National Bank of Alexandria
2OthersVA, Alexandria, N. Lindsey and Co
1OthersVA, Alleghany Co, Clifton Forge, Clifton Forge Light and Water Co
1OthersVA, Alleghany Co, Low Moor, Ashland Iron and Mining Co
1OthersVA, Alleghany Co, Low Moor, Low Moor Iron Co of Virginia
1OthersVA, Bath Co, Hot Springs, Virginia Hot Springs Co
1OthersVA, Bristol, Cumberland Co
1RailroadsVA, Bristol, Virginia and Southwestern Railway
1OthersVA, Bristol, Virginia Iron Coal and Coke Co
1OthersVa, Brunswick Co, Kress, F. J. Kress Box Co
1OthersVA, Buchanan Co, Whitewood, C. L. Ritter Lumber Co
1OthersVA, Charlottesville, Charlottesville Woolen Mills
3OthersVA, Charlottesville, City Gas Works of Charlottesville
1OthersVA, Chesapeake, Deep Creek, Lake Drummond Canal and Water Co
2BankersVA, Danville, Border Grange Bank
2OthersVA, Danville, Danville Water and Gas Department
1OthersVA, Fauquier Co, Warrenton, J. G. White and Co
2OthersVA, Franklin City, Albemarle Steam Navigation Co
1OthersVA, Franklin Co, Rocky Mount, Hudson and Middlesex Telephone and Telegraph Co
3OthersVA, Fredericksburg, Citizens Gas Co of Fredericksburg
1OthersVA, Hampton, Chelan Consolidated Copper Co
1OthersVA, Hampton, Hampton, Phoebus and Fort Monroe Gas Co
1OthersVA, Loudoun Co, Ashburn, Inspiration Copper Co
1OthersVA, Loudoun Co, Leesburg, Leesburg Electric Co
1RailroadsVA, Lynchburg, American Railway
3OthersVA, Lynchburg, Lynchburg Gas Light Co
1OthersVA, Lynchburg, Lynchburg Traction and Light Co
1RailroadsVA, Lynchburg, Richmond and Allegheny Railroad
1OthersVA, Lynchburg, Roanoke Traction and Light Co
1OthersVA, Nelson Co, Oak Ridge, Cumberland Co
2RailroadsVA, Newport News, Citizens Railway, Light and Power Co
2OthersVA, Newport News, Hampton, Phoebus and Fort Monroe Gas Co
1OthersVA, Newport News, National Water Supply Co
1OthersVA, Newport News, Newport News Light and Water Co
1OthersVA, Norfolk, Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal Co
1OthersVA, Norfolk, American Ordnance Co
1OthersVA, Norfolk, City Gas Co of Norfolk
4OthersVA, Norfolk, City Gas Light Co of Norfolk
2OthersVA, Norfolk, F. S. Royster Guano Co
1OthersVA, Norfolk, Hampton, Phoebus and Fort Monroe Gas Co
2OthersVA, Norfolk, Norfolk and Portsmouth Traction Co
1OthersVA, Norfolk, Norfolk County Water Co
2RailroadsVA, Norfolk, Norfolk Railway and Light Co
1OthersVA, Norfolk, Selma Lighting Co
1OthersVA, Norfolk, Superior Water, Light and Power Co
1RailroadsVA, Norfolk, Virginia Railway and Power Co
1RailroadsVA, Norfolk, Virginian Railway
1OthersVA, Petersburg, Petersburg Gas Co
3OthersVA, Petersburg, Petersburg Gas Light Co
2OthersVA, Portsmouth, Portsmouth Gas Co
1OthersVA, Pulaski Co, Pulaski, Virginia Iron Coal and Coke Co
2OthersVA, Richmond City, Chesapeake and Ohio Grain Elevator Co
1RailroadsVA, Richmond City, Citizens Railway, Light and Power Co
1OthersVA, Richmond City, Lanston Monotype Machine Co
1OthersVA, Richmond City, Lynchburg and Abingdon Telegraph Co
1OthersVA, Richmond City, Marlboro Cotton Mills
1OthersVA, Richmond City, New River Co
1OthersVA, Richmond City, Norfolk and Portsmouth Traction Co
2OthersVA, Richmond City, Old Dominion Iron and Nail Works Co
2OthersVA, Richmond City, Sloss-Sheffield Steel and Iron Co
1OthersVA, Richmond City, Southern Cotton Oil Co
1RailroadsVA, Richmond City, United Smelters, Railway and Copper Co
1OthersVA, Richmond City, Virginia Hot Springs Co
2RailroadsVA, Richmond City, Virginia Railway and Power Co
1OthersVA, Richmond City, Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co
1RailroadsVA, Roanoke City Co, Roanoke, Norfolk and Western Railway
1OthersVA, Roanoke City Co, Roanoke, Pocahontas Coal and Coke Co
4OthersVA, Roanoke City Co, Roanoke, Roanoke Gas and Water Co
1OthersVA, Roanoke City Co, Roanoke, Roanoke Traction and Light Co
3OthersVA, Roanoke City Co, Roanoke, Virginia Co
1OthersVA, Roanoke City Co, Roanoke, Virginia Land Co
2BankersVA, Shenandoah Co, Mt Jackson, Mt Jackson National Bank
1OthersVA, Smyth Co, Saltville, Matheson Alkali Works
1OthersVA, Staunton, Augusta Electric Co
2OthersVA, Staunton, Blue Ridge Light and Power Co
3OthersVA, Staunton, Staunton Gas Co
2OthersVA, Suffolk, Hampton, Phoebus and Fort Monroe Gas Co
5OthersVA, Suffolk, Suffolk Gas Co
1OthersVA, Warren Co, Riverton, Security Cement and Lime Co
1OthersVA, Williamsburg, Loveland Citizens Electric Co
3OthersVA, Winchester, Winchester Gas Co

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18 Oct 2022Report of the Board of DC Public Schools, 1873-4133
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17 Oct 2022Annual Reports of the President of Bryn Mawr College, 1917-1918393
17 Oct 2022Annual Reports of the President of Bryn Mawr College, 1906-19114151
16 Oct 2022Annual catalogue of the State Teachers College, Indiana, PA478
14 Oct 2022History and reunion of Falley seminary137
13 Oct 2022Boys High School, Frederick MD75
11 Oct 2022First fifty years of Cazenovia Seminary, 1825-187511,011
11 Oct 2022McKinley Manual Training School, 1914126
05 Oct 2022Manual of the Public Schools of the District of Columbia, 1920-19212,430
03 Oct 2022The American Blue Book of Biography: Prominent Americans of 19192,79133
28 Sep 2022Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials, 192211,27498
19 Sep 2022Army List and Directory1,856
19 Sep 2022World Cotton Centennial66
17 Sep 2022Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials of America, 19018,30348
07 Sep 2022Records of Officers dn Men of NJ in the Civil War253
07 Sep 2022Massachusetts soldiers, sailors, and marines in the civil war, V12,230
07 Sep 2022Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in the Civil War, V25,058
07 Sep 2022Roster of North Carolina troops in the war between the states4,466
03 Sep 2022Worlds Columbian Exposition Directory1,390
03 Sep 2022Battle of Opequan513
31 Aug 2022Officers and Graduates of the US Military Academy, V411,4521
29 Aug 2022Battle of Stones River565
29 Aug 2022Battle of Little Bighorn75
27 Aug 2022Officers and Graduates of the US Military Academy, v35,956
25 Aug 2022Battle of Perryville330
25 Aug 2022Battle of the Wilderness616
25 Aug 2022Charles Sumner Museum & Archives71
25 Aug 2022Battle of Antietam1,054
25 Aug 2022Battle of Gettysburg1,932
25 Aug 2022American Civil War, Thomas Legion Site686
23 Aug 2022Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navigation Lines107
22 Aug 2022Military Record of Civilian Appointments in the US Army7,260
18 Aug 2022Officers and Graduates of the US Military Academy, V19,6141