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Historical Record Lists; State: TX; County: McLennan Co
GraduatesMary 1909TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesMary 1911TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesSamuel Joseph 1886TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
OthersReddin 1885-1886TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University, President
ProfessorsReddin 1886-1888TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesEdward 1900-1903TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsDecatur Boynton 1894-1897TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsKenneth Hazen 1892-1894TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
OthersGeorge Washington 1861-1863TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University, President
ProfessorsRalph Vandervort 1920-1922TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesJohn Wesley 1920TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesJames Austin 1876TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesWilliam Daniel 1899TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
OthersSamuel Palmer 1902-1931TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University, President
TeachersRoy D. 1925TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsWilburn Jefferson 1861-1862TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesWilliam Herschel 1886TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsThomas Ford 1894-1896TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersMiriam 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
OthersRufus Columbus 1851-1861TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University, President
OthersRufus Columbus 1886-1897TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University, President
ProfessorsWilliam Jephtha 1913-1919TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesAlexander Colton 1871TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsDavid Wendel Jr 1919TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesEdward Lyon 1899TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesWalter Thomas 1906TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesJoshua Flood 1868TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
OthersOscar Henry 1899-1902TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University, President
GraduatesCharles Henry 1881TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsPowell Hill 1889TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
OthersWilliam Carey 1864-1885TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University, President
ProfessorsWaverly Bayard 1902-1907TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsByron Hoover 1901-1904TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesArthur Beriah 1894TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesCharles Edwin Willoughby 1878TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesJames Franklin 1877TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesCharles Aubrey 1900TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersJoseph Montgomery 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesEverett Hanks 1916TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsWilliam Henry 1886-1888TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesSimeon Maxwell 1885TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesTheron Judson 1918TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsWilliam Beverly 1882-1884TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersFred Elmer 1904-1907TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesHenry Crete 1890TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersMartha Rosalie 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsWilby T. 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
OthersHenry Lee 1846-1851TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University, President
ProfessorsKate 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersKatherine 1919TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersFrancis Gevrier 1919TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesOlive 1903TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsArthur Jackson 1915TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesWilliam Alexander 1896TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersJefferson Whitfield 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesPinckney 1860TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsVirgil Byron 1881-1882TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsWilliam Asbury 1893-1901TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsJoseph Elmer 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesSamuel Augustus 1880TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsTheodore 1878-1882TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesTheodore 1882TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesAdoniram Judson 1888TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsHoyt Stilson 1921-1923TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesJames R. 1876TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsWilliam Earnest 1891-1893TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsJesse Breland 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersMargaret Lucretia 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesEustace Eugene 1897TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsHarry Tom 1893-1894TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesJohn Charles Fremont 1888TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersSallie 1916TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
LibrariansRussell 1923-1924TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
LibrariansWillard Potter 1914-1919TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
OthersJohn M. 2006-2008TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University, President
GraduatesGeorge Augustus 1877TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsWilliam Henry Jr 1878-1888TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsWilliam Henry Jr 1888-1893TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsJohn Hill 1892-1894TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsWilliam Jasper 1891-1894TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesJoseph C. 1881TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsLillie Louise 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsWilder Richard 1867-1868TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
OthersAbner Vernon 1961-1981TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University, President
StudentsLouis Basset 1897-1899TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsCarrie Lee 1893-1897TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsLauren Joseph 1919TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesJohn William 1908TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesSilas Lawrence 1883-1887TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesEarl 1910-1912TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesGertrude Matthews 1903TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesJohn Decatur 1878TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsPat M. 1888-1893TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
OthersPat Morris 1932-1947TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University, President
GraduatesJohn W. 1884TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesAustin Everett 1884TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsLula 1919TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsBurette Winston 1889-1890TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesCharles Scroggin 1909TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsWilliam 1891-1896TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsJeff Davis 1880-1882TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesJeff Davis 1882TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersAlbert Lee Jr 1927-1928TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
OthersHerbert H. 1981-1995TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University, President
TeachersFred Terry 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersDorothy 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsMattie Douglass 1896-1898TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsWalter Francis 1892-1893TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
StudentsJoseph Duty 1897-1898TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesWilliam 1860TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
OthersRobert B., Jr 1995-2005TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University, President
GraduatesJohn Franklin 1857TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesJohn Thaddeus 1887TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
LibrariansF. K. 1923TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersEschol 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsJosiah Blake 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesErnest Gale 1893TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesGeorge W. 1897TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
OthersWilliam D. 2005-2006TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University, President
StudentsJohn Burrows 1891-1893TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
TeachersMaude 1908-1909TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
OthersWilliam R. 1948-1961TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University, President
GraduatesWilliam A. 1896TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
GraduatesAlexander 1891TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University
ProfessorsJames Martin 1910-1919TXMcLennan CoWaco, Baylor University

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Most Recent Entries
2Board of EducationTX, Angelina Co, Lufkin
2School SuperintendentsTX, Angelina Co, Lufkin
1PrincipalsTX, Angelina Co, Lufkin, High School
1PrincipalsTX, Austin Co, Bellville, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Bastrop Co, Elgin
1School SuperintendentsTX, Bastrop Co, Elgin
1OthersTX, Bexar Co, San Antonio, Draughons Practical Business College
1PrincipalsTX, Bowie Co, Texarkana, Business College
1PrincipalsTX, Burnet Co, Burnet, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Caldwell Co, Lockhart
1School SuperintendentsTX, Caldwell Co, Lockhart
1PrincipalsTX, Caldwell Co, Lockhart, high School
2Board of EducationTX, Caldwell Co, Luling
1School SuperintendentsTX, Caldwell Co, Luling
1PrincipalsTX, Caldwell Co, Luling, High School
1PrincipalsTX, Cameron Co, Brownsville, High School
5TeachersTX, Cherokee Co, Jacksonville
1PrincipalsTX, Childress Co, Childress, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Clay Co, Henrietta
1School SuperintendentsTX, Clay Co, Henrietta
2PrincipalsTX, Clay Co, Henrietta, High School
1PrincipalsTX, Coleman Co, Coleman, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Collin Co, Farmersville
1School SuperintendentsTX, Collin Co, Farmersville
1PrincipalsTX, Colorado Co, Columbus, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Colorado Co, Eagle Lake
1School SuperintendentsTX, Colorado Co, Eagle Lake
2Board of EducationTX, Coryell Co, Gatesville
2Board of EducationTX, Dallam Co, Dalhart
1School SuperintendentsTX, Dallam Co, Dalhart
1PrincipalsTX, Dallam Co, Dalhart, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Dallas Co, Dallas
1School SuperintendentsTX, Dallas Co, Dallas
15TeachersTX, Dallas Co, Dallas
1OthersTX, Dallas Co, Dallas, Draughons Practical Business College
2Board of EducationTX, Dallas Co, Lancaster
1School SuperintendentsTX, Dallas Co, Lancaster
2Board of EducationTX, Deaf Smith Co, Hereford
2School SuperintendentsTX, Deaf Smith Co, Hereford
1PrincipalsTX, DeWitt Co, Cuero, High School
2Board of EducationTX, El Paso Co, El Paso
3School SuperintendentsTX, El Paso Co, El Paso
6TeachersTX, El Paso Co, El Paso
1OthersTX, El Paso Co, El Paso, Draughons Practical Business College
1PrincipalsTX, El Paso Co, El Paso, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Ellis Co, Ennis
1School SuperintendentsTX, Ellis Co, Ennis
1PrincipalsTX, Ellis Co, Ennis, High School
1School SuperintendentsTX, Ellis Co, Ferris
2Board of EducationTX, Ellis Co, Italy
1School SuperintendentsTX, Ellis Co, Italy
2Board of EducationTX, Erath Co, Dublin
1School SuperintendentsTX, Erath Co, Dublin
2Board of EducationTX, Falls Co, Lott
1School SuperintendentsTX, Falls Co, Lott
1PrincipalsTX, Fannin Co, Bonham, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Fannin Co, Honey Grove
2School SuperintendentsTX, Fannin Co, Honey Grove
2PrincipalsTX, Fannin Co, Honey Grove, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Fannin Co, Ladonia
2School SuperintendentsTX, Fannin Co, Ladonia
1School SuperintendentsTX, Fayette Co, Flatonia
2Board of EducationTX, Fisher Co, Hamlin
1School SuperintendentsTX, Fisher Co, Hamlin
1School SuperintendentsTX, Floyd Co, Floydada
1PrincipalsTX, Foard Co, Crowell, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Galveston Co, Galveston
2School SuperintendentsTX, Galveston Co, Galveston
8TeachersTX, Galveston Co, Galveston
1PrincipalsTX, Galveston Co, Galveston, Business College
1OthersTX, Galveston Co, Galveston, Draughons Practical Business College
2OthersTX, Galveston Co, Galveston, St Marys University
2OthersTX, Galveston Co, Galveston, University of Texas
2Board of EducationTX, Gillespie Co, Fredericksburg
1School SuperintendentsTX, Gillespie Co, Fredericksburg
2Board of EducationTX, Gonzales Co, Gonzales
1School SuperintendentsTX, Gonzales Co, Gonzales
2Board of EducationTX, Grayson Co, Denison
2School SuperintendentsTX, Grayson Co, Denison
1OthersTX, Grayson Co, Denison, Draughons Practical Business College
2Board of EducationTX, Gregg Co, Longview
1School SuperintendentsTX, Gregg Co, Longview
2PrincipalsTX, Gregg Co, Longview, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Hamilton Co, Hico
1School SuperintendentsTX, Hamilton Co, Hico
2Board of EducationTX, Harris Co, Houston
2School SuperintendentsTX, Harris Co, Houston
2Board of EducationTX, Harris Co, Houston Heights
1School SuperintendentsTX, Harris Co, Houston Heights
1OthersTX, Harris Co, Houston, Draughon Business College
1PrincipalsTX, Harris Co, Houston, North Side Jr High School
2Board of EducationTX, Harris Co, La Porte
1School SuperintendentsTX, Harris Co, La Porte
2Board of EducationTX, Haskell Co, Haskell
1School SuperintendentsTX, Haskell Co, Haskell
2Board of EducationTX, Hill Co, Hillsboro
1School SuperintendentsTX, Hill Co, Hillsboro
2PrincipalsTX, Hill Co, Hubbard, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Hood Co, Granbury
1School SuperintendentsTX, Hood Co, Granbury
1PrincipalsTX, Hood Co, Granbury, High School
1PrincipalsTX, Houston Co, Crockett, High School
1PrincipalsTX, Hunt Co, Commerce, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Hunt Co, Greenville
1School SuperintendentsTX, Hunt Co, Greenville
1PrincipalsTX, Hunt Co, Greenville, Business College
2Board of EducationTX, Jack Co, Jacksboro
1School SuperintendentsTX, Jack Co, Jacksboro
2Board of EducationTX, Jackson Co, Edna
1School SuperintendentsTX, Jackson Co, Edna
2TeachersTX, Jackson Co, Edna
1PrincipalsTX, Jackson Co, Edna, High School
1PrincipalsTX, Jefferson Co, Beaumont, High School
1PrincipalsTX, Johnson Co, Cleburne, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Karnes Co, Kenedy
1School SuperintendentsTX, Karnes Co, Kenedy
2Board of EducationTX, Kaufman Co, Forney
1School SuperintendentsTX, Kaufman Co, Forney
2Board of EducationTX, Kaufman Co, Kaufman
1School SuperintendentsTX, Kaufman Co, Kaufman
2Board of EducationTX, Kerr Co, Kerrville
2School SuperintendentsTX, Kerr Co, Kerrville
5TeachersTX, Kerr Co, Kerrville
2Board of EducationTX, King Co, Guthrie
1School SuperintendentsTX, King Co, Guthrie
2Board of EducationTX, Kleberg Co, Kingsville
1School SuperintendentsTX, Kleberg Co, Kingsville
1Board of EducationTX, Lampasas Co, Lampasas
1School SuperintendentsTX, Lampasas Co, Lampasas
1School SuperintendentsTX, Lavaca Co, Hallettsville
2Board of EducationTX, Lee Co, Giddings
1School SuperintendentsTX, Lee Co, Giddings
3TeachersTX, Lee Co, Giddings
2Board of EducationTX, Limestone Co, Groesbeck
1School SuperintendentsTX, Limestone Co, Groesbeck
2Board of EducationTX, Llano Co, Llano
1School SuperintendentsTX, Llano Co, Llano
2Board of EducationTX, Lubbock Co, Lubbock
1School SuperintendentsTX, Lubbock Co, Lubbock
2Board of EducationTX, Marion Co, Jefferson
2School SuperintendentsTX, Marion Co, Jefferson
2Board of EducationTX, Maverick Co, Eagle Pass
1School SuperintendentsTX, Maverick Co, Eagle Pass
2Board of EducationTX, Medina Co, Hondo
1School SuperintendentsTX, Medina Co, Hondo
2Board of EducationTX, Mills Co, Goldthwaite
1School SuperintendentsTX, Mills Co, Goldthwaite
1PrincipalsTX, Montague Co, Bowie, High School
1PrincipalsTX, Montgomery Co, Conroe, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Morris Co, Daingerfield
1School SuperintendentsTX, Morris Co, Daingerfield
1PrincipalsTX, Navarro Co, Corsicana, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Navarro Co, Kerens
1School SuperintendentsTX, Navarro Co, Kerens
1PrincipalsTX, Nueces Co, Bishop, High School
1PrincipalsTX, Nueces Co, Corpus Christi, high School
1PrincipalsTX, Panola Co, Carthage, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Red River Co, Detroit
1School SuperintendentsTX, Red River Co, Detroit
1PrincipalsTX, Red River Co, Detroit, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Robertson Co, Hearne
1School SuperintendentsTX, Robertson Co, Hearne
2Board of EducationTX, Rusk Co, Henderson
1School SuperintendentsTX, Rusk Co, Henderson
2Board of EducationTX, Tarrant Co, Fort Worth
3School SuperintendentsTX, Tarrant Co, Fort Worth
7TeachersTX, Tarrant Co, Fort Worth
1OthersTX, Tarrant Co, Fort Worth, Brantley-Draughon Business College
1PrincipalsTX, Tarrant Co, Fort Worth, High School
1OthersTX, Tarrant Co, Fort Worth, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
4OthersTX, Tarrant Co, Fort Worth, Texas Christian University
1School SuperintendentsTX, Tarrant Co, Grapevine
1OthersTX, Taylor Co, Abilene, Draughons Practical Business College
2Board of EducationTX, Trinity Co, Groveton
1School SuperintendentsTX, Trinity Co, Groveton
2Board of EducationTX, Upshur Co, Gilmer
1School SuperintendentsTX, Upshur Co, Gilmer
2PrincipalsTX, Upshur Co, Gilmer, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Val Verde Co, Del Rio
1School SuperintendentsTX, Val Verde Co, Del Rio
2Board of EducationTX, Walker Co, Huntsville
1School SuperintendentsTX, Walker Co, Huntsville
2PrincipalsTX, Walker Co, Huntsville, Sam Houston Normal Institute
2Board of EducationTX, Waller Co, Hempstead
1School SuperintendentsTX, Waller Co, Hempstead
1PrincipalsTX, Washington Co, Brenham, High School
2Board of EducationTX, Webb Co, Laredo
1School SuperintendentsTX, Webb Co, Laredo
2Board of EducationTX, Wharton Co, El Campo
1School SuperintendentsTX, Wharton Co, El Campo
2PrincipalsTX, Williamson Co, Georgetown
2OthersTX, Williamson Co, Georgetown, Southwestern University
2Board of EducationTX, Williamson Co, Granger
1School SuperintendentsTX, Williamson Co, Granger
2Board of EducationTX, Wilson Co, Floresville
1School SuperintendentsTX, Wilson Co, Floresville
1PrincipalsTX, Wise Co, Bridgeport, High School
3Board of EducationTX, Wise Co, Decatur
1School SuperintendentsTX, Wise Co, Decatur
1PrincipalsTX, Wise Co, Decatur, High School

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11 Jan 2022Pattersons American Educational Directory, 192012,05412,054
07 Jan 2022Smith College Catalogue 1875-19152,7102,710
06 Jan 2022Norwich University, 1819-1911428428
03 Jan 2022American Library Directory, 19232,6642,664
31 Dec 2021Annual Report of Education, Philadelphia, 19114,4644,464
30 Dec 2021Annual Report of Education, Philadelphia, 18841,9281,928
29 Dec 2021Annual Report of Education, Philadelphia, 19013,7283,728
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28 Dec 2021Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania327327
26 Dec 2021American College and Public School Directory3,4052,681
23 Dec 2021Asst Postmasters General103
22 Dec 2021Official Congressional Directory, 1899259128
21 Dec 2021Alumni directory of Peabody College 1877-19093,21939
20 Dec 2021Directory of Alumni and Non-graduates, Goucher College1,81374
19 Dec 2021Drexel Institute Of Technology 1891-194187
18 Dec 2021Register of New York State Library School4,217606
15 Dec 2021Illinois Newspaper Directory1,670
13 Dec 2021Biographical and historical catalogue of Washington and Jefferson College1,50121
06 Dec 2021General catalogue of the University of Rochester, 1850-19111,48791
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01 Dec 2021Bellevue Hospital Medical College294
29 Nov 2021Western Railroads and Eastern Capital, 1872-94647
27 Nov 2021Biographical Directory of Michigan Railway Officials12,9369
17 Nov 2021Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials of America, 18853,8832
12 Nov 2021Directory to the Iron and Steel Works of the United States1,199
18 Oct 2021Revolutionary War Records945
18 Oct 2021Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Vols 1-177,020
06 Oct 2021Record of service of Connecticut men in the War of the Revolution492
04 Oct 2021American War of Independence At Sea2,412
09 Jun 2021City of Somerville Annual Reports 1911352
09 Jun 2021Somerville City Directory, 1889153
08 Jun 2021Salem City Directory, 1881102
08 Jun 2021Haverhill City Directory, 1902222
06 Jun 2021Worcester City Directory, 19107243
27 May 2021San Francisco City Directory, 18952,82244
24 May 2021Detroit City Directory, 19131,762
23 May 2021Houston City Directory, 1918759
19 May 2021Chicago Medical Directory, 1905759
19 May 2021North Adams City Directory, 1917138
18 May 2021Medical Directory of Greater Boston, 1915-19165,361148
13 May 2021Medical Directory of Greater Boston, 19101,7479
12 May 2021Portland City Directory, 19123378
10 May 2021Boston City Directory, 1855185
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 18801,0721
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 1870531
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 19001,9304
01 May 2021Boston City Directory, 19165,1285
30 Apr 2021Springfield City Directory, 1915608
29 Apr 2021Newton City Directory, 1909264
29 Apr 2021Wilmington City Directory, 1918225
28 Apr 2021Wilmington City Directory, 19021,364
24 Apr 2021History of the Boston Fire Department442
20 Apr 2021added 'Foodie', 'Clothier', 'Police/Firemen', 'Hospitality' types
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