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Historical Record Lists; State: PA; County: Montgomery Co
ProfessorsWilliam Henry 1908-1910PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsAda Hart 1919PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansBessie 1893-1896PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansFlorence Garrett Sellers 1929-1930PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansMary Ellen 1908-1912PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsCharles Montague 1898-1900PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsJames 1906-1914PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsJames 1917PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsGeorge Aaron 1904-1922PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsFlorence 1895PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansFanny 1901-1903PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansHelen Ide 1926-1928PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
GraduatesHelen Dalton 1909PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsRoger Frederic 1912-1924PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
TeachersRhys 1916PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsMatilde 1919PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsJames McKeen 1886-1887PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansEva St Clair 1891-1892PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsSamuel Claggett 1913PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsHermann 1886-1897PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsJames Ryals 1912-1917PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
TeachersRegina Katherine 1903PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsAllerton Seward 1899-1900PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsFonger 1897-1925PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsMortimer Lamson 1895-1898PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsJoseph Auguste 1891-1899PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsTenney 1904-1912PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsTenny 1905PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansHelen Corey 1912-1918PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansEdna Lucy 1906-1907PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
GraduatesJane Bowne 1891PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansJane Bowne 1895-1898PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsHollister Adelbert 1899-1900PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansJean 1902-1903PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansWinifred Arria 1905PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansJulia Anna 1899-1901PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsWilliam Bashf ord 1902PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsWilliam Bashford 1910PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
TeachersIda Henrietta 1891PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsDavid 1900PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansCharlotte May 1904-1906PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsKarl Detlev 1919PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansMary Letitia 1907-1908PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsLindley Miller 1894-1904PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsEdward Harrison 1885-1899PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
TeachersIda Augusta 1886-1887PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
OthersFrancis Thompson 1880-1891PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College, Trustee
TeachersGeorgiana Goddard 1916PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsElmer Peter 1892-1894PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
OthersEllen B. 1913PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College, secretary to the secretary
ProfessorsGonzalez 1889-1900PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansIsabel Ely 1897-1898PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsArthur Stanley 1891PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
OthersKatharine Elizabeth 1942-1970PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College, President
ProfessorsLouis Emil 1893-1903PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsBenjamin Leroy 1905PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsThomas Hunt 1891-1904PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansMay 1917-1918PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansIsadore Gilbert 1903-1908PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
GraduatesMary Isabelle 1907PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansMary Isabelle 1918-1922PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
OthersEllen Seton 1898-1901PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College, Junior Bursar
ProfessorsDaniel Webster 1907-1908PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansHenrietta Raymer 1889-1890PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
GraduatesHenrietta Raymer 1893PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
OthersMarion Edwards 1922-1942PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College, President
TeachersHelen Huss 1916PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
TeachersFlorence 1911PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsAnna Johnson 1919PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsCharles Albert 1887-1891PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansMarian 1911-1915PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansLois Antoinette 1913-1933PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
TeachersMarie 1909PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
OthersJames 1885-1894PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College, President
OthersJames E. 1891PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College, President
ProfessorsHorace Clark 1892-1893PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsAgnes Rutherford 1919PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsHenry Nevill 1902PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsCharlotte Angas 1885-1888PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansMinnie Earl 1903-1907PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansWillis Fuller 1894-1895PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansSara Wooster Eno 1912-1917PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsPaul 1885-1892PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsMoses Stephen 1887-1888PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsHerbert Weir 1888-1901PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsLeila Clement 1908-1909PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansMay Louise Prentiss 1900-1901PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
TeachersIsabelle 1910PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
TeachersMary Hamilton 1916PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsDavid Hill 1904-1905PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsDavid Hilt 1904-1911PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansMary Louise 1916-1917PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansMary Sayers 1899PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsM. Carey 1884-1885PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
OthersM. Carey 1894-1922PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College, President
GraduatesHelen Elizabeth 1897PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsJoseph Weatherhead 1891PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsClara Jean 1906-1907PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsArthur Leslie 1900-1905PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsEdmund Beecher 1885-1891PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsWoodrow 1885-1888PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
TeachersLightner 1896-1898PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
OthersHarris 1970-1978PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College, President
ProfessorsFrederick Warren 1910PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
LibrariansIda Faye 1904PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College
ProfessorsWilmer C. France 1919PAMontgomery CoBryn Mawr College

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Most Recent Entries
2Board of EducationPA, Adams Co, Gettysburg
3TeachersPA, Adams Co, Gettysburg
2OthersPA, Adams Co, Gettysburg, Lutheran Theological Seminary
1PrincipalsPA, Allegheny Co, Aspinwall, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Allegheny Co, Carnegie, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Allegheny Co, Coraopolis, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Allegheny Co, Crafton, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Allegheny Co, Duquesne
1School SuperintendentsPA, Allegheny Co, Duquesne
9TeachersPA, Allegheny Co, Duquesne
1PrincipalsPA, Allegheny Co, Duquesne, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Allegheny Co, East Pittsburgh
1School SuperintendentsPA, Allegheny Co, East Pittsburgh
2Board of EducationPA, Allegheny Co, Elizabeth
1School SuperintendentsPA, Allegheny Co, Elizabeth
2Board of EducationPA, Allegheny Co, Glassport
1OthersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Bridge Co
2Board of EducationPA, Armstrong Co, Ford City
2TeachersPA, Armstrong Co, Ford City
2Board of EducationPA, Armstrong Co, Kittanning
1School SuperintendentsPA, Armstrong Co, Kittanning
5TeachersPA, Armstrong Co, Kittanning
1PrincipalsPA, Armstrong Co, Kittanning, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Beaver Co, Baden, High School
1PrincipalsPa, Beaver Co, Beaver Falls, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Beaver Co, Beaver, High School
1OthersPA, Blair Co, Altoona, Business College
2Board of EducationPA, Blair Co, Hollidaysburg
1School SuperintendentsPA, Blair Co, Hollidaysburg
1PrincipalsPA, Bradford Co, Athens, High School
1OthersPA, Bradford Co, Towanda, Business College
1PrincipalsPA, Bucks Co, Bristol, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Bucks Co, Buckingham, High School
3TeachersPA, Bucks Co, Doylestown
1PrincipalsPA, Butler Co, Butler, Business College
1PrincipalsPA, Butler Co, Butler, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Cambria Co, Barnesboro, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Cambria Co, Conemaugh, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Cambria Co, Ebensburg
1School SuperintendentsPA, Cambria Co, Ebensburg
6PrincipalsPA, Cambria Co, Johnstown
9TeachersPA, Cambria Co, Johnstown
1PrincipalsPA, Cambria Co, Johnstown, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Carbon Co, Lansford
1School SuperintendentsPA, Carbon Co, Lansford
2Board of EducationPA, Carbon Co, Lehighton
1School SuperintendentsPA, Carbon Co, Lehighton
1PrincipalsPA, Carbon Co, Lehighton, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Centre Co, Bellefonte, High School
1OthersPA, Chester Co, Coatesville, Business College
1PrincipalsPA, Chester Co, Coatesville, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Chester Co, Downingtown
1School SuperintendentsPA, Chester Co, Downingtown
1PrincipalsPA, Chester Co, Downingtown, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Chester Co, Kennett Square
1PrincipalsPA, Chester Co, Kennett Square, High School
1OthersPA, Chester Co, West Chester, Business College
1PrincipalsPA, Clarion Co, Clarion, High School
5TeachersPA, Clearfield Co, Du Bois
2Board of EducationPA, Clinton Co, Lock Haven
2School SuperintendentsPA, Clinton Co, Lock Haven
2TeachersPA, Clinton Co, Lock Haven
1PrincipalsPA, Columbia Co, Berwick, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Crawford Co, Cambridge Springs, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Crawford Co, Meadville, Bryant and Stratton Business College
1PrincipalsPA, Cumberland Co, Carlisle, High School
9TeachersPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg
1OthersPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg, Conservatory of Music
3PrincipalsPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg, Harrisburg Academy
1PrincipalsPA, Delaware Co, Chester, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Delaware Co, Darby
1School SuperintendentsPA, Delaware Co, Darby
4TeachersPA, Delaware Co, Darby
1PrincipalsPA, Delaware Co, Darby, High School
2OthersPA, Delaware Co, Haverford, Haverford College
2Board of EducationPA, Delaware Co, Lansdowne
3TeachersPA, Delaware Co, Lansdowne
1PrincipalsPA, Delaware Co, Lansdowne, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Erie Co, Corry, High School
1School SuperintendentsPA, Erie Co, Edinboro
2PrincipalsPA, Erie Co, Edinboro, State Normal School
2Board of EducationPA, Erie Co, Erie
4TeachersPA, Erie Co, Erie
1PrincipalsPA, Erie Co, Erie, Business College
1PrincipalsPA, Franklin Co, Chambersburg, High School
1OthersPA, Franklin Co, Waynesboro, Business College
2Board of EducationPA, Huntingdon Co, Huntingdon
1School SuperintendentsPA, Huntingdon Co, Huntingdon
1PrincipalsPA, Huntingdon Co, Huntingdon, High School
2OthersPA, Huntingdon Co, Huntingdon, Juniata College
1PrincipalsPA, Indiana Co, Blairsville, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Indiana Co, Indiana
1School SuperintendentsPA, Indiana Co, Indiana
1PrincipalsPA, Indiana Co, Indiana, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Lackawanna Co, Archbald, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Lackawanna Co, Carbondale, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Lackawanna Co, Dickson City
1School SuperintendentsPA, Lackawanna Co, Dickson City
1PrincipalsPA, Lackawanna Co, Dickson City, High School
2School SuperintendentsPA, Lackawanna Co, Dunmore
4TeachersPA, Lackawanna Co, Dunmore
1OthersPA, Lackawanna Co, Scranton, Conservatory of Music
1PrincipalsPA, Lancaster Co, Columbia, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Lancaster Co, Elizabethtown
2Board of EducationPA, Lancaster Co, Ephrata
2Board of EducationPA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster
2School SuperintendentsPA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster
3TeachersPA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster
1PrincipalsPA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster, Boys High School
1PrincipalsPA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster, Shippen School
1PrincipalsPA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster, Yeates School
2Board of EducationPA, Lancaster Co, Lititz
1PrincipalsPA, Lancaster Co, Lititz, High School
2PrincipalsPA, Lancaster Co, Lititz, Linden Hall Seminary
1OthersPA, Lawrence Co, New Castle, Business College
2Board of EducationPA, Lebanon Co, Lebanon
2School SuperintendentsPA, Lebanon Co, Lebanon
6TeachersPA, Lebanon Co, Lebanon
1PrincipalsPA, Lebanon Co, Lebanon, Business College
1PrincipalsPA, Lebanon Co, Lebanon, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Luzerne Co, Duryea
1School SuperintendentsPA, Luzerne Co, Duryea
4TeachersPA, Luzerne Co, Duryea
1PrincipalsPA, Luzerne Co, Duryea, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Luzerne Co, Edwardsville
1School SuperintendentsPA, Luzerne Co, Edwardsville
2Board of EducationPA, Luzerne Co, Hazleton
2School SuperintendentsPA, Luzerne Co, Hazleton
6TeachersPA, Luzerne Co, Hazleton
1PrincipalsPA, Luzerne Co, Hazleton, Business College
1PrincipalsPA, Luzerne Co, Hazleton, High School
1OthersPA, Luzerne Co, Kingston, Wyoming Seminary
2Board of EducationPA, Luzerne Co, Larksville
1School SuperintendentsPA, Luzerne Co, Larksville
5TeachersPA, Luzerne Co, Larksville
1PrincipalsPA, Luzerne Co, Wilkes-Barre, Business College
2Board of EducationPA, Lycoming Co, Jersey Shore
1School SuperintendentsPA, Lycoming Co, Jersey Shore
1PrincipalsPA, Lycoming Co, Jersey Shore, High School
2Board of EducationPA, McKean Co, Kane
1School SuperintendentsPA, McKean Co, Kane
3TeachersPA, McKean Co, Kane
1PrincipalsPA, McKean Co, Kane, High School
2OthersPA, Mercer Co, Greenville, Thiel College
2Board of EducationPA, Mercer Co, Grove City
1School SuperintendentsPA, Mercer Co, Grove City
2TeachersPA, Mercer Co, Grove City
2OthersPA, Mercer Co, Grove City, Grove City College
1PrincipalsPA, Mifflin Co, Lewistown, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Monroe Co, East Stroudsburg
1School SuperintendentsPA, Monroe Co, East Stroudsburg
1PrincipalsPA, Monroe Co, East Stroudsburg, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Montgomery Co, Ardmore, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Montgomery Co, Collegeville, High School
5TeachersPA, Montgomery Co, Elkins Park
2Board of EducationPA, Montgomery Co, Hatboro
1PrincipalsPA, Montgomery Co, Haverford
2Board of EducationPA, Montgomery Co, Jenkintown
1School SuperintendentsPA, Montgomery Co, Jenkintown
6TeachersPA, Montgomery Co, Jenkintown
2PrincipalsPA, Montgomery Co, Jenkintown, Abington Friends School
1OthersPA, Montgomery Co, Pottstown, Business College
2Board of EducationPA, Montour Co, Danville
1School SuperintendentsPA, Montour Co, Danville
7TeachersPA, Northampton Co, Easton
1PrincipalsPA, Northampton Co, Easton, Easton Academy
1PrincipalsPA, Northampton Co, Easton, High School
1OthersPA, Philadelphia Co, Germantown, Franklin Secondary School
1PrincipalsPA, Philadelphia Co, Germantown, Friends School
4PrincipalsPA, Philadelphia Co, Germantown, Germantown Academy
1PrincipalsPA, Potter Co, Coudersport, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Potter Co, Galeton
2Board of EducationPA, Schuylkill Co, Girardville
1Board of EducationPA, Susquehanna Co, Forest City
1School SuperintendentsPA, Susquehanna Co, Forest City
2Board of EducationPA, Union Co, Lewisburg
1PrincipalsPA, Union Co, Lewisburg
2OthersPA, Union Co, Lewisburg, Bucknell University
15TeachersPA, Venango Co, Franklin
1PrincipalsPA, Venango Co, Franklin, High School
1OthersPA, Venango Co, Oil City, Business College
1OthersPA, Warren Co, Warren, Conservatory of Music
1PrincipalsPA, Washington Co, Canonsburg, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Washington Co, Charleroi, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Washington Co, Donora
5TeachersPA, Washington Co, Donora
1PrincipalsPA, Washington Co, Donora, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Washington Co, Hickory
2Board of EducationPA, Wayne Co, Honesdale
1PrincipalsPA, Wayne Co, Honesdale, High School
3TeachersPA, Westmoreland Co, Greensburg
1PrincipalsPA, Westmoreland Co, Greensburg, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Westmoreland Co, Latrobe
1School SuperintendentsPA, Westmoreland Co, Latrobe
2TeachersPA, Westmoreland Co, Latrobe
1PrincipalsPA, Westmoreland Co, Latrobe, High School
2Board of EducationPA, Westmoreland Co, Ligonier
1School SuperintendentsPA, Westmoreland Co, Ligonier
2PrincipalsPA, Wyoming Co, Factoryville, Keystone Academy
2PrincipalsPA, York Co, Fawn Grove, Fawn Grove Academy

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31 Dec 2021Annual Report of Education, Philadelphia, 19114,4644,464
30 Dec 2021Annual Report of Education, Philadelphia, 18841,9281,928
29 Dec 2021Annual Report of Education, Philadelphia, 19013,7283,728
28 Dec 2021Public Schools of Philadelphia325325
28 Dec 2021Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania327327
26 Dec 2021American College and Public School Directory3,4052,681
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22 Dec 2021Official Congressional Directory, 1899259128
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20 Dec 2021Directory of Alumni and Non-graduates, Goucher College1,81374
19 Dec 2021Drexel Institute Of Technology 1891-194187
18 Dec 2021Register of New York State Library School4,217606
15 Dec 2021Illinois Newspaper Directory1,670
13 Dec 2021Biographical and historical catalogue of Washington and Jefferson College1,50121
06 Dec 2021General catalogue of the University of Rochester, 1850-19111,48791
04 Dec 2021Charlotte NC City Directory 19177,8271,332
01 Dec 2021Bellevue Hospital Medical College294
29 Nov 2021Western Railroads and Eastern Capital, 1872-94647
27 Nov 2021Biographical Directory of Michigan Railway Officials12,9369
17 Nov 2021Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials of America, 18853,8832
12 Nov 2021Directory to the Iron and Steel Works of the United States1,199
18 Oct 2021Revolutionary War Records945
18 Oct 2021Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Vols 1-177,020
06 Oct 2021Record of service of Connecticut men in the War of the Revolution492
04 Oct 2021American War of Independence At Sea2,412
09 Jun 2021City of Somerville Annual Reports 1911352
09 Jun 2021Somerville City Directory, 1889153
08 Jun 2021Salem City Directory, 1881102
08 Jun 2021Haverhill City Directory, 1902222
06 Jun 2021Worcester City Directory, 19107243
27 May 2021San Francisco City Directory, 18952,82244
24 May 2021Detroit City Directory, 19131,762
23 May 2021Houston City Directory, 1918759
19 May 2021Chicago Medical Directory, 1905759
19 May 2021North Adams City Directory, 1917138
18 May 2021Medical Directory of Greater Boston, 1915-19165,361148
13 May 2021Medical Directory of Greater Boston, 19101,7479
12 May 2021Portland City Directory, 19123378
10 May 2021Boston City Directory, 1855185
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 18801,0721
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 1870531
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 19001,9304
01 May 2021Boston City Directory, 19165,1285
30 Apr 2021Springfield City Directory, 1915608
29 Apr 2021Newton City Directory, 1909264
29 Apr 2021Wilmington City Directory, 1918225
28 Apr 2021Wilmington City Directory, 19021,364
24 Apr 2021History of the Boston Fire Department442
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01 Apr 2021Worcester City Directory, 1889277
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