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Historical Record Lists; State: England; County: Cambridgeshire
OthersRobert 1448EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn de 1267EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard de 1315EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard de 1326-1329EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersStanley 1930-1947EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersArthur 1919-1930EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard de 1400-1402EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard de 1409-1413EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard de 1432EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn 1494-1496EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn 1463-1464EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersLawrence 1456-1458EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn 1479-1483EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersHenry de 1293-1295EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn de 1295-1296EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn de 1382-1383EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn de 1384EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn de 1386EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersMichael de 1361-1366EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn 1380-1381EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersSpencer 1892-1908EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam 1861-1891EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard 1433-1435EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRobert 1601-1612EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam 1559-1598EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRobert de 1340EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersNicholas 1450-1451EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas of 1422-1423EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam 1388EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam 1391EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam 1394EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas 1490EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn de 1346-1348EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas 1535-1540EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard 1390-1391EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard 1404-1408EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRobert 1598-1601EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn de 1371EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn de 1374EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard 1261EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn 1552-1553EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn 1504-1535EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersGeorge 1496-1499EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersGeorge 1502EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRobert 1424-1426EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersAugustus 1768-1811EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard 1500EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas de 1329-1331EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRoger de 1276EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersStephen 1540-1547EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersStephen 1553-1555EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard de 1260EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersReginald 1256EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersAndrew de 1283EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam Frederick of 1811-1834EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam de 1366-1369EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam de 1376EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersAnthony of 1352EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas de 1348EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard 1337-1339EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard 1351EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn 1465-1468EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersStephen 1300-1303EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersStephen 1307EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersMichael de 1361-1362EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersStephen 1257EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersStephen 1287EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersStephen 1299EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersHenry de 1335-1337EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas 1385EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn 1429-1430EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn 1270-1275EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersHugh de 1246EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersHenry 1612-1614EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas 1614-1626EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
GraduatesRobert Matteson 1889EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University
OthersNicholas 1445-1446EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersAdam de 1373-1374EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn de 1331-1334EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn 1436-1445EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn 1447EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam 1431-1432EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRalph de 1289-1290EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard 1349-1351EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam de 1259EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersMarmaduke 1427EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam de 1348EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRobert de 1334-1335EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersChristopher 1682-1688EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersEdward 1649-1651EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersEdward 1660-1671EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn de 1392EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn of 1383EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas de 1341EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas de 1344EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersGeoffery de 1290-1292EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas 1748-1768EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersHenry 1840-1847EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam 1451-1456EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersReginald 1556-1558EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn 1834-1840EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersHenry 1628-1649EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn de 1415-1422EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas 1469-1471EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas 1473-1479EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas 1483-1485EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas 1499-1500EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas 1503EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersAlbert 1847-1861EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJames 1674-1682EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard 1461EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard 1378-1379EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersStephen le 1414EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersStephen de 1303-1307EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersCharles 1689-1748EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersEdward 1547-1552EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas 1286EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas de 1296-1299EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersOliver 1651-1660EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas de 1369EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersEdward 1468-1469EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersEdward 1471-1472EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersJohn 1908-1919EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersThomas 1359-1360EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam 1352-1359EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersGeorge 1626-1628EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersGeorge 1671-1674EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard of 1215-1232EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRichard de 1360-1361EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam 1458EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam 1464EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam 1466EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRobert de 1215-1232EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRobert de 1330EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRobert 1459-1460EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersRobert 1462-1463EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersWilliam 1426EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersEudo 1380EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersGuy 1382EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor
OthersGuy 1396EnglandCambridgeshireCambridge University, Chancellor

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Most Recent Entries
1RailroadsEngland, Derbyshire, Derby, Midland Railway of England
1OthersEngland, Kent, Cobham, Seville Sulphur and Copper Co
1OthersEngland, Kent, Maidstone, J. G. White and Co
1OthersEngland, Lancashire, Liverpool, Bibb Manufacturing Co
1OthersEngland, Lancashire, Liverpool, Continental Cotton Oil Co
1OthersEngland, Lancashire, Manchester, American Thread Co
1OthersEngland, Leicestershire, Lutterworth, Seville Sulphur and Copper Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Amalgamated Asbestos Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Anglo-American Telegraph Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Arizona-Morenci Copper Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Babcock and Welcox Co
3OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Boston Consolidated Copper and Gold Mining Co
2OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, British-American Tobacco Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, California Petroleum Refineries
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Camp Bird
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Canada Iron Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Canadian Car and Foundry Co
1RailroadsEngland, Middlesex, London, Canadian National Railways
1RailroadsEngland, Middlesex, London, Canadian Northern Railway
1RailroadsEngland, Middlesex, London, Canadian Pacific Railway
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Corona Queen Mining Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Cuban Land and Development Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Denver Breweries
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Eastman Kodak Co
2RailroadsEngland, Middlesex, London, El Oro Mining and Railway
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Electrical Development Co of Ontario
3OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Electrical Utilities Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Exploration Co
1RailroadsEngland, Middlesex, London, Great Northern Railway
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Illinois Car and Equipment Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Imperial Tobacco Co of Canada
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, International Nickel Co
2OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, J. G. White and Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, John F. Betz and Sons Brewery
2RailroadsEngland, Middlesex, London, Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railroad
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Liberty Bell Gold Mining Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co of America
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Mexican Light and Power Co
2RailroadsEngland, Middlesex, London, Mexican Railway
2RailroadsEngland, Middlesex, London, Mexican Southern Railway
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Mexican Telephone and Telegraph Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Middlesborough Electric Light, Heat and Power Co
1RailroadsEngland, Middlesex, London, Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway
2OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Montana Mining Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Mt Sicker and British Columbia Development Co
1RailroadsEngland, Middlesex, London, National Railway of Tehuantepec
1RailroadsEngland, Middlesex, London, Northern Pacific Railway
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Otis Steel Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Pike Hill Mines
3OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Pillsbury-Washburn Flour Mills Co
2OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Port of Para Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Queensland Copper Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Quintera Mining Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Sao Paulo Tramway Light and Power Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Shannon Copper Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Spanish Copper Co
3OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Spassky Copper Mine
2OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Tasmania Copper Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Temiskaming and Hudson Bay Mining Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Tilt Cove Copper Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Toronto and Niagara Power Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Traction and Power Securities Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Treveddoer Mining Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, United Arizona Copper Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, US Glass Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Utah-Apex Mining Co
2OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Van Rol Mining Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Vancouver Island Mining and Development Co
1RailroadsEngland, Middlesex, London, Western Railway Company of Mexico
2OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Westinghouse Brake Co
1OthersEngland, Middlesex, London, Yukon Gold Co
1Rectors & VicarsEngland, Northumberland, Chillingham, St Peters Church
1Rectors & VicarsEngland, Warwickshire, Dunchurch, Parish Church
1OthersEngland, Warwickshire, Rugby, Vancouver Island Mining and Development Co
3OthersEngland, Yorkshire, Sheffield, Jessop Steel Co
1OthersEngland, Yorkshire, Sheffield, Vancouver Island Mining and Development Co

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07 Sep 2022Records of Officers dn Men of NJ in the Civil War253
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