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Historical Record Lists; State: DC; County: Washington
GraduatesJames O. 1885DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesThomas W. 1885DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam F. 1886DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWalter W. 1885DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsWalter W. 1898DCWashingtonHoward University
TeachersCharlotte 1903-1906DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesRobert 1876DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam W. 1885DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesEdward A. 1879DCWashingtonHoward University
OthersEdward A. 1920DCWashingtonHoward University, Dean, Medicine
ProfessorsEdward Arthur 1904DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesPhilip L. 1883DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJustin S. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesRichard L. 1887DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesKate T. 1884DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsWilliam Franklin 1868-1877DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsWilliam John 1919DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsHenry Louis 1882-1883DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam W. 1888DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesHugh W. 1886DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesD. K. 1879DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsEdward Oliver 1903DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesHarrison M. 1882DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam W. 1871DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJules F. 1884DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsJohn Ely 1890DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJohn H. 1888DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesGeorge W. 1871DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesPhilip B. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesG. M. 1885DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsCharles Henry Augustus 1881-1890DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesIra D. 1876DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesH. M. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesCaroline A. 1878DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJ. C. 1887DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesFrancis J. 1888DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJames S. 1885DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesLouis D. 1888DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesRobert L. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsJohn White 1900DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesM. O. 1878DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsIsaac 1891-1916DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsFrank Wigglesworth 1873-1874DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesAlfred B. C. 1887DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesE. B. 1881DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsJames A. 1916DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesG. Tottenham 1885DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam E. 1888DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWaterman F. 1880DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJohn D. 1887DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam D. 1880DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJames W. 1888DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesBenjamin F. 1886DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesCharles A. 1883DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsEdward Porter 1919DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsNoah Knowles 1852-1859DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJames L. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesClarence 1880DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesGeorge T. 1880DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesSamuel H. 1883DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesC. R. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsC. R. 1890DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsJohn F. R. 1890DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsGeorge S. 1897DCWashingtonHoward University
OthersJ. Stanley 1920DCWashingtonHoward University, President
TeachersWalter 1919DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesParley H. 1881DCWashingtonHoward University
OthersJohn Louis 1890-1914DCWashingtonHoward University, dean of the theological dept
GraduatesHenry B. 1881DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesGeorge H. Le 1885DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesA. A. 1878DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsRichard 1898DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesH. C. 1886DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesFrank H. 1881DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJohn W. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesGustavus W. 1888DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesRichard L. 1887DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesW. 1884DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJames F. 1877DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsNeil F. 1890DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsNiel F. 1890DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesC. P. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
LibrariansJessamine Eliza Swartwout 1909DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJames B. 1883DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesReverdy M. 1872DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam A. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesHarrison L. 1882DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesM. Esther 1880DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesGeorge C. L. 1888DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsWilliam Perry 1900DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesAddison S. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesGeorge 1885DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesGeorge H. 1877DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam H. 1887DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesCharles F. 1846DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesA. J. 1876DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesFrances S. 1877DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesCharles 1886DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsThomas B. 1890DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJames H. 1883DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesArnold G. 1885DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam D. 1884DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesAlbert L. 1884DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesElmer E. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJohn W. 1888DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesC. C. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesCharles U. 1888DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJames L. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsJoseph Taber 1867-1870DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam H. 1887DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam M. 1886DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam H. 1887DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsErnest Everett 1919DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesE. F. 1883DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesRichard 1886DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesThomas B. 1887DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsDaniel S. 1898DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJ. Melvin 1884DCWashingtonHoward University
TeachersJ. Melvin 1890DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJob Childs 1877-1879DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesD. C. 1888DCWashingtonHoward University
TeachersT. Ellsworth 1890DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesGeorge A. 1884DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesEdwin 1885DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesAlphetts Price 1875DCWashingtonHoward University
OthersBenjamin F. 1920DCWashingtonHoward University, Dean, Law
GraduatesF. T. 1875DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsGeorge O. 1921DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesL. W. 1885DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsAlain Leroy 1921DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesM. C. T. 1887DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJ. B. 1881DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesFrench 1881DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam H. 1885DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam A. 1880DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesA. Wilfred 1888DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesCollins 1883DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesThomas 1884DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesRichard J. S. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesO. W. 1885DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesDorsey M. 1877DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJ. Bertram 1884DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesKelly 1886DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsKelly 1890DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesThomas 1884DCWashingtonHoward University
TeachersThomas 1890DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesThomas S. P. 1874DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWinfield Scott 1890DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesCharles Satchell 1886-1889DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesMary E. 1886DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesLucy E. 1907DCWashingtonHoward University
LibrariansEmma Green 1922-1924DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJ. R. 1887DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsS. M. 1916DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesD. B. 1871DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesW. F. De 1884DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJohn C. 1884DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam A. 1883DCWashingtonHoward University
TeachersWalter S. 1890DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsWilliam Robert Anderson 1891-1894DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesFrancis E. 1886DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesBernard A. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsEdward Lamay 1921DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesMary A. 1873DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsHorace Bushnell 1881-1883DCWashingtonHoward University
OthersWilliam W. 1891DCWashingtonHoward University, President
GraduatesConstantine 1887DCWashingtonHoward University
TeachersG. N. 1890DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesGeorge N. 1884DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam P. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesMaurice F. 1884DCWashingtonHoward University
LibrariansDorothy Burnett 1928-1930DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesCharles Ensor 1887DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsDavie Butler 1913DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam K. 1888DCWashingtonHoward University
OthersJ. Helve 1920DCWashingtonHoward University, Vice-Dean, Pharmacy
GraduatesWillis H. 1887DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJames J. 1880DCWashingtonHoward University
OthersCharles B. 1886DCWashingtonHoward University, Secretary, Med Dept
ProfessorsCharles B. 1890DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesMarian 1888DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsJohn Bunyan 1871-1875DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsRobert 1898DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesRobert jr 1880DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesGrace 1877DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesPalmer W. 1883DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsThomas 1874DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesHenry L. 1889DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesAlphonso P. 1879DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam S. 1886DCWashingtonHoward University
LibrariansNaomi Johnye 1930-1933DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesHenry A. 1881DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsAlfred Francis William 1909-1913DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesG. W. Van V. 1888DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsRichard E. 1921DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesDavid W. 1882DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesWilliam H. 1883DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsWilliam Henry 1871-1873DCWashingtonHoward University
GraduatesJames F. 1886DCWashingtonHoward University
ProfessorsF. J. 1890DCWashingtonHoward University

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2MinistersDC, Washington, Luther Place Memorial Church
2MinistersDC, Washington, Waugh Methodist Church

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