Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; State: DC; County: Washington
ProfessorsCleveland 1886DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesGeorge N. 1874DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesArthur C. 1873DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersAlbert Conant DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
MembersWalter Richardson DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
GraduatesCharles Baldwin 1898-1899DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersJoel Smith 1843-1854DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, President
GraduatesAlfred 1847DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesGeorge Franklin 1855DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesFrank 1880DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesWilliam O. 1852DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesCharles A. 1877DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
StudentsSumner 1896DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesElizabeth Anna 1932DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersAzro L. DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
TeachersFrancis Merriman Jr 1911-1913DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersJesse W. DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
ProfessorsPaul 1899DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsRoy S. 1904DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesArchibald J. 1872DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesLouis K. 1881DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesGertrude 1922DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsAlbert Burnley 1916DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersGonzalez Sidney DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Enosinian Debating Society
OthersJoseph Getchell 1855-1858DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, President
ProfessorsHenry Patterson 1900-1909DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesMartin V. B. 1851DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesSamuel W. 1860DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersWilliam C. 1920DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Dean, Medicine
ProfessorsWilliam Cline 1921DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJoseph 1828DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesFrancis Ryland 1867-1872DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesCharles H. 1862DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
LibrariansGeorge Franklin 1929-1933DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJohn E. 1870DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersHenry DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Enosinian Debating Society
TeachersGertrude Richardson 1916DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TutorsKendall 1841-1843DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesMarian Auausta 1917DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsBedford 1916DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesErnestine 1930DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesThomas Edwin 1861-1862DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJames Manning 1866-1869DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesMoses 1868DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
StudentsFrancis N. 1882-1888DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesCharles T. 1879DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJean 1929DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersPhilip Barraud DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
GraduatesLina Wrloht 1919DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersOliver C. DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
ProfessorsWilliam Phillips 1894DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsAlexander Mitchell 1899-1910DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsJames 1902-1907DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJames J. 1877DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsMitchell 1899-1910DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsMitchell 1921DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersThomas H. 1961-1964DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, President
TutorsPaschal 1829-1830DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesOlive 1928DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsThomas Chrowder 1885-1887DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersStephen 1828-1841DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, President
ProfessorsJohn O'brien 1833-1843DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesEdith 1914DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersWalter Lynn 1920-1921DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
LibrariansMiriam Uhler 1926-1928DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsGeorge Morton 1914DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsThomas Ash 1898DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsLouis 1917DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersWilliam Miller 1918-1921DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, President
TeachersJames Harold 1918DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesRobert 1865DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TutorsThomas Jefferson 1828-1830DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersDaniel Allman DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
GraduatesLouis George 1917DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesRichard Briscoe 1864DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesElliott 1863DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesThomas 1919DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesChristopher Pearse 1831DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsAndrew Fuller 1898-1903DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsDe Witt Clinton 1921DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TutorsRoger William 1870-1872DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesElizabeth Orlan 1918DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesMortimer Harvard 1929DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesAndrew Fuller 1850DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersHarry Cassell DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Enosinian Debating Society
GraduatesJoseph Franklin 1859DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersWilliam Ira DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
MembersStephen L. Jr DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
GraduatesHervie A. 1876DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesHenry William 1840DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsJohn 1922DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesLeopold V. 1850DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesRalph McNeal 1912DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJ. W. 1880DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJohn I. 1847DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
StudentsSamuel 1866DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersCharles Keyser 1900-1901DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJesse Hartwell 1873DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsJesse Hartwell 1873-1875DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesMoung 1875DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsRobert Lloyd 1916-1917DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersLloyd Hartman 1965-1988DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, President
OthersHarriet Stratton 1906-1910DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, dean of women
ProfessorsEdward 1893DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesGeorge P. 1859DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsLouis Albert 1901DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersStanley H. DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
ProfessorsGeorge Winslow 1901-1904DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesRomulus A. 1874DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesCecilia 1901DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
PrincipalsFrank Wilton 1871-1872DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsOwen Bert 1921DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesCharles W. 1869DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesLeon L. 1881DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersWalter L. DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
GraduatesJoseph R. 1843DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesPhilip Eugene 1905DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersIrene 1903DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersEdgar Y. 1902-1903DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsTheodore Nicholas 1884DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesDonald Willis 1931DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsJ. Howard 1898DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TutorsJames Howard 1877-1880DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersJames Howard 1878-1909DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersKenneth C. DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
TutorsHenry K. 1826-1828DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesSamuel Harrison 1891DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersSamuel Harrison 1894-1895DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, President
GraduatesJessamine Eliza Swartwout 1902DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesH. G. 1890DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesFrancis M. 1846DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesLuther Rice 1853DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsAlbert Lewis 1916DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersGeorge Neely 1894-1897DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesGeorge Hughes 1896DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersEdgar Lee 1916DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsEdwin Allston 1901-1905DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesFrancis H. 1849DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersAlbert Clare DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
MembersBynum E. DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
GraduatesElisabeth Parker 1924DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersHarry Grant 1890-1906DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersHoward L. 1920DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Dean, Engineering
TutorsHoward Lincoln 1883DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesE. B. 1860DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersNevil Monroe 1899-1900DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersLotus Graham DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Enosinian Debating Society
TutorsAdoniram Judson 1843-1846DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersWells A. DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
GraduatesCharles Robert 1881DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersEdwin H. 1911-1915DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesEugene Beauharnais 1888DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesF. C. 1859DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsGeorge Oscar 1900-1902DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesAlbert E. 1869DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersH. May DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Enosinian Debating Society
ProfessorsWilliam Dawson 1800DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsCecil Knight 1930-1933DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersGlenn I. 1905-1909DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesMonnie Neil 1929DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJohn Thomas 1872DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersHenry E. 1920DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Dean, Pharmacy
ProfessorsElmer L. 1914DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsElmer L. 1921DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesAnne Claire 1929DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsAlbert Freeman Africanus 1872DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
LibrariansWilliam B. 1923DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersErnest 1931-1933DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesAlvin Webster 1928DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesRichard Stockwell 1931DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TutorsHenry Fayette 1850-1852DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersWilliam Chauncy 1894DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersRandell J. DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
ProfessorsElizabeth Adams 1929-1933DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesGeorge 1849DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsWilliam Beach 1872-1873DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesW. P. 1874DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersLouis B. DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
TeachersGuy Carleton 1900-1902DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsBenjamin Franklin 1894-1896DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsJames Stephen 1894-1896DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsExum Percival 1891-1895DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersWilliam Mather 1923-1927DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, President
GraduatesAlfred Briscoe 1913DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesHarvey 1828DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJoseph W. 1872DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesEdson A. 1882DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesRobert Stuart 1896DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersGeorge Bertram Roper 1918DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsColin Mackenzie 1925DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesAlexander F. 1871DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsAlbert 1906-1919DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsWilliam Ray 1907-1910DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsWilliam Roy 1908DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersCloyd H. 1927-1959DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, President
MembersTench Tilghman DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Enosinian Debating Society
LibrariansJohn Russell 1920-1923DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJohn Russell 1923DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsOtis Tufton 1884DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
LibrariansMary Alice 1907-1910DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University

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Most Recent Entries
2Board of EducationDC, Washington
1LibrariansDC, Washington
4School SuperintendentsDC, Washington
17TeachersDC, Washington
6OthersDC, Washington, American Library Association
1OthersDC, Washington, American Red Cross
2LibrariansDC, Washington, American University
1OthersDC, Washington, American University
1TeachersDC, Washington, Armstrong School
2OthersDC, Washington, Associated Charities
1OthersDC, Washington, Bliss Electrical School
3OthersDC, Washington, Bureau of Railway Economics
1LibrariansDC, Washington, Business High School
5OthersDC, Washington, Catholic University
4GraduatesDC, Washington, Central High School
1LibrariansDC, Washington, Central High School
1PrincipalsDC, Washington, Central High School
2TeachersDC, Washington, Central High School
1LibrariansDC, Washington, Eastern High School
1PrincipalsDC, Washington, Eastern High School
2TeachersDC, Washington, Eastern High School
1PrincipalsDC, Washington, Emerson Institute
1PrincipalsDC, Washington, Fairmont Seminary
1TeachersDC, Washington, Fairmont Seminary
1OthersDC, Washington, Federal Board for Vocational Education
1OthersDC, Washington, Federal Reserve Board
2OthersDC, Washington, Gallaudet University
1PhysiciansDC, Washington, Garfield Hospital
34GraduatesDC, Washington, George Washington University
2LibrariansDC, Washington, George Washington University
5OthersDC, Washington, George Washington University
1OthersDC, Washington, George Washington University Law School
3LibrariansDC, Washington, Georgetown University
5OthersDC, Washington, Georgetown University
2OthersDC, Washington, Georgetown University Law School
3OthersDC, Washington, Georgetown, US Post Office Department
35OthersDC, Washington, German Orphan Asylum
1OthersDC, Washington, Government Printing Office
1PrincipalsDC, Washington, Hamilton School
3TeachersDC, Washington, High School
1OthersDC, Washington, Howard Theological Seminary
5OthersDC, Washington, Howard University
1OthersDC, Washington, Internal Revenue Service
53OthersDC, Washington, Library of Congress
3PrincipalsDC, Washington, McDonald-Ellis School
1LibrariansDC, Washington, McKinley Manual Training School
5TeachersDC, Washington, McKinley Manual Training School
1PrincipalsDC, Washington, Miner Normal School
1OthersDC, Washington, National Education Association
1OthersDC, Washington, National Research Council
3LibrariansDC, Washington, Public Library
1PrincipalsDC, Washington, Rittenhouse Academy
1LibrariansDC, Washington, St Elizabeths Hospital
6OthersDC, Washington, US Bureau of Education
1OthersDC, Washington, US Bureau of Fisheries
1OthersDC, Washington, US Bureau of Standards
3OthersDC, Washington, US Census Bureau
4OthersDC, Washington, US Civil Service Commission
9OthersDC, Washington, US Coast and Geodetic Survey
35OthersDC, Washington, US Department of Agriculture
2OthersDC, Washington, US Department of Commerce
1OthersDC, Washington, US Department of Commerce and Labor
86OthersDC, Washington, US Department of Defense
2OthersDC, Washington, US Department of Interior
26OthersDC, Washington, US Department of Justice
1OthersDC, Washington, US Department of Labor
12OthersDC, Washington, US Department of State
73OthersDC, Washington, US Department of Treasury
1OthersDC, Washington, US Forest Service
1OthersDC, Washington, US House of Representatives
8OthersDC, Washington, US Lighthouse Board
2OthersDC, Washington, US Navy Department
1OthersDC, Washington, US Patent Office
1OthersDC, Washington, US Pension Bureau
69OthersDC, Washington, US Post Office Department
1OthersDC, Washington, US Public Health Service
1OthersDC, Washington, US Reclamation Service
1OthersDC, Washington, US Senate
1LibrariansDC, Washington, Walter Reed Hospital
1LibrariansDC, Washington, Western High School
3TeachersDC, Washington, Western High School
1OthersDC, Washington, YWCA

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11 Jan 2022Pattersons American Educational Directory, 192025,68225,682
07 Jan 2022Smith College Catalogue 1875-19152,7132,713
06 Jan 2022Norwich University, 1819-1911428428
03 Jan 2022American Library Directory, 19232,7612,761
31 Dec 2021Annual Report of Education, Philadelphia, 19114,4644,464
30 Dec 2021Annual Report of Education, Philadelphia, 18841,93076
29 Dec 2021Annual Report of Education, Philadelphia, 19013,7281
28 Dec 2021Public Schools of Philadelphia325
28 Dec 2021Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania327
26 Dec 2021American College and Public School Directory3,489146
23 Dec 2021Asst Postmasters General103
22 Dec 2021Official Congressional Directory, 18992593
21 Dec 2021Alumni directory of Peabody College 1877-19093,22536
20 Dec 2021Directory of Alumni and Non-graduates, Goucher College1,81460
19 Dec 2021Drexel Institute Of Technology 1891-194187
18 Dec 2021Register of New York State Library School4,218604
15 Dec 2021Illinois Newspaper Directory1,670
13 Dec 2021Biographical and historical catalogue of Washington and Jefferson College1,50622
06 Dec 2021General catalogue of the University of Rochester, 1850-19111,49288
04 Dec 2021Charlotte NC City Directory 19177,8271,332
01 Dec 2021Bellevue Hospital Medical College294
29 Nov 2021Western Railroads and Eastern Capital, 1872-94647
27 Nov 2021Biographical Directory of Michigan Railway Officials12,93710
17 Nov 2021Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials of America, 18853,8832
12 Nov 2021Directory to the Iron and Steel Works of the United States1,199
18 Oct 2021Revolutionary War Records945
18 Oct 2021Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Vols 1-177,020
06 Oct 2021Record of service of Connecticut men in the War of the Revolution492
04 Oct 2021American War of Independence At Sea2,412
09 Jun 2021City of Somerville Annual Reports 1911352
09 Jun 2021Somerville City Directory, 1889153
08 Jun 2021Salem City Directory, 1881102
08 Jun 2021Haverhill City Directory, 1902222
06 Jun 2021Worcester City Directory, 19107243
27 May 2021San Francisco City Directory, 18952,82529
24 May 2021Detroit City Directory, 19131,762
23 May 2021Houston City Directory, 1918759
19 May 2021Chicago Medical Directory, 1905759
19 May 2021North Adams City Directory, 1917138
18 May 2021Medical Directory of Greater Boston, 1915-19165,361148
13 May 2021Medical Directory of Greater Boston, 19101,7479
12 May 2021Portland City Directory, 1912337
10 May 2021Boston City Directory, 1855185
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 18801,0721
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 1870531
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 19001,9304
01 May 2021Boston City Directory, 19165,1313
30 Apr 2021Springfield City Directory, 1915608
29 Apr 2021Newton City Directory, 1909264
29 Apr 2021Wilmington City Directory, 1918225
28 Apr 2021Wilmington City Directory, 19021,364
24 Apr 2021History of the Boston Fire Department442
20 Apr 2021added 'Foodie', 'Clothier', 'Police/Firemen', 'Hospitality' types
18 Apr 2021Los Angeles City Directory, 191556,92881
07 Apr 2021South Bend City Directory, 1921449
06 Apr 2021Saginaw City Directory, 1921355
03 Apr 2021Dallas City Directory, 19099,0522
01 Apr 2021Manchester City Directory, 1915210
01 Apr 2021Worcester City Directory, 1889277
01 Apr 2021Lowell, MA City Documents, 187568