Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; State: DC; County: Washington
ProfessorsCleveland 1886DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesGeorge N. 1874DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesArthur C. 1873DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJohn M. 1851DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersAlbert Conant DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
GraduatesLee M. 1860DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersWalter Richardson DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
TutorsRufus 1821-1823DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersRufus 1838-1844DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Treasurer
GraduatesCharles Baldwin 1898-1899DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersJoel Smith 1843-1854DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, President
GraduatesAlfred 1847DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesGeorge Franklin 1855DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesFrank 1880DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesRufus 1842DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesWilliam O. 1852DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesAlfred 1846DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesCharles A. 1877DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesHarvey 1826DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
StudentsSumner 1896DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesAsahel Bill 1890DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesElizabeth Anna 1932DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJames N. 1842DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesHenry M. 1871DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersAzro L. DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
GraduatesAmbrose 1863DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesBurton Hack 1909DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersFrancis Merriman, Jr 1911-1913DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersJesse W. DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
ProfessorsPaul 1899DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsRoy S. 1904DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesArchibald J. 1872DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesLouis K. 1881DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesGertrude 1922DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesT. A. 1884DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesThomas A. 1884DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsAlbert Burnley 1916DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersGonzalez Sidney DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Enosinian Debating Society
OthersJoseph Getchell 1855-1858DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, President
GraduatesHerman H. 1888DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsHenry Patterson 1900-1909DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesMartin V. B. 1851DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesSamuel W. 1860DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJ. H. 1872DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesWilliam C. 1883DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersWilliam C. 1920DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Dean, Medicine
ProfessorsWilliam Cline 1921DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJoseph 1828DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesRufus D. 1890DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesFrancis Ryland 1867-1872DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJohn W. 1885DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesCharles H. 1862DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
LibrariansGeorge Franklin 1929-1933DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJohn E. 1870DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesShadrach Standish 1837DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersHenry DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Enosinian Debating Society
GraduatesL. T. 1874DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersGertrude Richardson 1916DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TutorsKendall 1841-1843DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesMarian Auausta 1917DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsBedford 1916DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesErnestine 1930DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesFreeman Greenwood 1835DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesThomas Edwin 1861-1862DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJames Manning 1866-1869DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesMoses 1868DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJohn Felch 1837DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesWilliam K. 1882DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
StudentsFrancis N. 1882-1888DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesCharles T. 1879DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesThomas 1845DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesEzra T. 1888DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJean 1929DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersPhilip Barraud DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
GraduatesC. W. 1888DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesCharles W. 1888DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsRandolph Bryan 1917DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesLina Wrloht 1919DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersOliver C. DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
GraduatesWilliam P. 1888DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsWilliam Phillips 1894DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsAlexander Mitchell 1899-1910DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsJames 1902-1907DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJames J. 1877DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsMitchell 1899-1910DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsMitchell 1921DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersThomas H. 1961-1964DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, President
GraduatesFlemming 1874DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TutorsPaschal 1829-1830DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesHenry R. 1873DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesPhilip 1911DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TutorsAlexis 1822-1825DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesOlive 1928DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsThomas Chrowder 1885-1887DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersStephen 1828-1841DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, President
ProfessorsJohn O'brien 1833-1843DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesEdith 1914DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersWalter Lynn 1920-1921DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
LibrariansMiriam Uhler 1926-1928DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersMelville 1895-1914DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsGeorge Morton 1914DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesW. W. L. 1886DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesAlice Marie 1905DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJoseph T. 1870DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsHarry Thomas 1918DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsThomas Ash 1898DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesFrederick H. 1887DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesPaul 1884DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsWalter Collins 1914DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesSamuel Cornelius 1841DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesAnton 1888DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsLouis 1917DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersWilliam Miller 1918-1921DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, President
GraduatesJ. F. 1886DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersJames Harold 1918DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesRobert 1865DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TutorsThomas Jefferson 1828-1830DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersDaniel Allman DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
GraduatesLouis George 1917DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJohn S. 1862DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesRichard Briscoe 1864DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesHenry C. 1883DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersWilliam Wilson 1869-1888DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Trustee
GraduatesWilliam Mason 1843DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesElliott 1863DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersJohn Lee 1910-1913DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesThomas 1919DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesChristopher Pearse 1831DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsAndrew Fuller 1898-1903DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsDeWitt Clinton 1921DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesWilbur F. 1870DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TutorsRoger William 1870-1872DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesElizabeth Orlan 1918DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJames F. 1860DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesMiddleton F. 1883DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesMortimer Harvard 1929DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesAndrew Fuller 1850DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJames 1851DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesAllan 1896DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersHarry Cassell DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Enosinian Debating Society
GraduatesHenry B. 1887DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJoseph Franklin 1859DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersWilliam Ira DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
MembersStephen L., Jr DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
ProfessorsJosepb Carlisle 1899-1903DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesWilliam J. 1888DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesHervie A. 1876DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesHenry William 1840DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsJohn 1922DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesAlanson S. 1885DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesLeopold V. 1850DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesG. A. 1884DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesRalph McNeal 1912DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJ. W. 1880DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsEdwin V. 1918DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesGeorge 1861DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJoseph J. 1842DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesHobart S. 1876DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJohn I. 1847DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
StudentsSamuel 1866DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersCharles Keyser 1900-1901DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJesse Hartwell 1873DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsJesse Hartwell 1873-1875DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesMoung 1875DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesThomas H. 1860DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsRobert Lloyd 1916-1917DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
OthersLloyd Hartman 1965-1988DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, President
OthersHarriet Stratton 1906-1910DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, dean of women
GraduatesR. Maitland 1888DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesErnest Day 1908DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJesse 1826DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsEdward 1893DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ScientistsOliver Lanard 1894-1896DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJames W. 1854DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesGeorge P. 1859DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsLouis Albert 1901DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersStanley H. DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
ProfessorsGeorge Winslow 1901-1904DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesRomulus A. 1874DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJoseph Hervey 1838DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesWilliam H. 1884DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesCecilia 1901DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
PrincipalsFrank Wilton 1871-1872DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJames R. 1879DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsOwen Bert 1921DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesWilliam B. 1885DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesCharles W. 1869DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesHenry P. 1860DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesLeon L. 1881DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
MembersWalter L. DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University, Columbian Debating Society
GraduatesJoseph R. 1843DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesPhilip Eugene 1905DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJ. M. 1872DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersIrene 1903DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
TeachersEdgar Y. 1902-1903DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
ProfessorsTheodore Nicholas 1884DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesW. T. 1887DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJames K. P. 1869DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJames D. 1886DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University
GraduatesJohn 1875DCWashingtonGeorge Washington University

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Most Recent Entries
1BusinesspeopleDC, Washington
1OthersDC, Washington, Alexandria Electric Co
1OthersDC, Washington, American Investment Securities Co
1RailroadsDC, Washington, American Railway
1OthersDC, Washington, Arizona Metals Co
1OthersDC, Washington, Arizona-Morenci Copper Co
14TeachersDC, Washington, Bliss Electrical School
1MembersDC, Washington, Board of Trade
1OthersDC, Washington, Bourne Mills
1OthersDC, Washington, Coliseum Company of Chicago
1OthersDC, Washington, Georgetown Gas Light Co
3OthersDC, Washington, Georgetown, Georgetown Gas Light Co of DC
1OthersDC, Washington, Graham Water and Electric Co
1OthersDC, Washington, Howard Investment Co
1OthersDC, Washington, Kanawha Water and Light Co
1OthersDC, Washington, Maryland Telephone Co
1OthersDC, Washington, N. Lindsey and Co
1OthersDC, Washington, National Mining and Development Co
1OthersDC, Washington, Nevada Central Copper Co
1OthersDC, Washington, Norfolk and Washington Steamboat Co
1OthersDC, Washington, North Electric Co
1OthersDC, Washington, Quapaw Gas Co
1OthersDC, Washington, Rathbone, Sard and Co
1RailroadsDC, Washington, Red Mountain Railroad, Mining and Smelting Co
1OthersDC, Washington, Richfield Copper Co
1RailroadsDC, Washington, Seaboard Air Line
1OthersDC, Washington, Southern Public Service Co
2RailroadsDC, Washington, Southern Railway
1OthersDC, Washington, Stuart Gold Mines Holding Co
1OthersDC, Washington, Superior Water, Light and Power Co
1OthersDC, Washington, Trenton Mining Co
1OthersDC, Washington, Tri-Bullion Smelting and Development Co
3RailroadsDC, Washington, Virginia and Southwestern Railway
4OthersDC, Washington, Washington Gas Light Co of DC
3RailroadsDC, Washington, Washington Railway and Electric Co

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28 Jan 2023Brown's directory of American gas companies3,0543,054
20 Jan 2023Poor's Manual of Industrials, 191032,15732,157
09 Jan 2023Directory of Directors of New York, 191515,00562
04 Jan 2023Notable men of Pittsburgh and vicinity5548
03 Jan 2023Directory of Directors in the Pittsburgh District9,90326
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16 Dec 2022Directory of Directors in the City of Philadelphia3,90720
15 Dec 2022Directory of Directors in the State of Rhode Island2,75513
12 Dec 2022Directory of Directors in Boston and Vicinity7,60155
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02 Dec 2022Waterbury City Directory, 188066
27 Nov 2022Toledo City Directory, 1913282
27 Nov 2022Cleveland City Directory, 1906259
23 Nov 2022Albany City Directory, 1905421
23 Nov 2022Hartford City Directory, 1899408
23 Nov 2022Norwich City Directory, 1870173
19 Nov 2022Bankers Directory2,149
03 Nov 2022Alumni, Illinois State University1,570
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28 Oct 2022Herringshaw's American Blue Book of Biography17,50063
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20 Oct 2022Wyoming Seminary, 1844-1944500
18 Oct 2022Report of the Board of DC Public Schools, 1873-4133
17 Oct 2022Annual Reports of the President of Bryn Mawr College, 1911-1915312
17 Oct 2022Annual Reports of the President of Bryn Mawr College, 1917-1918393
17 Oct 2022Annual Reports of the President of Bryn Mawr College, 1906-19114151
16 Oct 2022Annual catalogue of the State Teachers College, Indiana, PA478
14 Oct 2022History and reunion of Falley seminary137
13 Oct 2022Boys High School, Frederick MD75
11 Oct 2022First fifty years of Cazenovia Seminary, 1825-187511,011
11 Oct 2022McKinley Manual Training School, 1914126
05 Oct 2022Manual of the Public Schools of the District of Columbia, 1920-19212,430
03 Oct 2022The American Blue Book of Biography: Prominent Americans of 19192,79133
28 Sep 2022Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials, 192211,27498
19 Sep 2022Army List and Directory1,856
19 Sep 2022World Cotton Centennial66
17 Sep 2022Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials of America, 19018,30348
07 Sep 2022Records of Officers dn Men of NJ in the Civil War253
07 Sep 2022Massachusetts soldiers, sailors, and marines in the civil war, V12,230
07 Sep 2022Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in the Civil War, V25,058
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29 Aug 2022Battle of Little Bighorn75
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25 Aug 2022Battle of Perryville330
25 Aug 2022Battle of the Wilderness616
25 Aug 2022Charles Sumner Museum & Archives71
25 Aug 2022Battle of Antietam1,054
25 Aug 2022Battle of Gettysburg1,932
25 Aug 2022American Civil War, Thomas Legion Site686
23 Aug 2022Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navigation Lines107
22 Aug 2022Military Record of Civilian Appointments in the US Army7,260
18 Aug 2022Officers and Graduates of the US Military Academy, V19,6141