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Historical Record Lists
PhysiciansHenry Wilson 1909MEKennebec CoWaterville
PrincipalsEverett Fremont 1877-1878MELincoln CoEast Boothbay
PhysiciansStephen 1829-1898MEYork CoWest Newfield
PrincipalsWalton Samuel 1905-1906MEAndroscoggin CoLisbon Falls
AttorneysEbenezer 1831MESomerset CoBloomfield
PhysiciansA. N. With 1892MECumberland CoNorth Windham
PrincipalsLeroy Winfield 1914MEPenobscot CoOrono, High School
PhysiciansBenjamin Hiram 1836-1889MEWaldo CoMontville
PhysiciansNat Bailey Twycross 1905MEWashington CoWoodland
PhysiciansFelix 1890MEYork CoKennebunkport
AttorneysAlison Barbour 1853-1855MEOxford CoWaterford
PhysiciansCharles Thomas 1860-1861MEPenobscot CoCorinth
PrincipalsAlden Joseph 1869-1873MEFranklin CoFarmington, Abbott School
PhysiciansCyrus King 1854-1855MEAndroscoggin CoMechanic Falls
School SuperintendentsH. E. 1920MEKnox CoVinalhaven
AttorneysHenry Knight 1850-1905MEYork CoHollis
AttorneysSamuel 1824-1845MEYork CoHollis
PhysiciansCharles Burr 1865-1866MEOxford CoBuckfield
School SuperintendentsC. F. 1920MECumberland CoHarpswell
PhysiciansIsaac I. 1890MEPenobscot CoGlenburn
PhysiciansL. 1890MESomerset CoSouth Norridgewock
PrincipalsAlice Alden 1910-1912MEAndroscoggin CoMechanic Falls
PrincipalsArthur Robinson 1907-1908MECumberland CoGray, Pennell Institute
AttorneysCharles Parsons 1826-1857MEPiscataquis CoFoxcroft
PhysiciansLyman 1890MEYork CoKennebunkport
PrincipalsClair Vincent 1913MEKennebec CoSouth Gardiner
PhysiciansCarolus Melville 1914MEAndroscoggin CoMechanic Falls
PrincipalsHarold Payson 1920-1921MEYork CoHollis
AttorneysSamuel 1835-1840MEPenobscot CoExeter
PrincipalsEdna 1907-1908MESomerset CoSkowhegan
AttorneysJosiah 1840-1845MEPenobscot CoExeter
PrincipalsEben Frank 1902-1908MEKnox CoThomaston
PhysiciansJ. W. 1890MEYork CoParsonsfield
PrincipalsAbbie G. 1912MECumberland CoPortland, Chapman School
PrincipalsA. L. 1920MEYork CoKennebunkport, High School
PrincipalsFrederick Howard 1898-1900MECumberland CoWindham
School SuperintendentsFrederick Howard 1900-1901MECumberland CoWindham
Board of EducationGeorge 1920MEWashington CoCalais, President
AttorneysWilliam Trickey 1897MECumberland CoCumberland
DentistsF. E. 1892MEYork CoParsonsfield
PhysiciansErnest Gardner 1897MESomerset CoSouth Norridgewock
School SuperintendentsJames N. 1920MEPiscataquis CoFoxcroft
AttorneysLucilius Alonzo 1863-1883MEHancock CoEllsworth
PhysiciansS. J. 1890MEPenobscot CoGlenburn
AttorneysSamuel Archer 1854-1856MECumberland CoWindham
PrincipalsPercy Silas 1908MEPiscataquis CoGuilford, High School
School SuperintendentsL. M. 1920MEYork CoParsonsfield
PhysiciansJohn Albert 1872-1886MEYork CoHollis
PhysiciansThomas J. 1917MEAndroscoggin CoLewiston, St Marys General Hospital
AttorneysEdmund Webster 1847-1853MEPenobscot CoCorinth
AttorneysErastus 1801-1815MEKnox CoCamden
School SuperintendentsE. S. 1920MEYork CoYork
School SuperintendentsEugene Stuart 1915MEYork CoYork
PhysiciansHartwell James 1884-1887MELincoln CoWhitefield
AttorneysWakefield Gale 1879-1882MEWaldo CoBelfast
PhysiciansJared 1836-1878MEPenobscot CoCorinth
Board of EducationA. C. 1920MEPiscataquis CoGuilford, Secretary
School SuperintendentsG. M. D. 1920MEWashington CoMillbridge
PhysiciansC. B. 1890MEYork CoParsonsfield
AttorneysElijah Livermore 1822-1829MEOxford CoWaterford
School SuperintendentsJ. W. 1920MECumberland CoSebago
PrincipalsSimon Moulton 1901-1911MECumberland CoSouth Portland, High School
School SuperintendentsF. H. B. 1920MECumberland CoScarborough
PhysiciansFrancis Orne Jonathan Smith 1867-1914MEPenobscot CoNewburg
PrincipalsBenjamin Jason 1885-1886MEWaldo CoBelfast
PhysiciansFremont Lincoln 1900-1901MEAndroscoggin CoLisbon Falls
PrincipalsWallace 1920MEPiscataquis CoGuilford, High School
PrincipalsWalter Leslie 1897-1898MEPenobscot CoOld Town
PhysiciansHenry Willis 1899-1906MEYork CoLyman
PrincipalsCharles Knapp 1858-1861MEKennebec CoWinthrop, Towle Academy
EngineersThomas H. 1899MECumberland CoPortland
PhysiciansE. C. 1890MEPiscataquis CoOrneville
AttorneysGeorge Beaman 1872MELincoln CoBoothbay Harbor
DentistsT. J. 1892MEHancock CoBlue Hill
AttorneysFred Wellington 1910MEPiscataquis CoFoxcroft
PrincipalsCharles Barnard 1906-1907MECumberland CoScarborough, High School
PrincipalsCharles Barnard 1906-1907MECumberland CoScarborough, High School
PhysiciansP. S. 1890MESomerset CoSouth Norridgewock
School SuperintendentsE. L. 1920MEHancock CoBlue Hill
PrincipalsBella A. 1912MECumberland CoPortland, Fore Street School
PrincipalsRobert Moore 1897-1898MESomerset CoSouth Norridgewock
DentistsW. S. 1892MEPenobscot CoOrono
PrincipalsSarah Webster 1911-1912MEKennebec CoWinslow
AttorneysRufus 1812MEYork CoParsonsfield
PrincipalsAlice M. 1912MECumberland CoPortland, Washington Ave School
PrincipalsSan Lorenzo 1897-1902MEAroostook CoIsland Falls, High School
Board of EducationA. W. 1920MEYork CoKennebunkport, Secretary
AttorneysNahum 1844-1846MEAndroscoggin CoDurham
School SuperintendentsErnest Edwin 1897MEOxford CoRumford Falls
EngineersHenry 1910MEOxford CoRumford Falls
PhysiciansJames 1834-1887MECumberland CoEast Baldwin
PhysiciansLorenzo 1883MECumberland CoEast Baldwin
PhysiciansGeorge Boardman 1866-1870MEAndroscoggin CoLisbon Falls
PrincipalsOctavia B. 1912MECumberland CoPortland, Pearl Street School
School SuperintendentsCharles Leslie 1906-1913MEPenobscot CoCorinth
PrincipalsGeorge Washington 1907-1908MESagadahoc CoRichmond
PhysiciansMiss C. 1890MEFranklin CoFreeman
PrincipalsEverett 1912-1913MECumberland CoSebago
PrincipalsEdgar Llewellyn 1893-1894MEWashington CoEastport
EngineersReuben W. 1866-1867MESagadahoc CoFort Popham
PrincipalsClarence Warren 1898MECumberland CoGray, Pennell Institute
School SuperintendentsBarrett Edwards 1845-1860MEKennebec CoAugusta
AttorneysStanley Thomas 1867-1869MEPiscataquis CoFoxcroft
PrincipalsVernie Elmer 1902-1903MEPenobscot CoExeter
School SuperintendentsC. A. 1920MEAroostook CoBlaine
PrincipalsBertram Carver 1898-1900MEWashington CoCalais
PhysiciansJohn 1890MESomerset CoSouth Norridgewock
PhysiciansThomas 1890MEAndroscoggin CoDurham
Board of EducationFrank 1920MEYork CoKennebunkport, President
PrincipalsRichard Cutts 1858-1859MEKennebec CoWaterville
PrincipalsDavid Henry 1877-1881MEHancock CoBucksport
PhysiciansR. D. 1890MEKennebec CoWest Gardiner
PhysiciansReuben Dunn 1881MEKennebec CoWest Gardiner
School SuperintendentsHarry I. 1920MELincoln CoBoothbay Harbor
PrincipalsVernon G. 1920MEHancock CoBlue Hill, George Stevens Academy
PrincipalsC. C. 1920MEKnox CoVinalhaven, High School
Board of EducationL. P. 1920MEYork CoEliot, Secretary
School SuperintendentsFrances Elizabeth 1899MESagadahoc CoBowdoin
PhysiciansWilliam Cole 1847-1851MEFranklin CoIndustry
AttorneysSeward Smith 1882-1883MEOxford CoWaterford
PhysiciansThomas Harris 1894-1910MEKnox CoTenants Harbor
PhysiciansC. W. 1890MEAndroscoggin CoDurham
PrincipalsGeorge Henry 1895-1896MECumberland CoScarborough
PrincipalsLucy M. 1912MECumberland CoPortland, Summit Street School
School SuperintendentsJohn S. 1920MEPenobscot CoCorinth
PhysiciansBenjamin Frank 1869-1876MESomerset CoKendalls Mills
AttorneysJohn Wentworth 1881MECumberland CoCumberland
PhysiciansJames B. 1890MECumberland CoScarborough
PrincipalsCharles Edward 1889-1900MEPenobscot CoBangor
PhysiciansWilliam Furniss 1855MEYork CoLyman
PhysiciansJ. Warren 1890MEYork CoKennebunkport
Board of EducationE. E. 1920MEYork CoEliot, President
Board of EducationC. P. 1920MEPiscataquis CoGuilford, President
PhysiciansHeman Brown 1852-1853MEFranklin CoIndustry
School SuperintendentsLauren H. 1920MEAndroscoggin CoDurham
PrincipalsElmer Russell 1909-1914MEPenobscot CoLee, Normal Academy
PhysiciansJames Stevenson 1915MECumberland CoPortland
Board of EducationW. W. 1920MEOxford CoDixfield, President
AttorneysCharles 1823-1824MEOxford CoOtisfield
School SuperintendentsBarton 1920MEWashington CoCalais
School SuperintendentsL. J. 1920MEYork CoHollis
PrincipalsEdward Payson 1865-1869MEFranklin CoFarmington, Abbott School
PrincipalsIsaac Harrison Whittier 1878-1879MEPenobscot CoSouth Brewer
PrincipalsFrank Henry 1886-1909MEKnox CoCamden
PrincipalsArthur Nash 1871MEPenobscot CoLee, Normal Academy
School SuperintendentsL. E. 1920MEHancock CoMt Desert
PrincipalsEarl Farnsworth 1915MEYork CoLimerick, Limerick Academy
PrincipalsFred. 1920MECumberland CoScarborough, High School
PrincipalsRoliston 1879-1888MEHancock CoCastine, State Normal School
PhysiciansJ. L. 1890MEAndroscoggin CoDurham

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Most Recent Entries
15Members, , Western Pennsylvania Exposition Society
1TeachersAR, Arkansas Co, St Charles
1PrincipalsAR, Benton Co, Siloam Springs, Arkansas Conference College
1ProfessorsAR, Benton Co, Siloam Springs, Arkansas Conference College
3ProfessorsAR, Clark Co, Arkadelphia, Ouachita College
1TeachersAR, Clark Co, Arkadelphia, Ouachita College
1PrincipalsAR, Craighead Co, Jonesboro, High School
1TeachersAR, Hempstead Co, Washington
1PrincipalsAR, Howard Co, Mineral Springs
4GraduatesCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Yale Medical School
13GraduatesCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Yale University
9Rectors & VicarsEngland, Northamptonshire, Brackley, St Peters Church
2MinistersIA, Chickasaw Co, Fredericksburg, Baptist Church
1PhysiciansLA, Ascension Parish, Vickner Bayou
2PhysiciansLA, Avoyelles Parish, Evergreen
1PhysiciansLA, Bienville Parish, Friendship
2PhysiciansLA, Bienville Parish, Sandtree
1PhysiciansLA, Caddo Parish, Greenwood
1PhysiciansLA, Caldwell Parish, Sinope
3PhysiciansLA, Claiborne Parish, Summerfield
1PhysiciansLA, East Carroll Parish, Villa Vista
3PhysiciansLA, La Salle Parish, Jena
11PhysiciansLA, Lafayette Parish, Lafayette
9PhysiciansLA, Lafourche Parish, Thibodeaux
1PhysiciansLA, Ouachita Parish, Fouche
15PhysiciansLA, Ouachita Parish, Monroe
1PhysiciansLA, Rapides Parish, Babbs Bridge
1PhysiciansLA, Red River Parish, Loves Lake
1PhysiciansLA, Sabine Parish, San Patricio
4PhysiciansLA, Union Parish, Shiloh
1PhysiciansLA, Washington Parish, Balltown
1PhysiciansLA, Washington Parish, Magee
1PhysiciansLA, Washington Parish, Shady Grove
2GraduatesMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Boston University
1PrincipalsME, Androscoggin Co, Auburn, Edward Little High School
1AttorneysME, Androscoggin Co, Durham
3PhysiciansME, Androscoggin Co, Durham
1School SuperintendentsME, Androscoggin Co, Durham
1PhysiciansME, Androscoggin Co, Lewiston, St Marys General Hospital
2PhysiciansME, Androscoggin Co, Lisbon Falls
1PrincipalsME, Androscoggin Co, Lisbon Falls
2PhysiciansME, Androscoggin Co, Mechanic Falls
1PrincipalsME, Androscoggin Co, Mechanic Falls
1School SuperintendentsME, Aroostook Co, Blaine
1PrincipalsME, Aroostook Co, Island Falls, High School
2AttorneysME, Cumberland Co, Cumberland
2PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, East Baldwin
1MinistersME, Cumberland Co, Gray, First Congregational Church
2PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Gray, Pennell Institute
1School SuperintendentsME, Cumberland Co, Harpswell
1EngineersME, Cumberland Co, Portland
1PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, Portland
1PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Portland, Chapman School
1PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Portland, Fore Street School
1PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Portland, Pearl Street School
1PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Portland, Summit Street School
1PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Portland, Washington Ave School
1TeachersME, Cumberland Co, Pownal
1PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, Scarborough
1PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Scarborough
1School SuperintendentsME, Cumberland Co, Scarborough
3PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Scarborough, High School
1PhysiciansME, Cumberland Co, Sebago
1PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Sebago
1School SuperintendentsME, Cumberland Co, Sebago
1TeachersME, Cumberland Co, Sebago
1PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, South Portland, High School
1AttorneysME, Cumberland Co, Windham
1PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Windham
1School SuperintendentsME, Cumberland Co, Windham
2TeachersME, Cumberland Co, Windham
2PrincipalsME, Franklin Co, Farmington, Abbott School
1PhysiciansME, Franklin Co, Freeman
2PhysiciansME, Franklin Co, Industry
1DentistsME, Hancock Co, Blue Hill
1School SuperintendentsME, Hancock Co, Blue Hill
1PrincipalsME, Hancock Co, Blue Hill, George Stevens Academy
1PrincipalsME, Hancock Co, Bucksport
1PrincipalsME, Hancock Co, Castine, State Normal School
1AttorneysME, Hancock Co, Ellsworth
1TeachersME, Hancock Co, Lamoine
2PhysiciansME, Hancock Co, Mt Desert
1School SuperintendentsME, Hancock Co, Mt Desert
2TeachersME, Hancock Co, Mt Desert
1School SuperintendentsME, Kennebec Co, Augusta
1TeachersME, Kennebec Co, Gardiner Lyceum
2TeachersME, Kennebec Co, Litchfield, Liberal Institute
1PrincipalsME, Kennebec Co, South Gardiner
1PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
1PrincipalsME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
1TeachersME, Kennebec Co, Waterville
4PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, Weeks Mills
2PhysiciansME, Kennebec Co, West Gardiner
1PrincipalsME, Kennebec Co, Winslow
1PrincipalsME, Kennebec Co, Winthrop, Towle Academy
1AttorneysME, Knox Co, Camden
1PrincipalsME, Knox Co, Camden
1PhysiciansME, Knox Co, Tenants Harbor
1PrincipalsME, Knox Co, Thomaston
1School SuperintendentsME, Knox Co, Vinalhaven
1PrincipalsME, Knox Co, Vinalhaven, High School
1AttorneysME, Lincoln Co, Boothbay Harbor
1School SuperintendentsME, Lincoln Co, Boothbay Harbor
1PrincipalsME, Lincoln Co, East Boothbay
1TeachersME, Lincoln Co, Waldoboro
1PhysiciansME, Lincoln Co, Whitefield
1PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, Buckfield
1Board of EducationME, Oxford Co, Dixfield
1AttorneysME, Oxford Co, Otisfield
1PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, Otisfield
1TeachersME, Oxford Co, Paris Hill
1TeachersME, Oxford Co, Paris Hill, Paris Hill Academy
1EngineersME, Oxford Co, Rumford Falls
1PhysiciansME, Oxford Co, Rumford Falls
1School SuperintendentsME, Oxford Co, Rumford Falls
1TeachersME, Oxford Co, South Paris
3AttorneysME, Oxford Co, Waterford
1TeachersME, Oxford Co, Waterford
1TeachersME, Oxford Co, Woodstock
1PrincipalsME, Penobscot Co, Bangor
1AttorneysME, Penobscot Co, Corinth
2PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Corinth
2School SuperintendentsME, Penobscot Co, Corinth
2AttorneysME, Penobscot Co, Exeter
1PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Exeter
1PrincipalsME, Penobscot Co, Exeter
2PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Glenburn
2PrincipalsME, Penobscot Co, Lee, Normal Academy
1PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Newburg
1PhysiciansME, Penobscot Co, Newburgh
1PrincipalsME, Penobscot Co, Old Town
1DentistsME, Penobscot Co, Orono
1PrincipalsME, Penobscot Co, Orono, High School
1ProfessorsME, Penobscot Co, Orono, University of Maine
1TeachersME, Penobscot Co, Orono, University of Maine
1PrincipalsME, Penobscot Co, South Brewer
3AttorneysME, Piscataquis Co, Foxcroft
1School SuperintendentsME, Piscataquis Co, Foxcroft
2Board of EducationME, Piscataquis Co, Guilford
2PrincipalsME, Piscataquis Co, Guilford, High School
1PhysiciansME, Piscataquis Co, Orneville
2MinistersME, Sagadahoc Co, Bath, Elm Street Baptist Church
1School SuperintendentsME, Sagadahoc Co, Bowdoin
1EngineersME, Sagadahoc Co, Fort Popham
1PhysiciansME, Sagadahoc Co, Georgetown
1PrincipalsME, Sagadahoc Co, Richmond
1AttorneysME, Somerset Co, Bloomfield
1PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, Kendalls Mills
1PrincipalsME, Somerset Co, Skowhegan
4PhysiciansME, Somerset Co, South Norridgewock
1PrincipalsME, Somerset Co, South Norridgewock
1AttorneysME, Waldo Co, Belfast
1PrincipalsME, Waldo Co, Belfast
1PhysiciansME, Waldo Co, Montville
1Board of EducationME, Washington Co, Calais
1PrincipalsME, Washington Co, Calais
1School SuperintendentsME, Washington Co, Calais
1PrincipalsME, Washington Co, Eastport
2PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Millbridge
1School SuperintendentsME, Washington Co, Millbridge
1PhysiciansME, Washington Co, Woodland
2Board of EducationME, York Co, Eliot
2AttorneysME, York Co, Hollis
2PhysiciansME, York Co, Hollis
1PrincipalsME, York Co, Hollis
1School SuperintendentsME, York Co, Hollis
1TeachersME, York Co, Hollis
2Board of EducationME, York Co, Kennebunkport
3PhysiciansME, York Co, Kennebunkport
1PrincipalsME, York Co, Kennebunkport, High School
1PrincipalsME, York Co, Limerick, Limerick Academy
2PhysiciansME, York Co, Lyman
1PhysiciansME, York Co, Old Orchard
1AttorneysME, York Co, Parsonsfield
1DentistsME, York Co, Parsonsfield
2PhysiciansME, York Co, Parsonsfield
1School SuperintendentsME, York Co, Parsonsfield
1PhysiciansME, York Co, West Newfield
2School SuperintendentsME, York Co, York
16GraduatesMO, Adair Co, Kirksville, American School of Osteopathy
1MembersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania Exposition Society
1433PhysiciansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
3GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, College of Medicine and Surgery
75GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, College of Pharmacy
12GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Eclectic Medical College
674GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Hahnemann Medical College
3GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Homeopathic Medical College
275GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Jefferson Medical College
723GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Medico-Chirurgical College
588GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery
19GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Polyclinic Hospital
8GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Temple University
824GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
7GraduatesPQ, Montreal
2GraduatesTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Vanderbilt University
3PrincipalsVA, Alexandria
11PhysiciansWA, Columbia Co, Dayton
1PhysiciansWA, Pierce Co, Tacoma, Fanny Paddock Hospital
55PhysiciansWA, Spokane Co, Spokane
12PhysiciansWA, Yakima Co, North Yakima

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07 Sep 2023Physician Directory, PA, NJ, DE, 190816,05816,058
02 Sep 2023Register and manual of the state of Connecticut, 18995,263
31 Aug 2023New Hampshire state directory and gazetteer, 19134,226
29 Aug 2023Mt Washington Cog Railway2,691
20 Aug 2023Worcester City Directory, 1907664
03 Apr 2023Navy Directory, 19325,519
29 Mar 2023Wikipedia: Revolutionary War Orders of Battle779
24 Mar 2023Susquehanna Methodist Conference Archives14,377
07 Mar 2023The Political Graveyard6,399
06 Mar 2023Register of the Department of State for the year 19264,967
04 Mar 2023Register of the US diplomatic service, 187192
21 Feb 2023American Newspaper Directory, 18984,880
09 Feb 2023Manual of the Railroads of the US, 18892,137
08 Feb 2023added 'Contruction' type
06 Feb 2023Whipples Electric, Gas and Street Railway Directory4,122
03 Feb 2023The Mines Handbook, 192019,033
31 Jan 2023Bankers Magazine and Historical Register, v.39368
30 Jan 2023Moody's Manual of Industrial Securities6,282
28 Jan 2023Brown's directory of American gas companies3,054
20 Jan 2023Poor's Manual of Industrials, 191032,144
09 Jan 2023Directory of Directors of New York, 191515,018
04 Jan 2023Notable men of Pittsburgh and vicinity559
03 Jan 2023Directory of Directors in the Pittsburgh District9,92416
29 Dec 2022https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Society_of_Mechanical_Engineers50
26 Dec 2022Directory of Directors, Chicago, 190310,165
19 Dec 2022Philadelphia and notable Philadelphians644
16 Dec 2022Directory of Directors in the City of Philadelphia3,910
15 Dec 2022Directory of Directors in the State of Rhode Island2,756
12 Dec 2022Directory of Directors in Boston and Vicinity, 19067,733
03 Dec 2022Utica NY City Directory147
02 Dec 2022Waterbury City Directory, 188066
27 Nov 2022Toledo City Directory, 1913282
27 Nov 2022Cleveland City Directory, 1906259
23 Nov 2022Albany City Directory, 1905421
23 Nov 2022Hartford City Directory, 1899408
23 Nov 2022Norwich City Directory, 1870173
19 Nov 2022Bankers Directory2,149
03 Nov 2022Alumni, Illinois State University1,570
30 Oct 2022New Mexico Educational Directory, 1914+3,078
28 Oct 2022Herringshaw's American Blue Book of Biography17,5634
28 Oct 2022added 'Author' and 'Poet' types under 'Artist'; 'Genealogist' and separate 'Banker' types
20 Oct 2022Wyoming Seminary, 1844-1944500
18 Oct 2022Report of the Board of DC Public Schools, 1873-4133
17 Oct 2022Annual Reports of the President of Bryn Mawr College, 1911-1915313
17 Oct 2022Annual Reports of the President of Bryn Mawr College, 1917-1918394
17 Oct 2022Annual Reports of the President of Bryn Mawr College, 1906-1911416
16 Oct 2022Annual catalogue of the State Teachers College, Indiana, PA479
14 Oct 2022History and reunion of Falley seminary137
13 Oct 2022Boys High School, Frederick MD75
11 Oct 2022First fifty years of Cazenovia Seminary, 1825-187511,012
11 Oct 2022McKinley Manual Training School, 1914126
05 Oct 2022Manual of the Public Schools of the District of Columbia, 1920-19212,430
03 Oct 2022The American Blue Book of Biography: Prominent Americans of 19192,796
28 Sep 2022Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials, 192211,304
19 Sep 2022Army List and Directory1,856
19 Sep 2022World Cotton Centennial66
17 Sep 2022Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials of America, 19018,297
07 Sep 2022Records of Officers dn Men of NJ in the Civil War253
07 Sep 2022Massachusetts soldiers, sailors, and marines in the civil war, V12,230
07 Sep 2022Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in the Civil War, V25,058