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Historical Record Lists
Rectors & VicarsLeonard 1735-1745EnglandHuntingdonshireWaresley, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsGeorge 1638EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsTheophilus 1627-1668EnglandEssexWicken Bonant, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsAbraham 1672-1680EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsRichard 1539EnglandEssexThorington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsRichard 1552EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsJohn (2) 1669-1686EnglandHuntingdonshireYaxley, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsLancelot 1597EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsRoger 1625EnglandHampshireWinchester Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsRichard 1679EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsEdmund 1687-1705EnglandHuntingdonshireYaxley, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1498EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsGiles 1590-1591EnglandCambridgeshireTrumpington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsRobert 1446EnglandMiddlesexLondon, St Pauls Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsHugh 1509EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsRoger 1661-1663EnglandHuntingdonshireWaresley, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas 1637EnglandCambridgeshireTrumpington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsEdward 1729EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsSamuel 1692EnglandCambridgeshireWhittlesford, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1543EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsReginald (1) 1537EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsThomas (2) 1758EnglandHampshireWinchester Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsRichard 1643EnglandSuffolkTattingstone, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsRichard 1587EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsRichard 1594-1597EnglandKentWrotham, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam (2) 1589-1590EnglandCambridgeshireTrumpington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsRalph (2) 1610EnglandHampshireWinchester Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsWilliam (2) 1601-1613EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsWilliam (2) 1732-1743EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1732-1746EnglandCambridgeshireTrumpington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsAdam 1726EnglandSuffolkTattingstone, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas 1483EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsEdward 1634EnglandCambridgeshireTrumpington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsPhilip 1731EnglandHampshireWinchester Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1602-1603EnglandCambridgeshireTrumpington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsEdward 1695-1709EnglandCambridgeshireTrumpington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas 1755-1758EnglandSuffolkThelnetham, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1585-1589EnglandEssexThorington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1674EnglandCambridgeshireTrumpington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsGeorge (2) 1660EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsGeorge (2) 1666EnglandHampshireWinchester Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsJohn (1) 1562-1565EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsJohn (4) 1680EnglandSuffolkTattingstone, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam (3) 1765EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsJohn (2) 1671EnglandEssexWicken Bonant, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsRobert (1) 1595EnglandHampshireWinchester Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsBarnham 1691-1692EnglandCambridgeshireWhittlesford, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsBarbar 1710EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsNicholas 1644EnglandKentTilmanstone, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsCuthbert 1594EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsPeter 1689EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsJames 1583EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsThomas 1609EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsRalph 1637EnglandCambridgeshireWhittlesford, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas 1660EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsAmbrose 1683-1712EnglandHuntingdonshireWaresley, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsAnthony 1566EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsAnthony 1639EnglandSuffolkThelnetham, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1529EnglandMiddlesexLondon, St Pauls Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsSamuel (2) 1662-1668EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsThomas (1) 1592-1594EnglandCambridgeshireTrumpington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam (1) 1481-1488EnglandMiddlesexLondon, St Pauls Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsNicholas 1582EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1420-1431EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1464-1465EnglandMiddlesexLondon, St Pauls Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsLaurence 1449EnglandMiddlesexLondon, St Pauls Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsWilliam (1) 1421EnglandMiddlesexLondon, St Pauls Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsRobert 1667-1675EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsNicholas 1777-1793EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1475-1495EnglandMiddlesexLondon, St Pauls Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1599-1618EnglandKentTilmanstone, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsJames 1704-1709EnglandEssexWicken Bonant, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsWentworth (2) 1709-1764EnglandEssexWicken Bonant, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsSamuel 1708-1723EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1704-1735EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsHenry 1660-1690EnglandHampshireWinchester Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsJohn (3) 1734-1755EnglandSuffolkThelnetham, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsLaurence 1710EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsThomas 1583EnglandHuntingdonshireYaxley, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsJames 1731-1735EnglandHuntingdonshireWaresley, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas (3) 1680-1709EnglandEssexThorington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsCharles (2) 1758EnglandSuffolkThelnetham, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas (1) 1566EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsJohn (4) 1729-1731EnglandHuntingdonshireWaresley, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1540EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsClere 1666EnglandSuffolkThelnetham, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas 1635EnglandHampshireWinchester Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsEdward 1583EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsNicholas (2) 1661EnglandCambridgeshireWhittlesford, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsRobert 1670-1681EnglandHertfordshireWare, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsRichard 1741EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsWilliam (3) 1699-1730EnglandHertfordshireWare, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1660EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsJames (2) 1675-1697EnglandKentTilmanstone, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsRichard 1639-1695EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsPeter 1661EnglandSuffolkTattingstone, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1563-1568EnglandKentWrotham, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1716EnglandCambridgeshireWhittlesford, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsMoses 1638-1644EnglandKentTilmanstone, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1537EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsGerard 1540-1549EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsNicholas 1730-1755EnglandKentTilmanstone, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas (8) 1692-1704EnglandEssexWicken Bonant, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsRichard 1424EnglandMiddlesexLondon, St Pauls Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsRichard 1738-1743EnglandEssexThorington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1575EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsCharles 1627-1633EnglandHertfordshireWare, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsStephen 1554EnglandHampshireWinchester Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsThomas 1557EnglandKentWrotham, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsKnightley 1687EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsRichard 1560EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsJohn (2) 1546-1554EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsAlured 1723EnglandHampshireWinchester Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsAlured 1731EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsRobert 1639-1660EnglandCambridgeshireWhittlesford, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn (2) 1687EnglandHuntingdonshireYaxley, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsRichard (1) 1587EnglandEssexWicken Bonant, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1526EnglandMiddlesexLondon, St Pauls Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsRobert 1778-1792EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsRalph 1639-1643EnglandEssexThorington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas De 1299EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsThomas De 1306EnglandMiddlesexLondon, St Pauls Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsHenry 1558EnglandKentWrotham, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn (2) 1624EnglandSuffolkTattingstone, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsRichard 1673EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsTimothy 1729EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1370-1391EnglandMiddlesexLondon, St Pauls Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsAbraham 1586EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1642EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsEdmund 1553EnglandCambridgeshireTrumpington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsGeorge 1531-1538EnglandEssexThorington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsGeorge 1735EnglandSuffolkTattingstone, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas 1471-1488EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1463EnglandMiddlesexLondon, St Pauls Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsEdward 1748-1777EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsIsaac 1634EnglandHertfordshireWare, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1541EnglandHampshireWinchester Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1541EnglandMiddlesexWestminster Abbey
Rectors & VicarsRobert 1632EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsRobert (1) 1667EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsRobert (2) 1718EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsDrue 1677-1679EnglandHuntingdonshireWaresley, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsRobert 1733EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsTheodore 1636-1640EnglandCambridgeshireTrumpington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsRichard (3) 1722EnglandHampshireWinchester Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsWilliam (2) 1679EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsBenjamin 1743-1745EnglandEssexThorington, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsEdmund 1570EnglandHuntingdonshireYaxley, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsThomas (2) 1715-1747EnglandKentWrotham, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsGeorge 1612EnglandSomersetWells Cathedral
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Most Recent Entries
14OrganistsEngland, Berkshire, Eton College
14OrganistsEngland, Berkshire, Windsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
14OrganistsEngland, Cambridgeshire, Cambridge, Kings College
12OrganistsEngland, Cambridgeshire, Cambridge, St Johns College
12OrganistsEngland, Cambridgeshire, Cambridge, Trinity College
30OrganistsEngland, Cambridgeshire, Ely, Ely Cathedral
5OrganistsEngland, Cornwall, Truro Cathedral
27OrganistsEngland, Gloucestershire, Bristol Cathedral
16OrganistsEngland, Hampshire, Winchester College
33OrganistsEngland, Herefordshire, Hereford Cathedral
24OrganistsEngland, Lancashire, Manchester Cathedral
6OrganistsEngland, Lancashire, Wigan, All Saints Parish Church
6OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, Aldgate, St Botolph Church
10OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, Bishopsgate, St Botolphs Church
5OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, Bishopsgate, St Helens Church
14OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, Cornhill, St Michael Church
49Rectors & VicarsEngland, Middlesex, Cornhill, St Michael Church
5OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, Cornhill, St Peters Church
21OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, Holborn, St Andrews Church
5OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, All Hallows Barking by the Tower
46Rectors & VicarsEngland, Middlesex, London, All Hallows Barking by the Tower
5OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, All Hallows The Great
4OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, Christ Church
8OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, Lothury, St Margarets Church
3OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Andrew By the Wardrobe
9OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Anne and St Agnes Church
6OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Augustines and St Faith Church
4OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Bartholomew The Great Church
22Rectors & VicarsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Bartholomew The Great Church
5OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Bartholomew-the-Less Church
5OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Benet Pauls Wharf Church
4OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Botolphs Aldersgate Church
3OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Dunstans in the East Church
10OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Dunstans In The West Church
7OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Edmund The King Church
10OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Garlickhythe Church
11OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Giles Cripplegate Church
38OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St James Chapel Royal
7OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Katherine By The Tower Church
4OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Katherine Cree Church
7Rectors & VicarsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Lawrence Jewry Church
6MinistersEngland, Middlesex, London, St Lukes Old Street Church
6OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Lukes Old Street Church
4OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Magnus the Martyr
5OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Margaret Pattens Church
6OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Mary Aldermanbury
3OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Mary Aldermary Church
3OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, st Mary Magdalene Church
3OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Mary Woolnoth Church
7OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Mary-at-Hill Church
3OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Michael Bassishaw Church
4OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Michael Paternoster Church
4OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Mildred Poultry Church
23OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Pauls Cathedral
9OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Sepulchre Without Newgate Church
41Rectors & VicarsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Stephen Walbrook
3OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Thomas the Apostle
7OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Vedast Foster Lane Church
11OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, Temple Church
8OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, Ludgate, St Martins Church
5OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, Soho, St Annes Church
4OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, Westminster, St Clement Danes Church
14OrganistsEngland, Nottinghamshire, Southwell Minister
19OrganistsEngland, Oxfordshire, Oxford, Magdalen College
17OrganistsEngland, Oxfordshire, Oxford, New College
11OrganistsEngland, Oxfordshire, Oxford, St Johns College
6OrganistsEngland, Shropshire, Ludlow, St Laurence Church
45OrganistsEngland, Somerset, Wells Cathedral
5OrganistsEngland, Warwickshire, Birmingham, St Philips Church
25OrganistsEngland, Wiltshire, Salisbury Cathedral
15OrganistsEngland, Worcestershire, Tenbury, St Michaels College
31OrganistsEngland, Worcestershire, Worcester Cathedral
5OrganistsEngland, Yorkshire, Leeds, Parish Church
12MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Crumlin, Presbyterian Church
17MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Glenarm, Presbyterian Church
11MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Larne, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Raloo, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Templepatrick, Presbyterian Church
17OrganistsIreland, Armagh Co, Armagh Cathedral
13OrganistsIreland, Cork Co, Cork Cathedral
10MinistersIreland, Cork Co, Cork, Princess Street Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIreland, Down Co, Downpatrick, First Presbyterian Church
12MinistersIreland, Down Co, Dromore, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIreland, Down Co, Dunmurry, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersIreland, Down Co, Grey Abbey, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersIreland, Down Co, Holywood, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIreland, Down Co, Killinchy, Presbyterian Church
17MinistersIreland, Down Co, Moira, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIreland, Down Co, Moneyrea, Presbyterian Church
10MinistersIreland, Down Co, Newry, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersIreland, Down Co, Newtonnards, Presbyterian Church
8MinistersIreland, Down Co, Rademon, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIreland, Down Co, Ravara, Presbyterian Church
12MinistersIreland, Down Co, Warrenpoint, Presbyterian Church
26OrganistsIreland, Dublin Co, Dublin, Christ Church Cathedral
11MinistersIreland, Dublin Co, Dublin, Cooke Street Presbyterian Church
16MinistersIreland, Dublin Co, Dublin, Eustace Street Presbyterian Church
30OrganistsIreland, Dublin Co, Dublin, St Patricks Cathedral
17MinistersIreland, Dublin Co, Dublin, Strand Street Presbyterian Church
26OrganistsIreland, Dublin Co, Rathfarnham, St Columbas College
9OrganistsIreland, Limerick Co, Limerick Cathedral
10MinistersIreland, Londonderry Co, Limavady, Presbyterian Church
2OrganistsMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Trinity Episcopal Church
2OrganistsMO, St Louis City, Union Methodist Church
15Naval Ship ServiceHMS Adventure
23Naval Ship ServiceHMS Adventure (1646)
8Naval Ship ServiceHMS Advice (1586)
9Naval Ship ServiceHMS Antelope
16Naval Ship ServiceHMS Antelope (1613)
6Naval Ship ServiceHMS Assurance
34Naval Ship ServiceHMS Assurance (1646)
10Naval Ship ServiceHMS Bear (1652)
11Naval Ship ServiceHMS Bonaventure
21Naval Ship ServiceHMS Bonaventure (1621)
6Naval Ship ServiceHMS Charles (1586)
8Naval Ship ServiceHMS Charles (1615)
9Naval Ship ServiceHMS Crane
11Naval Ship ServiceHMS Cygnet (1643)
6Naval Ship ServiceHMS Defiance
4Naval Ship ServiceHMS Discovery (1621)
11Naval Ship ServiceHMS Dreadnaught (1592)
10Naval Ship ServiceHMS Elizabeth (1647)
16Naval Ship ServiceHMS Expedition (1637)
22Naval Ship ServiceHMS Fairfax (1653)
28Naval Ship ServiceHMS Falcon (1666)
4Naval Ship ServiceHMS Fellowship (1643)
11Naval Ship ServiceHMS Foresight
11Naval Ship ServiceHMS Garland
17Naval Ship ServiceHMS Garland (1620)
16Naval Ship ServiceHMS Gloucester
12Naval Ship ServiceHMS Greyhound (1636)
19Naval Ship ServiceHMS Guinea (1649)
27Naval Ship ServiceHMS Happy Entrance
18Naval Ship ServiceHMS Leopard
5Naval Ship ServiceHMS Lily (1642)
13Naval Ship ServiceHMS Lion
17Naval Ship ServiceHMS Lion (1640)
4Naval Ship ServiceHMS Lions Whelp V (1623)
15Naval Ship ServiceHMS Lions Whelp X (1627)
5Naval Ship ServiceHMS Marline
26Naval Ship ServiceHMS Mary Rose (1623)
6Naval Ship ServiceHMS Merhonor
40Naval Ship ServiceHMS Monck (1660)
8Naval Ship ServiceHMS Moon (1586)
6Naval Ship ServiceHMS Nicodemus (1836)
12Naval Ship ServiceHMS Nightingale (1651)
10Naval Ship ServiceHMS Nonpareil
17Naval Ship ServiceHMS Nonsuch (1646)
15Naval Ship ServiceHMS Phoenix (1647)
21Naval Ship ServiceHMS Portland (1652)
19Naval Ship ServiceHMS Portsmouth (1649)
15Naval Ship ServiceHMS Princess (1660)
18Naval Ship ServiceHMS Providence (1637)
7Naval Ship ServiceHMS Quittance
13Naval Ship ServiceHMS Rainbow (1586)
38Naval Ship ServiceHMS Rainbow (1613)
10Naval Ship ServiceHMS Recovery (1646)
5Naval Ship ServiceHMS Red Dragon
7Naval Ship ServiceHMS Repulse
9Naval Ship ServiceHMS Revenge
4Naval Ship ServiceHMS Roebuck (1636)
29Naval Ship ServiceHMS Royal Katherine (1664)
37Naval Ship ServiceHMS Rupert (1666)
5Naval Ship ServiceHMS Sampson (1642)
14Naval Ship ServiceHMS Satisfaction (1646)
7Naval Ship ServiceHMS Swiftsure
11Naval Ship ServiceHMS Swiftsure (1621)
21Naval Ship ServiceHMS Tiger (1647)
30Naval Ship ServiceHMS Triumph (1623)
32Naval Ship ServiceHMS Unicorn (1631)
11Naval Ship ServiceHMS Vanguard
21Naval Ship ServiceHMS Vanguard (1631)
16Naval Ship ServiceHMS Vesey (1647)
12Naval Ship ServiceHMS Victory (1620)
5Naval Ship ServiceHMS Warspite
7Naval Ship ServiceTramonata (1586)
7MinistersWales, Breconshire, Cefncoed y Cymmer, Unitarian Church
16OrganistsWales, Caernarvonshire, Bangor, Bangor Cathedral
5MinistersWales, Cardiganshire, Alltyblacca, Unitarian Church
7MinistersWales, Cardiganshire, Capel y Fadfa, Unitarian Church
10MinistersWales, Cardiganshire, Ciliau Aeron, Unitarian Church
9MinistersWales, Cardiganshire, Cribin, Unitarian Church
4MinistersWales, Cardiganshire, Llwynrhydowen, Unitarian Church
6MinistersWales, Cardiganshire, Pantdefaid, Unitarian Church
8MinistersWales, Carmarthenshire, Caeronen, Unitarian Church
7MinistersWales, Carmarthenshire, Capel y Groes, Unitarian Church
12MinistersWales, Carmarthenshire, Carmarthen, Unitarian Church
5MinistersWales, Carmarthenshire, Onenfawr, Unitarian Church
7MinistersWales, Carmarthenshire, St Clears, Unitarian Church
4MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Aberdare, Highland Place Unitarian Church
12MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Aberdare, Non-conformist Church
10MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Bridgend, High Street Unitarian Church
3MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Cardiff, West Grove Unitarian Church
12MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Gellionen, Unitarian Church
8MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Merthyr Tydfil, Unitarian Church
4MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Nottage, Unitarian Church
12MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Swansea, Unitarian Church
4MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Trebanos, Unitarian Church
7MinistersWales, Monmouthshire, Panteg, Baptist Church
22OrganistsWales, Pembrokeshire, St Davids Cathedral

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04 Sep 2019London, St Bride Fleet Street Church70
04 Sep 2019Boroughbridge, St James Church54
04 Sep 2019Hemingbrough, St Marys Church50
04 Sep 2019Barton Stacey, All Saints Church50
04 Sep 2019Wath upon Dearne, All Saints Church51
04 Sep 2019Dorney, St James the Less Church53
04 Sep 2019Leek Wootton, All Saints Church50
03 Sep 2019Buckland, All Saints Church51
03 Sep 2019Leighton Buzzard, All Saints Church51
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23 Aug 2019Hastingleigh Church72
23 Aug 2019Berkhamstead, St Peters Church57
23 Aug 2019London, St Botolph Without Bishopsgate66
22 Aug 2019Odell, All Saints Church50
22 Aug 2019Eyam, St Lawrence Church76
22 Aug 2019Loughborough, All Saints Church50
18 Aug 2019Huggate, St Marys Church52
18 Aug 2019London, St Catherine Coleman Church62
28 Jul 2019The history of the Chaplain Corps, United States Navy1,667
22 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 19151,824
21 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 19131,603
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12 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 19051,142
11 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 1852470
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10 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 1848614
09 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 1859539
09 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 1854531
06 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 18642,704
05 Jul 2019Officers of the Navy (Early)303
04 Jul 2019Officers of Navy Yards, Vessels, 18654,693
03 Jul 2019Naval Officers of the War of 1812424
30 Jun 2019Register of the Navy, 1816-18365,466
28 Jun 2019Records of Living Officers of the US Navy, 18981,000
23 Jun 2019Officers in the Confederate States Navy, 1861-18651,581