List of Graduates and Alumni

With their year, school, where they were from; for academies, colleges, universities, and seminaries

Source: Medical Annals of Maryland, 1799-1899

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List of Graduates and Alumni
John J. 1883MIWashtenaw CoAnn Arbor, University of Michigan
John Robert 1893MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins University
John Robert 1895MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
James Frederick 1894MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Edward Brice 1815PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
John 1830MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Harry 1892MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins University
Harry 1895MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Stephen W. 1828MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
James 1824MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Charles 1872MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Edward J. 1827MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
John Henry 1855MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Ashton 1795PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
Harry Cairnes 1895MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
L. M. 1896MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Robert 1813MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Robert T. 1822MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Delano 1892MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Corbin 1812MDBaltimore CityCollege of Medicine of Maryland
Charles Loftus Grant 1884NYNew York CoManhattan, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons
James 1815MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
John Wallace 1828PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
James Ridgway 1850MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Andrew 1827MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Robert Landales 1789PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
Robert Lewis 1855NYNew York CoManhattan, New York University
Samuel 1820ScotlandMid-LothianEdinburgh, University of Edinburgh
Edward Carey 1887MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins University
Edward Carey 1892MDBaltimore CityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons
James 1804PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
John 1760NJMercer CoPrinceton, Princeton University
John, Jr 1798PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
James 1831MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
John 1808PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
Abram B. 1848MDBaltimore CityWashington University
Jacob Dennis 1873DCWashingtonGeorgetown University
Abraham T. 1870GermanyBerlinUniversity of Berlin
Henry 1803PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
Caleb Noble 1894MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
A. Duvall 1894MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Thomas C. 1844MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Philip H. 1844CTNew Haven CoNew Haven, Yale University
Philip H. 1845MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Philip H. 1849MDBaltimore CityCollege of Dental Surgery
Charles J. 1845MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Jacob Shellman 1808PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
Michael Shellman 1818MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
William Stevenson 1894MDBaltimore CityJohns Hopkins University
Charles D. 1882PALebanon CoAnnville, Lebanon Valley College
Samuel 1808PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
Samuel George 1832CTNew Haven CoNew Haven, Yale College
Samuel George 1835MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
William Nelson 1830CTNew Haven CoNew Haven, Yale University
William Nelson 1832MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Levin W. 1819MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Frank Emanuel 1869NJMercer CoPrinceton, Princeton University
Frank Emanuel 1871MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
William H. 1851NJMercer CoPrinceton, Princeton University
William H. 1854PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
William Hewson (1) 1842MDBaltimore CitySt Marys College
William Hewson (1) 1843MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
William Hewson (2) 1889MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
William 1812PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
George A. 1821MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Arthur G. 1896MDBaltimore CityBaltimore University
Arthur G. 1900MDBaltimore CityCollege of Physicians and Surgeons
Bernard 1897MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
William J. 1844MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Elisha 1826RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
G. Irwin 1891MDCarroll CoWestminster, Western Maryland College
G. Irwin 1894MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Henry Minifie 1888MDBaltimore CityMaryland College of Pharmacy
Henry Minifie 1892MDBaltimore CityBaltimore Medical College
Henry Willis 1824MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
J. Brown, Jr 1876MDBaltimore CityMaryland College of Pharmacy
Joseph, Jr 1836PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Pennsylvania
George Dobbin 1863MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Stephens Rittenhouse 1828KYFayette CoLexington, Transylvania University
Samuel A. 1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University of Medicine and Surgery
Edward Oliver 1886MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Richard Grafton 1821MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Samuel Jones 1868MDBaltimore CityMaryland College of Pharmacy
Walter T. 1835MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
James Bates 1892GermanyBayernWurzburg, University of Wurzburg
Charles Henry 1890PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, College of Pharmacy
Charles Henry 1892PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Medico-Chirurgical College
Joshua Edward 1884MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
John R. 1883MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Henry J. 1881MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Isidor Samuel Leopold 1878GermanyBayernWurzburg, University of Wurzburg
Edward J. 1884MDBaltimore CityMaryland College of Pharmacy
Edward J. 1887MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
John 1828MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Joseph W. 1826MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
John Shaw 1857OHButler CoOxford, Miami University
James Howell 1864MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
James L. 1827MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland
Lennox 1813PACumberland CoCarlisle, Dickinson College
Lennox 1817MDBaltimore CityUniversity of Maryland

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Most Recent Entries
3GraduatesAL, Hale Co, Greensboro, Southern University
393GraduatesAL, Mobile Co, Mobile, Medical College of Alabama
36GraduatesAL, Tuscaloosa Co, Tuscaloosa, University of Alabama
4GraduatesAZ, Pima Co, Tucson, University of Arizona
4GraduatesCA, Los Angeles Co, Los Angeles, Occidental College
39GraduatesCA, Los Angeles Co, Los Angeles, University of California
15GraduatesCA, Los Angeles Co, Los Angeles, University of Southern California
9GraduatesCA, Los Angeles Co, Whittier, Whittier College
613GraduatesCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco, Cooper Medical College
66GraduatesCA, Santa Clara Co, Palo Alto, Stanford University
319GraduatesCT, Hartford Co, Hartford, Hartford Seminary
1GraduatesCT, Hartford Co, Hartford, High School
1GraduatesCT, Middlesex Co, Middletown, Berkeley Divinity School
1GraduatesCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, High School
682GraduatesCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Yale University
4GraduatesDC, Washington, National University
1GraduatesGA, Berrien Co, Nashville, University of Nashville
2GraduatesGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Georgia Eclectic Medical College
18GraduatesIA, Fayette Co, Fayette, Upper Iowa University
18GraduatesIA, Henry Co, Mt Pleasant, Iowa Wesleyan University
36GraduatesIA, Marion Co, Pella, Central University
2GraduatesIA, Polk Co, Des Moines, College of Physicians and Surgeons
25GraduatesIA, Story Co, Ames, Iowa State University
35GraduatesIL, Adams Co, Quincy, Chaddock College
751GraduatesIL, Cook Co, Chicago, McCormick Theological Seminary
2GraduatesIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Ophthalmic College
2788GraduatesIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Rush Medical College
340GraduatesIL, Cook Co, Chicago, University of Chicago
1GraduatesIL, DuPage Co, Naperville, North Central College
1GraduatesIL, Sangamon Co, Springfield, High School
16GraduatesIL, St Clair Co, Lebanon, McKendree College
1GraduatesIN, Cass Co, Logansport, High School
291GraduatesIN, Montgomery Co, Crawfordsville, Wabash College
14GraduatesIN, Porter Co, Valparaiso, Valparaiso University
4GraduatesIN, Sullivan Co, Merom, Union Christian College
26GraduatesIN, Wayne Co, Richmond, Earlham College
243GraduatesKY, Boyle Co, Danville, Centre College
13GraduatesKY, Fayette Co, Lexington, University of Kentucky
619GraduatesKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Louisville Medical College
1GraduatesKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Presbyterian Theological Seminary
45GraduatesKY, Logan Co, Russellville, Bethel College
12GraduatesKY, Madison Co, Berea, Berea College
304GraduatesMA, Berkshire Co, Pittsfield, Berkshire Medical College
667GraduatesMA, Berkshire Co, Williamstown, Williams College
1GraduatesMA, Essex Co, Swampscott, High School
89GraduatesMA, Hampshire Co, South Hadley, Mt Holyoke College
1GraduatesMA, Middlesex Co, Auburndale, Lasell Seminary
2101GraduatesMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge, Harvard University
2336GraduatesMA, Middlesex Co, Newton, Andover Theological Seminary
2GraduatesMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, City Hospital
1GraduatesMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, Polytechnic Institute
1GraduatesMB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg, University of Manitoba
2224GraduatesMD, Anne Arundel Co, Annapolis, Naval Academy
1GraduatesMD, Baltimore City
1309GraduatesMD, Baltimore City, College of Physicians and Surgeons
203GraduatesMD, Baltimore City, Johns Hopkins University
1GraduatesMD, Baltimore City, Southern Homeopathic Medical College
1602GraduatesME, Cumberland Co, Brunswick, Bowdoin College
1289GraduatesME, Cumberland Co, Brunswick, Bowdoin Medical College
1GraduatesME, Cumberland Co, Deering, Westbrook Seminary
1GraduatesMI, Oakland Co, Orchard Lake, Michigan Military Academy
1GraduatesMI, Washtenaw Co, Ann Arbor, High School
2454GraduatesMI, Washtenaw Co, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan
8GraduatesMI, Washtenaw Co, Ypsilanti, State Normal School
3GraduatesMI, Wayne Co, Detroit, College of Law
13GraduatesMN, Ramsey Co, St Paul, College of St Catherine
178GraduatesMO, Platte Co, Parkville, Park College
37GraduatesMS, Lafayette Co, Oxford, University of Mississippi
2GraduatesNC, Guilford Co, Greensboro, Bennett College
170GraduatesNC, Mecklenburg Co, Davidson, Davidson College
77GraduatesNC, Orange Co, Chapel Hill, University of NC
2GraduatesNC, Rowan Co, Salisbury, Livingstone College
3025GraduatesNH, Grafton Co, Hanover, Dartmouth College
5526GraduatesNJ, Mercer Co, Princeton, Princeton Theological Seminary
1369GraduatesNJ, Mercer Co, Princeton, Princeton University
1GraduatesNJ, Warren Co, Hackettstown, Centenary Collegiate Institute
101GraduatesNY, Albany Co, Albany Law School
1GraduatesNY, Broome Co, Binghamton, High School
5GraduatesNY, Cayuga Co, Aurora, Wells College
2GraduatesNY, Dutchess Co, Annandale-On-Hudson, St Stephens College
1GraduatesNY, Dutchess Co, Poughkeepsie, Eastman Business College
3653GraduatesNY, Dutchess Co, Poughkeepsie, Vassar College
860GraduatesNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Long Island College Hospital
2GraduatesNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Pratt Institute
1GraduatesNY, Madison Co, Hamilton, Hamilton College
1GraduatesNY, Monroe Co, Brockport, State Normal School
1330GraduatesNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Auburn Theological Seminary
11GraduatesNY, New York Co, Manhattan, City College of New York
35GraduatesNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Columbia College
2291GraduatesNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons
354GraduatesNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Columbia University
37GraduatesNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Hygeio Therapeutic College
115GraduatesNY, New York Co, Manhattan, New York Infirmary Medical College
2733GraduatesNY, New York Co, Manhattan, New York University Medical School
2280GraduatesNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Union Theological Seminary
3GraduatesNY, Ontario Co, Geneva, William Smith College
1139GraduatesNY, Orange Co, West Point, West Point Academy
1GraduatesNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
582GraduatesNY, Schenectady Co, Schenectady, Union College
156GraduatesNY, Tompkins Co, Ithaca, Cornell University
1GraduatesOH, Ashland Co, Hayesville, High School
21GraduatesOH, Athens Co, Athens, Ohio University
1GraduatesOH, Auglaize Co, Wapakoneta, High School
757GraduatesOH, Butler Co, Oxford, Miami University
1GraduatesOH, Champaign Co, St Paris, High School
1GraduatesOH, Champaign Co, Terre Haute, High School
1GraduatesOH, Champaign Co, Urbana, Urbana University
1GraduatesOH, Clark Co, Springfield, High School
16GraduatesOH, Clark Co, Springfield, Wittenberg Theological Seminary
48GraduatesOH, Clark Co, Springfield, Wittenberg University
1GraduatesOH, Columbiana Co, Lisbon, High School
2GraduatesOH, Coshocton Co, Coshocton, High School
72GraduatesOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, Adelbert College
2GraduatesOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, Central High School
693GraduatesOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, Homeopathic Hospital College
1GraduatesOH, Defiance Co, Defiance, High School
726GraduatesOH, Delaware Co, Delaware, Ohio Wesleyan University
1GraduatesOH, Erie Co, Sandusky, High School
2GraduatesOH, Franklin Co, Columbus, Central High School
1GraduatesOH, Franklin Co, Columbus, High School
16GraduatesOH, Franklin Co, Columbus, Ohio State University
34GraduatesOH, Franklin Co, Westerville, Otterbein University
24GraduatesOH, Greene Co, Yellow Springs, Antioch College
121GraduatesOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, Cincinnati School Of Law
928GraduatesOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, Lane Theological Seminary
23GraduatesOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, University of Cincinnati
9GraduatesOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, Woodward High School
1GraduatesOH, Hancock Co, Findlay, High School
6GraduatesOH, Hardin Co, Ada, Ohio Northern University
1GraduatesOH, Hardin Co, Kenton, High School
15GraduatesOH, Harrison Co, Scio, Scio College
1GraduatesOH, Huron Co, Bellevue, High School
3GraduatesOH, Lake Co, Painesville, Lake Erie College
1GraduatesOH, Lawrence Co, Ironton, High School
332GraduatesOH, Licking Co, Granville, Denison University
1GraduatesOH, Licking Co, Pataskala, High School
1GraduatesOH, Lorain Co, Oberlin, Conservatory of Music
469GraduatesOH, Lorain Co, Oberlin, Oberlin College
1GraduatesOH, Lucas Co, Toledo, High School
1GraduatesOH, Meigs Co, Pomeroy, High School
2GraduatesOH, Montgomery Co, Dayton, Bonebrake Theological Seminary
1GraduatesOH, Muskingum Co, Dresden, High School
1GraduatesOH, Muskingum Co, Roseville, High School
1GraduatesOH, Muskingum Co, Zanesville, High School
1GraduatesOH, Pike Co, Waverly, High School
3GraduatesOH, Portage Co, Hiram, Hiram College
1GraduatesOH, Sandusky Co, Clyde, High School
1GraduatesOH, Scioto Co, Portsmouth, High School
10GraduatesOH, Seneca Co, Tiffin, Heidelberg Theological Seminary
62GraduatesOH, Stark Co, Alliance, University of Mount Union
1GraduatesOH, Union Co, Marysville, High School
1GraduatesOH, Union Co, New California, High School
1GraduatesOH, Wayne Co, Wooster, High School
489GraduatesOH, Wayne Co, Wooster, Wooster College
21GraduatesOH, Wayne Co, Wooster, Wooster University
1GraduatesOH, Williams Co, Stryker, High School
2GraduatesOH, Wood Co, Bowling Green, High School
1GraduatesOH, Wood Co, Grand Rapids, High School
12GraduatesOK, Cleveland Co, Norman, University of Oklahoma
4GraduatesON, Toronto, University of Toronto
1GraduatesOR, Benton Co, Corvallis, Oregon State University
1GraduatesOR, Washington Co, Forest Grove, Pacific University
65GraduatesPA, Adams Co, Gettysburg, Gettysburg College
54GraduatesPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute of Technology
1GraduatesPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Central High School
1259GraduatesPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
2GraduatesPA, Berks Co, Reading, Albright College
72GraduatesPA, Crawford Co, Meadville, Allegheny College
1676GraduatesPA, Delaware Co, Haverford, Haverford College
1GraduatesPA, Erie Co, Union City, High School
84GraduatesPA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster, Franklin and Marshall College
2GraduatesPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport, Dickinson Seminary
2847GraduatesPA, Northampton Co, Easton, Lafayette College
44GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Central High School
3879GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
290GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Womans Medical College
17GraduatesPA, Washington Co, Canonsburg, Associate Theological Seminary
3042GraduatesRI, Providence Co, Providence, Brown University
1GraduatesRI, Washington Co, Kingston, University of Rhode Island
9GraduatesSC, York Co, Rock Hill, Winthrop University
1GraduatesSD, Fall River Co, Hot Springs, Black Hills College
1GraduatesSD, Yankton Co, Yankton, Yankton College
1GraduatesTN, Davidson Co, Greenville, Greenville College
66GraduatesTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Meharry Medical College
642GraduatesTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, University of Nashville
110GraduatesTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Vanderbilt University
232GraduatesTN, Shelby Co, Memphis, Hospital Medical College
1GraduatesTX, Travis Co, Austin, Austin College
1GraduatesTX, Walker Co, Huntsville, Sam Houston Normal Institute
3GraduatesUT, Salt Lake Co, Salt Lake City, University of Utah
102GraduatesVA, Lexington, Washington And Lee University
15GraduatesVA, Lynchburg, Randolph Macon Womens College
180GraduatesVA, Prince Edward Co, Hampden Sydney College
463GraduatesVA, Richmond City, Union Presbyterian Seminary
3401GraduatesVT, Chittenden Co, Burlington, University of Vermont
3GraduatesVT, Rutland Co, Rutland, Vermont Medical College
112GraduatesWA, King Co, Seattle, University of Washington
15GraduatesWA, Walla Walla Co, Walla Walla, Whitman College
1GraduatesWI, Grant Co, Platteville, State Normal School
12GraduatesWV, Brooke Co, Bethany, Bethany College

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