List of Graduates and Alumni

With their year, school, where they were from; for academies, colleges, universities, and seminaries

About this page: This list compiles occupation and service lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. More are always being added. More >>

List of Graduates and Alumni
John Bayne 1906MAMiddlesex CoCambridge, Harvard Divinity School
John Bayne 1907MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
Charles Eugene 1850RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
Johan Arnd 1904-1905NJMercer CoPrinceton Theological Seminary
Edward James 1902PADelaware CoCrozer Theological Seminary
Frederic Randolph 1848CTNew Haven CoNew Haven, Yale College
Frederic Randolph 1855MAMiddlesex CoNewton, Andover Theological Seminary
Henry Winslow 1860PACumberland CoCarlisle, Dickinson College
Bert Wood 1891VTChittenden CoBurlington, University of Vermont
Charles Clarke 1845VTAddison CoMiddlebury College
David Avery 1838CTNew Haven CoNew Haven, Yale University
Edward William 1871NYOneida CoClinton, Hamilton College
Edward William 1871-1874OHHamilton CoCincinnati, Lane Theological Seminary
Pearlie May 1893VTChittenden CoBurlington, University of Vermont
Roy Edwin 1911NYMadison CoHamilton, Colgate University
Benjamin Boiling 1901VARichmond CityRichmond College
Benjamin Boiling 1905PADelaware CoCrozer Theological Seminary
Abiel 1831MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin College
Charles 1833NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
Ephraim 1806MAMiddlesex CoCambridge, Harvard University
Ephraim 1810MAMiddlesex CoNewton, Andover Theological Seminary
Francis Ellingwood 1859MAMiddlesex CoCambridge, Harvard Divinity School
Francis Ellingwood 1863PACrawford CoMeadville Theological Seminary
George Galen 1876MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
Gorham Dummer 1826MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin College
Jacob Jackson 1839NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
James Alexander 1840NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
James Alexander 1843MAMiddlesex CoCambridge, Harvard Law School
John Emery 1810MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin College
John Emery 1815MAMiddlesex CoCambridge, Harvard Divinity School
Jonathan 1791RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
Julian 1826MAMiddlesex CoCambridge, Harvard Divinity School
Liberal ArtsMaud Elizabeth 1904MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
Montelle Weston 1896MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
Theophilus Capen 1855MEPenobscot CoBangor Theological Seminary
William Ebenezer 1830MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin College
Abial Ralph 1853MAHampshire CoAmherst, Amherst College
MedicineAlbert Francis 1903MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
Albert Franklin 1872VTAddison CoMiddlebury College
Albert Franklin 1872-1873CTNew Haven CoNew Haven, Yale Theological Seminary
Alexander Hewes 1903RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
Liberal ArtsAlice Carey 1898MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
Augustus Levi 1880NYMonroe CoRochester Theological Seminary
Augustus Levi 1880RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
Austin 1851NYNew York CoNew York City, New York University
Benjamin Henry 1857MAHampshire CoAmherst, Amherst College
Bennett Tyler 1860CTMiddlesex CoMiddletown, Wesleyan University
Caleb 1835NYSchenectady CoSchenectady, Union College
Caleb 1836-1837NJMercer CoPrinceton Theological Seminary
Cary Fletcher 1885PACrawford CoMeadville Theological Seminary
Charles Edwards 1828-1829MAHampshire CoAmherst, Amherst College
Charles Edwards 1832MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin College
Charles Edwards 1837MAMiddlesex CoNewton, Andover Theological Seminary
Charles Frederick 1858VTAddison CoMiddlebury College
Charles Frederick 1861MAMiddlesex CoNewton, Andover Theological Seminary
Chauncey 1837VTAddison CoMiddlebury College
Christabel 1895NYOnondaga CoSyracuse University
David Gushwa 1895MASuffolk CoBoston University Theological Seminary
Edward 1860NYNew York CoNew York City, New York University
Edward A. 1883-1884ILCook CoChicago, Baptist Union Theological Seminary
Elisha Litchfield 1838NYMadison CoHamilton, Colgate University
Liberal ArtsEllen Mehitable 1881MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
Ephraim Eliphalet Pearson 1863NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
Ephraim Eliphalet Pearson 1864-1866NYNew York CoNew York City, Union Theological Seminary
Ephraim Eliphalet Pearson 1867MAMiddlesex CoNewton, Andover Theological Seminary
Ernest Hamlin 1893MAMiddlesex CoCambridge, Harvard University
Ernest Hamlin 1893-1895NYNew York CoNew York City, Union Theological Seminary
Ernest Hamlin 1896MAMiddlesex CoNewton, Andover Theological Seminary
MedicineEulalie Marie 1899MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
George Frederick 1890VTChittenden CoBurlington, University of Vermont
George Irving 1888NYOnondaga CoSyracuse University
George Nelson 1849VTChittenden CoBurlington, University of Vermont
Granville Sharp 1860RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
Granville Sharp 1860-1863MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
Granville Sharp 1880CASolano CoVacaville, California College
Henry Crounce 1859CTMiddlesex CoMiddletown, Wesleyan University
Jacob 1820MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin College
Jacob 1874MAHampshire CoAmherst, Amherst College
Jacob Jackson 1839NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
Jacob Jackson 1843-1845NYNew York CoNew York City, Union Theological Seminary
James P. 1882RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
James Percival 1874RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
James Percival 1874-1877MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
James Percival 1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Temple University
John Stevens Cabot 1825MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin College
John Stevens Cabot 1829MAMiddlesex CoNewton, Andover Theological Seminary
John Stevens Cabot 1875MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin College
Joseph 1824-1826PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
Joseph 1830MAMiddlesex CoNewton, Andover Theological Seminary
Josiah 1835CTNew Haven CoNew Haven, Yale Theological Seminary
Justin Edwards 1876NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
Justin Edwards 1879NYNew York CoNew York City, Union Theological Seminary
Kate Leora 1892NYOnondaga CoSyracuse University
Larmon Roellas 1866CTMiddlesex CoMiddletown, Wesleyan University
Lee Clark 1899VTChittenden CoBurlington, University of Vermont
Levi Augustus 1884ILMadison CoAlton, Shurtleff College
OratoryLillian Beardslee 1879MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
Lyman 1853NYNew York CoNew York City, New York University
Mary Ethel 1888NYOnondaga CoSyracuse University
Nathan 1893MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School

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Most Recent Entries
61GraduatesAL, Jefferson Co, Homewood, Howard College
20GraduatesAL, Tuscaloosa Co, Tuscaloosa, University Of Alabama
5GraduatesCA, Alameda Co, Berkeley, University of California
126GraduatesCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco Theological Seminary
17GraduatesCanada, Manitoba, Manitoba College
132GraduatesCanada, Nova Scotia, Acadia College
74GraduatesCanada, Nova Scotia, Dalhousie University
7GraduatesCanada, Nova Scotia, Pictou Academy
30GraduatesCanada, Ontario, Kingston, Queens College
24GraduatesCanada, Ontario, Toronto University
5GraduatesCO, Denver Co, Denver, University Of Denver
4GraduatesCO, El Paso Co, Colorado Springs, Colorado College
315GraduatesCT, Hartford Co, Hartford, Hartford Seminary
1059GraduatesCT, Middlesex Co, Middletown, Wesleyan University
493GraduatesCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Yale College
11GraduatesCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Yale Medical School
1071GraduatesCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Yale Theological Seminary
281GraduatesCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Yale University
32GraduatesDC, Washington, Columbian College
36GraduatesGermany, Berlin, University of Berlin
52GraduatesIA, Delaware Co, Hopkinton, Lenox College
8GraduatesIA, Johnson Co, Iowa City, University Of Iowa
39GraduatesIA, Linn Co, Cedar Rapids, Coe College
25GraduatesIA, Linn Co, Mount Vernon, Cornell College
9GraduatesIA, Mahaska Co, Oskaloosa, William Penn University
33GraduatesIA, Poweshiek Co, Grinnell, Iowa College
14GraduatesIL, Champaign Co, Champaign, University Of Illinois
720GraduatesIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Baptist Union Theological Seminary
750GraduatesIL, Cook Co, Chicago, McCormick Theological Seminary
18GraduatesIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Moody Bible Institute
17GraduatesIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Northwestern Theological Seminary
239GraduatesIL, Cook Co, Chicago, University Of Chicago
67GraduatesIL, Cook Co, Chicago, University Of Chicago Divinity School
40GraduatesIL, Cook Co, Evanston, Garrett Biblical Institute
10GraduatesIL, Cook Co, Evanston, Northwestern University
30GraduatesIL, Knox Co, Galesburg, Knox College
89GraduatesIL, Lake Co, Lake Forest University
7GraduatesIL, Macoupin Co, Carlinville, Blackburn Theological Seminary
6GraduatesIL, Madison Co, Alton, Shurtleff Divinity School
22GraduatesIL, McLean Co, Bloomington, Wesleyan University
65GraduatesIL, Morgan Co, Jacksonville, Illinois College
19GraduatesIN, Grant Co, Upland, Taylor University
310GraduatesIN, Jefferson Co, Hanover, Hanover College
79GraduatesIN, Johnson Co, Franklin, Franklin College
16GraduatesIN, Monroe Co, Bloomington, University of Indiana
282GraduatesIN, Montgomery Co, Crawfordsville, Wabash College
19GraduatesIN, Putnam Co, Greencastle, Depauw University
35GraduatesIreland, Dublin Co, Dublin, Royal College
5GraduatesIreland, Galway Co, Galway, Queens College
22GraduatesKS, Doniphan Co, Highland University
1116GraduatesKS, Douglas Co, Baldwin City, Baker University
34GraduatesKS, Douglas Co, Lawrence, University Of Kansas
7GraduatesKS, Riley Co, Manhattan, Kansas St University
4GraduatesKS, Saline Co, Salina, Wesleyan University
3GraduatesKS, Shawnee Co, Topeka, Washburn College
86GraduatesKY, Boyle Co, Danville Theological Seminary
48GraduatesKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville Presbyterian Seminary
814GraduatesKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
56GraduatesKY, Scott Co, Georgetown College
23GraduatesMA, Berkshire Co, Pittsfield, Berkshire Medical College
625GraduatesMA, Berkshire Co, Williamstown, Williams College
1504GraduatesMA, Hampshire Co, Amherst, Amherst College
18GraduatesMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge, Harvard Business School
537GraduatesMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge, Harvard Divinity School
36GraduatesMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge, Harvard Law School
15GraduatesMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge, Harvard Medical School
489GraduatesMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge, Harvard University
8GraduatesMA, Middlesex Co, Cambridge, MA Institute of Technology
1088GraduatesMA, Middlesex Co, Newton Theological Institute
2336GraduatesMA, Middlesex Co, Newton, Andover Theological Seminary
2767GraduatesMA, Suffolk Co, Boston University Law School
1591GraduatesMA, Suffolk Co, Boston University Theological Seminary
30GraduatesMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Boston College
4586GraduatesMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Boston University
39GraduatesMD, Baltimore City, Johns Hopkins University
40GraduatesMD, Carroll Co, New Windsor College
18GraduatesMD, Prince Georges Co, College Park, University Of Maryland
273GraduatesME, Androscoggin Co, Lewiston, Bates College
34GraduatesME, Androscoggin Co, Lewiston, Cobb Divinity School
487GraduatesME, Cumberland Co, Brunswick, Bowdoin College
340GraduatesME, Kennebec Co, Waterville, Colby College
1120GraduatesME, Penobscot Co, Bangor Theological Seminary
16GraduatesMI, Calhoun Co, Albion, Albion College
35GraduatesMI, Gratiot Co, Alma College
14GraduatesMI, Hillsdale Co, Hillsdale College
76GraduatesMI, Kalamazoo Co, Kalamazoo College
22GraduatesMI, Ottawa Co, Holland, Hope College
115GraduatesMI, Washtenaw Co, Ann Arbor, University Of Michigan
19GraduatesMN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis, University Of Minnesota
12GraduatesMN, Ramsey Co, St Paul, Hamline University
87GraduatesMN, Ramsey Co, St Paul, Macalester College
4GraduatesMO, Jefferson Co, Rodney, Oakland College
4GraduatesMO, Pike Co, Watson College
177GraduatesMO, Platte Co, Parkville, Park College
26GraduatesMO, Saline Co, Marshall, Missouri Valley College
18GraduatesNE, Douglas Co, Omaha, University Of Nebraska
10GraduatesNE, Lancaster Co, Lincoln, Nebraska Wesleyan College
10GraduatesNE, Lancaster Co, Lincoln, University Of Nebraska
27GraduatesNE, Sarpy Co, Bellevue College
2934GraduatesNH, Grafton Co, Hanover, Dartmouth College
87GraduatesNH, Grafton Co, Hanover, Dartmouth Medical College
11GraduatesNJ, Cumberland Co, Bridgeton, South Jersey Institute
12GraduatesNJ, Mercer Co, Hightstown, Peddie Institute
7GraduatesNJ, Mercer Co, Pennington Seminary
5525GraduatesNJ, Mercer Co, Princeton Theological Seminary
1312GraduatesNJ, Mercer Co, Princeton University
472GraduatesNJ, Middlesex Co, New Brunswick, Rutgers University
149GraduatesNJ, Middlesex Co, New Brunswick, Theological Seminary
1029GraduatesNJ, Morris Co, Madison, Drew Theological Seminary
73GraduatesNY, Albany Co, Albany Law School
20GraduatesNY, Allegany Co, Alfred, Alfred University
203GraduatesNY, Livingston Co, Lima, Genesee College
226GraduatesNY, Madison Co, Hamilton Theological Seminary
643GraduatesNY, Madison Co, Hamilton, Colgate Theological Seminary
2562GraduatesNY, Madison Co, Hamilton, Colgate University
29GraduatesNY, Madison Co, Hamilton, Madison University
1504GraduatesNY, Monroe Co, Rochester Theological Seminary
21GraduatesNY, Monroe Co, Rochester Theological Seminary, German Department
294GraduatesNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, University Of Rochester
1330GraduatesNY, New York Co, New York City, Auburn Theological Seminary
34GraduatesNY, New York Co, New York City, Columbia College
53GraduatesNY, New York Co, New York City, Columbia Law School
283GraduatesNY, New York Co, New York City, Columbia University
271GraduatesNY, New York Co, New York City, General Theological Seminary
527GraduatesNY, New York Co, New York City, New York University
2274GraduatesNY, New York Co, New York City, Union Theological Seminary
699GraduatesNY, Oneida Co, Clinton, Hamilton College
2578GraduatesNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse University
10GraduatesNY, Orange Co, West Point Academy
549GraduatesNY, Schenectady Co, Schenectady, Union College
67GraduatesNY, Tompkins Co, Ithaca, Cornell University
747GraduatesOH, Butler Co, Oxford, Miami University
11GraduatesOH, Butler Co, Oxford, Miami University Medical College
15GraduatesOH, Cuyahoga Co, Berea, Baldwin College
110GraduatesOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, Case Western Reserve University
84GraduatesOH, Delaware Co, Delaware, Ohio Wesleyan University
16GraduatesOH, Greene Co, Yellow Springs, Antioch College
84GraduatesOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, Cincinnati School Of Law
928GraduatesOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati, Lane Theological Seminary
172GraduatesOH, Harrison Co, New Athens, Franklin College
13GraduatesOH, Harrison Co, Scio College
323GraduatesOH, Licking Co, Granville, Denison University
425GraduatesOH, Lorain Co, Oberlin, Oberlin College
43GraduatesOH, Lorain Co, Oberlin, Oberlin Conservatory
145GraduatesOH, Lorain Co, Oberlin, Oberlin Theological Seminary
48GraduatesOH, Muskingum Co, Muskingum College
8GraduatesOH, Seneca Co, Tiffin, Heidelberg Theological Seminary
9GraduatesOH, Seneca Co, Tiffin, Heidelberg University
45GraduatesOH, Stark Co, Alliance, University Of Mount Union
748GraduatesOH, Washington Co, Marietta College
486GraduatesOH, Wayne Co, Wooster College
3GraduatesOR, Yamhill Co, Newburg, Pacific College
67GraduatesPA, Allegheny Co, Allegheny, United Presbyterian Seminary
31GraduatesPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, University Of Pittsburgh
2632GraduatesPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Western Theological Seminary
25GraduatesPA, Beaver Co, Beaver Falls, Geneva College
17GraduatesPA, Chester Co, Oxford, Lincoln Theological Seminary
42GraduatesPA, Chester Co, Oxford, Lincoln University
50GraduatesPA, Crawford Co, Meadville, Allegheny College
1391GraduatesPA, Cumberland Co, Carlisle, Dickinson College
7GraduatesPA, Cumberland Co, Carlisle, Dickinson Seminary
1338GraduatesPA, Delaware Co, Crozer Theological Seminary
67GraduatesPA, Greene Co, Waynesburg College
58GraduatesPA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster, Franklin and Marshall College
165GraduatesPA, Lawrence Co, New Wilmington, Westminster College
4GraduatesPA, Lebanon Co, Lebanon Valley College
8GraduatesPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport, Lycoming College
216GraduatesPA, Mercer Co, Grove City, Grove City College
14GraduatesPA, Montgomery Co, Collegeville, Ursinus College
6GraduatesPA, Montgomery Co, Collegeville, Ursinus Theological Seminary
530GraduatesPA, Northampton Co, Easton, Lafayette College
6GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Episcopal Divinity School
560GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia Lutheran Seminary
9GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Central High School
59GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Jefferson Medical College
324GraduatesPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, University Of Pennsylvania
13GraduatesPA, Union Co, Lewisburg, Bucknell Theological Seminary
324GraduatesPA, Union Co, Lewisburg, Bucknell University
248GraduatesPA, Washington Co, Canonsburg, Jefferson College
1444GraduatesPA, Washington Co, Washington and Jefferson College
10GraduatesRI, Providence Co, Providence, Brown Medical School
2976GraduatesRI, Providence Co, Providence, Brown University
17GraduatesSC, Laurens Co, Clinton, Presbyterian College
18GraduatesScotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow, University of Glasgow
12GraduatesScotland, Mid-Lothian, Edinburgh, Free Church College
21GraduatesScotland, Mid-Lothian, Edinburgh, New College
92GraduatesTN, Blount Co, Maryville, Maryville College
8GraduatesTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Vanderbilt University
237GraduatesTN, McMinn Co, Athens, U.S. Grant University
38GraduatesTN, Wilson Co, Lebanon, Cumberland Theological Seminary
26GraduatesTN, Wilson Co, Lebanon, Cumberland University
43GraduatesVA, Charlottesville, University of Virginia
137GraduatesVA, Richmond City, Richmond College
463GraduatesVA, Richmond City, Union Presbyterian Seminary
2615GraduatesVT, Chittenden Co, Burlington, University of Vermont
15GraduatesVT, Rutland Co, Castleton Medical College
6GraduatesVT, Windsor Co, Woodstock, Vermont Medical School
16GraduatesWI, Dane Co, Madison, University of Wisconsin
202GraduatesWI, Fond du Lac Co, Ripon College
72GraduatesWI, Rock Co, Beloit College

Do you have a minister in your tree, but don't know when and where he served? Do you have a church in your research, and want to know who served there? Or likewise for many other positions? This is the best place to answer those questions, compiling lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. A few features:

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22 Feb 2019Congregational Year Book 1918128
21 Feb 2019San Francisco Theological Seminary Alumni181
20 Feb 2019Congregational Year Book 1919122
20 Feb 2019Congregational Year Book 1920197
19 Feb 2019Congregational Year Book 1921222
14 Feb 2019Episcopal Almanac 1871120
14 Feb 2019Episcopal Almanacs 1875-1879, 1886797
13 Feb 2019Congregational Year Book 1922254
12 Feb 2019Congregational Nebraska1,085
06 Feb 2019New Brunswick Theological Seminary 1784-19111,431
03 Feb 2019NFL Rosters2,925
01 Feb 2019Colgate University General Catalog 19195,859
31 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1923223
30 Jan 2019Colonial Churches & Clergy of the Middle & Southern Colonies3,792
30 Jan 2019Colonial Clergy & Churches of New England475
25 Jan 2019History of Baptists in Vermont376
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24 Jan 2019History of the Shaftsbury Association751
23 Jan 2019History of the Presbytery of Philadelphia96
23 Jan 2019History of the Red Stone Presbytery77
22 Jan 2019History of the Rochester Presbytery277
22 Jan 2019History of the Marion Presbytery413
18 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1925286
18 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1924251
16 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1926273
16 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1927262
15 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1929264
15 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1928298
14 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1930383
14 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1931275
11 Jan 2019Presbyterian Church in Iowa 1837-19001,214
10 Jan 2019History of East PA United Brethren472
10 Jan 2019Ellicott City, Westwood Methodist Church61
07 Jan 2019Susquehanna Methodist Conference Archives6,379
02 Jan 2019Episcopal Diocese of Maine, 1820-187085
25 Dec 2018Western PA Methodist Conference Pastoral Records19,891
19 Dec 2018Marietta College Catalog, 1835-1901109
14 Dec 2018Congregational Year Book 190093
13 Dec 2018Congregational Year Book 189870
13 Dec 2018Congregational Year Book 1899103
12 Dec 2018Congregational Year Book 1897110
07 Dec 2018Delta Upsilon Catalog 19031,788
04 Dec 2018Bates College General Catalog 1863-19151,067
03 Dec 2018History of Methodism in Maine 1793-18864,296
30 Nov 2018Bangor Theological Seminary, 1816-19011,277
29 Nov 2018Contributions to the Ecclesiastical History of Connecticut1,176
28 Nov 2018Episcopal Church, CT Diocese, Journal 1905127
28 Nov 2018General Theological Seminary Catalog, 1822-1899589
27 Nov 2018Kappa Alpha fraternity, 1825-1892143
26 Nov 2018Congregational Work of Minnesota2,456
25 Nov 2018Native Ministry of New Hampshire3,872
23 Nov 2018Theological Institute of CT Catalogue 1836-1881557
20 Nov 2018Yale Divinity, Eighth Catalogue 1822-19223,858
19 Nov 2018Amherst College Alumni728
18 Nov 2018U.S. Grant University Alumni267
17 Nov 2018Syracuse Graduate School Alumni80
15 Nov 2018Syracuse Alumni Records 1872-19103,392
14 Nov 2018Genesee College Alumni Catalog 1852-1870428
12 Nov 2018History of Peoria County59
11 Nov 2018History of Wayne and Clay Counties231