List of Deacons

With their denomination, and years and location of service

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List of Deacons
CongregationalGeorge 1744-1785NHMerrimack CoConcord, First Congregational Church
CongregationalIsaac 1744-1784MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
CongregationalIsaac 1794-1836MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
CongregationalJohn 1711-1720MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
CongregationalJohn, Jr. 1720MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
CongregationalJoseph, Jr 1744-1776MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
CongregationalNathan 1794-1801MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
CongregationalNehemiah 1720-1750MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
CongregationalZebadiah 1785-1793MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
BaptistJ. W. 1870TNMacon CoNew Harmony Baptist Church
BaptistJohn 1849TNMacon CoNew Harmony Baptist Church
CongregationalJohn 1860-1866NHHillsborough CoGoffstown, Congregational Church
BaptistLeroy 1849TNMacon CoNew Harmony Baptist Church
CongregationalLuther 1847VTEssex CoLunenburg, Congregational Church
BaptistJ. S. 1883TNSumner CoRock Bridge Baptist Church
CongregationalLuther W. 1884-1901VTCaledonia CoHardwick, Congregational Church
CongregationalJonathan 1821-1839NHHillsborough CoGoffstown, Congregational Church
CongregationalLemuel H. 1858-1861CTLitchfield CoFalls Village Congregational Church
BaptistJ. H, 1890TNDeKalb CoNew Hope Baptist Church
PresbyterianCharles M. 1890TXLimestone CoMexia, Presbyterian Church
BaptistJ. B. 1924NCPasquotank CoElizabeth City, First Baptist Church
PresbyterianJames H. 1841GAGwinnett CoFairview, Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianJohn N. 1841GAGwinnett CoFairview, Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianSamuel F. 1841GAGwinnett CoFairview, Presbyterian Church
CongregationalIsaac S. 1834VTLamoille CoStowe, Congregational Church
BaptistArchibald 1830TNSmith CoBrush Creek Baptist Church
CongregationalFrederick Deane 1870MASuffolk CoBoston, Third Congregational Church
CongregationalIra 1838-1874VTAddison CoMiddlebury, Congregational Church
CongregationalJonathan 1743CTMiddlesex CoMiddletown, First Congregational Church
BaptistM. D. 1871TNSmith CoBrush Creek Baptist Church
PresbyterianMarsena 1834NYLivingston CoMt Morris, Presbyterian Church
BaptistMoses 1847TNSmith CoBrush Creek Baptist Church
CongregationalObadiah 1704CTMiddlesex CoMiddletown, First Congregational Church
BaptistT. W. 1889TNWilson CoWatertown, Poplar Hill Baptist Church
CongregationalThomas 1670CTMiddlesex CoMiddletown, First Congregational Church
BaptistWillard 1840MAWorcester CoHolden, Baptist Church
PresbyterianW. L. 1881-1889TXLimestone CoMexia, Presbyterian Church
CongregationalAlba C. 1833-1835VTOrleans CoBarton, Congregational Church
CongregationalNelson 1857CTLitchfield CoWolcottville, Congregational Church
CongregationalNathaniel 1818NHMerrimack CoConcord, First Congregational Church
CongregationalMoses 1808-1825MAMiddlesex CoMarlborough, West Church
BaptistCyrus 1817-1821MAWorcester CoSouthbridge, First Baptist Church
BaptistLucius E. 1885MAWorcester CoSouthbridge, Central Baptist Church
PresbyterianGeorge 1841GAGwinnett CoFairview, Presbyterian Church
PresbyterianJ. B. 1872TXEllis CoWaxahachie, Presbyterian Church
BaptistJ. B. 1924NCPasquotank CoElizabeth City, First Baptist Church
BaptistJ. M. 1874TNWilson CoLebanon, Baptist Church
PresbyterianReuben 1890TXLimestone CoMexia, Presbyterian Church
BaptistN. B. 1881TNSmith CoCarthage, Hogans Creek Baptist Church
CongregationalSamuel H. 1837NYOntario CoCanandaigua, Congregational Church
PresbyterianT. J. 1890TXMcLennan CoWaco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
BaptistMartin 1865-1901TNMacon CoSiloam Baptist Church
CongregationalRobert 1837NYOntario CoCanandaigua, Congregational Church
BaptistThomas 1891TNWilson CoLebanon, Baptist Church
BaptistA. J. 1885TNSmith CoCaney Fork Baptist Church
CongregationalSamuel Turell 1829-1850MASuffolk CoBoston, Third Congregational Church
BaptistJ. H. 1889TNSumner CoSweet Home Baptist Church
BaptistJames 1889TNSumner CoRock Bridge Baptist Church
BaptistW. C. 1886TNWilson CoRamah Baptist Church
CongregationalSolomon 1735CTMiddlesex CoMiddletown, First Congregational Church
BaptistEd 1868TNSmith CoBrush Creek Baptist Church
BaptistT. F. 1887TNWilson CoGreenvale, Baptist Church
CongregationalJulius S. 1869CTMiddlesex CoDurham, First Congregational Church
CongregationalEdwin P. 1875CTMiddlesex CoMiddletown, First Congregational Church
PresbyterianAmos 1887NYLivingston CoMt Morris, Presbyterian Church
CongregationalEnoch 1859-1875VTLamoille CoCambridge, Congregational Church
BaptistIsaac 1847-1849VTChittenden CoBurlington, Baptist Church
CongregationalJoseph 1828-1856VTLamoille CoCambridge, Congregational Church
CongregationalWilliam H. 1897NYSullivan CoEldred, First Congregational Church
BaptistE. F. 1887NCPasquotank CoElizabeth City, First Baptist Church
BaptistE. F. 1899NCPasquotank CoElizabeth City, First Baptist Church
BaptistJ. S. 1885TNDeKalb CoCoopers Chapel Baptist Church
CongregationalAlbert 1873CTMiddlesex CoWestfield, Congregational Church
CongregationalJonathan 1795MAWorcester CoDudley, First Congregational Church
BaptistRichard 1864TNWilson CoAthens Baptist Church
CongregationalCharles 1811-1839VTCaledonia CoHardwick, Congregational Church
CongregationalCharles M. 1877-1902VTCaledonia CoHardwick, Congregational Church
BaptistC. A. 1898TNDeKalb CoAlexandria, Baptist Church
BaptistJ. M. 1891TNDeKalb CoDry Creek, Baptist Church
BaptistJ. B. 1896TNSmith CoNew Middleton, Macedonia Baptist Church
BaptistJ. H. 1896TNSmith CoNew Middleton, Macedonia Baptist Church
BaptistJeremiah H. 1875TNSmith CoHickmans Creek Baptist Church
CongregationalJohn 1776NJMonmouth CoOld Tennent Congregational Church
BaptistJosiah 1875TNSmith CoHickmans Creek Baptist Church
BaptistGeorge 1852TNSmith CoCarthage, Hogans Creek Baptist Church
BaptistWilliam 1878TNSmith CoNew Middleton, Macedonia Baptist Church
CongregationalCharles 1859-1882NHHillsborough CoGreenville, Congregational Church
CongregationalEzra 1783CTMiddlesex CoDurham, First Congregational Church
CongregationalF. W. 1903VTOrleans CoBarton, Congregational Church
CongregationalNahum 1774-1788NHHillsborough CoAmherst, Souhegan Congregational Church
CongregationalWoolsey 1805NJMonmouth CoOld Tennent Congregational Church
CongregationalEzra 1837-1842NHMerrimack CoConcord, First Congregational Church
CongregationalHezekiah 1755-1794MAHampshire CoAmherst, Second Congregational Church
CongregationalJohn 1864NHMerrimack CoConcord, First Congregational Church
CongregationalNathan, Jr 1818NHMerrimack CoConcord, First Congregational Church
BaptistR. M. 1889TNMacon CoRocky Mound Baptist Church
CongregationalDaniel 1762-1775MAMiddlesex CoMarlborough, First Congregational Church
CongregationalJohn 1729-1752MAMiddlesex CoMarlborough, First Congregational Church
BaptistBluford 1850TNMacon CoSpring Creek Baptist Church
BaptistEli 1849TNMacon CoSpring Creek Baptist Church

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Most Recent Entries
13DeaconsCT, Fairfield Co, Sherman, Congregational Church
62DeaconsCT, Litchfield Co, Sharon, Congregational Church
90DeaconsCT, Middlesex Co, Middletown, First Congregational Church
22DeaconsCT, New London Co, New London, Second Congregational Church
16DeaconsGA, Gwinnett Co, Fairview, Presbyterian Church
16DeaconsMA, Essex Co, Amesbury, Congregational Church
28DeaconsMA, Hampshire Co, Amherst, Congregational Church
39DeaconsMA, Middlesex Co, Marlborough, First Congregational Church
42DeaconsMA, Plymouth Co, Middleboro, First Congregational Church
31DeaconsMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Third Congregational Church
43DeaconsMA, Worcester Co, Dudley, First Congregational Church
21DeaconsME, York Co, South Berwick, Congregational Church
56DeaconsNC, Pasquotank Co, Elizabeth City, First Baptist Church
18DeaconsNC, Wilkes Co, Pleasant Ridge, Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church
125DeaconsNH, Hillsborough Co, Amherst, Souhegan Congregational Church
21DeaconsNH, Merrimack Co, Concord, First Congregational Church
32DeaconsNJ, Monmouth Co, Old Tennent Congregational Church
13DeaconsNY, Livingston Co, Mt Morris, Presbyterian Church
22DeaconsNY, Ontario Co, Canandaigua, Congregational Church
22DeaconsNY, Sullivan Co, Eldred, First Congregational Church
16DeaconsNY, Tompkins Co, Groton, McLean Baptist Church
5DeaconsNY, Wyoming Co, Portageville, First Presbyterian Church
40DeaconsTN, Cannon Co, Sycamore Fork Baptist Church
86DeaconsTN, DeKalb Co, New Hope Baptist Church
13DeaconsTN, Jackson Co, Defeated Creek Baptist Church
115DeaconsTN, Macon Co, Siloam Baptist Church
139DeaconsTN, Smith Co, Knob Spring Baptist Church
31DeaconsTN, Sumner Co, Hopewell, Baptist Church
8DeaconsTN, Trousdale Co, Friendship Baptist Church
13DeaconsTN, Warren Co, Providence Baptist Church
8DeaconsTN, White Co, Pistole Baptist Church
153DeaconsTN, Wilson Co, Watertown, Sound Lick Baptist Church
6DeaconsTX, Coryell Co, Unity Presbyterian Church
14DeaconsTX, Ellis Co, Waxahachie, Presbyterian Church
3DeaconsTX, Falls Co, Marlin, Presbyterian Church
2DeaconsTX, Freestone Co, Midway Presbyterian Church
7DeaconsTX, Lee Co, Tanglewood, Presbyterian Church
12DeaconsTX, Limestone Co, Mexia, Presbyterian Church
18DeaconsTX, McLennan Co, Waco, Robinson Presbyterian Church
5DeaconsTX, Milam Co, Cameron, Presbyterian Church
12DeaconsTX, Navarro Co, Corsicana, Presbyterian Church
5DeaconsTX, Runnels Co, Ballinger, Presbyterian Church
16DeaconsTX, Travis Co, Austin, Free Presbyterian Church
7DeaconsTX, Williamson Co, Hutto, Presbyterian Church
33DeaconsVT, Addison Co, Middlebury, Congregational Church
15DeaconsVT, Bennington Co, Dorset, Congregational Church
30DeaconsVT, Caledonia Co, Hardwick, Congregational Church
14DeaconsVT, Chittenden Co, Burlington, Baptist Church
10DeaconsVT, Essex Co, Lunenburg, Congregational Church
9DeaconsVT, Franklin Co, Franklin, First Congregational Church
16DeaconsVT, Lamoille Co, Cambridge, Congregational Church
18DeaconsVT, Orleans Co, Barton, Congregational Church
17DeaconsVT, Rutland Co, Rutland, Congregational Church
26DeaconsVT, Washington Co, Barre, Congregational Church
21DeaconsVT, Windham Co, Townshend, Baptist Church
16DeaconsVT, Windsor Co, Ludlow, Congregational Church

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