List of Board of Education Members

With their years and location of service

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List of Board of Education Members
J. Graham 1902NCMoore Co
T. P. 1901-1902NCWatauga Co
F. V. 1902NCNash Co
W. F., Sr. 1901-1902NCGuilford Co
M. A. 1902NCMecklenburg Co
J. H. 1902NCSurry Co
J. O. 1902NCLincoln Co
H. P. 1901NCCleveland Co
F. M. 1892GAClinch Co
W. H. 1901NCYancey Co
William 1902NCMecklenburg Co
J. P. 1902NCPolk Co
D. F. 1901-1902NCTyrrell Co
B. B. 1901-1902NCCarteret Co
F. B. 1901NCUnion Co
F. B. 1902NCUnion Co
J. O. 1901-1903NCAlamance Co
T. V. 1901NCNash Co
E. W. 1902NCBeaufort Co
Barnes 1901-1902NCWayne Co
E. W. 1901NCBeaufort Co
Johm A. 1902NCMitchell Co
J. G. 1901NCMecklenburg Co
John A., Jr. 1901NCPerson Co
J. A. 1901NCRichmond Co
A. J. 1902NCMadison Co
D. S. 1901-1902NCMadison Co
W. S. 1902NCBladen Co
T. T. 1901-1902NCPolk Co
R. T. 1901-1902NCWilson Co
J. C. 1901-1902NCNash Co
M. J. 1901-1902NCBuncombe Co
L. A. 1902NCDuplin Co
W. G. Ferebee. 1901NCCamden Co
David 1902NCHalifax Co
J. C. 1901NCAlexander Co
J. L. 1902NCTransylvania Co
T. A. 1902NCJones Co
G. H. 1902NCBrunswick Co
D. N. 1902NCStanly Co
John 1901NCBrunswick Co
S. R. 1901-1902NCMartin Co
J. W. 1901-1902NCRandolph Co
I. A. Mun 1901NCCumberland Co
W. A. 1902NCSampson Co
J. S. 1901NCHarnett Co
C. L. 1901NCVance Co
J. W. 1901NCCherokee Co
J. T. 1902NCPender Co
John T. 1902NCAshe Co
A. J. 1901NCMadison Co
H. H. 1902NCCumberland Co
Jesse R. 1894-1903GAClinch Co
E. D. 1901-1902NCCurrituck Co
J. R. 1901-1902NCHaywood Co
J. S. 1901NCMcDowell Co
W. T. 1901NCEdgecombe Co
J. G. 1901-1902NCTyrrell Co
E. J. 1902NCRobeson Co
Benjamin L. 1902NCJones Co
Benjmain, Jr. 1901NCJones Co
Kendall 1850-1852ME
F. A. 1901NCHenderson Co
J. F. 1902NCWilson Co
John C. 1901NCMontgomery Co
R. A. 1901NCMontgomery Co
Richard 1902NCMontgomery Co
J. W. 1901NCYancey Co
T. C. 1902NCMacon Co
T. D. 1902NCSwain Co
M. 1902NCJackson Co
M. 1901NCJackson Co
W. P. 1901NCHyde Co
D. W. 1902NCOrange Co
A. T. 1901-1902NCChowan Co
W. S. 1902NCMecklenburg Co
W. L. 1901NCTransylvania Co
A. J. 1875-1876GAClinch Co& 79-88
I. W. 1901NCClay Co
R. C. 1901NCHaywood Co
J. C. 1902NCHarnett Co
David 1901NCCherokee Co
J. E. 1901-1902NCChowan Co
B. W. 1901NCTyrrell Co
John S. 1901NCPerson Co
W. G. 1901-1902NCWarren Co
J. R. 1901NCMoore Co
J. C. 1901-1902NCPasquotank Co
W. T. 1902NCSwain Co
W. T. 1901NCSwain Co
A. J. 1902NCNorthampton Co
James P. 1902NCCabarrus Co
Irwin 1905-1910GAClinch Co
George 1881GAClinch Co
T. W., Sr. 1902NCGates Co
T. W. 1901NCGates Co
A. McA. 1902NCBladen Co
J. F. 1901NCPamlico Co
A. G. 1901-1902NCPitt Co
W. E. 1901NCRichmond Co

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Most Recent Entries
1Board of EducationCT,
46Board of EducationGA, Clinch Co
3Board of EducationMA,
2Board of EducationME,
4Board of EducationNC, Alamance Co
4Board of EducationNC, Alexander Co
6Board of EducationNC, Alleghany Co
4Board of EducationNC, Anson Co
6Board of EducationNC, Ashe Co
7Board of EducationNC, Beaufort Co
5Board of EducationNC, Bertie Co
6Board of EducationNC, Bladen Co
7Board of EducationNC, Brunswick Co
3Board of EducationNC, Buncombe Co
2Board of EducationNC, Burke Co
5Board of EducationNC, Cabarrus Co
5Board of EducationNC, Caldwell Co
5Board of EducationNC, Camden Co
4Board of EducationNC, Carteret Co
2Board of EducationNC, Caswell Co
4Board of EducationNC, Catawba Co
3Board of EducationNC, Chatham Co
5Board of EducationNC, Cherokee Co
4Board of EducationNC, Chowan Co
5Board of EducationNC, Clay Co
3Board of EducationNC, Cleveland Co
5Board of EducationNC, Columbus Co
5Board of EducationNC, Craven Co
7Board of EducationNC, Cumberland Co
3Board of EducationNC, Currituck Co
3Board of EducationNC, Dare Co
5Board of EducationNC, Davidson Co
7Board of EducationNC, Davie Co
4Board of EducationNC, Duplin Co
5Board of EducationNC, Durham Co
6Board of EducationNC, Edgecombe Co
5Board of EducationNC, Forsyth Co
4Board of EducationNC, Franklin Co
5Board of EducationNC, Gaston Co
4Board of EducationNC, Gates Co
3Board of EducationNC, Graham Co
3Board of EducationNC, Granville Co
5Board of EducationNC, Greene Co
3Board of EducationNC, Guilford Co
7Board of EducationNC, Halifax Co
7Board of EducationNC, Harnett Co
4Board of EducationNC, Haywood Co
3Board of EducationNC, Henderson Co
4Board of EducationNC, Hertford Co
4Board of EducationNC, Hyde Co
5Board of EducationNC, Iredell Co
6Board of EducationNC, Jackson Co
5Board of EducationNC, Johnston Co
5Board of EducationNC, Jones Co
4Board of EducationNC, Lenoir Co
4Board of EducationNC, Lincoln Co
5Board of EducationNC, Macon Co
5Board of EducationNC, Madison Co
4Board of EducationNC, Martin Co
5Board of EducationNC, McDowell Co
9Board of EducationNC, Mecklenburg Co
5Board of EducationNC, Mitchell Co
6Board of EducationNC, Montgomery Co
6Board of EducationNC, Moore Co
4Board of EducationNC, Nash Co
5Board of EducationNC, New Hanover Co
5Board of EducationNC, Northampton Co
6Board of EducationNC, Onslow Co
5Board of EducationNC, Orange Co
5Board of EducationNC, Pamlico Co
4Board of EducationNC, Pasquotank Co
5Board of EducationNC, Pender Co
4Board of EducationNC, Perquimans Co
9Board of EducationNC, Person Co
6Board of EducationNC, Pitt Co
5Board of EducationNC, Polk Co
3Board of EducationNC, Randolph Co
6Board of EducationNC, Richmond Co
6Board of EducationNC, Robeson Co
7Board of EducationNC, Rockingham Co
5Board of EducationNC, Rowan Co
4Board of EducationNC, Rutherford Co
5Board of EducationNC, Sampson Co
4Board of EducationNC, Scotland Co
6Board of EducationNC, Stanly Co
5Board of EducationNC, Stokes Co
5Board of EducationNC, Surry Co
5Board of EducationNC, Swain Co
6Board of EducationNC, Transylvania Co
4Board of EducationNC, Tyrrell Co
6Board of EducationNC, Union Co
4Board of EducationNC, Vance Co
5Board of EducationNC, Wake Co
4Board of EducationNC, Warren Co
6Board of EducationNC, Washington Co
4Board of EducationNC, Watauga Co
5Board of EducationNC, Wayne Co
4Board of EducationNC, Wilkes Co
4Board of EducationNC, Wilson Co
5Board of EducationNC, Yadkin Co
6Board of EducationNC, Yancey Co
2Board of EducationRI,

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