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Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

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Salisbury, Wiltshire, England: List of Bishops
Roman CatholicSaint 1078-1099EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicRoger of 1102-1139EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicHenry de 1140EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicPhilip de 1140-1141EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicJosceline de 1142-1184EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicHubert 1189-1193EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicHerbert 1194-1217EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicRichard 1217-1228EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicRobert de 1229-1246EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicWilliam de 1246-1256EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicGiles of 1256-1262EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicWalter de la 1263-1271EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicRobert 1271-1284EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicWalter 1284-1286EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicHenry 1287-1288EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicLawrence de 1288EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicWilliam de la 1288-1291EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicNicholas 1291-1297EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicSimon of 1297-1315EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicRoger 1315-1330EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicRobert 1330-1375EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicRalph 1375-1388EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicJohn 1388-1395EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicRichard 1395-1407EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicNicholas 1407EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicRobert 1407-1417EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicJohn 1417-1426EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicRobert 1427-1438EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicWilliam 1438-1450EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicRichard 1450-1481EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicLionel 1482-1484EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicThomas 1485-1493EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicJohn 1493-1499EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicHenry 1501EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicEdmund 1502-1524EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
Roman CatholicLorenzo 1524-1534EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanNicholas 1535-1539EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanGasparo 1539-1542EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanJohn 1539-1557EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanWilliam 1543-1553EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanFrancis 1558EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanJohn 1559-1571EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanEdmund 1571-1577EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanJohn 1577-1589EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanJohn 1591-1596EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanHenry 1598-1615EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanRobert 1615-1618EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanMartin 1618-1620EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanRobert 1620-1621EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanJohn 1621-1641EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanBrian 1641-1646EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanBrian 1660EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanHumphrey 1660-1663EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanJohn 1663-1665EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanAlexander 1665-1667EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanSeth 1667-1689EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanGilbert 1689-1715EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanWilliam 1715-1721EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanRichard 1721-1723EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanBenjamin 1723-1734EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanThomas 1734-1748EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanJohn 1748-1757EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanJohn 1757-1761EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanRobert Hay 1761EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanJohn 1761-1766EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanJohn 1766-1782EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanShute 1782-1791EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanJohn 1791-1807EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanJohn 1807-1825EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanThomas 1825-1837EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanEdward 1837-1854EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanWalter Kerr 1854-1869EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanGeorge 1869-1885EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanJohn 1885-1911EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanFrederick 1911-1921EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanSt Clair 1921-1935EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanNeville 1936-1946EnglandWiltshireSalisbury
AnglicanGeoffrey 1946-1948EnglandWiltshireSalisbury

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