List of Bishops

With their years and location of service

About this page: This list compiles occupation and service lists as found in other sources, with the goal of being able to search and cross-reference the names to see all the places where one person served. More are always being added. More >>

List of Bishops
EpiscopalHenry Pryor Almon 1929-1945KYDiocese of Louisville
EpiscopalHayward S. 1929-1939MINorthern Michigan
EpiscopalEdward Campion 1928-1934CT
EpiscopalWilliam Forbes 1887-1920MDEaston
EpiscopalJohn M. 1966-1974MS
EpiscopalC. FitzSimons 1982-1990SC
EpiscopalCharles P. 1905-1930ILDiocese of Chicago
EpiscopalRobert B. 1968-1981PADiocese of Pittsburgh
EpiscopalWilliam Edmond 1870-1873WI
EpiscopalJ. Gillespie 1963-1964DE
EpiscopalJ. Gillespie 1963-1964PA
EpiscopalRobert P. 1976-1989WV
EpiscopalThomas 1853-1881NC
EpiscopalEdward Robert 1890-1911MODiocese of Kansas City
EpiscopalRichard Henry 1959-1965NC
EpiscopalDavid S. 1984-1998NYAlbany
EpiscopalAlfred L. 1955-1973NJ
EpiscopalMiddleton S. 1936-1954GA
EpiscopalRobert Woodward 1900-1902AL
EpiscopalGeorge W. 1963-1969NYRochester
EpiscopalFrederick L. 1949-1960NYAlbany
EpiscopalTheodore Nott 1953-1961TN
EpiscopalAllen L., Jr. 1987-1998DE
EpiscopalAllen L., Jr. 1987-1998PA
EpiscopalEdward 1797-1803MA
EpiscopalEdward 1798-1803RI
EpiscopalCharles Minnigerode 1902-1922AL
EpiscopalJohn W. 1868-1890GA
EpiscopalPeter H. 1992-2010ILDiocese of Springfield
EpiscopalGregory T. 1873-1889OH
EpiscopalFrederick H. 1972-1979RI
EpiscopalG. P. Mellick 1983-1994NJ
EpiscopalGranville G. 1946-1954RI
EpiscopalWilliam H. A. 1868-1893VT
EpiscopalRoger 1959-1970OHSouthern Ohio
EpiscopalSamuel B. 1929-1935VT
EpiscopalNathaniel 1818-1839SC
EpiscopalDavid C. 1987-1998NYWestern
EpiscopalWilliam Hampton 1956-1980WIDiocese of Fond du Lac
EpiscopalTheodore D. 1903-1938MS
EpiscopalCharles H. 1919-1929NYWestern
EpiscopalBenjamin 1916-1940ME
EpiscopalChauncey B. 1899-1928CT
EpiscopalPhillips 1891-1893MA
EpiscopalAllen W. 1961-1974NYAlbany
EpiscopalJames B. 1976-1998LA
EpiscopalJohn Henry Hobart 1875-1888WIDiocese of Fond du Lac
EpiscopalRobert R. 1956AR
EpiscopalWilliam A. 1938-1950VASouthern
EpiscopalWilliam Cabell 1919-1927VA
EpiscopalWilliam Montgomery 1899-1911AR
EpiscopalThomas Church 1819-1865CT
EpiscopalFrederick G. 1934-1950CT
EpiscopalCharles S. 1919-1920NYDiocese of New York
EpiscopalFrederick 1901-1925NYLong Island
EpiscopalGeorge 1847-1866ME
EpiscopalJohn 1970-1975MA
EpiscopalFrank 1954-1971ILDiocese of Chicago
EpiscopalNelson M. 1949-1967OH
EpiscopalJohn Harris 1967-1983OH
EpiscopalLewis W. 1896-1928KYDiocese of Louisville
EpiscopalHarvey 1961-1973VT
EpiscopalGeorge Leslie 1959-1975MODiocese of St Louis
EpiscopalWilburn C. 1955-1976WV
EpiscopalEllison 1894-1908SC
EpiscopalCharles Colcock Jones 1938-1968AL
EpiscopalThomas N. 1944-1960SC
EpiscopalFrank Stanley 1974-1992FL
EpiscopalEdward C. 1986-1996ME
EpiscopalAlbert Arthur 1962-1972ILDiocese of Springfield
EpiscopalCarlton 1844-1870NH
EpiscopalPhilander 1819-1832OH
EpiscopalPhilander 1835-1852ILDiocese of Chicago
EpiscopalJoseph Blount 1893-1932NC
EpiscopalC. Judson, Jr 1983-1988GADiocese of Atlanta
EpiscopalRandolph R., Jr 1953-1972GADiocese of Atlanta
EpiscopalThomas March 1854-1903RI
EpiscopalWilliam Hawley 1975-1985DE
EpiscopalCharles 1936-1954KY
EpiscopalCharles A. 1948-1961ILDiocese of Springfield
EpiscopalNicholas Hamner 1844-1861AL
EpiscopalJohn Bowen 1976-1986MA
EpiscopalRobert 1900-1915ME
EpiscopalClarence Alfred 1953-1963SCUpper South Carolina
EpiscopalNed 1969-1983NYCentral
EpiscopalLeighton 1888-1907DE
EpiscopalClarence 1993-1999CT
EpiscopalEdward Huntington 1936-1942NYCentral
EpiscopalWallace E. 1941-1953ILDiocese of Chicago
EpiscopalPhilip 1920-1938DE
EpiscopalArthur C. 1865-1895NYWestern
EpiscopalJohn Pares 1959-1977INDiocese of Indianapolis
EpiscopalFrank W. 1926-1946MI
EpiscopalWilliam Forman 1962-1977DC
EpiscopalWilliam 1951-1973PANorthwestern
EpiscopalJohn 1815-1832NJ
EpiscopalJohn Thomas 1926-1948NH
EpiscopalEdmund P. 1947-1953TN
EpiscopalThomas C. 1914-1945NCEast Carolina
EpiscopalGeorge William 1920-1938MDEaston

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Most Recent Entries
8BishopsGA, , Diocese of Atlanta
11BishopsIL, , Diocese of Chicago
10BishopsIL, , Diocese of Springfield
8BishopsIN, , Diocese of Indianapolis
5BishopsIN, , Northern Indiana
5BishopsKY, , Diocese of Louisville
6BishopsMA, , Western
9BishopsMD, , Easton
6BishopsMI, , Northern Michigan
4BishopsMO, , Diocese of Kansas City
7BishopsMO, , Diocese of St Louis
7BishopsNC, , East Carolina
9BishopsNJ, , Newark
8BishopsNY, , Albany
8BishopsNY, , Central
14BishopsNY, , Diocese of New York
7BishopsNY, , Long Island
5BishopsNY, , Rochester
9BishopsNY, , Western
6BishopsOH, , Southern Ohio
7BishopsPA, , Diocese of Bethlehem
7BishopsPA, , Diocese of Pittsburgh
7BishopsPA, , Northwestern
4BishopsSC, , Upper South Carolina
8BishopsVA, , Southern
4BishopsVA, , Southwestern
5BishopsWI, , Diocese of Fond du Lac
7BishopsWI, , Diocese of Milwaukee

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