List of Bankers and Bank Staff

With their years and location of service

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List of Bankers and Bank Staff
Domenico 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityItalian Savings Bank of New York, Trustee
Henry 1895NYUlster CoKingstonNational Bank of Kingston, president
Edwin Hale 1906MASuffolk CoBostonEliot National Bank, director
William L. 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh
Gordon 1906MASuffolk CoBostonState National Bank of Boston, director
Gordon 1906MASuffolk CoBostonProvident Institution for Savings of Boston, trustee
Gordon 1916MASuffolk CoBostonMerchants National Bank of Boston, Director
Orville Simon 1878MIBerrien CoNiles
W. H. 1901PAAllegheny CoPittsburghNational Bank of Commerce of Pittsburgh, Director
W. Herbert 1916MASuffolk CoDorchesterDorchester Savings Bank, Trustee
Walter 1910NYNew York CoNew York City
William E. 1894DCWashingtonLincoln National Bank of Washington, director
George 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityEast River Savings Institution, VP
W. W. 1915MDBaltimore CityNational Marine Bank of Baltimore, director
Robert Gardner 1907-1914NYWestchester CoIrvingtonIrvington National Bank, president
Charles Everett 1916TNGiles CoPulaski
Oscar R. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesContinental National Bank, clerk
Arthur L. 1914ILEffingham CoWatsonBank of Watson, president and owner
Edward E. 1914PAButler CoButlerFarmers National Bank of Butler, Director
Fritz 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityGerman Savings Bank of New York, Trustee
Ernest F. 1914PAWashington CoWashingtonCitizens National Bank of Washington, Director
Jacob C. 1905NYAlbany CoAlbanyNational Commercial Bank of Albany, Messenger
Milo M. 1914NYSteuben CoHornellFirst National Bank of Hornell, director
Albert H. 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityEast New York Savings Bank, Trustee
Osborn H. 1914OKLogan CoLovellFirst State Bank of Lovell, president
Irvine James 1914WAWhatcom CoBellinghamNorthwestern National Bank of Bellingham, president
John A. M. 1914INJay CoPortlandFirst National Bank of Portland, president
John D. 1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaEighth National Bank of Philadelphia, asst cashier
J. N. 1893NYErie CoBuffaloQueen City Bank of Buffalo, director
Robert B. 1893NYErie CoBuffaloMerchants Bank of Buffalo, VP
Charles F. 1914PAAllegheny CoHaysHays National Bank, Director
Aaron 1900National Broadway Bank of New York, Director
Adoniram J. 1906MASuffolk CoBostonFaneuil Hall National Bank, director
Ambrose R. 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityCitizens Central National Bank of New York, Director
Asael Edward 1914OHMahoning CoYoungstownFirst National Bank of Youngstown, VP
C. G. 1915NYBronx CoBronxBronx Borough Bank, Manager Branch
Carl E. 1905NYAlbany CoAlbanyNational Commercial Bank of Albany, Secretary
Charles F. 1916MASuffolk CoBostonProvident Institution for Savings of Boston, Trustee
Charles Francis, II 1906MASuffolk CoBostonOld Boston National Bank, director
Charles Francis, II 1906MASuffolk CoBostonProvident Institution for Savings of Boston, trustee
Charles Henry 1906MASuffolk CoBostonMetropolitan National Bank of Boston, director
E. Horace 1905NYAlbany CoAlbanyNew York State National Bank, Clerk
Edwin W. 1915MDBaltimore CityGermania Saving Bank of Baltimore City, VP
Eli R. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesSecurity Trust and Savings Bank, bookkeeper
Forrest N. 1906MASuffolk CoBostonWildey Savings Bank, trustee
Frank M. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos AngelesFirst National Bank of Los Angeles, bookkeeper
George 1864WVOhio CoWheelingFirst National Bank of Wheeling
George 1906MASuffolk CoBostonVolunteer Cooperative Bank of Boston, director
George Barker 1919MABerkshire CoAdamsAdams Cooperative Bank, president
George W. 1900Seventh National Bank of New York, Cashier
Harry A. 1889MAWorcester CoWorcesterCentral National Bank of Worcester, clerk
Ivers W. 1906MASuffolk CoBostonCommercial National Bank of Boston, director
J. Frank 1906PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaSixth National Bank of Philadelphia, Director
James 1916MASuffolk CoBostonWarren Institution for Savings, Trustee, VP
John H. 1853DENew Castle CoWilmingtonNational Bank of Wilmington and Brandywine, director
John H. 1879DENew Castle CoWilmingtonFirst National Bank of Wilmington, director
John Quincy 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityMaiden Lane Savings Bank, Trustee
John S. 1916MASuffolk CoBostonProvident Institution for Savings of Boston, Vice Treasurer
Manley U. 1906MASuffolk CoBostonOld Boston National Bank, director
Nathan 1916TXDallas CoDallasAmerican Exchange National Bank of Dallas, VP
Norman I. 1916MASuffolk CoBostonNational Shawmut Bank, VP
Ptolemy P. 1916MAMiddlesex CoWalthamWaltham Savings Bank, Trustee
Raleigh B. 1906MASuffolk CoBostonBoston Cooperative Bank, director
Richard H. 1915NYOneida CoYorkvilleYorkville Bank, Director
Samuel 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityEmigrant Industrial Savings Bank of New York, Trustee
Samuel 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityGarfield National Bank of New York, Director
Samuel M. 1914ALShelby CoCaleraCitizens Bank of Calera, president
T. Alveus 1900Gansevoort Bank of New York, Director
Thomas D. 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityGarfield National Bank of New York, Director
Thomas Jr 1900Union Bank of Brooklyn, Director
Thomas W. 1900Chatham National Bank of New York, Director
W. I. Lincoln 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityWest Side Savings Bank of New York, Trustee
Walter H. 1889MAWorcester CoWorcesterCentral National Bank of Worcester, bookkeeper
William Crittenden 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityUS Savings Bank of New York, VP
William K. 1916WIMilwaukee CoMilwaukeeWisconsin National Bank of Milwaukee, asst cashier
William L. 1914WAGrays Harbor CoHoquiamFirst National Bank of Hoquiam
Willis Sage 1919NDRansom CoLisbon
Charles B. 1906PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaGirard National Bank of Philadelphia, Director
F. G., Jr 1916DCWashingtonHome Savings Bank of Washington, asst cashier
Francis Girault, Jr 1921DCWashington
John 1915NYQueens CoQueensBank of Long Island, Director
G. F. 1916MDWorcester CoBerlinExchange and Savings Bank of Berlin, asst cashier
Huston Davis 1914MOSaline CoNaptonNapton Stock Bank, president
Charles 1915MDBaltimore CityDrovers and Mechanics National Bank of Baltimore, director
Isaac D. 1916Wisconsin National Bank of Milwaukee, director
M. J. 1894DCWashingtonFarmers and Mechanics National Bank of Georgetown, director
Gustav J. 1893NYErie CoBuffaloGerman American Bank of Buffalo, receiving teller
Jacob 1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburghMetropolitan National Bank of Pittsburgh, Director
Charles L. 1900German Exchange Bank of New York, Cashier
George M. 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityGerman Exchange Bank of New York, Director
Joseph M. 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityGerman Exchange Bank of New York, President
Louis J. 1915NYNew York CoNew York CityGerman Exchange Bank of New York, Asst Cashier
M. J. 1900German Exchange Bank of New York, President
Charles 1900-1914NYSteuben CoHornellFirst National Bank of Hornell
John B. 1915MDBaltimore CityGerman Bank of Baltimore City, director
Francis O. 1915NYKings CoBrooklynCity Savings Bank of Brooklyn, Trustee
John Giraud 1919NYNew York CoNew York CityGerman American Bank of New York, VP and director
William Augustus 1914CTHartford CoHartfordSavings Bank of Hartford, president
A. Gifford 1900Continental National Bank of New York, Director
Mary Allen 1923NYNew York CoManhattanChemical National Bank of New York, Librarian

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Most Recent Entries
1Bankers, , Home Savings Bank of Albany
11Bankers, , Merchants Exchange National Bank of New York
1Bankers, , Middlesex Banking Co
8Bankers, , Nassau Bank of New York
15Bankers, , National Bank of the Republic
14Bankers, , National Broadway Bank of New York
16Bankers, , National Citizens Bank of New York
12Bankers, , New York National Exchange Bank
1Bankers, , Peoples Bank of Buffalo
25Bankers, , Union Square Bank of New York
16Bankers, , Wallabout Bank
22Bankers, , Western National Bank of New York
1BankersAL, Calhoun Co, Anniston, First National Bank of Anniston
5BankersAL, Jefferson Co, Birmingham, First National Bank of Birmingham
2BankersAZ, Pima Co, Tucson, First National Bank of Tucson
4BankersCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco, First National Bank of San Francisco
2BankersCA, Sonoma Co, Cloverdale, Cloverdale Banking and Commercial Co
1BankersCA, Stanislaus Co, Modesto, First National Bank of Modesto
3BankersCO, Boulder Co, Boulder, First National Bank of Boulder
2BankersCO, Boulder Co, Boulder, National State Bank of Boulder
2BankersCT, Fairfield Co, Southport, Southport National Bank of Southport
1BankersCT, Hartford Co, Hartford, Mercantile National Bank of Hartford
2BankersCT, Middlesex Co, Middletown, Middlesex County National Bank
2BankersDE, New Castle Co, Middletown, Citizens National Bank of Middletown
1BankersDE, New Castle Co, Newport, Newport National Bank
2BankersFL, Putnam Co, Palatka, First National Bank of Palatka
1BankersIA, Cherokee Co, Marcus, Citizens Bank of Marcus
2BankersIA, Clayton Co, Elkader, First National Bank of Elkader
3BankersIA, Clinton Co, DeWitt, First National Bank of DeWitt
2BankersIA, Dallas Co, Perry, First National Bank of Perry
1BankersIA, Dubuque Co, Dubuque, Dubuque National Bank
2BankersIA, Grundy Co, Grundy Center, First National Bank of Grundy Centre
2BankersIA, Guthrie Co, Panora, Guthrie County National Bank
1BankersIA, Harrison Co, Missouri Valley, First National Bank of Missouri Valley
2BankersIA, Iowa Co, Williamsburg, Williamsburgh Savings Bank of Iowa
2BankersIA, Keokuk Co, What Cheer, First National Bank of What Cheer
1BankersIA, Kossuth Co, Algona, First National Bank of Algona
2BankersIA, Lucas Co, Chariton, First National Bank of Chariton
2BankersIA, Poweshiek Co, Montezuma, First National Bank of Montezuma
2BankersID, Blaine Co, Ketchum, First National Bank of Ketchum
2BankersIL, Boone Co, Belvidere, Second National Bank of Belvidere
2BankersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Home National Bank of Chicago
4BankersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Metropolitan National Bank of Chicago
3BankersIL, Grundy Co, Morris, First National Bank of Morris
1BankersIL, Kane Co, Aurora, Aurora National Bank
3BankersIL, Marshall Co, Lacon, First National Bank of Lacon
1BankersIL, Massac Co, Metropolis, First National Bank of Metropolis
2BankersIL, McDonough Co, Bushnell, Farmers National Bank of Bushnell
4BankersIL, Peoria Co, Peoria, Central National Bank of Peoria
2BankersIL, Stark Co, Wyoming, First National Bank of Wyoming
2BankersIN, Dearborn Co, Aurora, First National Bank of Aurora
3BankersIN, Floyd Co, New Albany, First National Bank of New Albany
1BankersIN, Switzerland Co, Vevay, First National Bank of Vevay
2BankersIN, Tippecanoe Co, Lafayette, Lafayette National Bank
2BankersKS, Atchison Co, Sumner, Farmers and Merchants Bank of Sumner
1BankersKS, Bourbon Co, Fort Scott, Citizens National Bank of Fort Scott
3BankersKS, Butler Co, El Dorado, Exchange National Bank of El Dorado
2BankersKS, Cherokee Co, Baxter Springs, Drovers and Farmers Bank of Baxter Springs
3BankersKS, Cloud Co, Concordia, First National Bank of Concordia
4BankersKS, Cowley Co, Winfield, First National Bank of Winfield
3BankersKS, Crawford Co, Girard, First National Bank of Girard
3BankersKS, Ellsworth Co, Ellsworth, Powers Bank of Ellsworth
1BankersKS, Jewell Co, Mankato, First National Bank of Mankato
1BankersKS, Jewell Co, Washington, Washington National Bank
2BankersKS, Leavenworth Co, Leavenworth, Metropolitan National Bank of Leavenworth
1BankersKS, Marion Co, Peabody, First National Bank of Peabody
2BankersKS, Mitchell Co, Beloit, First National Bank of Beloit
2BankersKS, Ottawa Co, Bennington, Bank of Bennington
4BankersKS, Reno Co, Hutchinson, Hutchinson National Bank
3BankersKS, Rice Co, Sterling, First National Bank of Sterling
2BankersKS, Shawnee Co, Topeka, Bank of Topeka
2BankersKS, Sumner Co, Oxford, Farmers and Merchants Bank of Oxford
2BankersKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Kentucky National Bank of Louisville
3BankersKY, Owen Co, Owenton, Farmers National Bank of Owenton
1BankersMA, Norfolk Co, Franklin, Franklin National Bank
1BankersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, National Revere Bank
2BankersMA, Worcester Co, Leominster, Leominster National Bank
1BankersMA, Worcester Co, Webster, First National Bank of Webster
15BankersMD, Baltimore City, German American Bank of Baltimore
24BankersMD, Baltimore City, National Exchange Bank of Baltimore
1BankersMD, Montgomery Co, Rockville, Montgomery County National Bank
3BankersMD, Queen Annes Co, Centreville, Queen Annes National Bank
2BankersME, Androscoggin Co, Auburn, First National Bank of Auburn
2BankersME, Kennebec Co, Gardiner, Cobbosse National Bank
2BankersME, Kennebec Co, Gardiner, Merchants National Bank of Gardiner
2BankersME, Kennebec Co, Hallowell, American National Bank of Hallowell
1BankersMI, Gratiot Co, Ithaca, First National Bank of Ithaca
3BankersMI, Isabella Co, Mt Pleasant, First National Bank of Mt Pleasant
3BankersMI, Kalamazoo Co, Kalamazoo, City National Bank of Kalamazoo
3BankersMI, Kalamazoo Co, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo National Bank
6BankersMI, Kent Co, Grand Rapids, Fourth National Bank of Grand Rapids
3BankersMI, Saginaw Co, Saginaw, First National Bank of Saginaw
2BankersMI, St. Joseph Co, Three Rivers, Three Rivers National Bank
3BankersMI, Washtenaw Co, Ypsilanti, First National Bank of Ypsilanti
2BankersMI, Wayne Co, Detroit, Dime Savings Bank of Detroit
4BankersMI, Wayne Co, Detroit, Market Bank of Detroit
4BankersMN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis, National Bank of Commerce of Minneapolis
4BankersMN, Otter Tail Co, Fergus Falls, Fergus Falls National Bank
2BankersMN, Stearns Co, Sauk Centre, First National Bank of Sauk Centre
2BankersMN, Washington Co, Stillwater, Stillwater Savings Bank
2BankersMN, Winona Co, Winona, National Bank of Winona
2BankersMO, Newton Co, Neosho, Bank of Neosho
2BankersMO, Platte Co, Kansas City, Bank of Kansas City
2BankersMO, Ray Co, Richmond, Ray County Savings Bank
1BankersMO, Shelby Co, Clarence, Clarence Bank
2BankersMS, Lauderdale Co, Meridian, First National Bank of Meridian
1BankersMS, Lauderdale Co, Meridian, Meridian National Bank
2BankersMT, Beaverhead Co, Dillon, Dillon National Bank
2BankersMT, Custer Co, Miles City, First National Bank of Miles City
1BankersMT, Silver Bow Co, Butte City, First National Bank of Butte City
1BankersND, Burleigh Co, Bismarck, Merchants National Bank of Bismarck
3BankersND, Morton Co, Mandan, First National Bank of Mandan
2BankersND, Pembina Co, Bathgate, Bathgate Dakota Bank
2BankersNE, Buffalo Co, Kearney, Kearney National Bank
1BankersNE, Colfax Co, Schuyler, Schuyler National Bank
2BankersNE, Dodge Co, Fremont, Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Fremont
1BankersNE, Dodge Co, North Bend, First National Bank of North Bend
2BankersNE, Douglas Co, Omaha, Commercial National Bank of Omaha
2BankersNE, Fillmore Co, Fairmont, First National Bank of Fairmont
1BankersNE, Madison Co, Norfolk, Farmers Bank of Norfolk
2BankersNE, Nance Co, Fullerton, First National Bank of Fullerton
2BankersNE, Pawnee Co, Burchard, Bank of Burchard
3BankersNE, Phelps Co, Holdrege, First National Bank of Holdrege
2BankersNE, Saline Co, Friend, First National Bank of Friend
2BankersNE, Washington Co, Blair, First National Bank of Blair
4BankersNE, Webster Co, Red Cloud, Red Cloud National Bank
2BankersNH, Hillsborough Co, Hillsboro, First National Bank of Hillsboro
1BankersNJ, , Morris Canal and Banking Co
2BankersNJ, Camden Co, Camden, National State Bank of Camden
3BankersNJ, Monmouth Co, Keyport, First National Bank of Keyport
2BankersNM, Bernalillo Co, Albuquerque, Albuquerque National Bank
3BankersNY, Broome Co, Binghamton, Susquehanna Valley Bank
1BankersNY, Chautauqua Co, Westfield, National Bank of Westfield
2BankersNY, Columbia Co, Kinderhook, National Bank of Kinderhook
3BankersNY, Cortland Co, Homer, Homer National Bank
2BankersNY, Cortland Co, Marathon, First National Bank of Marathon
3BankersNY, Dutchess Co, Dover Plains, Dover Plains National Bank
3BankersNY, Essex Co, Keeseville, Keeseville National Bank
1BankersNY, Herkimer Co, Herkimer, First National Bank of Herkimer
2BankersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, Flour City National Bank
2BankersNY, Montgomery Co, Amsterdam, Farmers National Bank of Amsterdam
1BankersNY, New York Co, New York City, New York National Exchange Bank
2BankersNY, Saratoga Co, Mechanicville, First National Bank of Mechanicville
1BankersNY, Washington Co, Granville, Farmers National Bank of Granville
34BankersOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, Union National Bank of Cleveland
2BankersOH, Erie Co, Sandusky, Third National Bank of Sandusky
2BankersOH, Licking Co, Newark, Peoples National Bank of Newark
2BankersOH, Montgomery Co, Dayton, Dayton National Bank
3BankersOH, Noble Co, Batesville, First National Bank of Batesville
1BankersOH, Trumbull Co, Kinsman, Kinsman National Bank
1BankersON, Oxford Co, Tilsonburg, Western Bank of Canada of Tilsonburg
2BankersPA, Bucks Co, Doylestown, Doylestown National Bank
1BankersPA, Chester Co, Malvern, National Bank of Malvern
2BankersPA, Delaware Co, Birmingham, Iron and Glass Dollar Savings Bank of Birmingham
3BankersPA, Delaware Co, Chester, First National Bank of Chester
2BankersPA, Lancaster Co, Marietta, First National Bank of Marietta
2BankersPA, Luzerne Co, Wilkes-Barre, First National Bank of Wilkes-Barre
2BankersPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport, First National Bank of Williamsport
2BankersPA, Monroe Co, Stroudsburg, Stroudsburg Bank
3BankersPA, Montgomery Co, Ambler, First National Bank of Ambler
2BankersPA, Northampton Co, Easton, First National Bank of Easton
2BankersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, City National Bank of Philadelphia
1BankersPA, Schuylkill Co, Shenandoah, First National Bank of Shenandoah
1BankersPA, Susquehanna Co, Susquehanna, City National Bank of Susquhanna
2BankersPQ, Montreal, Hochelaga Bank
1BankersRI, Kent Co, Phenix, Phenix National Bank
5BankersRI, Providence Co, Providence, Atlantic National Bank of Providence
2BankersSC, Marion Co, Marion, Bank of Marion
2BankersSD, Beadle Co, Huron, First National Bank of Huron
2BankersSD, Bon Homme Co, Scotland, Bank of Scotland
2BankersSD, Hanson Co, Alexandria, Farmers Bank of Alexandria
1BankersSD, Lake Co, Madison, Citizens National Bank of Madison
1BankersSD, Lake Co, Madison, First National Bank of Madison
3BankersTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Commercial National Bank of Nashville
4BankersTN, Wilson Co, Lebanon, Second National Bank of Lebanon
2BankersTX, Bell Co, Temple, First National Bank of Temple
1BankersTX, Bexar Co, San Antonio, Traders National Bank of San Antonio
2BankersTX, Bosque Co, Meridian, Bosque County Bank
2BankersTX, Cooke Co, Gainesville, Red River National Bank
3BankersTX, Ellis Co, Waxahachie, Citizens National Bank of Waxahachie
2BankersTX, Grayson Co, Sherman, Merchants and Planters National Bank of Sherman
2BankersTX, Hill Co, Hillsboro, Hill County National Bank
4BankersTX, Hunt Co, Greenville, First National Bank of Greenville
2BankersTX, Marion Co, Jefferson, National Bank of Jefferson
2BankersTX, McLennan Co, Waco, Waco National Bank
1BankersTX, Montague Co, Montague, First National Bank of Montague
2BankersTX, Tarrant Co, Fort Worth, State National Bank of Fort Worth
3BankersTX, Wichita Co, Wichita Falls, Panhandle National Bank
5BankersTX, Wise Co, Decatur, First National Bank of Decatur
5BankersVA, Alexandria, First National Bank of Alexandria
2BankersVA, Danville, Border Grange Bank
2BankersVA, Shenandoah Co, Mt Jackson, Mt Jackson National Bank
2BankersVT, Caledonia Co, Lyndonville, Lyndonville National Bank
1BankersVT, Rutland Co, Middletown Springs, Gray National Bank
1BankersWA, Pierce Co, Tacoma, Merchants National Bank of Tacoma
1BankersWI, Ashland Co, Ashland, Ashland National Bank
1BankersWI, Fond du Lac Co, Ripon, Ripon National Bank
2BankersWI, Iowa Co, Mineral Point, First National Bank of Mineral Point
1BankersWI, Lafayette Co, Darlington, First National Bank of Darlington
4BankersWI, Rock Co, Beloit, Citizens National Bank of Beloit

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