List of Army Deployments

With their years and location of service

Source: Army List and Directory

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List of Army Deployments
First LieutenantElisha G. 1907NMGrant CoFort Bayard
First LieutenantCharles 1907KYCampbell CoFort Thomas
MajorWilliam R. 1907NESarpy CoFort Crook
CaptainRobert S. 1907VAHamptonFort Monroe
SurgeonGeorge F. 1907NYNew York CoNew York City, Fort Wood
Second LieutenantHenry R. 1907NESioux CoFort Robinson
CaptainEdward M. 1907KSLeavenworth CoLeavenworth, Fort Leavenworth
Second LieutenantEmory S. 1907WAClark CoVancouver, Vancouver Barracks
First LieutenantFrank H. 1907NYNew York CoGovernors Island, Fort Jay
MajorGranger 1907KSRiley CoFort Riley
Second LieutenantHarry S. 1907NYLivingston CoSacketts Harbor, Madison Barracks
Second LieutenantEmmett 1907WYFremont CoFort Washakie
First LieutenantErnest H. 1907NDMorton CoMandan, Fort Lincoln
Robert Vans 1907AZCochise CoFort Huachuca
CaptainFrank H. 1907TXEl Paso CoEl Paso, Fort Bliss
Second LieutenantOlan C. 1907GACatoosa CoFort Oglethorpe
Second LieutenantWilliam A. 1907KSLeavenworth CoLeavenworth, Fort Leavenworth
Second LieutenantFitzhugh B. 1907MIChippewa CoSault Ste Marie, Fort Brady
SurgeonIra A. 1907GAFulton CoFort McPherson
CaptainRobert H. 1907UTSalt Lake CoFort Douglas
MajorSamuel E. 1907MNHennepin CoFort Snelling
Second LieutenantGeorge R. 1907KSRiley CoFort Riley
CaptainJames B. 1907KSLeavenworth CoLeavenworth, Fort Leavenworth
SurgeonRoger P. 1907LAPlaquemines ParishTriumph, Fort St Philip
CaptainAlvord Van P. 1907MTCuster CoMiles City, Fort Keogh
First LieutenantDavis C. 1907MTMissoula CoMissoula, Fort Missoula
CaptainEdward D. 1907GACatoosa CoFort Oglethorpe
ColonelGeorge S. 1907NYNew York CoGovernors Island
ColonelHarry R. 1907MDBaltimore CoFort Howard
CaptainThomas M. Jr 1907MIChippewa CoSault Ste Marie, Fort Brady
First LieutenantWilliam D. A. 1907DCWashingtonWashington Barracks
ChaplainWilliam T. 1907NESioux CoFort Robinson
First LieutenantSheldon W. 1907NESarpy CoFort Crook
Lieutenant ColonelHenry M. 1907MECumberland CoPortland, Fort McKinley
MajorFrank B. 1907NYErie CoBuffalo, Fort Porter
Second LieutenantMalcolm P. 1907NYKings CoBrooklyn, Fort Hamilton
First LieutenantGeorge M. 1907NYBronx CoFort Schuyler
First LieutenantDeas 1907TXBexar CoSan Antonio, Fort Sam Houston
Second LieutenantEdward D. 1907CAMarin CoBlack Point, Fort Mason
CaptainCarroll F. 1907COArapahoe CoFort Logan
Second LieutenantGeorge W. De 1907GACatoosa CoFort Oglethorpe
Second LieutenantEugene V. 1907KSRiley CoFort Riley
CaptainFrank S. 1907KSRiley CoFort Riley
First LieutenantGeorge R. 1907NDMorton CoMandan, Fort Lincoln
First LieutenantAlfred G. 1907TXBexar CoSan Antonio, Fort Sam Houston
First LieutenantRobert J. 1907CAMarin CoSausalito, Fort Baker
CaptainSamuel B. 1907TXBexar CoSan Antonio, Fort Sam Houston
SurgeonJames K. 1907NDMorton CoMandan, Fort Lincoln
Second LieutenantJohn C. 1907NYClinton CoPlattsburgh, Plattsburgh Barracks
CaptainThomas Q. 1907NYQueens CoWillets Point, Fort Totten
CaptainBailey K. 1907DCWashingtonWashington Barracks
MajorBenjamin W. 1907KYCampbell CoFort Thomas
CaptainFred T. 1907FLEscambia CoPensacola, Fort Barrancas
ChaplainJohn T. 1907KSLeavenworth CoLeavenworth, Fort Leavenworth
CaptainWaldo E. 1907NESarpy CoFort Crook
MajorEdwin B. 1907ILRock Island CoRock Island, Rock Island Arsenal
CaptainConrad S. 1907TXKinney CoBrackettville, Fort Clark
CaptainWalter C. 1907NMGrant CoFort Bayard
Second LieutenantBenjamin M. 1907KYCampbell CoFort Thomas
MajorCharles J. 1907VAHamptonFort Monroe
SurgeonEdward 1907NYSuffolk CoSouthold, Fort H. G. Wright
First LieutenantGeorsre F. 1907MNHennepin CoFort Snelling
Second LieutenantJarvis J. 1907CAMarin CoBlack Point, Fort Mason
SurgeonCharles L. 1907NYQueens CoWillets Point, Fort Totten
CaptainDavid J. Jr 1907TXBexar CoSan Antonio, Fort Sam Houston
First LieutenantLeonard T. 1907DCWashingtonWashington Barracks
Second LieutenantScott 1907VAHamptonFort Monroe
Second LieutenantWalter C. 1907NYQueens CoWillets Point, Fort Totten
First LieutenantWilliam B. 1907KSLeavenworth CoLeavenworth, Fort Leavenworth
CaptainMurray 1907TXBexar CoSan Antonio, Fort Sam Houston
First LieutenantCollin H. 1907WYSheridan CoSheridan, Fort Mackenzie
First LieutenantFrank W. 1907KSLeavenworth CoLeavenworth, Fort Leavenworth
First LieutenantGeorge E. 1907COArapahoe CoFort Logan
First LieutenantWilliam W. Jr 1907NYRichmond CoFort Wadsworth
CaptainCharles C. 1907NYWashington CoPorter, Fort Niagara
MajorWilliam B. 1907MOSt Louis CoJefferson Barracks
Second LieutenantAlvin B. 1907CAMarin CoBlack Point, Fort Mason
CaptainJohn W. 1907WAKing CoSeattle, Fort Lawton
Second LieutenantAlbert H. 1907NYRichmond CoFort Wadsworth
Second LieutenantStephen M. 1907TXBexar CoSan Antonio, Fort Sam Houston
Second LieutenantJoseph H. 1907KSRiley CoFort Riley
CaptainHarry C. 1907FLMonroe CoKey West, Key West Barracks
First LieutenantJohn B. 1907KSLeavenworth CoLeavenworth, Fort Leavenworth
CaptainJohn W. 1907KSLeavenworth CoLeavenworth, Fort Leavenworth
CaptainRobert W. 1907WASpokane CoSpokane, Fort Wright
CaptainCharles N. 1907NMGrant CoFort Bayard
MajorGeorge F. 1907NYQueens CoWillets Point, Fort Totten
Brigadier GeneralThomas F. 1907CubaHavana, Camp Columbia
CaptainMorris K. 1907RINewport CoFort Greble
Second LieutenantJohn A. 1907MNHennepin CoFort Snelling
First LieutenantMichael H. 1907FLHillsborough CoTampa, Fort Dade
Second LieutenantGeorge G. 1907KSLeavenworth CoLeavenworth, Fort Leavenworth
MajorGeorge T. 1907WAJefferson CoFort Flagler
Second LieutenantLe Roy 1907TXBexar CoSan Antonio, Fort Sam Houston
First LieutenantRobert M. 1907AZCochise CoFort Huachuca
Second LieutenantJoseph E. 1907WYLaramie CoCheyenne, Fort D. A. Russell
First LieutenantAlvin K. 1907WAKing CoSeattle, Fort Lawton
ChaplainCephas C. 1907NMGrant CoFort Bayard
CaptainCharles F. 1907TXEl Paso CoEl Paso, Fort Bliss
Second LieutenantRalph D. 1907TXEl Paso CoEl Paso, Fort Bliss

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Most Recent Entries
159Army Deployments, , 1st US Cavalry
19Army Deployments, , 26th US Infantry
223Army Deployments, , 2nd US Infantry
233Army Deployments, , 4th US Infantry
10Army DeploymentsAK, Haines Co, Haines, Fort William H. Seward
4Army DeploymentsAK, Nome Co, Nome, Fort Davis
7Army DeploymentsAK, Nome Co, St Michael, Fort St Michael
7Army DeploymentsAK, Southeast Fairbanks Co, Eagle, Fort Egbert
4Army DeploymentsAK, Valdez-Cordova Co, Valdez, Fort Liscum
9Army DeploymentsAK, Yukon Co, Tanana, Fort Gibbon
5Army DeploymentsAL, Baldwin Co, Fort Morgan
14Army DeploymentsAR, Pulaski Co, North Little Rock, Fort Logan H. Roots
87Army DeploymentsAZ, Cochise Co, Fort Huachuca
43Army DeploymentsAZ, Navajo Co, Fort Apache
40Army DeploymentsAZ, Yavapai Co, Whipple, Whipple Barracks
22Army DeploymentsCA, Marin Co, Black Point, Fort Mason
13Army DeploymentsCA, Marin Co, Sausalito, Fort Baker
8Army DeploymentsCA, San Diego Co, San Diego, Fort Rosecrans
28Army DeploymentsCA, San Francisco Co, Fort McDowell
7Army DeploymentsCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco, Fort Miley
20Army DeploymentsCA, Solano Co, Benicia, Benicia Arsenal
52Army DeploymentsCA, Solano Co, Benicia, Benicia Barracks
48Army DeploymentsCO, Arapahoe Co, Fort Logan
2Army DeploymentsCO, Larimer Co, Fort Collins
1Army DeploymentsCT, , 12th CT Infantry
1Army DeploymentsCT, , 13th CT Infantry
9Army DeploymentsCuba, , Havana, Camp Columbia
102Army DeploymentsDC, Washington, Washington Barracks
10Army DeploymentsDE, New Castle Co, Delaware city, Fort DuPont
76Army DeploymentsFL, Escambia Co, Pensacola, Fort Barrancas
4Army DeploymentsFL, Hillsborough Co, Tampa, Fort Dade
32Army DeploymentsFL, Monroe Co, Key West, Key West Barracks
63Army DeploymentsFL, Monroe Co, Tortugas, Fort Jefferson
4Army DeploymentsFL, Pinellas Co, Fort De Soto
5Army DeploymentsGA, , 12th GA Infantry
1Army DeploymentsGA, , 13th GA Infantry
41Army DeploymentsGA, Catoosa Co, Fort Oglethorpe
10Army DeploymentsGA, Chatham Co, Tybee Island, Fort Screven
9Army DeploymentsGA, Fulton Co, Fort McPherson
64Army DeploymentsGA, Richmond Co, Augusta, Augusta Arsenal
122Army DeploymentsGA, Walker Co, Chickamauga
13Army DeploymentsHI, Honolulu Co, Honolulu, Camp McKinley
1Army DeploymentsIA, , 22nd IA Infantry
1Army DeploymentsIA, , 24th IA Infantry
1Army DeploymentsIA, , 28th IA Infantry
28Army DeploymentsIA, Polk Co, Des Moines, Fort Des Moines
20Army DeploymentsID, Ada Co, Boise, Boise Barracks
123Army DeploymentsIL, Lake Co, Fort Sheridan
51Army DeploymentsIL, Rock Island Co, Rock Island, Rock Island Arsenal
1Army DeploymentsIN, , 11th IN Infantry
1Army DeploymentsIN, Marion Co, Lawrence, Fort Benjamin Harrison
752Army DeploymentsKS, Leavenworth Co, Leavenworth, Fort Leavenworth
340Army DeploymentsKS, Riley Co, Fort Riley
56Army DeploymentsKY, Campbell Co, Fort Thomas
1Army DeploymentsLA, , 10th LA Infantry
4Army DeploymentsLA, , 8th LA Infantry
74Army DeploymentsLA, Orleans Parish, New Orleans, Jackson Barracks
27Army DeploymentsLA, Plaquemines Parish, Triumph, Fort St Philip
1Army DeploymentsMA, , 2nd MA Cavalry
1Army DeploymentsMA, , 3rd MA Cavalry
3Army DeploymentsMA, Bristol Co, New Bedford, Fort Rodman
55Army DeploymentsMA, Middlesex Co, Watertown, Watertown Arsenal
5Army DeploymentsMA, Plymouth Co, Fort Andrews
4Army DeploymentsMA, Plymouth Co, Hull, Fort Revere
71Army DeploymentsMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Fort Warren
8Army DeploymentsMA, Suffolk Co, Fort Banks
7Army DeploymentsMA, Suffolk Co, Fort Strong
236Army DeploymentsMD, Baltimore City, Fort McHenry
11Army DeploymentsMD, Baltimore Co, Fort Howard
76Army DeploymentsMD, Prince Georges Co, Fort Washington
1Army DeploymentsME, , 12th ME Infantry
1Army DeploymentsME, , 14th ME Infantry
11Army DeploymentsME, Cumberland Co, Cape Elizabeth, Fort Williams
11Army DeploymentsME, Cumberland Co, Portland, Fort McKinley
85Army DeploymentsME, Cumberland Co, South Portland, Fort Preble
87Army DeploymentsMI, Chippewa Co, Sault Ste Marie, Fort Brady
96Army DeploymentsMI, Wayne Co, Detroit, Fort Wayne
237Army DeploymentsMN, Hennepin Co, Fort Snelling
543Army DeploymentsMO, St Louis Co, Jefferson Barracks
72Army DeploymentsMT, Custer Co, Miles City, Fort Keogh
65Army DeploymentsMT, Hill Co, Havre, Fort Assinniboine
24Army DeploymentsMT, Lewis and Clark Co, Helena, Fort Harrison
27Army DeploymentsMT, Missoula Co, Missoula, Fort Missoula
4Army DeploymentsNC, , 12th NC Infantry
3Army DeploymentsNC, , 14th NC Infantry
3Army DeploymentsNC, , 5th NC Infantry
19Army DeploymentsNC, Brunswick Co, Fort Caswell
62Army DeploymentsND, Morton Co, Mandan, Fort Lincoln
28Army DeploymentsNE, Douglas Co, Omaha, Fort Omaha
49Army DeploymentsNE, Lincoln Co, North Platte, Fort McPherson
54Army DeploymentsNE, Sarpy Co, Fort Crook
38Army DeploymentsNE, Sioux Co, Fort Robinson
1Army DeploymentsNH, , 14th NH Infantry
1Army DeploymentsNH, , 1st NH Cavalry
36Army DeploymentsNH, Rockingham Co, New Castle, Fort Constitution
1Army DeploymentsNJ, , 10th NJ Infantry
1Army DeploymentsNJ, , 15th NJ Infantry
4Army DeploymentsNJ, , 4th NJ Infantry
12Army DeploymentsNJ, Monmouth Co, Fort Hancock
13Army DeploymentsNJ, Salem Co, Pennsville, Fort Mott
87Army DeploymentsNM, Grant Co, Fort Bayard
78Army DeploymentsNM, McKinley Co, Fort Wingate
1Army DeploymentsNY, , 106th NY Infantry
1Army DeploymentsNY, , 114th NY Infantry
1Army DeploymentsNY, , 116th NY Infantry
1Army DeploymentsNY, , 121st NY Infantry
1Army DeploymentsNY, , 128th NY Infantry
1Army DeploymentsNY, , 131st NY Infantry
1Army DeploymentsNY, , 153rd NY Infantry
1Army DeploymentsNY, , 156th NY Infantry
1Army DeploymentsNY, , 175th NY Infantry
1Army DeploymentsNY, , 176th NY Infantry
1Army DeploymentsNY, , 19th NY Cavalry
3Army DeploymentsNY, , 4th NY Cavalry
1Army DeploymentsNY, , 75th NY Infantry
3Army DeploymentsNY, , 9th NY Cavalry
97Army DeploymentsNY, Albany Co, Watervliet, Watervliet Arsenal
80Army DeploymentsNY, Bronx Co, Fort Schuyler
75Army DeploymentsNY, Clinton Co, Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh Barracks
65Army DeploymentsNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Fort Porter
264Army DeploymentsNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Fort Hamilton
99Army DeploymentsNY, Livingston Co, Sacketts Harbor, Madison Barracks
65Army DeploymentsNY, New York Co, Governors Island
399Army DeploymentsNY, New York Co, Governors Island, Fort Jay
54Army DeploymentsNY, New York Co, New York City, Fort Wood
67Army DeploymentsNY, Oswego Co, Oswego, Fort Ontario
40Army DeploymentsNY, Queens Co, Willets Point, Fort Totten
92Army DeploymentsNY, Richmond Co, Fort Wadsworth
13Army DeploymentsNY, Suffolk Co, Plum Island, Fort Terry
9Army DeploymentsNY, Suffolk Co, Southold, Fort H. G. Wright
2Army DeploymentsNY, Suffolk Co, Southold, Fort Michie
100Army DeploymentsNY, Washington Co, Porter, Fort Niagara
54Army DeploymentsNY, Westchester Co, Davids Island, Fort Slocum
1Army DeploymentsOH, , 110th OH Infantry
1Army DeploymentsOH, , 116th OH Infantry
1Army DeploymentsOH, , 122nd OH Infantry
1Army DeploymentsOH, , 123rd OH Infantry
65Army DeploymentsOH, Franklin Co, Columbus, Columbus Barracks
79Army DeploymentsOK, Canadian Co, El Reno, Fort Reno
112Army DeploymentsOK, Comanche Co, Lawton, Fort Sill
30Army DeploymentsOR, Clatsop Co, Fort Stevens
1Army DeploymentsPA, , 102nd PA Infantry
1Army DeploymentsPA, , 119th PA Infantry
5Army DeploymentsPA, , 139th PA Infantry
1Army DeploymentsPA, , 14th PA Cavalry
7Army DeploymentsPA, , 1st PA Light Artillery
1Army DeploymentsPA, , 47th PA Infantry
3Army DeploymentsPA, , 49th PA Infantry
1Army DeploymentsPA, , 54th PA Infantry
1Army DeploymentsPA, , 67th PA Infantry
9Army DeploymentsPA, , 6th PA Cavalry
1Army DeploymentsPA, , 87th PA Infantry
3Army DeploymentsPA, , 95th PA Infantry
56Army DeploymentsPA, Philadelphia Co, Frankford, Frankford Arsenal
57Army DeploymentsPR,
9Army DeploymentsRI, Newport Co, Fort Greble
216Army DeploymentsRI, Newport Co, Newport, Fort Adams
2Army DeploymentsRI, Washington Co, Westerly, Fort Mansfield
3Army DeploymentsSC, Beaufort Co, Fort Fremont
128Army DeploymentsSC, Charleston Co, Fort Moultrie
87Army DeploymentsSD, Meade Co, Sturgis, Fort Meade
170Army DeploymentsTX, Bexar Co, San Antonio, Fort Sam Houston
98Army DeploymentsTX, El Paso Co, El Paso, Fort Bliss
182Army DeploymentsTX, Kinney Co, Brackettville, Fort Clark
98Army DeploymentsTX, Webb Co, Laredo, Fort McIntosh
33Army DeploymentsUT, Salt Lake Co, Fort Douglas
30Army DeploymentsUT, Uintah Co, Fort Duchesne
1Army DeploymentsVA, , 14th VA Cavalry
1Army DeploymentsVA, , 15th VA Cavalry
1Army DeploymentsVA, , 22nd VA Infantry
4Army DeploymentsVA, , 33rd VA Infantry
1Army DeploymentsVA, , 36th VA Infantry
3Army DeploymentsVA, , 49th VA Infantry
1Army DeploymentsVA, , 5th VA Cavalry
89Army DeploymentsVA, Arlington Co, Fort Myer
5Army DeploymentsVA, Fairfax Co, Fort Hunt
702Army DeploymentsVA, Hampton, Fort Monroe
1Army DeploymentsVT, , 11th VT Infantry
3Army DeploymentsVT, , 3rd VT Infantry
3Army DeploymentsVT, , 5th VT Infantry
1Army DeploymentsVT, , 8th VT Infantry
47Army DeploymentsVT, Chittenden Co, Colchester, Fort Ethan Allen
93Army DeploymentsWA, Clark Co, Vancouver, Vancouver Barracks
24Army DeploymentsWA, Island Co, Whidbey Island, Fort Casey
10Army DeploymentsWA, Jefferson Co, Fort Flagler
11Army DeploymentsWA, Jefferson Co, Port Townsend, Fort Worden
16Army DeploymentsWA, King Co, Seattle, Fort Lawton
2Army DeploymentsWA, Kitsap Co, Fort Ward
4Army DeploymentsWA, Pacific Co, Chinook, Fort Columbia
23Army DeploymentsWA, Spokane Co, Spokane, Fort Wright
113Army DeploymentsWA, Walla Walla Co, Walla Walla, Fort Walla Walla
4Army DeploymentsWI, , 5th WI Infantry
1Army DeploymentsWV, , 10th WV Infantry
1Army DeploymentsWV, , 11th WV Infantry
1Army DeploymentsWV, , 13th WV Infantry
1Army DeploymentsWV, , 2nd WV Cavalry
25Army DeploymentsWY, Fremont Co, Fort Washakie
135Army DeploymentsWY, Laramie Co, Cheyenne, Fort D. A. Russell
23Army DeploymentsWY, Park Co, Fort Yellowstone
14Army DeploymentsWY, Sheridan Co, Sheridan, Fort Mackenzie

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