List of Army Deployments

With their years and location of service

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List of Army Deployments; State: PA; County: Philadelphia Co
Eugene H. 1844-1846PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflin
Charles H. 1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaHospital
Harvey A. 1841-1843PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort MifflinArmy
Charles A. 1862PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Schuylkill Arsenal
Frederick William 1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Robert L. 1819PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflin
William 1842-1846PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflin
Morris J. 1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaRecorder of Army Medical Examining Board
Walter V. Whe 1850-1854PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Romeyn B. 1861PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaRecruiting Company
Edwin B. 1856-1857PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaClothing Depot
Dallas 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Richard N. 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaChief Quartermaster
Henry W. 1845PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflinrepairs
Clermont L. 1850-1853PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort MifflinArmy
Clermont L. 1865-1866PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaRecruiting service
Herman 1864-1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaQuartermasters Depot
Egbert B. 1824-1825PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflin
William Herbert 1895-1897PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphialighthouse engineer
William B. 1841-1842PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflin
Zenas R. 1866PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Schuylkill ArsenalArmy
Henry D. 1894-1896PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Isaac 1849-1850PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Schuylkill ArsenalArmy
Isaac 1850PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort MifflinArmy
Thomas C. 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaHospital duty
Edward DeW. 1862-1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaHospital duty
Edward C. 1893-1895PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Girard College
Horace 1862PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiacommand
Ward B. 1849-1852PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Navy YardSupt, Dry Dock
Charles E. 1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaAsst to the Asst Provost-Marshal General
John 1863-1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John G. 1890PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaQuartermasters' Department
Sherwood A. 1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Joseph C. 1851PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort MifflinArmy
George E. 1862PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaMedical Purveyor
Joseph K. 1861-1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, General HospitalMedical Cadet
Spencer 1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Darius N. 1852-1853PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort MifflinArmy
Henry K. 1813PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John 1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Schuylkill ArsenalDisbursing Officer
Francis J. 1867-1868PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaChief Quartermaster
George H. 1847-1856PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Edward 1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John M. 1866PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaMedical Director
Albert Miligan 1893PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Napoleon J. T. 1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiacommand, Defenses
Charles L. 1861PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaPrivate Commonwealth Artillery
Richard C. 1869PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaAsst Adjutant-General
Henry A. 1866PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaLaboratory
Edward S. 1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, General Hospital
Chandler P. 1867PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaRecruiting duty
Seth 1864-1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflincommand
Langdon C. 1872PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Schuylkill Arsenalcharge of Depot
John 1865-1866PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaArmy
Herbert M. 1869PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaDepot
Clement A. 1861PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John A. 1862PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaRecruiting duty
John W. 1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaRecruiting duty
George W. 1821-1824PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflin
John L. 1866PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaBoard for Retiring Disabled Officers
Kenner 1851-1852PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort MifflinArmy
John 1863-1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaArmy
George 1857-1861PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Schuylkill Arsenal
Charles C. 1863-1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaChief Mustering and Disbursing Officer
William P. 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaoffice of the Medical Director
John P. 1819-1820PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflin
Harry L. 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaAsst Provost-Marshal
John P. 1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiacommand, Draft Rendezvous
Anthony 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaInspector of Hospitals
Thomas 1842-1843PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflin
Mark Leslie 1899PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiarecruiting service
David C. 1862PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflinin charge of repairs
James B. 1899PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiamustering duty
James R. 1838-1840PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaQuartermaster duty
Josiah H. 1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaDraft Depot
Benjamin 1832-1833PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Bolivar 1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaHospital duty
Richard B. 1819-1820PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflin
George F. 1836PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Navy Yard
Robert 1890-1891PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiarecruiting service
James H. 1878PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaGeneral Depot
Stephen C. 1874-1878PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
David Alexander 1890PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaInspector of Ordnance
Oscar A. 1853PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort MifflinArmy
Aeneas 1833-1836PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
David L. 1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Edward 1888-1892PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaEngineer 4th Lighthouse District
James G. 1857-1858PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Schuylkill Arsenal
Miles D. 1861PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflinrepairs
Joseph H. 1862-1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaMustering duty
James C. 1858PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Schuylkill Arsenal
Charles A. H. 1896PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaAsst to Depot Quartermaster
Ely 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaAttending Surgeon
John E. 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaHospital duty
Charles 1865-1867PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaAsst Medical Purveyor
William W. 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
George G. 1866PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John 1852-1853PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort MifflinArmy
Henry 1875PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Morris S. 1847PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Wtlliam R. 1862-1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Charles Clifford 1890PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
James St. C. 1862PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflinrepairs
Andrew 1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaregimental recruiting service
Robert 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaMedical Purveyor
Thomas H. 1861PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaMustering in Volunteers
Azorit H. 1863-1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Mower Hospital
Henry C. 1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaHospital duty
John B. 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaoffice of the Provost-Marshall
John B. 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, General Hospital
John Wesley 1891PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaAsst to Depot Quartermaster
Isaac F. 1843-1844PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort MifflinArmy
William R. 1865-1867PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaExamining recruits
Burton 1839PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
James R. 1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaVolunteer Recruiting Service
Alexander W. 1858-1859PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Samuel C. 1853PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflin
Samuel 1818PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflin
Henry P. 1866PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaCourt-Martial duty
Henry M. 1861-1862PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort MifflinSuperintending Engineer of the repairs
Joseph 1850-1853PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflin
Augustus L. 1817-1818PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Daniel H. 1868PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaDepot Quartermaster
Charles F. 1861-1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaMustering Officer
Charles G. 1890-1894PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiacharge of General Quartermaster Depot
Rufus 1875PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiacharge of the depot
Henry S. 1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaExecutive Officer
Robert J. 1815-1816PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflin
Edwin E. 1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaRecruiting duty
Francis Pierpont 1898-1899PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaRecruiting duty
William J. 1845PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
John R. 1815-1818PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflin
Andrew H. 1863PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaHospital duty
Andrew K. 1862PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaMedical Director
Benjamin F. 1861PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaMustering duty
Henry C. 1899PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaRecruiting duty
John L. 1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaMustering and Disbursing duty
William C. 1862PAPhiladelphia CoWest PhiladelphiaHospital duty
Henry 1847-1851PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaChief Quartermaster
Samuel A. 1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaHospital duty
Samuel A. 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Mower Hospital
George 1862PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaMedical Inspector
Lewis 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Mower Hospital
William N. 1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiageneral recruiting service
Daniel D. 1840-1846PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Harry G. 1898-1899PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiamustering duty
John J. 1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaArmy
Stewart 1875PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaDepot of Quartermasters stores
Clinton 1865PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Mower Hospital
Lucien B. 1848-1850PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflin
Charles W. 1876PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
Daniel P. 1864PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflincommand
Abram C. 1875-1876PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphiaArmy Supply Board
Orlando B. 1853PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort MifflinArmy
Alexander J. 1812-1814PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Fort Mifflincommand
Charles Wilson 1894-1897PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Schuylkill Arsenalcharge of clothing Depot
Seth 1848-1849PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Schuylkill ArsenalArmy
Winthrop S. 1899PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Schuylkill Arsenal

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2Army DeploymentsPA, , 63rd PA Infantry
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1Army DeploymentsPA, Adams Co, Gettysburg
45Army DeploymentsPA, Allegheny Co, Lawrenceville, Allegheny Arsenal
35Army DeploymentsPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
7Army DeploymentsPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Alleghany Arsenal
1Army DeploymentsPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Fort Pitt Foundry
1Army DeploymentsPA, Beaver Co, Beaver
20Army DeploymentsPA, Beaver Co, Beaver, Fort McIntosh
4Army DeploymentsPA, Berks Co, Reading
1Army DeploymentsPA, Berks Co, Reading, Scott Foundry
1Army DeploymentsPA, Chester Co, West Chester
9Army DeploymentsPA, Cumberland Co, Carlisle
95Army DeploymentsPA, Cumberland Co, Carlisle, Carlisle Barracks
16Army DeploymentsPA, Cumberland Co, Carlisle, Cavalry School for Practice
30Army DeploymentsPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg
4Army DeploymentsPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg, Camp Greble
29Army DeploymentsPA, Dauphin Co, Middletown, Camp Meade
3Army DeploymentsPA, Delaware Co, Chester
13Army DeploymentsPA, Erie Co, Erie
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103Army DeploymentsPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
33Army DeploymentsPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Fort Mifflin
3Army DeploymentsPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, General Hospital
1Army DeploymentsPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Girard College
4Army DeploymentsPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Mower Hospital
2Army DeploymentsPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Navy Yard
11Army DeploymentsPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Schuylkill Arsenal
1Army DeploymentsPA, Philadelphia Co, West Philadelphia
1Army DeploymentsPA, Schuylkill Co, Pottsville
1Army DeploymentsPA, Washington Co, Monongahela

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