List of US Ambassadors

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List of US Ambassadors
Charles Francis Sr. 1861-1868United Kingdom
John 1782-1788Netherlands
John 1785-1788United Kingdom
John Quincy 1794-1797Netherlands
John Quincy Adams, the son of the second President, John Adams, was called 'Old Man Eloquent' because of his articulate urbanity. He was a diplomat to several European countries, United States Senator, and Secretary of State under Monroe. He was elected President in the disputed election of 1824 in which he actually ran second in both electoral votes and popular votes to Andrew Jackson. A deal was cooked up in the House of Representatives between Adams and Henry Clay, one of the other defeated candidates, and Adams won the Presidency. He rewarded Clay with the position of Secretary of State. It is unfortunate that a man as honorable as Adams would thus enter the Presidency under a cloud of suspicion.

Adams, like his father, moved from Congregationalist orthodoxy to a moderate form of Unitarianism. He would be considered a conservative Unitarian by today's standards, and it is doubtful that Adams ever moved beyond the Puritan conscience in some aspects of his life. He was a hard taskmaster and was continually critical of his shortcomings. He was very interested in the Bible. In one of his diaries he noted, 'I have made it a practice for several years to read the Bible through in the course of every year. I usually devote to this reading the first hour after I rise every morning. My rule is to read five chapters each morning.' When he was President, his diary revealed that he had cut this reading down to three chapters, in the Bible with a good commentary. He frequently wrote letters to his son on the Bible and its teachings, and a volume of these letters was published after his death.

Like other early Presidents, however, Adams frequently attended the Episcopal Church. On July 26, 1797) his diary matter-of-factly noted that on that day he was married at the Church of the Parish of All Hallows in London. Adams was married in the Church of England and was our first President to be married abroad. (Theodore Roosevelt's second marriage also occurred in London.)

One writer notes: 'Religious faith was the foundation of his character, the source of his energy of conscience and conviction....' In one of Adams' diaries he noted, 'Religious sentiments become from day to day more constantly habitual to my mind.' His opposition to slavery arose primarily from his religious views. He called slavery 'that outrage upon the goodness of God.' While in Washington, he did not attend church regularly, because there was no Unitarian or, as he called it, 'Independent Congregational' church to attend. He was a man of great character and integrity.

He was essentially a man without a party, because he considered himself an Independent, politically. He broke with his Massachusetts constituents over the Embargo Bill of President Jefferson in Congress. Adams favored the bill and voted for it though he realized it might end his political career. John F. Kennedy, in his PROFILES IN COURAGE, hailed Adams' decision as one of the most courageous in American history. Adams was denied his re-election to the U. S. Senate because of this, but the voters evidently liked him and he carried his State handily twice in the Presidential election.

Unlike most former Presidents, Adams did not just fade away after being defeated for re-election by Andrew Jackson. He decided it would be a great honor to seek a seat in the United States House of Representatives. He did so successfully and held the seat for eighteen years, dying on the floor of the House in his 8lst year. He suffered a stroke at his desk in the chamber and died a few moments later in the Speaker's Room. Perhaps we can best remember Adams by something he wrote shortly before he left the White House. He was disappointed in defeat, but not bitter. He wrote, 'Before I end my letter, I pray Heaven to bestow the best of blessings on this house and all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof.”

John Quincy 1814-1817United Kingdom
Robert, Jr. 1889-1890Brazil
Winthrop W. 1953-1957United Kingdom
Eben 1893-1897Greece
Frederick M., Jr. 1953-1957Belgium
George V. 1956-1957Greece
Heman 1824-1827Chile
John M. 1953-1957Japan
Larz 1911-1912Belgium
Larz 1913-1913Japan
Rasmus B. 1885-1889Denmark
Christopher Columbus 1869Denmark
James Burrill 1880-1881China
James Burrill 1897-1898Turkey
Walter 1969-1974United Kingdom
John James 1821Portugal
Norman 1938-1939Chile
Norman 1950-1951Venezuela
Anne 1976-1977United Kingdom
John 1804-1810France
Frank D. 1918-1921El Salvador
Alexander 1867-1868Uruguay
William Waldorf 1882-1885Italy
Ray 1939-1940Denmark
Benjamin 1874-1875China
Ambrose 1841-1844Italy
John E. 1885-1888Uruguay
Robert 1909-1912France
Gerhard Adolph 1922-1929Ecuador
Jehu 1878-1881Venezuela
Jehu 1882-1884Venezuela
Lewis 1893-1897Costa Rica
Lewis 1893-1897El Salvador
Lewis 1893-1897Nicaragua
Edgar 1924-1925Japan
George 1846-1849United Kingdom
James 1828-1829United Kingdom
Joel 1811-1812France
Washington 1841-1844Portugal
Seth 1848-1849Chile
Herman B. 1945-1947Portugal
Herman B. 1947-1949Netherlands
George S. 1890-1892Portugal
Henry 1869-1873Honduras
Richard H. 1851-1853Belgium
Thomas F. 1893-1897United Kingdom
Moses Yale 1843Mexico
Truxtun 1892-1893Greece
Willard L. 1953-1956Chile
Arthur M. 1908-1911Netherlands
Henry 1853-1858Denmark
Isaac, Jr. 1885-1888Netherlands
August 1853-1854Netherlands
Adolf A., Jr. 1945-1946Brazil
Maurice M. 1960-1965Ecuador
A. J. Drexel, Jr. 1941-1943Greece
Anthony J. Drexel, Jr. 1941-1942Netherlands
Anthony Joseph Drexel, Jr. 1941-1943Belgium
Thomas 1871-1873El Salvador
John 1864-1866France
John 1857-1861Chile
John 1873-1885Japan
Robert Worth 1933-1937United Kingdom
Thomas H. 1913-1922Portugal
James 1876-1882Netherlands
Jacob B. 1868-1873Costa Rica
Harmanus 1839-1842Netherlands
Henry T. 1861-1862Venezuela
Henry T. 1869-1870Brazil
Pierre de Lagarde 1941-1942Nicaragua
George H. 1871-1875Turkey
Ralph H. 1930-1931Denmark
Solon 1853-1854Nicaragua
Solon 1854Costa Rica
Solon 1854Honduras
William 1841-1845Italy
Henry Sherman 1911-1913Switzerland
Herbert W. 1901-1905Venezuela
Claude G. 1939-1953Chile
Edward S. 1888-1889Mexico
Thomas L. L. 1825-1834Portugal
Kingman, Jr. 1977-1981United Kingdom
Ellis O. 1947-1949Uruguay
Ellis O. 1956-1959Brazil
James 1893-1895Switzerland
Ethan A. 1831-1834Brazil
James 1824-1829France
Philip Marshall 1909-1910Honduras
John Ross 1868-1869China
David K. E. 1949-1952France
David K. E. 1961-1969United Kingdom
Charles Page 1898-1902Brazil
Charles Page 1902Switzerland
Charles Page 1903-1910Portugal
Charles Page 1909-1911Belgium
Charles Page 1911-1912Japan

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