List of US Diplomats

Including ambassadors, consuls, secretaries, and agents, with their years and location of service

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List of US Diplomats
AmbassadorCharles Francis Sr. 1861-1868United Kingdom
ConsulEdward Le Grand 1902SwedenStockholms länStockholm
ConsulEdward Le Grand 1909IrelandDublin CoDublin
AmbassadorJohn 1782-1788Netherlands
AmbassadorJohn 1785-1788United Kingdom
AmbassadorJohn Quincy 1794-1797Netherlands
AmbassadorJohn Quincy 1814-1817United Kingdom
AmbassadorRobert, Jr. 1889-1890Brazil
Vice/Dep ConsulWalter A. 1916ChinaShanghai
SecretaryAlvey Augustus 1870SpainMadridMadrid
ConsulTalbot J. 1916GermanyNiedersachsenHannover
Vice/Dep ConsulCharles Hahn 1912SpainCataloniaBarcelona
Vice/Dep ConsulCharles Hahn 1913-1915Dominican RepublicSanto Domingo
ConsulWilliam Livingston 1885-1889ItalyLazioRome
AmbassadorWinthrop W. 1953-1957United Kingdom
AmbassadorEben 1893-1897Greece
Vice/Dep ConsulThomas Brooks 1916LatviaRiga
AmbassadorFrederick M., Jr. 1953-1957Belgium
ConsulWilliam E. 1904HondurasTegucigalpa
ConsulWilliam E. 1909HondurasPuerto Cortes
ConsulWilliam E. 1909MexicoSinaloaMazatlan
ConsulWilliam E. 1916BCEast KootenayFernie
Vice/Dep ConsulCharles Edward 1916TurkeyConstantinople
AmbassadorGeorge V. 1956-1957Greece
AmbassadorHeman 1824-1827Chile
AmbassadorJohn M. 1953-1957Japan
Vice/Dep ConsulCharles Jonathan 1906ChinaMukden
AgentHenry R. 1916PortugalMadeiraFunchal
ConsulGeorge Everett 1905ChinaAmoy
ConsulGeorge Everett 1906BrazilRio de Janeiro
ConsulGeorge Everett 1910Hong Kong
ConsulJohn Alexander 1891EgyptCairo
AmbassadorLarz 1911-1912Belgium
AmbassadorLarz 1913-1913Japan
AmbassadorRasmus B. 1885-1889Denmark
ConsulWendell Abraham 1885-1889PQMontreal& 93-97
ConsulWilliam Kyle 1897-1899GermanyNiedersachsenHannover
AmbassadorChristopher Columbus 1869Denmark
SecretaryWilliam Whiting 1911PanamaPanama City
SecretaryWilliam Whiting 1912PortugalLisboaLisbon
SecretaryWilliam Whiting 1914SwitzerlandCanton BernBern
AmbassadorJames Burrill 1880-1881China
AmbassadorJames Burrill 1897-1898Turkey
AmbassadorWalter 1969-1974United Kingdom
Vice/Dep ConsulEverett B. 1916RussiaFar Eastern DistrictVladivostok
AmbassadorJohn James 1821Portugal
AmbassadorNorman 1938-1939Chile
AmbassadorNorman 1950-1951Venezuela
AmbassadorAnne 1976-1977United Kingdom
AmbassadorJohn 1804-1810France
Vice/Dep ConsulJohn Samuel, Jr 1909IrelandCork CoCork
Vice/Dep ConsulJohn Samuel, Jr 1911ItalyCampaniaNaples
Vice/Dep ConsulJohn Samuel, Jr 1912BCGreater VancouverVancouver
ConsulJohn Samuel, Jr 1914EnglandGloucestershireBristol
Vice/Dep ConsulJohn Samuel, Jr 1914GreeceCentral MacedoniaThessaloniki
AmbassadorFrank D. 1918-1921El Salvador
SecretaryFrank Dundore 1910MexicoMexico StateMexico City
SecretaryFrank Dundore 1912JapanTokyo
ConsulJulean 1904-1906ChinaShanghai
ConsulJulean 1906ChinaTansui
ConsulJulean 1908ChinaAmoy
ConsulJulean 1912ChinaChefoo
ConsulJulean 1914ChinaHankow
ConsulOlney 1916EgyptCairo
AmbassadorAlexander 1867-1868Uruguay
AmbassadorWilliam Waldorf 1882-1885Italy
AmbassadorRay 1939-1940Denmark
ConsulRichard Wilson 1906-1907ScotlandLanarkshireGlasgow
ConsulJoseph M. 1909Guadeloupe
AmbassadorBenjamin 1874-1875China
AmbassadorAmbrose 1841-1844Italy
ConsulLeonard A. 1880TanzaniaZanzibar
Vice/Dep ConsulLeonard A. 1891New ZealandAucklandAuckland
AmbassadorJohn E. 1885-1888Uruguay
AmbassadorRobert 1909-1912France
Vice/Dep ConsulRalph Hedrick 1915-1916IranTehran
AmbassadorGerhard Adolph 1922-1929Ecuador
Vice/Dep ConsulAlfred Dunlop, Jr 1915NBSt John CoSt John
Vice/Dep ConsulDavid James 1915EnglandYorkshireHuddersfield
ConsulEverett E. 1909MexicoBaja CaliforniaEnsenada
SecretaryJames G. 1901Guatemala
SecretaryJames G. 1907SwedenStockholms länStockholm
SecretaryJames G. 1909MexicoMexico StateMexico City
SecretaryJames G. 1911SwitzerlandCanton BernBern
SecretaryJames G. 1914PortugalLisboaLisbon
ConsulJohn Mosher 1881-1885GermanySchleswig-HolsteinHamburg
SecretaryArthur 1900FranceIle-de-FranceParis
SecretaryArthur 1912JapanTokyo
Vice/Dep ConsulEdward Carleton 1906ChinaFoochow
Vice/Dep ConsulEdward Carleton 1907ChinaAmoy
Vice/Dep ConsulEdward Carleton 1908ChinaFoochow
ConsulEdward Carleton 1909ChinaAntung
ConsulEdward Carleton 1911ChinaChungking
ConsulEdward Carleton 1914JapanNagasaki
ConsulEdward Carleton 1915ChinaMukden
ConsulHenry Dunster 1907AustraliaTasmaniaHobart
ConsulHenry Dunster 1912BahamasNassau
ConsulHenry Dunster 1913IndiaBombay
ConsulHenry Dunster 1916Trinidad
AmbassadorJehu 1878-1881Venezuela

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Most Recent Entries
17DiplomatsArgentina, , Buenos Aires
6DiplomatsArgentina, , Rosario
4DiplomatsAustralia, New South Wales, Sydney
4DiplomatsAustralia, Tasmania, Hobart
4DiplomatsAustralia, Victoria, Melbourne
17DiplomatsAustria, Wien, Vienna
4DiplomatsBahamas, , Nassau
4DiplomatsBC, East Kootenay, Fernie
10DiplomatsBC, Greater Vancouver, Vancouver
6DiplomatsBrazil, , Bahia
7DiplomatsBrazil, , Pernambuco
22DiplomatsBrazil, , Rio de Janeiro
6DiplomatsBrazil, , Santos
4DiplomatsBrazil, , Sao Paulo
5DiplomatsBurma, , Rangoon
3DiplomatsChile, , Antofagasta
4DiplomatsChile, , Iquique
4DiplomatsChile, , Punta Arenas
4DiplomatsChile, , Santiago
9DiplomatsChile, , Valparaiso
9DiplomatsChina, , Amoy
10DiplomatsChina, , Chefoo
4DiplomatsChina, , Chungking
7DiplomatsChina, , Foochow
17DiplomatsChina, , Hankow
6DiplomatsChina, , Harbin
9DiplomatsChina, , Mukden
11DiplomatsChina, , Nanking
4DiplomatsChina, , Newchwang
13DiplomatsChina, , Peking
27DiplomatsChina, , Shanghai
9DiplomatsChina, , Swatow
8DiplomatsChina, , Tansui
16DiplomatsChina, , Tientsin
4DiplomatsChina, , Tsingtau
7DiplomatsColombia, , Bogota
6DiplomatsCosta Rica, , San Jose
5DiplomatsCroatia, , Fiume
3DiplomatsCuba, , Cardenas
20DiplomatsCuba, , Havana
6DiplomatsCuba, , Santiago
7DiplomatsCzech Republic, Prague
9DiplomatsDenmark, Kobenhavn, Copenhagen
7DiplomatsDominican Republic, , Puerto Plata
10DiplomatsDominican Republic, , Santo Domingo
13DiplomatsEgypt, , Cairo
10DiplomatsEl Salvador, , San Salvador
4DiplomatsEngland, Lancashire, Liverpool
7DiplomatsEngland, Lancashire, Manchester
34DiplomatsEngland, Middlesex, London
4DiplomatsEngland, Northumberland, Newcastle Upon Tyne
4DiplomatsEngland, Nottinghamshire, Nottingham
4DiplomatsEngland, Yorkshire, Huddersfield
3DiplomatsEngland, Yorkshire, Hull
4DiplomatsEngland, Yorkshire, Leeds
7DiplomatsFrance, Brittany, Nantes
3DiplomatsFrance, Charentes, Cognac
4DiplomatsFrance, Charentes, La Rochelle
6DiplomatsFrance, Cote d`Azur, Marseille
28DiplomatsFrance, Ile-de-France, Paris
4DiplomatsFrance, Limousin, Limoges
4DiplomatsFrance, Normandy, Rouen
3DiplomatsFrance, Pas-de-Calais, Calais
5DiplomatsFrance, Rhone-Alpes, Grenoble
6DiplomatsFrance, Rhone-Alpes, Lyon
4DiplomatsGeorgian Republic, , Batum
8DiplomatsGermany, Baden, Kehl
8DiplomatsGermany, Baden, Mannheim
5DiplomatsGermany, Baden, Stuttgart
7DiplomatsGermany, Bayern, Munich
5DiplomatsGermany, Bayern, Nuremberg
6DiplomatsGermany, Hessen, Frankfurt
7DiplomatsGermany, Niedersachsen, Hannover
3DiplomatsGermany, Nordrhein, Barmen
4DiplomatsGermany, Nordrhein, Cologne
4DiplomatsGermany, Nordrhein, Krefeld
10DiplomatsGermany, Sachsen, Chemnitz
6DiplomatsGermany, Sachsen, Dresden
6DiplomatsGermany, Sachsen, Leipzig
5DiplomatsGermany, Sachsen, Plauen
7DiplomatsGermany, Sachsen-Anhalt, Magdeburg
10DiplomatsGermany, Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg
7DiplomatsGermany, Thuringen, Erfurt
11DiplomatsGreece, Attica, Athens
8DiplomatsGreece, Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki
4DiplomatsGuyana, , Georgetown
4DiplomatsHaiti, , Port au Prince
4DiplomatsHonduras, , Ceiba
8DiplomatsHonduras, , Puerto Cortes
8DiplomatsHonduras, , Tegucigalpa
8DiplomatsHong Kong,
10DiplomatsIndia, , Bombay
3DiplomatsIndia, , Calcutta
5DiplomatsIndia, , Karachi
4DiplomatsIran, , Tehran
3DiplomatsIraq, , Baghdad
5DiplomatsIreland, Dublin Co, Dublin
9DiplomatsIsrael, , Jerusalem
11DiplomatsItaly, Campania, Naples
5DiplomatsItaly, Friuli, Trieste
16DiplomatsItaly, Lazio, Rome
16DiplomatsItaly, Liguria, Genoa
9DiplomatsItaly, Lombardy, Milan
11DiplomatsItaly, Sicily, Catania
5DiplomatsItaly, Sicily, Palermo
6DiplomatsItaly, Tuscany, Florence
7DiplomatsItaly, Tuscany, Livorno
11DiplomatsItaly, Veneto, Venice
7DiplomatsJamaica, , Kingston
5DiplomatsJamaica, , Port Antonio
11DiplomatsJapan, , Kobe
12DiplomatsJapan, , Nagasaki
11DiplomatsJapan, , Tokyo
17DiplomatsJapan, , Yokohama
5DiplomatsLatvia, , Riga
8DiplomatsLebanon, , Beirut
5DiplomatsMB, Greater Winnipeg, Winnipeg
5DiplomatsMexico, Baja California, Ensenada
4DiplomatsMexico, Chihuahua, Chihuahua
4DiplomatsMexico, Coahuila, Saltillo
5DiplomatsMexico, Colima, Manzanillo
4DiplomatsMexico, Durango, Durango
6DiplomatsMexico, Guerrero, Acapulco
17DiplomatsMexico, Mexico State, Mexico City
4DiplomatsMexico, Oaxaca, Salina Cruz
6DiplomatsMexico, Sinaloa, Mazatlan
7DiplomatsMexico, Tamaulipas, Tampico
4DiplomatsMexico, Veracruz, Vera Cruz
6DiplomatsMorocco, , Tangier
4DiplomatsMozambique, , Lourenco Marques
5DiplomatsNB, Charlotte Co, St Stephen
8DiplomatsNB, St John Co, St John
4DiplomatsNB, Westmorland Co, Moncton
4DiplomatsNicaragua, , Managua
8DiplomatsNorway, Oslo, Oslo
7DiplomatsNorway, Rogaland, Stavanger
4DiplomatsNS, Cape Breton Co, Sydney
10DiplomatsNS, Halifax Co, Halifax
6DiplomatsNS, Yarmouth Co, Yarmouth
4DiplomatsON, , Hamilton
4DiplomatsON, , Niagara Falls
7DiplomatsON, Toronto, Toronto
6DiplomatsPanama, , Colon
11DiplomatsPanama, , Panama City
4DiplomatsPeru, , Lima
5DiplomatsPoland, Lower Silesian, Wroclaw
7DiplomatsPoland, Masovian, Warsaw
5DiplomatsPoland, West Pomeranian, Stettin
9DiplomatsPortugal, Lisboa, Lisbon
3DiplomatsPortugal, Madeira, Funchal
4DiplomatsPQ, Capitale-Nationale, Quebec City
11DiplomatsPQ, Montreal
8DiplomatsRussia, Central District, Moscow
5DiplomatsRussia, Far Eastern District, Vladivostok
22DiplomatsRussia, Northwestern District, St Petersburg
5DiplomatsScotland, Angusshire, Dundee
5DiplomatsScotland, Fifeshire, Dunfermline
5DiplomatsScotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow
10DiplomatsSerbia, , Belgrade
4DiplomatsSouth Africa, , Durban
6DiplomatsSouth Africa, , Johannesburg
11DiplomatsSouth Korea, , Seoul
5DiplomatsSpain, , Jerez de la Frontera
3DiplomatsSpain, Andalusia, Cadiz
5DiplomatsSpain, Andalusia, Malaga
5DiplomatsSpain, Andalusia, Seville
3DiplomatsSpain, Basque, Bilbao
5DiplomatsSpain, Canary Islands, Tenerife
14DiplomatsSpain, Madrid, Madrid
8DiplomatsSpain, Valencia, Valencia
6DiplomatsSri Lanka, , Colombo
10DiplomatsSweden, Stockholms län, Stockholm
8DiplomatsSweden, Västra Götalands län, Goteborg
3DiplomatsSwitzerland, Canton Basel-Stadt, Basel
9DiplomatsSwitzerland, Canton Bern, Bern
6DiplomatsSwitzerland, Canton Geneve, Geneva
4DiplomatsSwitzerland, Canton Lucerne, Lucerne
10DiplomatsSwitzerland, Canton St. Gallen, St Gallen
11DiplomatsSwitzerland, Canton Zurich, Zurich
3DiplomatsSyria, , Damascus
10DiplomatsTanzania, , Zanzibar
3DiplomatsTurkey, , Alexandretta
5DiplomatsTurkey, , Harput
7DiplomatsTurkey, , Smyrna
5DiplomatsTurkey, , Trebizond
4DiplomatsUkraine, Odessa
10DiplomatsUruguay, , Montevideo
6DiplomatsVenezuela, , La Guaira
6DiplomatsVenezuela, , Maracaibo
4DiplomatsVietnam, , Saigon
4DiplomatsWales, Glamorgan, Cardiff
8DiplomatsWales, Glamorgan, Swansea

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