Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; Last: Parker
SupervisorsA. D. 1868-1870MIAllegan CoLee Township
RailroadsA. D. 1902CODenver CoDenver, Colorado and Southern Railway
TeachersA. E. 1871-1885OHMeigs CoMiddleport
ClothiersA. Edward 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles
DentistsA. H. 1892MASuffolk CoBoston
MinistersA. J. 1889-1890NCDuplin CoMagnolia Methodist Church
Reverend Asa Joseph Parker was born in Hertford County in 1867. He came to Williamston in 1895 and served a two-year term. His preaching was fearless, uncompromising, but stimulating. His sympathetic, sunny disposition made him the ideal pastor to whom the church members could go for comfort and support, and he was always welcome in the homes of the community. He had a beautiful singing voice and it was said he could not only preach the Gospel, but could sing it as well! His talent earned him a place with the original Conference Quartette. The last months of his life were ones of intense suffering, and he died in 1932 in Raleigh, where he was buried.
MinistersA. J. 1890-1891NCBladen CoDublin, Singletary Methodist Church
DentistsA. J. 1892VTOrleans CoBarton
MinistersA. J. 1898-1899NCCamden CoSouth Mills, McBride Methodist Church
CommissionersA. J. 1902NCHertford Co
MinistersA. J. 1908-1909NCHarnett CoDunn, Blacks Chapel Methodist Church
MinistersA. J. 1917-1920NCRobeson CoRed Springs, Trinity Methodist Church
MinistersA. J. 1920-1924NCScotland CoGibson, St Johns Methodist Church
MinistersA. J. 1928-1932NCOrange CoHillsborough, Hillsborough Methodist Church
MinistersA. J. 1932NCFranklin CoLouisburg, Shiloh Methodist Church
MinistersA. L. 1878-1879TNWhite CoPistole Baptist Church
PhysiciansA. M. 1892MECumberland CoDeering
MinistersA. P. 1871MONodaway CoMaryville, Methodist Church
MinistersA. P. 1873MOHolt CoForest City, Methodist Church
MinistersA. P. 1874MOBuchanan CoSt Joseph, Tenth Street Methodist Church
MinistersA. S. 1838MSHancock CoPearlington, Methodist Church
MinistersA. S. 1844MSWilkinson CoMethodist Church
MinistersA. S. 1924-1925NCScotland CoLaurinburg, First Methodist Church
MinistersA. S. 1940NCCamden CoSouth Mills, McBride Methodist Church
MinistersA. S. 1950-1954NCLee CoSanford, Steele St Methodist Church
AttorneysA. Warner 1921DCWashington
GraduatesAaron 1830NYMadison CoHamilton, Colgate Theological Seminary
MinistersAaron 1830-1835NYChenango CoCoventry, Baptist Church
MinistersAaron 1835-1838NYChenango CoNorth Norwich, Baptist Church
Town ClerksAbel 1789NHCheshire CoJaffrey
JudgesAbel 1802-1823NHCheshire Co
PostmastersAbel F. 1853OHHancock CoFindlay
Hospitality WorkersAbijah S. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles
DeaconsAbraham 1832TNMacon CoLiberty, Baptist Church
AttorneysAbraham X. 1856NYSt Lawrence CoPotsdam
State RepresentativesAbraham X. 1863-1864NY
PostmastersAbraham X. 1865-1866NYSt Lawrence CoPotsdam
State SenatorsAbraham X. 1868-1871NY
Baseball PlayersAce 1937-1938PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
GraduatesAda Belle 1891NYOnondaga CoSyracuse University
TeachersAda Belle 1891-1894PATioga CoMansfield, State Normal School
GraduatesAddison 1823VTAddison CoMiddlebury College
TutorsAddison 1824-1826MEKennebec CoWaterville, Colby College
MinistersAddison 1827-1832MAWorcester CoSouthbridge, First Baptist Church
MinistersAddison 1832-1836MAWorcester CoSturbridge, Baptist Church
MinistersAddison 1836-1839MAEssex CoMethuen, Baptist Church
MinistersAddison 1839-1848CTFairfield CoDanbury, Baptist Church
MinistersAddison 1848-1852MAHampden CoThree Rivers, Baptist Church
MinistersAddison 1848-1855MAHampden CoPalmer, Baptist Church
MinistersAddison 1855-1864MAHampden CoAgawam, Baptist Church
GraduatesAddison 1862RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown University
GraduatesAddison 1863-1866MAMiddlesex CoNewton Theological Institute
MinistersAddison 1866-1869MAMiddlesex CoNatick, Baptist Church
MinistersAddison 1869-1873MASuffolk CoCharlestown, Bunker Hill Baptist Church
MinistersAddison 1873-1876NYChemung CoElmira, Baptist Church
MinistersAddison 1876-1881NYWayne CoPalmyra, Baptist Church
MinistersAddison 1881-1889NJMorris CoMorristown, Baptist Church
MinistersAddison 1889-1891NJSomerset CoSomerville, Baptist Church
MinistersAddison 1891-1896INLaPorte CoLaPorte, Baptist Church
MinistersAddison 1896-1901INCarroll CoDelphi, Baptist Church
MinistersAddison 1901-1904INWayne CoRichmond, Baptist Church
MinistersAddison 1904-1907OHMiami CoPiqua, Baptist Church
AttorneysAddison J. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles
MinistersAlbea S. 1935-1940NCLenoir CoKinston, Queen St Methodist Church
MayorsAlbert 1902-1903KSShawnee CoTopeka
MinistersAlbert D. 1913VTAddison CoNorth Ferrisburgh, Methodist Church
GraduatesAlbert George 1887NJMercer CoPrinceton, Princeton University
GraduatesAlbert George 1887-1890NJMercer CoPrinceton, Princeton Theological Seminary
RailroadsAlbert Pinkney 1902NCNew Hanover CoWilmington, Seaboard Air Line
MinistersAlbert Ransom 1904-1905NYNew York CoNew York City, St Georges Episcopal Church
MinistersAlbert Ransom 1905-1906NYNew York CoNew York City, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
MinistersAlbert Ransom 1909-1913MAWorcester CoGardner, St Pauls Episcopal Church
Naval Ship ServiceAlbert Ranson 1923-1924USS Texas (BB35)
Naval Ship ServiceAlbert Ranson 1926USS Chewink
SheriffsAlex O. 1940-1942TNDeKalb Co
GraduatesAlexander 1857OHHamilton CoCincinnati, Lane Theological Seminary
MinistersAlexander 1857-1859INSwitzerland CoAllensville, Presbyterian Church
MinistersAlexander 1866-1870INFayette CoConnersville, Presbyterian Church
MinistersAlexander 1870-1883INBartholomew CoColumbus, Presbyterian Church
MinistersAlexander 1883CAOrange CoOrange, Baptist Church
GraduatesAlexander 1895INJefferson CoHanover, Hanover College
AttorneysAlexander Jackson 1894-1898TXKarnes Co
JudgesAlexander Jackson 1898TXKarnes Co
MinistersAlexander S. 1841LASt Helena ParishMethodist Church
MinistersAlexander S. 1847MSLeake CoCarthage, Methodist Church
RailroadsAlexis D. 1901CODenver CoDenver, Colorado and Southern Railway
GraduatesAlexis DuPont 1883NYNew York CoNew York City, General Theological Seminary
GraduatesAlfred Burton 1864MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin Medical College
AttorneysAlfred E. 1905WAKing CoSeattle
TreasurersAlfred J. 1870-1874INBrown Co
TreasurersAlfred J. 1870-1874OHBrown Co
GraduatesAlice Bennett 1898NYDutchess CoPoughkeepsie, Vassar College
TeachersAlice Bennett 1899-1902NYGenesee CoBatavia, High School
TeachersAlice Bennett 1904KYJefferson CoLouisville, Girls High School
TeachersAlice J. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles
TeachersAlice L. 1916ILCook CoChicago, Herman Felsenthal School
PhysiciansAllan C. 1907NYOswego CoAltmar
PhysiciansAllen Coull 1904-1905NYErie CoBuffalo, Homeopathic Hospital
OthersAlmena L. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles, Los Angeles Health Department
GraduatesAlonzo Ketcham 1866NYMonroe CoRochester, University Of Rochester

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Most Recent Entries
1PrincipalsAL, Madison Co, Huntsville, High School
1PrincipalsAR, Garland Co, Hot Springs, High School
1PrincipalsAR, Phillips Co, Helena, High School
1PrincipalsAZ, Gila Co, Globe, High School
1PrincipalsCA, El Dorado Co, Georgetown, High School
1PrincipalsCA, Nevada Co, Grass Valley, High School
1PrincipalsCO, Clear Creek Co, Georgetown, High School
1PrincipalsCO, Mesa Co, Grand Junction, High School
1PrincipalsCO, Prowers Co, Holly, High School
2PrincipalsCT, Fairfield Co, Greenwich, High School
1PrincipalsCT, Middlesex Co, Gildersleeve, High School
2PrincipalsCT, New London Co, Groton, High School
1PrincipalsGA, Paulding Co, Hiram, High School
1PrincipalsHI, Honolulu Co, Honolulu, High School
1PrincipalsIA, Adair Co, Greenfield, High School
1PrincipalsIA, Black Hawk Co, Hudson, High School
1PrincipalsIA, Cass Co, Griswold, High School
1PrincipalsIA, Clay Co, Greenville, High School
2PrincipalsIA, Franklin Co, Hampton, High School
1PrincipalsIA, Hardin Co, Hubbard, High School
1PrincipalsIA, Ida Co, Galva, High School
1PrincipalsIA, Ida Co, Holstein, High School
2PrincipalsIA, Keokuk Co, Hedrick, High School
1PrincipalsIA, Mills Co, Glenwood, High School
1PrincipalsIA, Monroe Co, Hiteman, High School
1PrincipalsIA, O`Brien Co, Hartley, High School
1PrincipalsIA, Polk Co, Grimes, High School
2PrincipalsIA, Poweshiek Co, Grinnell, High School
2PrincipalsIA, Shelby Co, Harlan, High School
1PrincipalsIA, Sioux Co, Hawarden, High School
1PrincipalsIA, Wayne Co, Humeston, High School
1PrincipalsIL, Bond Co, Greenville, High School
2PrincipalsIL, Cook Co, Hyde Park, High School
1PrincipalsIL, Douglas Co, Hindsboro, High School
1PrincipalsIL, DuPage Co, Glen Ellyn, High School
1PrincipalsIL, Edgar Co, Hume, High School
2PrincipalsIL, Edwards Co, Grayville, High School
2PrincipalsIL, Ford Co, Gibson City, High School
1PrincipalsIL, Henry Co, Galva, High School
2PrincipalsIL, Iroquois Co, Gilman, High School
2PrincipalsIL, Jo Daviess Co, Galena, High School
1PrincipalsIL, Lee Co, Franklin Grove, High School
1PrincipalsIL, Macoupin Co, Girard, High School
1PrincipalsIL, Madison Co, Granite City, High School
1PrincipalsIL, Montgomery Co, Hillsboro, High School
2PrincipalsIL, Pike Co, Griggsville, High School
1PrincipalsIL, Vermilion Co, Hoopeston, High School
1PrincipalsIN, Benton Co, Fowler, High School
1PrincipalsIN, Clinton Co, Frankfort, High School
1PrincipalsIN, DeKalb Co, Garrett, High School
1PrincipalsIN, Howard Co, Greentown, High School
1PrincipalsIN, Putnam Co, Greencastle, High School
1PrincipalsIN, Wayne Co, Hagerstown, High School
2PrincipalsKS, Allen Co, Gas, High School
3PrincipalsKS, Allen Co, Humboldt, High School
2PrincipalsKS, Anderson Co, Garnett, High School
1PrincipalsKS, Barton Co, Hoisington, High School
1PrincipalsKS, Brown Co, Horton, High School
1PrincipalsKS, Cherokee Co, Galena, High School
1PrincipalsKS, Cloud Co, Glasco, High School
1PrincipalsKS, Crawford Co, Frontenac, High School
3PrincipalsKS, Crawford Co, Girard, High School
2PrincipalsKS, Dickinson Co, Herington, High School
3PrincipalsKS, Elk Co, Howard, High School
1PrincipalsKS, Ellis Co, Hays, High School
3PrincipalsKS, Finney Co, Garden City, High School
1PrincipalsKS, Harper Co, Harper, High School
3PrincipalsKS, Harvey Co, Halstead, High School
2PrincipalsKS, Jackson Co, Holton, High School
1PrincipalsKS, Kearny Co, Hartland, High School
1PrincipalsKS, Kiowa Co, Haviland, High School
1PrincipalsKS, Lyon Co, Hartford, High School
1PrincipalsKS, Marion Co, Hillsboro, High School
2PrincipalsKS, Marshall Co, Frankfort, High School
1PrincipalsKS, Mitchell Co, Glen Elder, High School
2PrincipalsKS, Reno Co, Hutchinson, High School
1PrincipalsKS, Saline Co, Gypsum, High School
1PrincipalsKS, Sedgwick Co, Goddard, High School
2PrincipalsKS, Wabaunsee Co, Harveyville, High School
3PrincipalsKS, Washington Co, Greenleaf, High School
2PrincipalsKS, Washington Co, Hanover, High School
1PrincipalsKS, Wilson Co, Fredonia, High School
1PrincipalsKY, Hancock Co, Hawesville, High School
1PrincipalsKy, Henderson Co, Henderson, High School
1PrincipalsKY, Ohio Co, Hartford, High School
2PrincipalsMA, Barnstable Co, Harwich, High School
3PrincipalsMA, Essex Co, Georgetown, High School
3PrincipalsMA, Essex Co, Haverhill, High School
1PrincipalsMA, Hampshire Co, Granby, High School
1PrincipalsMA, Hampshire Co, Huntington, High School
1PrincipalsMA, Middlesex Co, Groton, High School
2PrincipalsMA, Norfolk Co, Foxboro, High School
2PrincipalsMA, Norfolk Co, Holbrook, High School
2PrincipalsMA, Plymouth Co, Hanover, High School
2PrincipalsMA, Suffolk Co, Hyde Park, High School
2PrincipalsMA, Worcester Co, Gardner, High School
1PrincipalsMA, Worcester Co, Hardwick, High School
1PrincipalsMA, Worcester Co, Holden, High School
1PrincipalsMA, Worcester Co, Hopedale, High School
2PrincipalsMA, Worcester Co, Hubbardston, High School
1PrincipalsMD, Washington Co, Hancock, High School
1PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Gray, High School
1PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Harrison, High School
1PrincipalsME, Penobscot Co, Hermon, High School
1PrincipalsME, Piscataquis Co, Greenville, High School
1PrincipalsME, Somerset Co, Harmony, high School
1PrincipalsME, Somerset Co, Hartland, High School
1PrincipalsMI, Houghton Co, Hancock, High School
2PrincipalsMI, Houghton Co, Houghton, High School
1PrincipalsMI, Montcalm Co, Howard City, High School
1PrincipalsMI, Ottawa Co, Grand Haven, High School
2PrincipalsMN, Blue Earth Co, Garden City, High School
1PrincipalsMN, Dakota Co, Hastings, High School
2PrincipalsMN, Houston Co, Houston, High School
1PrincipalsMN, Renville Co, Hector, High School
1PrincipalsMO, Pike Co, Frankford, High School
1PrincipalsMS, Holmes Co, Goodman, High School
1PrincipalsMT, Lewis and Clark Co, Helena, High School
1PrincipalsMT, Ravalli Co, Hamilton, High School
2PrincipalsNC, Chatham Co, Goldston, High School
1PrincipalsNC, Cleveland Co, Grover, High School
1PrincipalsNC, Gaston Co, Gastonia, High School
2PrincipalsNC, Greene Co, Hookerton, High School
1PrincipalsNC, Vance Co, Henderson, High School
2PrincipalsNC, Wayne Co, Goldsboro, High School
1PrincipalsND, Wells Co, Harvey, High School
1PrincipalsNE, Adams Co, Hastings, High School
1PrincipalsNE, Clay Co, Harvard, High School
1PrincipalsNE, Dodge Co, Fremont, High School
1PrincipalsNE, Fillmore Co, Geneva, High School
2PrincipalsNE, Phelps Co, Holdrege, High School
1PrincipalsNE, Saline Co, Friend, High School
1PrincipalsNE, Thayer Co, Hebron, High School
1PrincipalsNH, Cheshire Co, Hinsdale, High School
1PrincipalsNH, Coos Co, Groveton, High School
2PrincipalsNH, Hillsborough Co, Goffstown, High School
1PrincipalsNH, Hillsborough Co, Hancock, High School
2PrincipalsNH, Hillsborough Co, Hollis, High School
3PrincipalsNH, Merrimack Co, Franklin, High School
1PrincipalsNH, Merrimack Co, Henniker, High School
2PrincipalsNH, Merrimack Co, Hopkinton, High School
2PrincipalsNH, Rockingham Co, Hampstead, High School
2PrincipalsNH, Strafford Co, Great Falls, High School
1PrincipalsNJ, Atlantic Co, Hammonton, High School
2PrincipalsNJ, Essex Co, Glen Ridge, High School
2PrincipalsNJ, Warren Co, Hackettstown, High School
1PrincipalsNV, Douglas Co, Gardnerville, High School
2PrincipalsNY, Cattaraugus Co, Gowanda, High School
1PrincipalsNY, Chautauqua Co, Frewsburg, High School
1PrincipalsNY, Chenango Co, Greene, High School
1PrincipalsNY, Delaware Co, Hobart, High School
2PrincipalsNY, Erie Co, Hamburg, High School
1PrincipalsNY, Erie Co, Holland, High School
1PrincipalsNY, Livingston Co, Groveland, High School
1PrincipalsNY, Madison Co, Hamilton, High School
2PrincipalsNY, Oneida Co, Holland Patent, High School
2PrincipalsNY, Otsego Co, Gilbertsville, High School
2PrincipalsNY, Rensselaer Co, Hoosick Falls, High School
1PrincipalsNY, Saratoga Co, Galway, High School
1PrincipalsNY, St Lawrence Co, Gouverneur, High School
1PrincipalsNY, St Lawrence Co, Heuvelton, High School
1PrincipalsNY, Steuben Co, Hammondsport, High School
1PrincipalsNY, Warren Co, Glens Falls, High School
1PrincipalsNY, Washington Co, Hudson Falls, High School
1PrincipalsOH, Brown Co, Georgetown, High School
2PrincipalsOH, Butler Co, Hamilton, High School
1PrincipalsOH, Clermont Co, Goshen, High School
1PrincipalsOH, Crawford Co, Galion, High School
2PrincipalsOH, Darke Co, Greenville, High School
1PrincipalsOH, Erie Co, Huron, High School
3PrincipalsOH, Gallia Co, Gallipolis, High School
3PrincipalsOH, Hamilton Co, Glendale, High School
1PrincipalsOH, Portage Co, Garrettsville, High School
1PrincipalsOH, Sandusky Co, Fremont, High School
1PrincipalsOH, Trumbull Co, Hubbard, High School
1PrincipalsOR, Josephine Co, Grants Pass, High School
3PrincipalsPA, Dauphin Co, Harrisburg, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Dauphin Co, Hummelstown, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Huntingdon Co, Huntingdon, High School
2PrincipalsPA, Luzerne Co, Hazleton, High School
3PrincipalsPA, Venango Co, Franklin, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Wayne Co, Honesdale, High School
1PrincipalsPA, Westmoreland Co, Greensburg, High School
1PrincipalsSD, Fall River Co, Hot Springs, High School
1PrincipalsSD, Hutchinson Co, Freeman, High School
1PrincipalsTX, Fannin Co, Honey Grove, High School
1PrincipalsTX, Hill Co, Hillsboro, High School
1PrincipalsTX, Hood Co, Granbury, High School
1PrincipalsTX, Hunt Co, Greenville, High School
1PrincipalsVA, Carroll Co, Hillsville, high School
1PrincipalsVA, Fairfax Co, Herndon, High School
1PrincipalsVA, Rockbridge Co, Goshen, High School
2PrincipalsVT, Chittenden Co, Hinesburg, High School
1PrincipalsWI, Grant Co, Hazel Green, High School
1PrincipalsWI, Iron Co, Hurley, High School
1PrincipalsWI, Jackson Co, Hixton, High School
1PrincipalsWV, Cabell Co, Huntington, High School
1PrincipalsWV, Ritchie Co, Harrisville, High School
1PrincipalsWV, Summers Co, Hinton, High School
1PrincipalsWV, Taylor Co, Grafton, High School

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09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 1870532532
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03 Apr 2021Dallas City Directory, 19098,61713
01 Apr 2021Manchester City Directory, 1915208
01 Apr 2021Worcester City Directory, 1889278
01 Apr 2021Lowell, MA City Documents, 187566
01 Apr 2021Lowell, MA City Documents, 1926701
31 Mar 2021Lowell City Directory, 1916535
31 Mar 2021Topeka City Directory, 1890109
31 Mar 2021Topeka City Directory, 1902148
30 Mar 2021Denver City Directory, 19015,251
28 Mar 2021Colorado Educational Directory8,2682
26 Mar 2021Delaware County Public Schools 1904-597
25 Mar 2021Muncie City Directory, 1934908
25 Mar 2021Fall River City Directory, 1905301
24 Mar 2021Fall River City Directory, 1921581
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21 Mar 2021Washington City Directory, 192193
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18 Mar 2021Directory of teachers in the public schools, NYC, 190514,212
16 Mar 2021Directory, Minneapolis Public schools1,730
16 Mar 2021History of the city of Toledo241
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15 Mar 2021New Haven CT City Directory 1863661
15 Mar 2021New Haven City Directory, 1892536
14 Mar 2021Buffalo City Directory 18938312
13 Mar 2021Baltimore City Directory 191553
12 Mar 2021Directory of the schools of Baltimore, 1926-73,128
11 Mar 2021DC School Graduates, 1914447
11 Mar 2021Report of the BOE to DC, 191484
11 Mar 2021Report of the BOE to DC, 189482
10 Mar 2021Report of the BOE to Commissioners of District of Columbia176
10 Mar 2021DC Grade School Graduates, 1889825
09 Mar 2021George Washington University Alumni, 19182,9582
04 Mar 2021Grinnell College, 1848-189856022
02 Mar 2021University of New Hampshire1,09223
01 Mar 2021Rose Polytechnic Institute, 19091,277
27 Feb 2021Alumni directory of the University of Maine, 19121,47214
24 Feb 2021Register of Mass Institute of Technology, 19154,96314
22 Feb 2021Alumni record, West Virginia University70819
20 Feb 2021Alumni and students of Lehigh University2,3926
18 Feb 2021University of Nebraska, Alumni directory, 1869-19121,86977
12 Feb 2021Whos Who in Library Service9,876239
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