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Methodist Church, Lansingburgh, Rensselaer Co, NY


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Ministers (45)

Methodist Church, Lansingburgh, NY: Historical Record Lists
MinistersM. B. 1872-1873NYRensselaer CoLansingburgh, Methodist Church
Updated: 29 Jun 2017

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40DentistsMA, Bristol Co, Fall River
2MayorsMA, Bristol Co, Fall River
56DentistsMA, Essex Co, Amesbury
29ScientistsMA, Essex Co, Haverhill
227PhysiciansMA, Essex Co, Lawrence
1BusinesspeopleMA, Essex Co, Lynn
3AttorneysMA, Hampden Co, Springfield
1BusinesspeopleMA, Middlesex Co, Lowell
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6BusinesspeopleMA, Suffolk Co, Boston
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124ScientistsMA, Suffolk Co, Boston
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1TeachersMO, Howard Co, Fayette, Howard Payne College
5BusinesspeopleMO, Jackson Co, Kansas City
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2PhysiciansNY, Broome Co, Binghamton
1BusinesspeopleNY, Erie Co, Buffalo
3EngineersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn
64PhysiciansNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn
1MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Plymouth Presbyterian Church
10BusinesspeopleNY, New York Co, New York City
22EngineersNY, New York Co, New York City
3AttorneysNY, Oneida Co, Utica
1AttorneysNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse
6ScientistsNY, Queens Co, Flushing
3AttorneysNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy
2BusinesspeopleNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy
5EngineersNY, Schenectady Co, Schenectady
2State RepresentativesOH,
1State SenatorsOH,
1AttorneysOH, Clark Co, Springfield
1BusinesspeopleOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
40ScientistsOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
23ScientistsOH, Franklin Co, Columbus
1BusinesspeopleOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
24ScientistsOH, Hamilton Co, Cincinnati
1AttorneysOH, Lucas Co, Toledo
1BusinesspeopleOH, Mahoning Co, Youngstown
1State SenatorsOK,
3AttorneysOK, Tulsa Co, Tulsa
1State RepresentativesOR,
7State RepresentativesPA,
2State SenatorsPA,
2BusinesspeoplePA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
7EngineersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
14ScientistsPA, Chester Co, West Chester
1MinistersPA, Delaware Co, Clifton Heights, Presbyterian Church
5ScientistsPA, Erie Co, Erie
1MinistersPA, Montgomery Co, Bryn Mawr, Presbyterian Church
4BusinesspeoplePA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
3EngineersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia
3MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, St Stephens Lutheran Church
3State RepresentativesRI,
1State SenatorsRI,
10DentistsRI, Newport Co, Newport
3MayorsRI, Newport Co, Newport
61DentistsRI, Providence Co, Providence
142State RepresentativesSC,
2MayorsSC, Charleston Co, Charleston
11ScientistsSC, Charleston Co, Charleston
1MinistersSC, Chester Co, Chester, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersSC, Florence Co, Florence, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersSC, Richland Co, Columbia, First Presbyterian Church
18AttorneysSC, Spartanburg Co, Spartanburg
3State RepresentativesSD,
3State SenatorsSD,
5State RepresentativesTN,
4State SenatorsTN,
1BusinesspeopleTN, Davidson Co, Nashville
5ScientistsTN, Knox Co, Knoxville
5State RepresentativesTX,
1BusinesspeopleTX, Dallas Co, Dallas
4BusinesspeopleTX, Galveston Co, Galveston
1State RepresentativesVA,
9State SenatorsVA,
14BusinesspeopleVA, Norfolk
9BusinesspeopleVA, Richmond City
31DentistsVA, Richmond City
1MinistersVA, Rockbridge Co, Collierstown, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersVA, Smyth Co, Marion, Presbyterian Church
2State RepresentativesVT,
1State SenatorsVT,
1State RepresentativesWA,
18AttorneysWA, King Co, Seattle
4BusinesspeopleWA, King Co, Seattle
7AttorneysWA, Spokane Co, Spokane
4State RepresentativesWI,
2State SenatorsWI,
20BusinesspeopleWI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
4State SenatorsWV,
1MinistersWV, Greenbrier Co, Frankford, Presbyterian Church
2State RepresentativesWY,
3State SenatorsWY,

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