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Historical Record Lists; Last: Martin
SheriffsA. 1836-1838ARPulaski Co
Board of EducationA. B. 1885OHAshtabula CoGeneva
MinistersA. C. 1881OHGuernsey CoHarmony Evangelical Lutheran Church
MinistersA. C. 1881OHGuernsey CoPleasant City, St Pauls Lutheran Church
Board of EducationA. D. 1885OHMahoning CoYoungstown
PrincipalsA. E. 1924MOJackson CoKansas City
MinistersA. Edward 1905-1910VTWindham CoWest Townshend, Congregational Church
MinistersA. Edward 1910-1914VTWindham CoWest Dover, Congregational Church
MinistersA. Edward 1910-1914VTWindham CoWilmington, Congregational Church
MinistersA. H. 1907-1908PAIndiana CoCookport, Methodist Church
PhysiciansA. H. 1910MAEssex CoLynn, Union Hospital
Board of EducationA. J. 1885OHClinton CoWilmington
SheriffsA. J. 1901NCCherokee Co
School SuperintendentsA. J. 1902NCYadkin Co
PhysiciansA. J. 1907NYNiagara CoNorth Tonawanda
SheriffsA. L. 1876-1878MODaviess Co
RailroadsA. M. 1902TNDavidson CoNashville, Nashville, Chattanooga and St Louis Railway
State RepresentativesA. N. 1875INAdams Co
MinistersA. P. 1851SCColleton CoWaterboro, Methodist Church
MinistersA. P. 1855-1857SCLaurens CoMethodist Church
MinistersA. R. 1875VAStauntonMethodist Church
MinistersA. R. 1894MDBaltimore CitySt Pauls Methodist Church
MinistersAaron J. 1919-1920PAAdams CoOrrtanna, Methodist Church
MinistersAaron J. 1920-1923PAAdams CoYork Springs, Methodist Church
MinistersAaron J. 1923-1924PAJuniata CoEast Waterford, Methodist Church
MinistersAaron J. 1924-1927PAPerry CoNew Bloomfield, Methodist Church
MinistersAaron J. 1927-1928PAMifflin CoMcVeytown, Methodist Church
MinistersAaron J. 1928PAMifflin CoYeagertown, Methodist Church
PhysiciansAaron Wise 1918VACarroll CoHillsville
TeachersAbama G. 1926MDBaltimore CityThomas Johnson School
Rectors & VicarsAbel de St 1293EnglandKentBromley, St Peter and St Paul Church
PhysiciansAbel H. 1903CASacramento CoWalnut Grove
Justices of the PeaceAbner 1823INWashington Co
State RepresentativesAbner 1826INWashington Co
TeachersAda 1895CASan Francisco CoSan Francisco, Stanford School
GraduatesAda Belle 1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
State RepresentativesAdam 1787NYWashington Co
MinistersAddison P. 1848SCSpartanburg CoSpartanburg, Methodist Church
MinistersAddison P. 1852SCDarlington CoMethodist Church
MinistersAddison P. 1859-1861SCLaurens CoMethodist Church
LibrariansAdele Crawford 1920-1923NYNew York CoNew York City, Public Library
LibrariansAdele Crawford 1921-1929RIWashington CoWesterly, Public Library
LibrariansAdele Crawford 1923-1924VAHamptonHampton Institute
GraduatesAdolphus K. 1844KYBoyle CoDanville, Centre College
GraduatesAdolphus K. 1846-1847NJMercer CoPrinceton, Princeton Theological Seminary
MinistersAdolphus K. 1848-1849TNRutherford CoMurfreesboro, Presbyterian Church
TeachersAdolphus K. 1850-1853KYJefferson CoLouisville
TeachersAdolphus K. 1853-1855MOSt Louis City
GraduatesAgnes Eulalie 1898MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
TeachersAgnes H. 1905NYKings CoBrooklyn, Union and Henry Sts School
Baseball PlayersAl 1872NYKings CoBrooklyn
Baseball PlayersAl 1874-1875NYKings CoBrooklyn
GraduatesAlbert 1859NYMadison CoHamilton, Colgate Theological Seminary
MinistersAlbert 1863-1865NYOtsego CoWestford, Baptist Church
MinistersAlbert 1873-1877NYBroome CoHarpursville, Baptist Church
MinistersAlbert 1878-1881NYBroome CoConklin Center, Baptist Church
MinistersAlbert 1880-1883NYBroome CoConklin, Baptist Church
MinistersAlbert 1881-1883NYMadison CoNorth Brookfield, Baptist Church
MinistersAlbert 1885-1888NYSchuyler CoReading Center, Baptist Church
MinistersAlbert 1888-1892NYSteuben CoAvoca, Baptist Church
MinistersAlbert 1892-1896NYSteuben CoWayne, Baptist Church
MinistersAlbert 1896-1899NYChemung CoMillport, Baptist Church
ClothiersAlbert 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles
MinistersAlbert B. 1892-1894COLarimer CoFort Collins, Presbyterian Church
MinistersAlbert B. 1896COGilpin CoCentral City, Presbyterian Church
ArchitectsAlbert C. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles
GraduatesAlbert Harry 1897MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
State RepresentativesAlburto 1859ALJefferson Co
State RepresentativesAlburto 1859-1863AL
AttorneysAlburto 1880ALJefferson CoBirmingham
PhysiciansAlden E. 1907NJWarren CoHackettstown
Rectors & VicarsAlexander 1606EnglandLeicestershireShawell, Parish Church
MinistersAlexander 1619ScotlandAberdeenshireLongside, Scots Church
AttorneysAlexander 1772NCGuilford Co
State RepresentativesAlexander 1774-1775NC
State SenatorsAlexander 1779-1782NC
GovernorsAlexander 1789-1792NC

Born in New Jersey in 1740, Alexander Martin was a North Carolinian politician and delegate to the Federal Constitutional Convention. Aside from his role in the Constitutional Convention, Martin witnessed several significant chapters in colonial and early U.S. history, including the Regulator Rebellion, the Revolutionary War, and the North Carolina ratification debates.

Martin held bachelor's and master's degrees from Princeton University (then called the College of New Jersey), making him one of the most erudite delegates to the Constitutional Convention. After graduating from Princeton, Martin moved to Salisbury, North Carolina. There he worked first as a merchant and later as an attorney. As his legal career took shape, the Regulator Rebellion began. On September 24, 1770, a bevy of angry Regulators took over the Hillsboro Court. When their demonstration spilled onto the streets of Hillsboro, several lawyers, including Martin, who likely was serving as a justice of the peace, were whipped and beaten.  

By 1774, Martin had become judge of the Salisbury district. When the American Revolution began, he served as a colonel in Richard Caswell's militia in North Carolina. After Martin's promotion to colonel, his regiment joined George Washington's army. In October 1777, at the Battle of Germantown, thick fog caused Martin and the soldiers under his command to mistake British troops for Continental soldiers. After this debacle, Martin faced a court-martial for cowardice. Though not convicted, Martin resigned from the army due to stress and poor health. 

In 1778, while still recuperating from his military service, Martin was elected to the North Carolina Senate. His tenure in the Senate was eventful: he served as president of the Senate's Board of War and in 1781 became acting governor of North Carolina when the sitting governor, Thomas Burke, was kidnapped by Tories. In 1782, the General Assembly elected Martin governor of North Carolina. While the cessation of hostilities had eliminated the gravest threat to North Carolina, the end of the Revolution posed many challenges, the most pressing of which was the question of how to treat Tory and Loyalist property. Martin resisted popular pressure to confiscate and redistribute this property, instead advocating its return to all except for North Carolina's more infamous Tories.  

After Martin's gubernatorial term ended, he returned to the General Assembly, where he soon became speaker of the Senate. In 1787, the General Assembly elected him delegate to the Federal Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, where the difficulties of the U.S. government under the Articles of Confederation would be weighed. Martin arrived in Philadelphia before the start of the convention and stayed until late August, a few weeks before the convention's close. He played little public role in the debates there, and he was not appointed to any of the convention's committees. He seconded several minor motions, none of which profoundly affected the course of the convention. Because Martin left the Federal Convention early, he did not sign the Constitution. 

In 1788, Martin sought election to the Hillsborough Constitutional Convention, where North Carolina would consider ratifying the Constitution. A proponent of the Federal Constitution, Martin was helpless in the face of a wave of Anti-Federalist sentiment in North Carolina. Delegates were selected county by county, and Martin, who lived in the predominantly Anti-Federalist Guilford County, ran at a disadvantage. His opponent in the election - the Anti-Federalist Presbyterian minister David Caldwell - won a seat, as did four of his congregation. Martin was the only delegate to the Federal Convention who sought election to a state convention and lost.

Martin's failure in Guilford County did not reflect any loss of popularity in the General Assembly. He was again elected governor in 1789 and held the office until 1792, when he reached the office's term limit. During his second gubernatorial tenure, a permanent seat of North Carolina government, named Raleigh, was founded in Wake County. Moreover, Martin effected the establishment of the University of North Carolina in 1789.   

Immediately after Martin left the governor's seat, he joined the U.S. Senate. His legislative record in the 1790s indicates that Martin's political views were nuanced. Though he had supported the ratification of the Federal Constitution and had always run for election as a Federalist, he repeatedly voted against the Federalists in the 1790s. His convictions appear to have become more Federalist in the midst of the XYZ affair, and he voted for all of the Alien and Sedition Acts.

In 1799, Martin, having lost the support of North Carolina Federalists, was voted out of the Senate. He returned to the North Carolina General Assembly in 1804, and in 1805 again became Speaker of the North Carolina Senate. He died in 1807. 


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TrusteesAlexander 1790-1807NCOrange CoChapel Hill, University Of NC
MinistersAlexander 1806NYDelaware CoDavenport, Methodist Church
MinistersAlexander 1849-1851PAMercer CoHermitage, Charleston Methodist Church
TrusteesAlexander 1853-1856NCMecklenburg CoDavidson College
ProfessorsAlexander 1855-1864PACrawford CoMeadville, Allegheny College
MinistersAlexander 1869-1895VADanvillePresbyterian Church
TrusteesAlexander 1871-1895VARichmond CityUnion Presbyterian Seminary
OthersAlexander 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles, Alexandria Hotel Co
GraduatesAlexander Bain 1917MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
RailroadsAlexander H. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad
MinistersAlexander Hadley 1902-1904PAFayette CoFairchance, Methodist Church Circuit
MinistersAlexander Hadley 1904-1906PAFayette CoBroad Ford, Methodist Church Circuit
MinistersAlexander Hadley 1906-1908PAAllegheny CoSpringdale, Methodist Church
MinistersAlexander Hadley 1912-1913PAGreene CoMorrisville, Methodist Church
MinistersAlexander Stuart 1894-1912ScotlandPerthshireScone, Scots Church
RailroadsAlfred 1866Wilmington and Weldon Railroad
MinistersAlfred 1895-1896IAKossuth CoLu Verne, Presbyterian Church
MinistersAlfred 1896IAGreene CoPaton, Presbyterian Church
MinistersAlfred 1896IAKossuth CoIrvington, Presbyterian Church
MinistersAlfred 1900IAMonona CoMapleton, Presbyterian Church
MayorsAlfred 1900-1901GARichmond CoAugusta
MinistersAlfred 1909-1911VTAddison CoFerrisburgh, Congregational Church
AttorneysAlfred Edward 1913INSt Joseph CoSouth Bend

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