Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; Last: Emerson
OthersA. 1891MABristol CoNorton, Wheaton Female Seminary, President
Board of EducationA. E. 1920WAKittitas CoEllensburg, President
PhysiciansA. G. 1912NEScotts Bluff CoScottsbluff
PhysiciansA. Vernon 1903MNOlmsted CoRochester
OthersAaron 1850NCWake CoWake Forest College, Trustee
GraduatesAbbie Belle 1910MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
GraduatesAbner 1805NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
TeachersAbner 1805-1806MAEssex CoHaverhill, Haverhill Academy
GraduatesAbraham Silver 1903MASuffolk CoBoston University Law School
GraduatesAdaline Eliza 1880MANorfolk CoWellesley, Wellesley College
PhysiciansAdele Russell 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
TeachersAdelle P. 1910MAWorcester CoWorcester, Thomas Street School
GraduatesAlbert Washington 1892NYOnondaga CoSyracuse, Syracuse University
PrincipalsAlbert Washington 1893-1896NYOnondaga CoBaldwinsville
PrincipalsAlbert Washington 1896-1902NYWestchester CoTarrytown, Washington Irving High School
ArchitectsAlexander Morton 1915MASuffolk CoBoston
MinistersAlfred 1857-1858MEYork CoSouth Berwick, Congregational Church
MinistersAlfred 1858-1870MAWorcester CoFitchburg, Calvinistic Congregational Church
ProfessorsAlfred 1888-1891ILLake CoLake Forest University
ScientistsAlice L. 1898CASanta Clara CoPalo Alto
LibrariansAlice M. 1923NCWake CoRaleigh, Shaw University
LibrariansAlice W. 1923PAMontgomery CoPottstown, High School
GraduatesAlice Woodbury 1886MANorfolk CoWellesley, Wellesley College
TeachersAlice Woodbury 1887-1892MAEssex CoMethuen, High School
TeachersAlice Woodbury 1892-1902CTLitchfield CoWinsted, High School
Board of EducationAmy 1914COPueblo CoPueblo
ProfessorsAndrew J. 1873-1890MOClay CoLiberty, William Jewell College
GraduatesAndrew Jackson 1855NCWake CoWake Forest College, Chatham Co
OthersAndrew Jackson 1866-1871NCWake CoWake Forest College, Trustee
MinistersAndrew Jackson 1871-1873NCWake CoWake Forest, Baptist Church
ProfessorsAndrew Jackson 1873-1890MOClay CoLiberty, William Jewell College
MayorsAndrew L. 1832MECumberland CoPortland
Naval Ship ServiceAndrew L. 1865USS Kennebec (1861)
PrincipalsAnnabel 1915NHHillsborough CoManchester, Spring Street School
GraduatesArthur L. 1878MECumberland CoBrunswick, Bowdoin College
PhysiciansArthur Llewellyn 1879-1883NHHillsborough CoManchester
PhysiciansArthur Llewellyn 1883-1901NHRockingham CoChester
Naval Ship ServiceArthur T. 1926USS Asheville (PG21)
Naval Ship ServiceArthur Tenny 1935-1936USS Dahlgren (DD187)
BusinesspeopleAustin 1917NCMecklenburg CoCharlotte
OthersB. 1838-1839VARichmond CityUnion Presbyterian Seminary, Trustee
DeaconsB. F. 1880-1902VTOrleans CoBarton, Congregational Church
ScientistsB. H. 1898NHMerrimack CoHooksett
GraduatesBenjamin 1816NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
AttorneysBenjamin 1823NHBelknap CoGilmanton
GraduatesBenjamin Dudley 1805NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
TeachersBenjamin Dudley 1810MAEssex CoNewburyport
GraduatesBenjamin Franklin Cunningham 1838NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
ProfessorsBenjamin K. 1878-1912MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
MembersBenjamin Kendall National Geographic Society
MembersBenjamin Kendall American Philosophical Society
GraduatesBenjamin Kendall 1865MAHampshire CoAmherst, Amherst College
ProfessorsBenjamin Kendall 1870-1872MAHampshire CoAmherst, Amherst College
ProfessorsBenjamin Kendall 1872MAHampshire CoAmherst, Amherst College
MembersBenjamin Kendall 1896American Association for the Advancement of Science, VP
OthersBenjamin Kendall 1897US Geological Survey, geologist
MembersBenjamin Kendall 1899Geological Society of America, President
TeachersBertha M. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, Simmons College
GraduatesBrown 1802NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
MinistersBrown 1805MAEssex CoSalem, South Congregational Church
GraduatesBrown 1833CTNew Haven CoNew Haven, Yale Theological Seminary
MinistersBrown 1837-1839MAWorcester CoWest Boylston, Congregational Church
MinistersBrown 1841-1844CTLitchfield CoTorringford, Congregational Church
MinistersBrown 1841-1844CTLitchfield CoTorrington, Congregational Church
MinistersBrown 1850-1854MAMiddlesex CoDracut, Congregational Church
MinistersBrown 1854-1856PANorthumberland CoNorthumberland, Presbyterian Church
MinistersBrown 1856-1859MAFranklin CoMontague, Congregational Church
MinistersBrown 1859-1862MAWorcester CoWestminster, Congregational Church
MinistersBrown 1867-1869CTHartford CoBurlington, Presbyterian Church
MinistersBrown 1869-1870CTLitchfield CoNepaug, Congregational Church
GraduatesBrown Hopkins 1873NYNew York CoManhattan, Union Theological Seminary
MinistersBrown Hopkins 1873-1875NYOrange CoRidgebury, Presbyterian Church
MinistersBrown Hopkins 1876-1878NHHillsborough CoLitchfield, Presbyterian Church
JudgesBurr H. 1845MOBenton Co
State RepresentativesBurr H. 1850MOBenton Co
AttorneysBurr H. 1852MOBenton Co
JudgesBurr H. 1862MOBenton Co
Naval Ship ServiceButhby 1780MA Privateer America I
TeachersByron T. 1914MNHennepin CoMinneapolis, Central High School
PharmacistsC. B. 1892MAEssex CoHaverhill
PhysiciansC. L. 1890VTWindsor CoWest Hartford
GraduatesC. S. 1885NYNew York CoManhattan, New York University Medical School
PhysiciansC. W. 1890MASuffolk CoBoston
OthersCaleb 1835-1853OHWashington CoMarietta, Marietta College, Trustee
GraduatesCaleb Trowbridge 1851OHLicking CoGranville, Denison University
MinistersCaleb Trowbridge 1861-1867OHFayette CoWashington Court House, Baptist Church, & Good Hope
MinistersCaleb Trowbridge 1867-1870ILBureau CoBuda, Baptist Church
MinistersCaleb Trowbridge 1871-1878ILHenry CoOrion, Baptist Church
MinistersCaleb Trowbridge 1873-1874MNMower CoAustin, Baptist Church
MinistersCaleb Trowbridge 1878-1881MNClay CoMoorhead, Baptist Church
OthersCarleton 1915NYNew York CoNew York City, Lamson Co, sales engineer
GraduatesCaroline Lane 1889MANorfolk CoWellesley, Wellesley College
TeachersCarolyn Lillian 1908-1910NYJefferson CoAntwerp, High School
TeachersCarolyn Lillian 1910-1911NYSteuben CoHornell, High School
BusinesspeopleCharles 1866NYNew York CoNew York City
RailroadsCharles 1901CODenver CoDenver, Union Pacific Railroad, laborer
BusinesspeopleCharles Albion 1917GAChatham CoSavannah
EngineersCharles Alvhi, Jr 1915PADauphin CoHarrisburg
MinistersCharles C. 1886-1889PAArmstrong CoRural Valley, Methodist Church, & Whitesburg
MinistersCharles C. 1889-1892PAIndiana CoMechanicsburg, Methodist Church, & Brush Valley

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Most Recent Entries
30Attorneys GeneralAL,
34Attorneys GeneralAR,
26Attorneys GeneralAZ,
3ProfessorsAZ, Pima Co, Tucson, University of Arizona
18Attorneys GeneralCA,
1MinistersCA, Alameda Co, Hayward, Presbyterian Church
1OthersCA, Los Angeles Co, South Pasadena, Synodical Superintendent of Missions
1BusinesspeopleCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco
1OthersCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco, San Francisco Federation of Churches
1MinistersCA, Santa Clara Co, San Jose, Presbyterian Church
31Attorneys GeneralCO,
11Attorneys GeneralCT,
17ProfessorsCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Yale University
31Attorneys GeneralDE,
2MissionariesEgypt, , Alexandria
1MissionariesEgypt, , Assiut
2MissionariesEgypt, , Benha
1MissionariesEgypt, , Beni Suef
1DentistsEgypt, , Cairo
9MissionariesEgypt, , Cairo
3MissionariesEgypt, , Heliopolis
3MissionariesEgypt, , Luxor
1MissionariesEgypt, , Madinet El-Faiyum
2MissionariesEgypt, , Mansurah
1MissionariesEgypt, , Minya
1MissionariesEgypt, , Shabin El-Kom
1MissionariesEgypt, , Tanta
2MissionariesEgypt, , Zagazig
1MissionariesEthiopia, , Addis Ababa
1MissionariesEthiopia, , Gorei
1MissionariesEthiopia, , Sayo
26Attorneys GeneralFL,
1AttorneysFL, Hillsborough Co, Tampa
47Attorneys GeneralGA,
41Attorneys GeneralHI,
22Attorneys GeneralIA,
10GraduatesIA, Fayette Co, Fayette, Upper Iowa University
15GraduatesIA, Henry Co, Mt Pleasant, Iowa Wesleyan University
1MissionariesIA, Marion Co, Knoxville
10GraduatesIA, Story Co, Ames, Iowa State University
16Attorneys GeneralID,
29Attorneys GeneralIL,
1School SuperintendentsIL, Champaign Co, Champaign
1MinistersIL, Cook Co, Gladstone, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersIL, Kendall Co, Little Rock, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersIL, Stephenson Co, Freeport, First Presbyterian Church
1OthersIL, Warren Co, Monmouth, Synodical Superintendent of Missions
28Attorneys GeneralIN,
1MinistersIN, Clark Co, New Liberty, Baptist Church
1EvangelistsIN, Kosciusko Co, Winona Lake
16MayorsIN, St Joseph Co, South Bend
1TeachersIN, Wayne Co, Richmond
1MissionariesIndia, , Bodomali
1MissionariesIndia, , Gojranwala
4MissionariesIndia, , Gujranwala
1MissionariesIndia, , Gujrunwala
4MissionariesIndia, , Jhelum
1MissionariesIndia, , Khangah Dogran
1MissionariesIndia, , Ludhiana
1MissionariesIndia, , Lyallpur
1MissionariesIndia, , Martinpur
1MissionariesIndia, , Pakpatten
2MissionariesIndia, , Pasrur
5MissionariesIndia, , Rawalpindi
1MissionariesIndia, , Roorkee
1MissionariesIndia, , Sangla Hill
2MissionariesIndia, , Sargodha
2MissionariesIndia, , Sialkot
1MissionariesIndia, , Sialkote
1MissionariesIndia, , Taxila
1MissionariesIndia, , Zaffarwal
29Attorneys GeneralKS,
1ProfessorsKS, Rice Co, Sterling, Sterling College
1EvangelistsKS, Shawnee Co, Topeka
33Attorneys GeneralKY,
1ProfessorsKY, Madison Co, Berea, Berea College
16MayorsKY, Warren Co, Bowling Green
31Attorneys GeneralLA,
39Attorneys GeneralMA,
3MinistersMA, Middlesex Co, Melrose Highlands, Congregational Church
1TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Brookline
32Attorneys GeneralMD,
37Attorneys GeneralME,
1MissionariesMexico, Tamaulipas, Tampico
41Attorneys GeneralMI,
1MinistersMI, Berrien Co, Benton Harbor, Congregational Church
37MayorsMI, Washtenaw Co, Ann Arbor
21Attorneys GeneralMN,
1PhysiciansMN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis
32Attorneys GeneralMO,
3ProfessorsMO, Atchison Co, Tarkio, Tarkio College
32Attorneys GeneralMS,
1MissionariesMS, Warren Co, Vicksburg
12Attorneys GeneralMT,
38Attorneys GeneralNC,
1MinistersNC, Vance Co, Henderson, Presbyterian Church
17Attorneys GeneralND,
23Attorneys GeneralNE,
1MinistersNE, Boone Co, St Edward, Dutch Reformed Church
3MinistersNE, Buffalo Co, Kearney, Episcopal Church
7Attorneys GeneralNH,
35Attorneys GeneralNJ,
1EvangelistsNJ, Monmouth Co, Ocean Grove
12Attorneys GeneralNM,
19Attorneys GeneralNV,
69Attorneys GeneralNY,
1MinistersNY, Cayuga Co, Auburn, Calvary Presbyterian Church
1MinistersNY, Genesee Co, Bergen, Presbyterian Church
1GraduatesNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Auburn Theological Seminary
1MinistersNY, Tompkins Co, Ithaca, Presbyterian Church
33Attorneys GeneralOH,
1MinistersOH, Butler Co, Middletown, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersOH, Columbiana Co, Lisbon, Presbyterian Church
1EvangelistsOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland
1MinistersOH, Cuyahoga Co, Lakewood, Presbyterian Church
1OthersOH, Franklin Co, Westerville, Anti-Saloon League
1MinistersOH, Greene Co, Jamestown, Presbyterian Church
3OthersOH, Greene Co, Xenia Theological Seminary
4ProfessorsOH, Greene Co, Xenia Theological Seminary
1OthersOH, Greene Co, Xenia, Synodical Superintendent of Missions
2TeachersOH, Jefferson Co, Steubenville
5AttorneysOH, Mahoning Co, Youngstown
1MinistersOH, Miami Co, Piqua, Presbyterian Church
8ProfessorsOH, Muskingum Co, New Concord, Muskingum College
1OthersOH, Muskingum Co, New Concord, Synodical Superintendent of Missions
4MinistersOH, Noble Co, Sharon, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersOH, Richland Co, Lexington, Presbyterian Church
47MayorsOH, Stark Co, Canton
1OthersOH, Wayne Co, Wooster, Wooster College
12ProfessorsOH, Wayne Co, Wooster, Wooster College
6Attorneys GeneralOK,
6Attorneys GeneralOR,
1OthersOR, Multnomah Co, Portland, Synodical Superintendent of Missions
55Attorneys GeneralPA,
1EvangelistsPA, Allegheny Co, Allegheny
1MinistersPA, Allegheny Co, Braddock, Baptist Church
1OthersPA, Allegheny Co, Crafton, Synodical Superintendent of Missions
1MinistersPA, Allegheny Co, Oakdale, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersPA, Allegheny Co, Oakmont, Presbyterian Church
2AttorneysPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh
51OthersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
20ProfessorsPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
1JournalistsPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, United Presbyterian
15ProfessorsPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh
1OthersPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh, YMCA
5MinistersPA, Allegheny Co, Springdale, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersPA, Allegheny Co, Woodville, Presbyterian Church
1DentistsPA, Armstrong Co, Apollo
1MinistersPA, Armstrong Co, Leechburg, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersPA, Beaver Co, Woodlawn, Presbyterian Church
1AttorneysPA, Butler Co, Butler
1MinistersPA, Butler Co, Mt Nebo, Presbyterian Church
1PhysiciansPA, Butler Co, Prospect
3MinistersPA, Butler Co, Prospect, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersPA, Clearfield Co, Du Bois, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersPA, Crawford Co, Cochranton, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersPA, Indiana Co, Jacksonville, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersPA, Lackawanna Co, Scranton, Asbury Methodist Church
1EvangelistsPA, Lawrence Co, New Castle
5MinistersPA, Lawrence Co, New Castle, Presbyterian Church
1OthersPA, Lawrence Co, New Wilmington, Synodical Superintendent of Missions
3OthersPA, Lawrence Co, New Wilmington, Westminster College
8ProfessorsPA, Lawrence Co, New Wilmington, Westminster College
1MinistersPA, Lawrence Co, Pulaski, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersPA, Luzerne Co, Kingston, Methodist Church
3MinistersPA, Mercer Co, Jamestown, Presbyterian Church
1EvangelistsPA, Mercer Co, Mercer
1MinistersPA, Mifflin Co, Lewistown, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersPA, Somerset Co, Somerset, Methodist Church
2MinistersPA, Venango Co, Oil City, Presbyterian Church
1PhysiciansPA, Washington Co, Canonsburg
1EvangelistsPA, Washington Co, Houston
4MinistersPA, Washington Co, West Middletown, Presbyterian Church
1EvangelistsPA, Westmoreland Co, Greensburg
2MinistersPA, Westmoreland Co, New Kensington, Methodist Church
60Attorneys GeneralRI,
14MayorsRI, Providence Co, Woonsocket
38Attorneys GeneralSC,
15Attorneys GeneralSD,
11MayorsSD, Lawrence Co, Deadwood
1MissionariesSudan, , Doleib Hill
2MissionariesSudan, , Khartum
15Attorneys GeneralTN,
2ProfessorsTN, Knox Co, Knoxville, Knoxville College
1MinistersTN, Shelby Co, Memphis, First Congregational Church
1MinistersTN, Washington Co, Salem, Presbyterian Church
36Attorneys GeneralTX,
7Attorneys GeneralUT,
44Attorneys GeneralVA,
9Attorneys GeneralVT,
10Attorneys GeneralWA,
20MayorsWA, Snohomish Co, Marysville
33Attorneys GeneralWI,
1MinistersWI, Crawford Co, Prairie du Chien, Presbyterian Church
1EvangelistsWI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
1PhysiciansWI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee
20Attorneys GeneralWV,
40MayorsWV, Ohio Co, Wheeling
12Attorneys GeneralWY,

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24 Feb 2022Cornell & Shober's Directory of Trained Nurses3,413
12 Feb 2022Historical sketch of the University of Maryland, School of medicine109
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