Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; Last: Cocke
GraduatesAlonzo Rice 1879VARichmond CityUnion Presbyterian Seminary
MinistersAlonzo Rice 1881VABath CoWindy Cove Presbyterian Church
MinistersAlonzo Rice 1883VABath CoMillboro, Presbyterian Church
MinistersAlonzo Rice 1885-1901VAWaynesboroPresbyterian Church
OrganistsArthur 1591EnglandDevonExeter Cathedral
AttorneysArthur Alvin 1919TXDallas CoDallas
MinistersC. 1854TXRed River CoClarksville, Methodist Church
MinistersC. J. 1872TXRains CoEmory, Methodist Church
MinistersCalvin J. 1855TXHunt CoGreenville, Methodist Church
MinistersCalvin J. 1856TXLamar CoParis, Methodist Church
MinistersCalvin J. 1857TXVan Zandt CoCanton, Methodist Church
MinistersCalvin J. 1858TXFannin CoHoney Grove, Methodist Church
MinistersCalvin J. 1874TXHopkins CoSulphur Bluff, Methodist Church
SheriffsCharles 1851VAAlbemarle Co
TeachersCharlotte Ethel 1916VAPrince Edward CoFarmville
OthersEdgar 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles, Holmes Bed Manufacturing Co
TeachersElna E. 1909TXDallas CoDallas, Central High School
GraduatesEugene Rankin 1913PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Jefferson Medical College
PhysiciansEugene Rankin 1919-1923NCBuncombe CoAsheville
Rectors & VicarsGeorge 1634-1638EnglandNorfolkNorwich, St Andrews Church
Rectors & VicarsGeorge 1635-1673EnglandSuffolkBarsham, Parish Church
Naval Ship ServiceH. H. 1832USS Fairfield
Naval Ship ServiceHarrison H. 1816USS Boxer (1815)
Naval Ship ServiceHarrison H. 1820USS Alert (1812)
Naval Ship ServiceHarrison H. 1821USS Enterprise (1799)
Naval Ship ServiceHarrison H. 1822-1824USS Nonsuch
Naval Ship ServiceHarrison H. 1825-1826USS North Carolina (1820)
SheriffsHenry 1574EnglandEssex
Rectors & VicarsHenry 1632-1639EnglandCambridgeshireAshley, Parish Church
MinistersHenry Teller 1901-1902MANantucket CoNantucket, St Pauls Episcopal Church
MinistersHenry Teller 1902-1903MOAudrain CoMexico, St Pauls Episcopal Church
MinistersHenry Teller 1903-1904MDBaltimore CityGrace Episcopal Church
MinistersHenry Teller 1904-1916NCForsyth CoWinston-Salem, St Pauls Episcopal Church
MinistersHenry Teller 1916NJBurlington CoMt Holly, St Andrews Episcopal Church
Naval Ship ServiceHerbert C. 1902USS Albany (CL23)
Naval Ship ServiceHerbert C. 1905USS Cleveland (C19)
Naval Ship ServiceHerbert C. 1911USS Kansas (BB21)
Naval Ship ServiceHerbert C. 1915USS Leonidas
OthersHugh 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles, Bishop and Co
JudgesJ. H. 1832-1833ARPulaski Co
State RepresentativesJ. H. 1836-1838ARPulaski Co
AttorneysJ. Preston 1888VARichmond City
AttorneysJ. Walter 1914TXMcLennan CoWaco
Rectors & VicarsJames 1585EnglandYorkshireYork, York Minster Church
Rectors & VicarsJames 1587EnglandYorkshireEtton, Parish Church
GraduatesJames Richard 1892MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston University
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1660EnglandSurreyEwhurst, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1674EnglandSussexChichester Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsJohn 1687EnglandBerkshireThatcham, Parish Church
AttorneysJohn 1793TNHawkins Co
State RepresentativesJohn 1796-1797TN
State SenatorsJohn 1799-1801TN
PhysiciansJohn V. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles
State RepresentativesJohn W. 1842-1844ARPulaski Co
FoodiesJoseph J. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles
TeachersMaria 1916VARichmond City
PhysiciansQuinton Henry 1918NCNorthampton CoRich Square
Rectors & VicarsRobert 1648EnglandNorfolkDeopham, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsRobert 1660-1663EnglandEssexGreat Maplestead, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsRobert 1662-1672EnglandEssexStambourne, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsSamuel 1644EnglandEssexColchester, St Giles Church
Other Naval ServiceSamuel 1819MASuffolk CoBoston, Naval Station
Naval Ship ServiceSamuel B. 1820USS Constellation (1797)
Naval Ship ServiceSamuel B. 1821-1823USS Ontario (1813)
Other Naval ServiceSamuel B. 1824VANorfolkNavy Yard
Naval Ship ServiceSamuel B. 1831USS Vincennes (1826)
Naval Ship ServiceSamuel B. 1854USS St Marys
OthersSeth K. 1909TXDallas CoDallas, Western Union Telegraph Co
MinistersStephen F. 1837-1844VABotetourt CoFincastle Presbyterian Church
MinistersStephen T. 1837-1845VABotetourt CoFincastle Presbyterian Church
MinistersThomas F. 1861TXGuadalupe CoCibolo, Methodist Church
MinistersThomas F. 1865TXKerr CoKerrville, Methodist Church
MayorsW. A. 1836-1836KYJefferson CoLouisville
MinistersW. G. 1874TXAransas CoRockport, Methodist Church
MinistersW. G. 1875-1876TXKarnes CoHelena, Methodist Church
MinistersW. G. 1877-1878TXLavaca CoHallettsville, Methodist Church
SheriffsW. G., Sr. 1908-1912MSTate Co
Constitutional ConventionsWilliam 1796TN
Naval Ship ServiceWilliam H. 1815USS Spark (1813)
Naval Ship ServiceWilliam H. 1816-1818USS Washington (1814)
Naval Ship ServiceWilliam H. 1820-1822USS Alert (1812)
TrusteesWilliam M. 1870-1871NCMecklenburg CoDavidson College
Other Naval ServiceWilliam T. 1836VANorfolkNaval School
StudentsCarolyn E. 1934INDelaware CoMuncie, Ball State University
MinistersB. F. 1869-1870MIWayne CoDetroit, First Methodist Church
ProfessorsBenjamin Franklin 1881-1883MIWashtenaw CoAnn Arbor, University Of Michigan
OrganistsNorman 1943EnglandLancashireManchester Cathedral
Rectors & VicarsPeter 1692IrelandCork CoRoss
Rectors & VicarsRoger 1529EnglandEssexEast Donyland, Parish Church
School SuperintendentsWilliam J. 1879-1885MILenawee CoAdrian
TrusteesWilliam Johnson 1890-1901MIWashtenaw CoAnn Arbor, University Of Michigan
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1606EnglandSuffolkBrampton, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1614EnglandSuffolkWesthall, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsWilliam 1615EnglandNorfolkBale, Parish Church
DeaconsQ. J. 1891TXFalls CoMarlin, Presbyterian Church
Rectors & VicarsDaniel 1623-1625EnglandSomersetNorth Cadbury, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsDaniel 1630EnglandKentWest Wickham, St John the Baptist Church
Rectors & VicarsHenry 1826EnglandBuckinghamshireEdgcott, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsHenry 1827-1880EnglandEssexNorth Weald, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsJames 1523EnglandYorkshireLythe, St Oswalds Church

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Most Recent Entries
1OthersNY, , Anti-Saloon League
3TeachersNY, Orange Co, Middletown, Wallkill Academy
4Naval Ship ServiceCT Navy Crane
13Naval Ship ServiceCT Navy Defence
73Naval Ship ServiceCT Navy Minerva
201Naval Ship ServiceCT Navy Oliver Cromwell
2Naval Ship ServiceCT Navy Recovery
53Naval Ship ServiceCT Navy Shark
9Naval Ship ServiceCT Navy Spy
4Naval Ship ServiceCT Navy Whiting
2Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Abigail
8Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer American Revenue
1Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Brilliant
1Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Comet
11Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Eagle
1Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Enterprize
2Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Fanny
1Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Favourite
1Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Freedom
2Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer General Green
2Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer General Putnam
110Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Governor Trumbull
9Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Hancock
4Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Harlequin
1Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Jay
1Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Lady Trumbull
1Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Le Despenser
30Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Marquis de Lafayette
1Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Olive
2Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Rainbow
1Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Regulator
1Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Resolution
1Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Samuel
1Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Shelally
1Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Terror
1Naval Ship ServiceCT Privateer Whim
2Naval Ship ServiceGA Navy Liberty
4Naval Ship ServiceMA Navy Adams
3Naval Ship ServiceMA Navy Favorite
2Naval Ship ServiceMA Navy Hannah
3Naval Ship ServiceMA Navy Independence
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Navy Mars
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Navy Protector
9Naval Ship ServiceMA Navy Tyrannicide
15Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer America
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer American Tartar
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Argo
2Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Bennington
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Black Hawk
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Bowdoin
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Buccaneer
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Chance
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Cleora
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Collection
2Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Dart
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Delight
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Dragon
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Exchange
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Falmouth
5Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Fortune
6Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Freedom
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer General Gates
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer George
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Grand Monarch
3Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Hector
5Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Hero
3Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Hibernia
2Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Hound
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Intrepid
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Jason
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Jonathan
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Kendrick
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Lark
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Little Bachelor
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Loyal American
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer MA
3Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Marquis De Lafayette
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Mary
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Mifflin
5Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Minerva
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Nimble Shilling
14Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Oliver Cromwell
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Peacock
2Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Putnam
4Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Raven
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Royal Louis
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Salem Packet
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Seaflower
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Sky Rocket
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Snow Royal African
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Stark
2Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Starks
5Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Success
8Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Tartar
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Titus
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Twin Sisters
3Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Venus
2Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Volunteer
2Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Wexford
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer Zanga
9Naval Ship ServiceMD Navy Baltimore
2Naval Ship ServiceMD Navy Resolution
1Naval Ship ServiceMD Privateer Adventure
2Naval Ship ServiceMD Privateer Baltimore
1Naval Ship ServiceMD Privateer Delight
1Naval Ship ServiceMD Privateer Dispatch
1Naval Ship ServiceMD Privateer Duke de Crillon
1Naval Ship ServiceMD Privateer General Greene
1Naval Ship ServiceMD Privateer General Lincoln
1Naval Ship ServiceMD Privateer Havana
1Naval Ship ServiceMD Privateer Le Comtesse Denery
1Naval Ship ServiceMD Privateer Nancy
4Naval Ship ServiceMD Privateer Rebecca and Sally
1Naval Ship ServiceMD Privateer St Patrick
1Naval Ship ServiceMD Privateer Willaminta
1Naval Ship ServiceNC Privateer Lydia
2Naval Ship ServiceNH Privateer Enterprize
1Naval Ship ServiceNH Privateer Guardoqui
2Naval Ship ServiceNH Privateer Mary
1Naval Ship ServiceNH Privateer Swan
1Naval Ship ServiceNJ Privateer Endeavour
6Naval Ship ServiceNY Navy General Putnam
5Naval Ship ServiceNY Navy Montgomery
4Naval Ship ServiceNY Privateer Armstrong
3Naval Ship ServiceNY Privateer Beaver
3Naval Ship ServicePA Navy Aetna
11Naval Ship ServicePA Navy Arnold
28Naval Ship ServicePA Navy Bull Dog
2Naval Ship ServicePA Navy Camden
44Naval Ship ServicePA Navy Dickinson
2Naval Ship ServicePA Navy Dragon
1Naval Ship ServicePA Navy Franklin
32Naval Ship ServicePA Navy Ranger
2Naval Ship ServicePA Navy Sally
1Naval Ship ServicePA Navy Vesuvius
1Naval Ship ServicePA Navy Vulture
3Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Adventure
2Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Angelica
3Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Ariel
1Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Brigantine
1Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Charming Molly
1Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Charming Polly
1Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Concord
5Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Dolphin
1Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Don Quixote
2Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Fair American
2Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Financier
2Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer General Scammell
2Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Governor Clinton
1Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Hornet
4Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer James
1Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Jolly Tar
3Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Lively
1Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Lydia
2Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Morris
2Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Nympha
1Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Pilgrim
1Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Queen of France
2Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Quicktime
2Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Schuylkill
1Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer St Clair
1Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Susanna
1Naval Ship ServicePA Privateer Two Rachels
1Naval Ship ServiceRI Privateer Barton
1Naval Ship ServiceRI Privateer Broome
1Naval Ship ServiceRI Privateer Diamond
1Naval Ship ServiceRI Privateer Hope
1Naval Ship ServiceRI Privateer Oliver Cromwell
1Naval Ship ServiceRI Privateer Yorick
5Naval Ship ServiceSC Navy Defence
2Naval Ship ServiceSC Privateer Bellona
1Naval Ship ServiceSC Privateer Experiment
1Naval Ship ServiceSC Privateer Hercules
20Naval Ship ServiceSC Privateer Non Pareil
3Naval Ship ServiceSC Privateer Sally
1Naval Ship ServiceSC Privateer Schooner
32Naval Ship ServiceUSS Alfred
10Naval Ship ServiceUSS Alliance (1778)
29Naval Ship ServiceUSS Andrew Doria (1775)
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS Boston (1777)
13Naval Ship ServiceUSS Cabot (1775)
49Naval Ship ServiceUSS Columbus (1774)
163Naval Ship ServiceUSS Confederacy
59Naval Ship ServiceUSS Constitution
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Deane (1778)
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Eagle
5Naval Ship ServiceUSS Hancock (1776)
3Naval Ship ServiceUSS Lexington (1776)
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Peacock
22Naval Ship ServiceUSS Providence (Unknown)
3Naval Ship ServiceUSS Reprisal (1776)
6Naval Ship ServiceUSS Revenge (1777)
15Naval Ship ServiceUSS Trumbull
12Naval Ship ServiceUSS Virginia (1776)
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Warren (1775)
11Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Accomac
31Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Dragon
3Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Lewis
3Naval Ship ServiceVA Navy Washington
1Naval Ship ServiceVA Privateer Swift

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06 Oct 2021Record of service of Connecticut men in the War of the Revolution492492
04 Oct 2021American War of Independence At Sea2,4152,415
09 Jun 2021City of Somerville Annual Reports 1911320
09 Jun 2021Somerville City Directory, 1889138
08 Jun 2021Salem City Directory, 1881102
08 Jun 2021Haverhill CIty Directory, 1902222
06 Jun 2021Worcester City Directory, 1910702
27 May 2021San Francisco City Directory, 18951,491
24 May 2021Detroit City Directory, 19131,749
23 May 2021Houston City Directory, 1918758
19 May 2021Chicago Medical Directory, 1905734
19 May 2021North Adams City Directory, 1917138
18 May 2021Medical Directory of Greater Boston, 1915-19164,145
13 May 2021Medical Directory of Greater Boston, 19101,718
12 May 2021Portland City Directory, 1912320
10 May 2021Boston City Directory, 1855166
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 18801,052
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 1870532
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 19001,906
01 May 2021Boston City Directory, 19164,970
30 Apr 2021Springfield City Directory, 1915599
29 Apr 2021Newton City Directory, 1909251
29 Apr 2021Wilmington City Directory, 1918216
28 Apr 2021Wilmington City Directory, 19021,120
24 Apr 2021History of the Boston Fire Department442
20 Apr 2021added 'Foodie', 'Clothier', 'Police/Firemen', 'Hospitality' types
18 Apr 2021Los Angeles City Directory, 191547,179
07 Apr 2021South Bend City Directory, 1921448
06 Apr 2021Saginaw City Directory, 1921354
03 Apr 2021Dallas City Directory, 19098,632
01 Apr 2021Manchester City Directory, 1915208
01 Apr 2021Worcester City Directory, 1889277
01 Apr 2021Lowell, MA City Documents, 187566
01 Apr 2021Lowell, MA City Documents, 1926701
31 Mar 2021Lowell City Directory, 1916535
31 Mar 2021Topeka City Directory, 1890109
31 Mar 2021Topeka City Directory, 1902148
30 Mar 2021Denver City Directory, 19015,251
28 Mar 2021Colorado Educational Directory8,267
26 Mar 2021Delaware County Public Schools 1904-597
25 Mar 2021Muncie City Directory, 1934908
25 Mar 2021Fall River City Directory, 1905326
24 Mar 2021Fall River City Directory, 1921606
21 Mar 2021Directory of the Chicago public schools, 1916-77,811
21 Mar 2021Washington City Directory, 192192
20 Mar 2021Directory of Indianapolis public schools, 1937-82,413
19 Mar 2021Indianapolis City Directory, 1891551
19 Mar 2021High schools of New York city, 19212,582
18 Mar 2021Directory of teachers in the public schools, NYC, 190514,207
16 Mar 2021Directory, Minneapolis Public schools1,730
16 Mar 2021History of the city of Toledo248
15 Mar 2021Cleveland OH City Directory, 1879470
15 Mar 2021New Haven CT City Directory 186366
15 Mar 2021New Haven City Directory, 1892537
14 Mar 2021Buffalo City Directory 1893835
13 Mar 2021Baltimore City Directory 191553
12 Mar 2021Directory of the schools of Baltimore, 1926-73,128
11 Mar 2021DC School Graduates, 1914447
11 Mar 2021Report of the BOE to DC, 191484
11 Mar 2021Report of the BOE to DC, 189482