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New York Central and Hudson River Railroad


New York Central and Hudson River Railroad: Historical Record Lists
RailroadsJohn Van Vlierden 1871New York Central and Hudson River Railroad
RailroadsJohn Van Vlierden 1904-1914Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway, VP-accounting
RailroadsJohn Van Vlierden 1905-1914Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railway, VP-accounting
RailroadsJohn Van Vlierden 1905-1917Michigan Central Railroad, VP-accounting
RailroadsJohn Van Vlierden 1911-1914Cincinnati Northern Railroad, VP
RailroadsJohn Van Vlierden 1911-1914Detroit and Chicago Railroad, VP, director
RailroadsJohn Van Vlierden 1911-1914Detroit, Monroe and Toledo Railroad, VP, director
RailroadsJohn Van Vlierden 1911-1914Kalamazoo and White Pigeon Railroad, VP, director
RailroadsJohn Van Vlierden 1911-1914Northern Central Michigan Railroad, VP, director
RailroadsJohn Van Vlierden 1911-1914Sturgis, Goshen and St Louis Railroad, VP, director
RailroadsJohn Van Vlierden 1915-1917New York Central Railroad, VP

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1OthersCA, Los Angeles Co, Long Beach, California Shipbuilding Co
7ProfessorsCO, Denver Co, Denver, Gross Medical College
6ProfessorsCO, Denver Co, Denver, University of Denver
2ProfessorsDC, Washington, Howard University
51OthersDC, Washington, US Navy Department
3ProfessorsGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Georgia School of Technology
2ProfessorsIA, Scott Co, Davenport, Griswold College
3ProfessorsIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Hahnemann Medical College
6ProfessorsIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Northwestern University
2ProfessorsIL, Cook Co, Chicago, University of Illinois
4ProfessorsIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Womans Medical College
2ProfessorsIL, DuPage Co, Naperville, Northwestern College
2ProfessorsIL, Lake Co, Lake Forest, Lake Forest Academy
3ProfessorsIL, Rock Island Co, Rock Island, Augustana College
2ProfessorsIN, Marion Co, Indianapolis, Medical College of Indiana
3ProfessorsKS, Saline Co, Salina, Wesleyan University
6ProfessorsKS, Sedgwick Co, Wichita, Friends University
2ProfessorsKY, Logan Co, Russellville, Bethel College
5ProfessorsLA, Orleans Parish, New Orleans, Tulane University
1ProfessorsMA, Hampshire Co, Easthampton, Williston Seminary
2ProfessorsMA, Suffolk Co, Boston Dental College
30ProfessorsMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, College of the Holy Cross
3ProfessorsMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, Polytechnic Institute
55JudgesMD, Baltimore City
6ProfessorsMN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota
7ProfessorsMO, Phelps Co, Rolla, Missouri School of Mines
2ProfessorsMS, Hinds Co, Clinton, Mississippi College
3ProfessorsMS, Lafayette Co, Oxford, University of Mississippi
2ProfessorsMT, Powell Co, Deer Lodge, College of Montana
3ProfessorsNE, Douglas Co, Omaha, Medical College
2ProfessorsNS, Halifax Co, Halifax, Dalhousie University
1ProfessorsNY, Chemung Co, Elmira, Elmira College
2ProfessorsNY, Cortland Co, Cortland, State Normal School
2ProfessorsNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Canisius College
5ProfessorsNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Niagara University
2ProfessorsNY, Monroe Co, Brockport, Collegiate Institute
1ProfessorsNY, Monroe Co, Brockport, State Normal School
7ProfessorsNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Bellevue Medical College
5ProfessorsNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Columbia College
6ProfessorsNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Homeopathic Medical College
6ProfessorsNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Post Graduate Hospital
2ProfessorsNY, Schuyler Co, Havana, Cook Academy
4ProfessorsOH, Butler Co, Oxford, Western College
1ProfessorsOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, Case Western Reserve University
6ProfessorsOH, Franklin Co, Columbus, Medical College
3ProfessorsOH, Franklin Co, Columbus, Starling Medical College
2ProfessorsOH, Franklin Co, Westerville, Otterbein University
2ProfessorsOH, Lucas Co, Toledo, Medical College
3ProfessorsOR, Lane Co, Eugene, University of Oregon
6ProfessorsOR, Marion Co, Salem, Willamette University
2ProfessorsOR, Yamhill Co, Newberg, Pacific College
2ProfessorsPA, Franklin Co, Chambersburg, Wilson College
2ProfessorsPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, De Lancey School
3ProfessorsPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Drexel University
3ProfessorsPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Polyclinic Hospital
6ProfessorsPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
2ProfessorsSD, Yankton Co, Yankton, Yankton College
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Navy Tyrannicide
1Naval Ship ServiceMA Privateer General Pickering
10Naval Ship ServiceUSS Adirondack (AGC15)
14Naval Ship ServiceUSS Albany (CA123)
4Naval Ship ServiceUSS America (ID3006)
5Naval Ship ServiceUSS Astoria (CL90)
2Naval Ship ServiceUSS Atlanta (CL104)
13Naval Ship ServiceUSS Barracuda (SS163)
14Naval Ship ServiceUSS Bass (SS164)
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS Belknap (DD251)
2Naval Ship ServiceUSS Bennington (CV20)
5Naval Ship ServiceUSS Birmingham (CL62)
3Naval Ship ServiceUSS Bon Homme Richard (CV31)
12Naval Ship ServiceUSS Bonita (SS165)
14Naval Ship ServiceUSS Brutus (AC15)
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS Celtic (AF2)
91Naval Ship ServiceUSS Chewink (AM39)
39Naval Ship ServiceUSS Cleveland (C19)
4Naval Ship ServiceUSS Cleveland (CL55)
7Naval Ship ServiceUSS Consolation (AH15)
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Currituck (AV7)
4Naval Ship ServiceUSS Denver (CL58)
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS George E. Badger (DD196)
4Naval Ship ServiceUSS Harris (APA2)
3Naval Ship ServiceUSS Harvard (SP209)
5Naval Ship ServiceUSS Hornet (CV12)
6Naval Ship ServiceUSS Houston (CL81)
17Naval Ship ServiceUSS Kane (DD235)
31Naval Ship ServiceUSS Kentucky (BB6)
5Naval Ship ServiceUSS Miami (CL89)
4Naval Ship ServiceUSS Mississippi (BB23)
5Naval Ship ServiceUSS Monitor (LSV5)
5Naval Ship ServiceUSS Montpelier (CL57)
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS N-1
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS N-3
3Naval Ship ServiceUSS Nereus (AC10)
2Naval Ship ServiceUSS Nereus (AS17)
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS O-10
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS O-12
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS O-15
6Naval Ship ServiceUSS O-2
6Naval Ship ServiceUSS O-3
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS O-4
7Naval Ship ServiceUSS O-6
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS O-7
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS O-8
4Naval Ship ServiceUSS O-9
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS Osmond Ingram (DD255)
29Naval Ship ServiceUSS Paul Jones (DD230)
2Naval Ship ServiceUSS Pittsburgh (CA72)
3Naval Ship ServiceUSS Quincy (CA71)
5Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-1
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-10
5Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-11
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-12
7Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-13
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-14
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-15
6Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-16
4Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-17
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-18
4Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-19
10Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-2
6Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-20
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-21
4Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-3
6Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-4
7Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-5
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-6
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS R-9
3Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-1
6Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-11
7Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-12
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-13
6Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-14
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-15
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-16
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-17
10Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-18
11Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-20
7Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-21
7Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-22
15Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-23
7Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-24
6Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-25
6Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-26
6Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-27
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-28
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-29
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-30
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-31
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-32
11Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-33
11Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-34
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-35
6Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-36
12Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-37
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-38
7Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-39
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-40
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-41
10Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-42
11Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-43
7Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-44
10Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-45
9Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-46
8Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-47
7Naval Ship ServiceUSS S-48
5Naval Ship ServiceUSS Somers (DD381)
12Naval Ship ServiceUSS Southery (IX26)
7Naval Ship ServiceUSS St Paul (CA73)
1Naval Ship ServiceUSS Topeka (CL67)
2Naval Ship ServiceUSS Vicksburg (CL86)
2Naval Ship ServiceUSS Vincennes (CL64)
2ProfessorsTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, George Peabody College for Teachers
2ProfessorsTN, Franklin Co, Sewanee, University of the South
3ProfessorsTN, McMinn Co, Athens, U.S. Grant University
3ProfessorsTN, Shelby Co, Memphis, Hospital Medical College
2ProfessorsTX, Dallas Co, Dallas, Southern Methodist University
6ProfessorsTX, Galveston Co, Galveston, Texas Medical College
3ProfessorsTX, Grayson Co, Sherman, Austin College
2ProfessorsTX, Harrison Co, Marshall, Wiley University
2ProfessorsVA, Charlottesville, University of Virginia
3ProfessorsVA, Lexington, Virginia Military Institute
6ProfessorsVA, Richmond City, Medical College Of VA
2ProfessorsWI, Grant Co, Platteville, State Normal School
1ProfessorsWI, Pierce Co, River Falls, State Normal School
2ProfessorsWI, Walworth Co, Whitewater, State Normal School

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