Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists; Last: Austin
ScientistsA. C. 1898NMLincoln CoBonito
PharmacistsA. O. 1892RIProvidence CoProvidence
District AttorneysA. V. 1853-1855INBoone Co
JudgesAaron 1790-1808CTLitchfield Co
JudgesAaron 1808-1816CTLitchfield Co
TeachersAda L. 1905NYKings CoBrooklyn
BusinesspeopleAlbert E. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles
PhysiciansAlbert Elmer 1907-1939CTFairfield CoOld Greenwich
State RepresentativesAlbert Elmer 1917-1919CT
BusinesspeopleAlbert Elmer 1926-1942CTFairfield CoOld Greenwich
PhysiciansAlexander G. 1854NJEssex CoNewark
GraduatesAlfred Noel 1903INVigo CoTerre Haute, Rose Polytechnic Institute
ArchitectsAlfred Noel 1909INMarion CoIndianapolis
GraduatesAlice Louise 1914ILChampaign CoChampaign, University Of Illinois
MinistersAlphens Benjamin 1892OHHamilton CoCincinnati, York Street Methodist Church
GraduatesAlpheus Benjamin 1885OHDelaware CoDelaware, Ohio Wesleyan University
GraduatesAlpheus Benjamin 1887NJMorris CoMadison, Drew Theological Seminary
MinistersAlpheus Benjamin 1892-1895OHHamilton CoCincinnati, York Street Methodist Church
MinistersAlpheus Benjamin 1895-1899OHHamilton CoWinton Place, Methodist Church
GraduatesAlvah Hiram 1876VTChittenden CoBurlington, University of Vermont
MayorsAlvah Hiram 1900IAHamilton CoWebster City
GraduatesAlvin C. 1896ILCook CoChicago, McCormick Theological Seminary
MissionariesAlvin Clark 1896-1899AK
MinistersAlvin Clark 1907-1911MIGratiot CoAlma, Presbyterian Church
MinistersAlvin Clark 1911MIMonroe CoMonroe, Presbyterian Church
DeaconsAmos 1887NYLivingston CoMt Morris, Presbyterian Church
GraduatesAndrew 1816VTChittenden CoBurlington, University of Vermont
MinistersAndrew O. 1898-1900NYBroome CoUnion, Methodist Church
MinistersAndrew O. 1904-1908NYBroome CoChenango Bridge Methodist Church
TeachersAnnie J. 1902NCNew Hanover CoWilmington, Williston School
TeachersAnnie Reynolds 1917WVMercer CoAthens, State Normal School
Rectors & VicarsAnthony 1823EnglandWiltshireHardenhuish, Parish Church
Rectors & VicarsAnthony 1831EnglandGloucestershireAlderley, Parish Church
State RepresentativesArchibald 1815-1816VA
OthersArchibald T. 1915CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles, W. I. Hollingsworth and Co
ProfessorsArthur E. 1892MASuffolk CoBoston, College of Physicians and Surgeons
MembersArthur Everett American Medical Association
PrincipalsArthur Everett 1884-1886MESomerset CoAthens, Somerset Academy
PhysiciansArthur Everett 1887-1908MASuffolk CoBoston
PhysiciansArthur Everett 1908TXGalveston CoGalveston
PhysiciansArthur Everett 1915MASuffolk CoBoston, Boston Dispensary
PhysiciansArthur Everett 1915MASuffolk CoBoston, Mt Sinai Hospital
TeachersAugusta 1891INMarion CoIndianapolis
Lighthouse KeepersAvery J. 1867NCDare CoManteo, Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse
SupervisorsAzel 1860NYErie CoEden
MinistersB. F. 1920-1922NCCaldwell CoGranite Falls, Dudley Shoals Baptist Church
RailroadsB. N. 1902ILCook CoChicago, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
TeachersBelle 1885OHLucas CoToledo, Humboldt School
TeachersBelle 1888OHLucas CoToledo, Warren School
Rectors & VicarsBenjamin 1629EnglandNorthamptonshireBradden, Parish Church
GraduatesBenjamin 1814RIProvidence CoProvidence, Brown Medical School
Naval Ship ServiceBenjamin 1815USS Constitution
SheriffsBenjamin 1819OHTrumbull Co
Naval Ship ServiceBenjamin 1821-1822USS Independence (1814)
MinistersBenjamin 1850OHRichland CoMansfield, Episcopal Church
District AttorneysBenjamin H. 1848-1850NYErie Co
Other Naval ServiceBenjamin, Jr 1818MASuffolk CoBoston, Naval Station
Naval Ship ServiceBenjamin, Jr 1819USS John Adams
Naval Ship ServiceBenjamin, Jr 1820USS Independence (1814)
RailroadsBernard Nelson 1874-1880Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul Railway
RailroadsBernard Nelson 1893MNRamsey CoSt Paul, Northern Pacific Railroad
TeachersBlanchre L. 1917NCMecklenburg CoCharlotte, First Ward School
GraduatesByron Bougainville 1833VTChittenden CoBurlington, University of Vermont
Naval Ship ServiceC. A. 1865USS Braziliera
ScientistsC. F. 1869NJBergen CoCloster
MinistersC. H. 1850-1852NYWayne CoWolcott, Methodist Church
MinistersC. H. 1856-1857NYHerkimer CoHerkimer, Methodist Church
CommissionersC. M. 1915-1918OHGreene Co
Naval Ship ServiceCaleb 1780-1781MA Navy Mars
Naval Ship ServiceCaleb 1781MA Privateer Defence III
GraduatesCaroline Sprague 1888MAHampshire CoNorthampton, Smith College
TeachersCaroline Sprague 1888MNRamsey CoSt Paul, High School
TeachersCarroll M. 1900MASuffolk CoSouth Boston, Bigelow School
TeachersCarroll M. 1916MASuffolk CoBoston, Dwight School
PrincipalsCarroll Merton 1887-1888MELincoln CoWiscasset, High School
TeachersCarroll Merton 1896MASuffolk CoBoston
StudentsCharles 1812CTLitchfield CoLitchfield Law School
MayorsCharles 1831FLLeon CoTallahassee
MayorsCharles 1876-1877MICalhoun CoBattle Creek
State RepresentativesCharles 1881-1882MI
State SenatorsCharles 1883-1886MI
RailroadsCharles 1884St Louis, Sturgis and Battle Creek Railroad
GraduatesCharles Anderson 1894PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh, Western Theological Seminary
MinistersCharles Anderson 1894-1898PAAllegheny CoGlenfield, Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Anderson 1898-1901HIHawaii CoKohala, Presbyterian Church
OthersCharles B. 1909TXDallas CoDallas, Murray Co
GraduatesCharles Baldrey 1868NYOneida CoClinton, Hamilton College
TeachersCharles Baldrey 1868-1869NYTompkins CoIthaca Academy
GraduatesCharles Baldrey 1872NYNew York CoNew York City, Union Theological Seminary
MinistersCharles Baldrey 1872-1876NYSteuben CoCohocton, Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Baldrey 1876-1888NYOneida CoNew York Mills, Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Baldrey 1883-1888NDBurleigh CoBismarck, Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Baldrey 1888-1893PAUnion CoLewisburg, Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Baldrey 1896-1897OHCuyahoga CoCleveland, Beckwith Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Baldrey 1897WVOhio CoWheeling, Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Baldrey 1905-1912NJOcean CoToms River, Presbyterian Church
GraduatesCharles Berry 1912-1913PADelaware CoCrozer Theological Seminary
MinistersCharles C. 1819DCWashingtonRock Creek Church
MinistersCharles C. 1819MDPrince Georges CoSeat Pleasant, Addison Chapel
MinistersCharles C. 1820MDBaltimore CoOwings Mills, St Thomas Episcopal Church

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Most Recent Entries
3LibrariansAL, Macon Co, Tuskegee, Tuskegee Institute
1LibrariansCA, Alameda Co, Oakland, High School
2LibrariansCA, Alameda Co, Oakland, University High School
2LibrariansCA, Alameda Co, Piedmont, High School
1LibrariansCA, Fresno Co, Reedley, High School
1LibrariansCA, Los Angeles Co, North Hollywood, High School
1LibrariansCA, Los Angeles Co, Pasadena, High School
1LibrariansCA, Los Angeles Co, San Fernando, High School
2LibrariansCA, Los Angeles Co, South Pasadena, High School
1LibrariansCA, Los Angeles Co, South Pasadena, Jr High School
1LibrariansCA, Los Angeles Co, Van Nuys, High School
1LibrariansCA, Los Angeles Co, Venice, High School
1LibrariansCA, Los Angeles Co, Whittier, Jr High School
2LibrariansCA, Orange Co, Santa Ana, High School
1LibrariansCA, San Bernardino Co, Redlands, High School
1LibrariansCA, San Diego Co, San Diego, High School
1LibrariansCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco, Girls High School
2LibrariansCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco, High School
1LibrariansCA, San Francisco Co, San Francisco, Lowell High School
1LibrariansCA, Santa Barbara Co, Santa Barbara, Jr High School
1LibrariansCO, Denver Co, Denver, North Side High School
1LibrariansCO, Gunnison Co, Gunnison, State Normal School
1TeachersCO, Morgan Co, Brush, Jr High School
3LibrariansCT, Litchfield Co, Winsted, Gilbert School
1LibrariansCT, New Haven Co, Middlebury, Westover School
1LibrariansDE, New Castle Co, Wilmington, High School
1LibrariansGA, Chatham Co, Savannah, High School
1LibrariansGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Boys High School
2LibrariansGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Clark University
1LibrariansGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Georgia School of Technology
2LibrariansGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Girls High School
1TeachersIA, Boone Co, Ogden, Jr High School
1LibrariansIA, Polk Co, Des Moines, East High School
1LibrariansIA, Polk Co, Des Moines, High School
1LibrariansIA, Polk Co, Des Moines, North High School
1LibrariansIA, Polk Co, Des Moines, West High School
2LibrariansID, Bannock Co, Pocatello, Idaho Tech Institute
1TeachersID, Shoshone Co, Wallace, Jr High School
1TeachersIL, Alexander Co, Cairo, Jr High School
1TeachersIL, Carroll Co, Savanna, Jr High School
2LibrariansIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Lindblom High School
2LibrariansIL, Cook Co, Oak Park, High School
1LibrariansIL, Madison Co, Alton, Shurtleff College
1LibrariansIL, McDonough Co, Macomb, State Normal School
3LibrariansIL, Peoria Co, Peoria, Bradley Polytechnic Institute
1LibrariansIL, Peoria Co, Peoria, High School
1LibrariansIL, Stephenson Co, Freeport, High School
2LibrariansIL, Winnebago Co, Rockford, High School
2LibrariansIN, Allen Co, Fort Wayne, Central High School
1TeachersIN, Lake Co, Whiting, Jr High School
1LibrariansIN, Marion Co, Indianapolis, Crispus Attucks High School
1LibrariansIN, Marion Co, Indianapolis, Eleanor Skillen School
1LibrariansIN, Marion Co, Indianapolis, Emmerich Manual Training School
2LibrariansIN, Marion Co, Indianapolis, George Washington Carver School
2LibrariansIN, Marion Co, Indianapolis, George Washington High School
4LibrariansIN, Marion Co, Indianapolis, Shortridge High School
3LibrariansIN, St Joseph Co, Mishawaka, High School
2LibrariansIN, St Joseph Co, South Bend, High School
2LibrariansKS, Atchison Co, Atchison, St Benedicts College
3LibrariansKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Girls High School
2LibrariansMA, Bristol Co, Fall River, Durfee High School
1LibrariansMA, Essex Co, Andover, Phillips Academy
3LibrariansMA, Essex Co, Salem, Essex Institute
1LibrariansMA, Middlesex Co, Newton, High School
1LibrariansMA, Middlesex Co, Somerville, High School
2LibrariansMA, Middlesex Co, Watertown, High School
1LibrariansMA, Middlesex Co, Winchester, High School
1LibrariansMA, Norfolk Co, Quincy, High School
1LibrariansMA, Norfolk Co, Wellesley, High School
1TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Wellesley, Jr High School
2LibrariansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, English High School
1LibrariansMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Harvard Medical School
2LibrariansMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, Polytechnic Institute
1TeachersMD, Baltimore City Co, Mt Washington, Jr High School
2LibrariansMD, Cecil Co, Port Deposit, Jacob Tome Institute
1TeachersMD, Talbot Co, Bozman, Jr High School
1LibrariansME, Cumberland Co, Portland, Deering High School
1LibrariansME, Cumberland Co, Portland, High School
1LibrariansME, Kennebec Co, Waterville, High School
1LibrariansMI, Genesee Co, Flint, Central High School
1LibrariansMI, Kalamazoo Co, Kalamazoo, High School
1LibrariansMI, Marquette Co, Marquette, Northern State Normal School
1LibrariansMI, Monroe Co, Monroe, High School
2LibrariansMI, Oakland Co, Pontiac, High School
1LibrariansMI, Saginaw Co, Saginaw, High School
1LibrariansMI, Wayne Co, Detroit, Cass Technical High School
2LibrariansMI, Wayne Co, Detroit, Central High School
1LibrariansMI, Wayne Co, Detroit, Eastern High School
1LibrariansMI, Wayne Co, Detroit, Washington Normal School
1LibrariansMI, Wayne Co, Detroit, Western High School
1LibrariansMN, Carver Co, Norwood, High School
1LibrariansMN, Goodhue Co, Red Wing, High School
2LibrariansMN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis, Central High School
1LibrariansMN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis, West High School
1LibrariansMN, Olmsted Co, Rochester, High School
1LibrariansMN, Ramsey Co, St Paul, High School
1LibrariansMN, St Louis Co, Duluth, Central High School
1LibrariansMO, Greene Co, Springfield, High School
1LibrariansMO, Johnson Co, Warrensburg, State Normal School
1LibrariansMS, Warren Co, Vicksburg, High School
1LibrariansMT, Fergus Co, Lewistown, Jr High School
1TeachersMT, Silver Bow Co, Butte, Jr High School
1LibrariansNC, Rowan Co, Salisbury, Boyden High School
1TeachersNE, Dawson Co, Cozad, Jr High School
2LibrariansNE, Douglas Co, Omaha, Central High School
1LibrariansNE, Douglas Co, Omaha, South High School
1LibrariansNH, Hillsborough Co, Manchester, Central High School
1LibrariansNH, Rockingham Co, Exeter, Phillips Academy
1LibrariansNJ, Essex Co, Newark, Girls, High School
1TeachersNJ, Essex Co, South Orange, Jr High School
1LibrariansNJ, Hudson Co, Hoboken, Stevens Institute
1LibrariansNJ, Mercer Co, Trenton, High School
1LibrariansNJ, Mercer Co, Trenton, Jr High School
2LibrariansNJ, Passaic Co, Passaic, High School
2LibrariansNJ, Union Co, Elizabeth, Battin High School
1LibrariansNJ, Union Co, Plainfield, High School
2LibrariansNY, Cattaraugus Co, Olean, High School
1LibrariansNY, Chautauqua Co, Jamestown, Jr High School
2LibrariansNY, Chemung Co, Elmira, Elmira Free Academy
1LibrariansNY, Clinton Co, Plattsburgh, High School
1LibrariansNY, Dutchess Co, Poughkeepsie, High School
4TeachersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Central High School
3LibrariansNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Boys High School
2LibrariansNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Girls High School
2LibrariansNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Polytechnic Institute
1LibrariansNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Pratt Institute
1LibrariansNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Dewitt Clinton High School
2LibrariansNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Julia Richman High School
2LibrariansNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Stuyvesant High School
2LibrariansNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Wadleigh High School
4LibrariansNY, New York Co, Manhattan, Washington Irving High School
3LibrariansNY, Oneida Co, Utica, Free academy
1LibrariansNY, Onondaga Co, Skaneateles, High School
1LibrariansNY, Ontario Co, Phelps, High School
1LibrariansNY, Orange Co, Port Jervis, High School
2LibrariansNY, Oswego Co, Oswego, High School
1LibrariansNY, Otsego Co, Oneonta, High School
3LibrariansNY, Queens Co, Long Island City, Bryant High School
3LibrariansNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy, Emma Willard School
2LibrariansNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
1LibrariansNY, Richmond Co, New Brighton, Curtis High School
1LibrariansNY, Richmond Co, Port Richmond, High School
2LibrariansNY, Suffolk Co, Patchogue, High School
1LibrariansNY, Suffolk Co, Setauket, High School
1LibrariansNY, Tompkins Co, Ithaca, Cascadilla School
1LibrariansNY, Westchester Co, Dobbs Ferry, Masters School
4LibrariansNY, Westchester Co, White Plains, High School
1LibrariansNY, Westchester Co, Yonkers, Womens Institute
4LibrariansOH, Clark Co, Springfield, High School
2LibrariansOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland Heights, High School
4LibrariansOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, High School
1LibrariansOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, West High School
1LibrariansOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, West Technical High School
1LibrariansOH, Franklin Co, Columbus, Central High School
2LibrariansOH, Franklin Co, Columbus, North High School
1LibrariansOH, Mahoning Co, Youngstown, South High School
1LibrariansOH, Montgomery Co, Dayton, High School
1LibrariansOH, Portage Co, Ravenna, High School
1LibrariansOH, Scioto Co, Portsmouth, High School
1LibrariansOH, Summit Co, Akron, Central High School
1LibrariansOH, Summit Co, Akron, North High School
1LibrariansOK, Tulsa Co, Tulsa, High School
3LibrariansOR, Marion Co, Salem, High School
1LibrariansOR, Multnomah Co, Portland, Washington High School
1LibrariansOR, Polk Co, Monmouth, Oregon Normal School
1LibrariansOR, Wasco Co, The Dalles, High School
1LibrariansPA, Beaver Co, Beaver Falls, Jr High School
1LibrariansPA, Berks Co, Reading, Girls High School
1LibrariansPA, Berks Co, Reading, High School
1LibrariansPA, Blair Co, Tyrone, High School
1TeachersPA, Clarion Co, Clarion, Jr High School
1LibrariansPA, Delaware Co, Upper Darby, Jr High School
1LibrariansPA, Lancaster Co, Lancaster, Boys High School
1LibrariansPA, Montgomery Co, Pottstown, Hill School
1TeachersPA, Northumberland Co, Sunbury, Jr High School
1LibrariansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Girls, High School
1LibrariansPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, William Penn High School
1LibrariansPA, Westmoreland Co, Scottdale, High School
1LibrariansPA, York Co, York, High School
1LibrariansRI, Newport Co, Newport, Rogers High School
1LibrariansSD, Yankton Co, Yankton, High School
1LibrariansTN, Knox Co, Knoxville, Jr High School
1LibrariansTX, McLennan Co, Waco, High School
1LibrariansTX, Tom Green Co, San Angelo, High School
1TeachersUT, Salt Lake Co, Salt Lake City, Jr High School
1LibrariansWA, Chelan Co, Wenatchee, High School
1LibrariansWA, King Co, Seattle, Broadway High School
4LibrariansWA, King Co, Seattle, High School
1LibrariansWA, King Co, Seattle, Lincoln High School
1LibrariansWA, Pierce Co, Tacoma, Stadium High School
1LibrariansWA, Spokane Co, Cheney, State Normal School
1LibrariansWA, Spokane Co, Spokane, High School
1LibrariansWA, Yakima Co, Yakima, High School
2LibrariansWI, Marathon Co, Wausau, High School
4LibrariansWI, Marinette Co, Marinette, High School
2LibrariansWI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee, State Normal School
2LibrariansWI, Milwaukee Co, Wauwatosa, High School
1LibrariansWI, Portage Co, Stevens Point, State Normal School
1LibrariansWI, Racine Co, Racine, High School
1LibrariansWV, Morgan Co, Great Cacapon, Jr High School

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06 Dec 2021General catalogue of the University of Rochester, 1850-1911687687
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29 Nov 2021Western Railroads and Eastern Capital, 1872-94647647
27 Nov 2021Biographical Directory of Michigan Railway Officials12,88612,886
17 Nov 2021Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials of America, 18853,8743,874
12 Nov 2021Directory to the Iron and Steel Works of the United States1,2138
18 Oct 2021Revolutionary War Records945
18 Oct 2021Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Vols 1-177,020
06 Oct 2021Record of service of Connecticut men in the War of the Revolution492
04 Oct 2021American War of Independence At Sea2,412
09 Jun 2021City of Somerville Annual Reports 1911320
09 Jun 2021Somerville City Directory, 1889138
08 Jun 2021Salem City Directory, 1881102
08 Jun 2021Haverhill CIty Directory, 1902222
06 Jun 2021Worcester City Directory, 1910702
27 May 2021San Francisco City Directory, 18952,432941
24 May 2021Detroit City Directory, 19131,7556
23 May 2021Houston City Directory, 1918758
19 May 2021Chicago Medical Directory, 1905734
19 May 2021North Adams City Directory, 1917138
18 May 2021Medical Directory of Greater Boston, 1915-19164,598453
13 May 2021Medical Directory of Greater Boston, 19101,717
12 May 2021Portland City Directory, 19123277
10 May 2021Boston City Directory, 18551693
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 18801,06311
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 1870532
09 May 2021Manual of the Public Schools of Boston, 19001,91812
01 May 2021Boston City Directory, 19164,98515
30 Apr 2021Springfield City Directory, 1915599
29 Apr 2021Newton City Directory, 190926110
29 Apr 2021Wilmington City Directory, 19182215
28 Apr 2021Wilmington City Directory, 19021,35542
24 Apr 2021History of the Boston Fire Department442
20 Apr 2021added 'Foodie', 'Clothier', 'Police/Firemen', 'Hospitality' types
18 Apr 2021Los Angeles City Directory, 191554,4771,329
07 Apr 2021South Bend City Directory, 19214491
06 Apr 2021Saginaw City Directory, 19213551
03 Apr 2021Dallas City Directory, 19099,024102
01 Apr 2021Manchester City Directory, 1915208
01 Apr 2021Worcester City Directory, 1889277
01 Apr 2021Lowell, MA City Documents, 1875682
01 Apr 2021Lowell, MA City Documents, 1926701
31 Mar 2021Lowell City Directory, 19165361
31 Mar 2021Topeka City Directory, 1890109
31 Mar 2021Topeka City Directory, 1902148
30 Mar 2021Denver City Directory, 19015,26919
28 Mar 2021Colorado Educational Directory8,2758
26 Mar 2021Delaware County Public Schools 1904-597
25 Mar 2021Muncie City Directory, 1934908
25 Mar 2021Fall River City Directory, 190534418
24 Mar 2021Fall River City Directory, 192161913
21 Mar 2021Directory of the Chicago public schools, 1916-77,8112
21 Mar 2021Washington City Directory, 192192
20 Mar 2021Directory of Indianapolis public schools, 1937-82,42512
19 Mar 2021Indianapolis City Directory, 189158332
19 Mar 2021High schools of New York city, 19212,60826
18 Mar 2021Directory of teachers in the public schools, NYC, 190514,205
16 Mar 2021Directory, Minneapolis Public schools1,7311
16 Mar 2021History of the city of Toledo2491