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Historical Record Lists; Last: Adams; First: James
MinistersJames 1708-1710NCCurrituck CoCurrituck Episcopal Church
MinistersJames 1708-1710NCPasquotank CoSt Johns Episcopal Church
GraduatesJames 1813NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
Town ClerksJames 1816-1818NYRensselaer CoLansingburgh
MinistersJames 1833-1853NYSullivan CoMonticello, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames 1835VTWindsor CoWeston, Methodist Church
CoronersJames 1836DENew Castle Co
SupervisorsJames 1836-1837NYFranklin CoBangor
MinistersJames 1848NHRockingham CoNorth Salem, Methodist Church
MayorsJames 1854MASuffolk CoCharlestown
MinistersJames 1854-1856CTFairfield CoRedding, Christ Episcopal Church
MinistersJames 1856-1858CTNew Haven CoBethany, Christ Episcopal Church
MinistersJames 1869-1870ALGreene CoUnion, Baptist Church
GraduatesJames 1875ILCook CoChicago, Baptist Union Theological Seminary
MinistersJames 1875-1878OHPickaway CoCircleville, Baptist Church
MinistersJames 1889-1892OHWood CoBowling Green, Baptist Church
GraduatesJames Alonzo 1870NYNew York CoNew York City, Union Theological Seminary
ProfessorsJames Alonzo 1873-1877LAOrleans ParishNew Orleans, Straight University
MinistersJames Alonzo 1880-1886MOSt Louis CityCongregational Church
MinistersJames Alonzo 1880-1886MOSt Louis CityPlymouth Congregational Church
MinistersJames Alonzo 1887-1889ILCook CoChicago, Millard Ave Congregational Church
MinistersJames Alonzo 1898-1899ILCook CoBlue Island, Congregational Church
District AttorneysJames B. 1866NYLivingston Co
GraduatesJames Bailie 1856INJefferson CoHanover, Hanover College
GraduatesJames Bailie 1856-1859NJMercer CoPrinceton Theological Seminary
MinistersJames Bailie 1860-1862NJAtlantic CoMays Landing, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames Bailie 1865-1868NYAlbany CoGuilderland, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames Bailie 1868-1872NJHunterdon CoAmwell, Second Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames Bailie 1872-1880DESussex CoGeorgetown, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames Bailie 1880-1886PANorthampton CoPortland, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames Bailie 1880-1886PANorthampton CoUpper Mount Bethel, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames Bailie 1886-1889NJCamden CoAtco, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames Bailie 1889-1890PASchuylkill CoTamaqua, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames Bailie 1893-1900NJAtlantic CoElwood, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames D. 1866-1867NYBroome CoBinghamton, Centenary Methodist Church
MinistersJames D. 1867-1870NYOnondaga CoSyracuse, First Methodist Church
MinistersJames D. 1870-1873NYErie CoBuffalo, Delaware Ave Methodist Church
MinistersJames D. 1877-1878PAErie CoErie, First Methodist Church
MinistersJames D. 1879-1882NYOnondaga CoSyracuse, University Ave Methodist Church
Naval Ship ServiceJames D. 1902USS Alert (AS4)
GraduatesJames Dexter 1868MDAnne Arundel CoAnnapolis, Naval Academy
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1868USS Albany (1869)
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1868USS Gettysburg
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1868USS Yantic
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1869USS Frolic
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1870USS Jamestown
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1871USS Mohican (1859)
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1872USS Independence (1814)
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1873USC&GS Hassler
Other Naval ServiceJames Dexter 1876CASolano CoMare Island, Navy Yard
Other Naval ServiceJames Dexter 1876RINewport CoNewport, Torpedo Station
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1877USS Independence (1814)
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1877USS Pensacola
Other Naval ServiceJames Dexter 1883RINewport CoNewport, Torpedo Station
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1883USS Powhatan (1850)
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1884USS Kearsarge
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1884USS Lancaster
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1887USS Vermont
Other Naval ServiceJames Dexter 1888DCWashingtonNavy Yard
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1889-1891USS Dolphin (PG24)
Other Naval ServiceJames Dexter 1891-1892Hydrographic Office
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1895USS Amphitrite
Naval Ship ServiceJames Dexter 1898USS Yankton
GraduatesJames Edward 1888KSShawnee CoTopeka, Washburn College
GraduatesJames Edward 1894ILCook CoChicago, McCormick Theological Seminary
MissionariesJames Edward 1895-1897South Korea
MinistersJames Franklin 1967NCGranville CoOxford, Corinth Baptist Church
SheriffsJames H. 1889-1891MDCharles Co
StudentsJames Henry 1875-1877NCWake CoWake Forest College
GovernorsJames Hopkins 1854-1856SC
SupervisorsJames I. 1850NYRensselaer CoLansingburgh
SheriffsJames J. 1849ALCherokee Co
MinistersJames Kennedy 1875-1877PAClarion CoWest Monterey, Methodist Church
MinistersJames Kennedy 1877-1879PAElk CoGrant, Methodist Church
MinistersJames Kennedy 1881-1882PAWarren CoColumbus, Methodist Church
MinistersJames Kennedy 1887-1890PAClarion CoCallensburg, Methodist Church
MinistersJames Kennedy 1887-1890PAClarion CoWest Freedom, Methodist Church
MinistersJames Kennedy 1896-1898PAJefferson CoBig Run, St Phillips Methodist Church
MinistersJames Kennedy 1898-1901PAElk CoGlen Hazel, Methodist Church
MinistersJames Kennedy 1901-1904PAJefferson CoHazen, Methodist Church
MinistersJames Kennedy 1901-1904PAJefferson CoMunderf, Zion Methodist Church
MinistersJames Kennedy 1904-1906PAForest CoMarienville, Methodist Church
MinistersJames Kennedy 1906-1908PAClarion CoCurllsville, Methodist Church
MinistersJames Kennedy 1908-1910PAJefferson CoLangville, Methodist Church
MinistersJames Kennedy 1908-1910PAJefferson CoRinggold, Methodist Church
MinistersJames Kennedy 1912-1913NYChautauqua CoFrewsburg, Methodist Church
Naval Ship ServiceJames M. 1859USS Roanoke (1855)
Naval Ship ServiceJames M. 1865USS Ossipee (1861)
County ClerksJames M. 1906-1910INHendricks Co
TrusteesJames M. H. 1838-1851NCMecklenburg CoDavidson College
GraduatesJames McKee 1910NCWake CoWake Forest College
GraduatesJames McKee 1910-1911PADelaware CoCrozer Theological Seminary
MinistersJames McKee 1911-1913MDBaltimore CoHereford, Baptist Church
GraduatesJames Osgood 1843NHGrafton CoHanover, Dartmouth College
TeachersJames Osgood 1843-1845VTCaledonia CoLyndon Academy
PostmastersJames Q. 1834MIMonroe CoMonroe
MayorsJames Q. 1838MIMonroe CoMonroe
MinistersJames S. 1811-1840SCYork CoClover, Bethel Presbyterian Church
GraduatesJames, Jr. 1913-1914PAAllegheny CoPittsburgh, Western Theological Seminary

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Most Recent Entries
15MinistersBahamas, , Abaco, Methodist Church
9MinistersBahamas, , Eleuthera, First Methodist Church
9MinistersBahamas, , Eleuthera, Second Methodist Church
19MinistersBahamas, , Harbour Island, Methodist Church
5MinistersBarbados, , Ebenezer Methodist Church
6MinistersBarbados, , First Methodist Church
7MinistersBarbados, , James Street Methodist Church
9MinistersChina, , Canton, East Methodist Church
11MinistersChina, , Canton, West Methodist Church
536SheriffsEngland, Bedford
51Rectors & VicarsEngland, Bedford, Leighton Buzzard, All Saints Church
47Rectors & VicarsEngland, Bedford, Luton, St Marys Church
61Deans (Religious)England, Berkshire, Windsor Castle, St Georges Chapel
53Rectors & VicarsEngland, Buckinghamshire, Dorney, St James the Less Church
33Deans (Religious)England, Cheshire, Chester, Chester Cathedral
36Rectors & VicarsEngland, Cornwall, Tintagel, Parish Church
38Deans (Religious)England, Cumberland, Carlisle, Carlisle Cathedral
32MinistersEngland, Cumberland, Carlisle, Methodist Church
15MinistersEngland, Derbyshire, Derby, King Street Methodist Church
16MinistersEngland, Devon, Collumpton, Unitarian Church
23MinistersEngland, Devon, Colyton, Unitarian Church
26MinistersEngland, Devon, Crediton, Unitarian Church
36MinistersEngland, Devon, Devonport, Methodist Church
14MinistersEngland, Devon, Exeter, Georges Presbyterian Church
7MinistersEngland, Devon, Honiton, Unitarian Church
15MinistersEngland, Devon, Moretonhampstead, Cross Chapel Presbyterian Church
5MinistersEngland, Devon, Moretonhampstead, Fore Street Baptist Church
39Rectors & VicarsEngland, Devon, Ottery St Mary, St Marys Church
24MinistersEngland, Devon, Plymouth, Unitarian Church
28MinistersEngland, Devon, Sidmouth, Unitarian Church
22MinistersEngland, Devon, Tavistock, Congregational Church
19MinistersEngland, Dorset, Bridport, Unitarian Church
10MinistersEngland, Dorset, Dorchester, Presbyterian Church
42Rectors & VicarsEngland, Dorset, Fordington, St Georges Church
19MinistersEngland, Dorset, Poole, Unitarian Church
35Deans (Religious)England, Durham, Durham Cathedral
434SheriffsEngland, Essex
14MinistersEngland, Essex, Great Bentley, Methodist Church
36MinistersEngland, Gloucestershire, Bristol, King Street Methodist Church
16MinistersEngland, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Lewins Mead Presbyterian Church
44Rectors & VicarsEngland, Gloucestershire, Bristol, St Mary The Virgin Church
11MinistersEngland, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Wesley Methodist Church
14MinistersEngland, Gloucestershire, Cirencester, Presbyterian Church
19MinistersEngland, Gloucestershire, Frenchay, Unitarian Church
23MinistersEngland, Gloucestershire, Gloucester, Presbyterian Church
41Rectors & VicarsEngland, Gloucestershire, Kempley, St Marys Church
12MinistersEngland, Gloucestershire, Marshfield, Presbyterian Church
33Rectors & VicarsEngland, Gloucestershire, Stroud, St Laurences Church
50Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hampshire, Barton Stacey, All Saints Church
25Rectors & VicarsEngland, Herefordshire, Canon Pyon, St Laurences Church
31MinistersEngland, Herefordshire, Hereford, Methodist Church
49Rectors & VicarsEngland, Hertfordshire, Bishops Stortford, St Michaels Church
21MinistersEngland, Hertfordshire, Hertford, Methodist Church
28MinistersEngland, Kent, Canterbury, Methodist Church
24Rectors & VicarsEngland, Kent, Isle of Sheppey, Abbey Church
30Rectors & VicarsEngland, Lancashire, Blackburn, St Marys Church
12Deans (Religious)England, Lancashire, Manchester Cathedral
33MinistersEngland, Leicestershire, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Methodist Church
29MinistersEngland, Lincolnshire, Grimsby, George Street Methodist Church
29MinistersEngland, Middlesex, Bromley, Methodist Church
713MayorsEngland, Middlesex, London
74SheriffsEngland, Middlesex, London
42Town ClerksEngland, Middlesex, London
11OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Andrew Undershaft Church
20Rectors & VicarsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Andrew Undershaft Church
10OrganistsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Brides Fleet Street Church
70Rectors & VicarsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Brides Fleet Street Church
39Rectors & VicarsEngland, Middlesex, London, St Dunstans In The West
32Deans (Religious)England, Middlesex, London, Westminster Abbey
30MinistersEngland, Northumberland, Alnwick, Methodist Church
34Rectors & VicarsEngland, Nottinghamshire, Worksop Priory
51Rectors & VicarsEngland, Oxfordshire, Buckland, All Saints Church
3MinistersEngland, Somerset, Ashwick, Presbyterian Church
15MinistersEngland, Somerset, Bath, Presbyterian Church
22MinistersEngland, Somerset, Bridgwater, Presbyterian Church
14MinistersEngland, Somerset, Crewkerne, Unitarian Church
24MinistersEngland, Somerset, Ilminster, Unitarian Church
24MinistersEngland, Somerset, Shepton Mallet, Unitarian Church
13MinistersEngland, Somerset, Taunton, Mary Street Baptist Church
26MinistersEngland, Somerset, Yeovil, Presbyterian Church
22MinistersEngland, Staffordshire, Bilston, Methodist Church
34MinistersEngland, Suffolk, Bury St Edmunds, Methodist Church
24Rectors & VicarsEngland, Surrey, Capel, Parish Church
26MinistersEngland, Warwickshire, Coventry, Methodist Church
50Rectors & VicarsEngland, Warwickshire, Leek Wootton, All Saints Church
7MinistersEngland, Wiltshire, Bradford, Grove Presbyterian Church
5MinistersEngland, Wiltshire, Calne, Presbyterian Church
13MinistersEngland, Wiltshire, Trowbridge, Conigre Unitarian Church
21MinistersEngland, Wiltshire, Warminster, Presbyterian Church
46Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Aldborough, St Andrews Church
51Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Alne, St Helens Church
35Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Ampleforth, St Hildas Church
39Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Appleton le Street, All Saints Church
42Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Appleton le Street, St Helens Church
46Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Bishopsthorpe, St Andrews Church
54Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Boroughbridge, St James Church
39Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Boynton, St Andrews Church
36Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Burton Pidsea, St Peters Church
14Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Cawthorne, All Saints Church
28Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Clapham, St James Church
41Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Conisborough, St Peters Church
27Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Coxwold, St Michaels Church
29MinistersEngland, Yorkshire, Driffield, Methodist Church
30Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Easby, St Agathas Church
37Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Easingwold, St Johns Church
33Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Flamborough, St Oswald Church
46Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Gargrave, St Andrews Church
42Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Giggleswick, St Alkedas Church
42Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Great Driffield, All Saints Church
36Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Grinton, St Andrews Church
48Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Helmsley, All Saints Church
50Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Hemingbrough, St Marys Church
38Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Hubberholme, St Marys Church
27Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Ingleby Greenhow, St Andrews Church
33Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Kirby Hill, All Saints Church
47Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Kirby Wharfe, St Johns Church
36Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Kirbymoorside, All Saints Church
31Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Laughton en le Morthen, All Saints Church
47Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Lythe, St Oswalds Church
22Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Malton, St Michaels Church
52Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Market Weighton, All Saints Church
21Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Old Malton, St Marys Church
23Deans (Religious)England, Yorkshire, Ripon Cathedral
49Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Scarborough, St Marys Church
35Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Skipwith, St Helens Church
38Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Sledmere, St Marys Church
37Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Stillington, St Nicholas Church
29Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Thirsk, St Marys Church
51Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Wath upon Dearne, All Saints Church
39Rectors & VicarsEngland, Yorkshire, Wharram, St Marys Church
67Deans (Religious)England, Yorkshire, York, York Minster
7MinistersFrance, Pas-de-Calais, Calais, Methodist Church
10MinistersGhana, , Accra, Methodist Church
24MinistersGhana, , Cape Coast, Methodist Church
5MinistersHonduras, , Corozal, Methodist Church
14MinistersIndia, , Barrackpur, Methodist Church
11MinistersIndia, , Calcutta, Methodist Church
19MinistersIndia, , Gubbi, Methodist Church
15MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Antrim, Methodist Church
14MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Ballymena, Methodist Church
7MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Belfast, Agnes St Methodist Church
12MinistersIreland, Antrim Co, Carrickfergus, Methodist Church
29MinistersIreland, Armagh Co, Armagh, Methodist Church
17MinistersIreland, Armagh Co, Charlemont, Methodist Church
30MinistersIreland, Carlow Co, Carlow, Methodist Church
6MinistersIreland, Cavan Co, Bailieborough, Methodist Church
22MinistersIreland, Cavan Co, Cavan, Methodist Church
21MinistersIreland, Cavan Co, Cootehill, Methodist Church
17MinistersIreland, Cork Co, Bandon, Methodist Church
6MinistersIreland, Cork Co, Bantry, Methodist Church
24MinistersIreland, Cork Co, Clonakilty, Methodist Church
11MinistersIreland, Cork Co, Cork, Patrick Street Methodist Church
8MinistersIreland, Donegal Co, Ardara, Methodist Church
29MinistersIreland, Donegal Co, Ballyshannon, Methodist Church
9MinistersIreland, Down Co, Banbridge, Methodist Church
16MinistersIreland, Down Co, Downpatrick, Methodist Church
33MinistersIreland, Dublin Co, Dublin, Abbey Street Methodist Church
11MinistersIreland, Dublin Co, Dublin, Centenary Methodist Church
6MinistersIreland, Dublin Co, Dublin, Cork Street Methodist Church
10MinistersIreland, Galway Co, Ballinasloe, Methodist Church
6MinistersIreland, Galway Co, Clifden, Methodist Church
17MinistersIreland, Laois Co, Abbeyleix, Methodist Church
20MinistersIreland, Leitrim Co, Drumshambo, Methodist Church
11MinistersIreland, Limerick Co, Adare, Methodist Church
14MinistersIreland, Mayo Co, Castlebar, Methodist Church
7MinistersIreland, Monaghan Co, Castleblaney, Methodist Church
9MinistersIreland, Tipperary Co, Clonmel, Methodist Church
17MinistersIreland, Tipperary Co, Cloughjordan, Methodist Church
32MinistersIreland, Tyrone Co, Castlederg, Methodist Church
10MinistersIreland, Tyrone Co, Cookstown, Methodist Church
10MinistersIreland, Westmeath Co, Athlone, Methodist Church
11MinistersIreland, Wicklow Co, Arklow, Methodist Church
27MinistersIsle of Man, , Castletown, Methodist Church
8MinistersJamaica, , Grateful Hill, Methodist Church
11MinistersNigeria, , Abeokuta, Methodist Church
48MinistersScotland, Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen, Methodist Church
16MinistersScotland, East Lothian, Dunbar, Methodist Church
15MinistersScotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Cathcart Road Methodist Church
19MinistersScotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Claremont Street Methodist Church
8MinistersScotland, Lanarkshire, Glasgow, John Street Methodist Church
42MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Edinburgh, Methodist Church
6MinistersScotland, Mid-Lothian, Edinburgh, Nicholson Square Methodist Church
7MinistersScotland, Shetland, Dunrossness, Methodist Church
5MinistersSouth Africa, , Edendale, Methodist Church
10MinistersSouth Africa, , Grahamstown, Methodist Church
4MinistersSpain, Balearic Isles, Methodist Church
4MinistersSpain, Catalonia, Barcelona, Methodist Church
15MinistersSri Lanka, , Batticaloa, Methodist Church
12MinistersSri Lanka, , Colombo, North Methodist Church
57MinistersWales, Caernarvonshire, Carnarvon, Methodist Church
9MinistersWales, Cardiganshire, Aberayron, Methodist Church
28MinistersWales, Cardiganshire, Aberystwyth, Methodist Church
27MinistersWales, Denbighshire, Abergele, Methodist Church
10MinistersWales, Denbighshire, Denbigh, Methodist Church
42MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Aberdare, Methodist Church
25MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Cardiff, Loudoun Square Methodist Church
11MinistersWales, Glamorgan, Ferndale, Methodist Church
24MinistersWales, Merionethshire, Dolgelly, Methodist Church
20MinistersWales, Monmouthshire, Abergavenny, Methodist Church
8MinistersWales, Monmouthshire, Chepstow, Methodist Church

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09 Sep 2019Vestiges of Protestant Dissent1,3701,370
09 Sep 2019Presbyterian and General Baptist Churches in West England317317
07 Sep 2019Wesleyan Methodist ministers of British Conferences9,2349,234
05 Sep 2019Alne, St Helens Church5151
05 Sep 2019Market Weighton, All Saints Church5252
04 Sep 2019London, St Bride Fleet Street Church7070
04 Sep 2019Boroughbridge, St James Church5454
04 Sep 2019Hemingbrough, St Marys Church5050
04 Sep 2019Barton Stacey, All Saints Church5050
04 Sep 2019Wath upon Dearne, All Saints Church5151
04 Sep 2019Dorney, St James the Less Church5353
04 Sep 2019Leek Wootton, All Saints Church5050
03 Sep 2019Buckland, All Saints Church5151
03 Sep 2019Leighton Buzzard, All Saints Church5151
02 Sep 2019High Sheriffs of England970970
31 Aug 2019London7474
31 Aug 2019London713713
30 Aug 2019Deans in the Church of England1,2091,209
30 Aug 2019Chichester7777
30 Aug 2019List of Bishops in England & Ireland1,4241,424
28 Aug 2019added 'Rector' and 'Organist' types, UK Bishops
27 Aug 2019Dictionary of Organs and Organists5050
26 Aug 2019Musicians at English Cathedrals611
23 Aug 2019Barton Seagrave, St Botolphs Church51
23 Aug 2019Hastingleigh Church72
23 Aug 2019Berkhamstead, St Peters Church57
23 Aug 2019London, St Botolph Without Bishopsgate68
22 Aug 2019Odell, All Saints Church50
22 Aug 2019Eyam, St Lawrence Church76
22 Aug 2019Loughborough, All Saints Church50
18 Aug 2019Huggate, St Marys Church52
18 Aug 2019London, St Catherine Coleman Church62
28 Jul 2019The history of the Chaplain Corps, United States Navy1,667
22 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 19151,824
21 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 19131,603
19 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 19111,430
17 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 19091,625
12 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 19051,142
11 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 1852470
11 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 19021,041
10 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 1848614
09 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 1859539
09 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 1854531
06 Jul 2019Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 18642,704
05 Jul 2019Officers of the Navy (Early)303
04 Jul 2019Officers of Navy Yards, Vessels, 18654,693
03 Jul 2019Naval Officers of the War of 1812424
30 Jun 2019Register of the Navy, 1816-18365,466
28 Jun 2019Records of Living Officers of the US Navy, 18981,000
23 Jun 2019Officers in the Confederate States Navy, 1861-18651,581
19 Jun 2019Records of Living Officers of the US Navy, 18802,393
07 Jun 2019United States Naval Academy2,251
03 Jun 2019Records of Living Officers of the US Navy, 189410,306
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01 Jun 2019Zeta Psi Fraternity, 1847-1899173
31 May 2019Illinois Wesleyan University Historical Sketch, 1857-1895923
31 May 2019Kenyon College Catalogue, 1825-1872350
27 May 2019Ohio Wesleyan University, 1844-18941,003
17 May 2019North Texas State Teachers College Catalog115
16 May 2019University of Texas Record218