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Historical Record Lists
TeachersEzra 1841-1845MEWashington CoEast Machias, Washington Academy
PrincipalsAlbert Barney 1893-1898NHStrafford CoFarmington, High School
TeachersFrederic Henry 1900CTNew London CoBlack Hall
TeachersJohn Thomas 1842-1844CTLitchfield CoCornwall
TeachersJohn Perkins 1861-1862MAFranklin CoConway
PrincipalsWilliam Pitt 1853-1855MEKennebec CoHallowell Academy
TeachersRalph King 1900-1901MASuffolk CoRoxbury
TeachersWilliam Martin 1861-1863MANorfolk CoMilton
PrincipalsWilliam Lowell 1897-1900MEAroostook CoFort Fairfield, High School
PrincipalsWilliam Lowell 1900-1902MESomerset CoSkowhegan, High School
PrincipalsDennis Evarts 1893-1898MEKennebec CoWaterville, High School
TeachersAlbion Hale 1897MAEssex CoLynn
TeachersGeorge Monroe 1897-1898MEWashington CoEast Machias, Washington Academy
PrincipalsHenry Purchis 1854-1856MEWashington CoCherryfield Academy
TeachersOrie Olivia 1898-1899VTOrleans CoDerby Academy
TeachersClark Tinkham 1894-1897WIDodge CoBeaver Dam, Wayland Academy
TeachersHenry Aaron 1861-1862CTHartford CoBerlin
PrincipalsAlmon Whitney 1875-1883MEKennebec CoHallowell Academy
PrincipalsAugustus Marion 1880-1881MEWashington CoCherryfield Academy
TeachersSteven Tracy 1896-1898NJWarren CoBelvidere
PrincipalsFred Irving 1871-1872MEWashington CoCherryfield Academy
TeachersGilman Hutchins 1904-1905MEPenobscot CoBrewer
PrincipalsAugustus 1863MEKennebec CoChina Academy
PrincipalsHenry Lewis 1856MESomerset CoAnson Academy
TeachersHenry Lewis 1860-1861SCCharleston CoCharleston
PrincipalsHenry George 1904-1907MEWaldo CoFreedom Academy
TeachersEdwin Buxton 1890-1891CTNew London CoBlack Hall
PrincipalsStephen 1840-1844MESomerset CoSkowhegan, Bloomfield Academy
PrincipalsEdward John 1892-1895VTRutland CoRutland, High School
TeachersBezaleel 1811-1815MECumberland CoBridgton
PrincipalsWalter Isidoro 1878-1879MEKennebec CoChina Academy
TeachersAmi Louis 1907-1908MEWashington CoCalais
TeachersJohn William 1860-1861IAPolk CoDes Moines
TeachersSamuel Fuller 1838-1840MECumberland CoYarmouth Academy
PrincipalsJosiah Hayden 1846-1848MEKennebec CoChina Academy
PrincipalsHoratio Russ 1887MEAndroscoggin CoLivermore Falls, High School
PrincipalsReuben Wesley 1868-1870MEPenobscot CoEast Corinth Academy
TeachersAlfred Brewster 1837-1838NCCumberland CoFayetteville
PrincipalsSabine 1860-1861MEWashington CoEastport, High School
TeachersAnna Hortense 1903-1906MAMiddlesex CoWatertown
PrincipalsWendall Omar 1879-1881MEYork CoBiddeford, High School
PrincipalsJohn Barton 1844-1845MEKennebec CoChina Academy
TeachersNathan Grant 1893-1894MEFranklin CoFarmington
TeachersWilliam Trumbower 1901-1905NJWarren CoBelvidere
TeachersPhilip Ramon 1914MECumberland CoBridgton
PrincipalsMelville Chase 1898-1902MEYork CoKennebunk, High School
TeachersFrederic Tower 1894-1896WIDodge CoBeaver Dam, Wayland Academy
TeachersGeorge Redman 1901-1903MEPenobscot CoBrewer
PrincipalsEverett Lamont 1896-1898MEWashington CoLubec, High School
PrincipalsWillard Packard 1895-1905MEAroostook CoCaribou, High School
TeachersMoses 1843NCWake CoRaleigh
TeachersSophia May 1884-1887PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia
TeachersJames Woods 1875-1877NJWarren CoBelvidere
TeachersCharles 1879-1880PACentre CoBellefonte Academy
TeachersEmil Otto Carl 1905-1907MEWashington CoEast Machias, Washington Academy
PrincipalsBlanchard Fossett 1895-1896MEKnox CoSouth Thomaston, High School
PrincipalsCarl 1909-1912MEAroostook CoPresque Isle, High School
PrincipalsWallace Floyd 1910-1912MEWaldo CoFreedom Academy
PrincipalsWarren William 1906-1908MESomerset CoHartland Academy
TeachersHiram Ebenezer 1853-1855CTHartford CoBerlin
PrincipalsMerritt Austin 1883-1886MEKnox CoSouth Thomaston, High School
TeachersMillard Fillmore 1877VTWindham CoSaxtons River
TeachersAdelbert Orland 1902-1904MEWashington CoEast Machias, Washington Academy
PrincipalsBurr Frank 1907-1909MEKennebec CoWaterville, High School
PrincipalsRandall Elvin 1861-1862MEKennebec CoWaterville Academy
PrincipalsWilliam Hunt 1878-1879MEKnox CoSouth Thomaston, High School
PrincipalsWilliam Hunt 1879-1880MEWashington CoCherryfield, High School
PrincipalsWilliam Hunt 1880-1881MELincoln CoNewcastle, Lincoln Academy
TeachersHiram Huntington 1868-1869IAPolk CoDes Moines
PrincipalsCarl Clinton 1880-1882MEAroostook CoCaribou, High School
TeachersFranklin Pierce 1885-1886MECumberland CoBridgton
PrincipalsWilliam Smith 1864-1865MEPiscataquis CoFoxcroft Academy
PrincipalsWilliam Smith 1886-1896MEAroostook CoCaribou, High School
PrincipalsWilliam Henry 1867-1869MEHancock CoCastine, High School
PrincipalsCyrus Wesley 1854-1855MESomerset CoSkowhegan, Bloomfield Academy
PrincipalsCharles Frederic 1893-1894MEKennebec CoWaterville, High School
PrincipalsArab Erastus 1902-1905MEWaldo CoFreedom Academy
PrincipalsNelson Allen 1865-1870MEWaldo CoFreedom Academy
PrincipalsSamuel Keene 1898MEKennebec CoWaterville, High School
PrincipalsWilliam Withington 1879-1880MEWashington CoLubec, High School
PrincipalsWilliam Withington 1881-1885MEOxford CoHebron Academy
PrincipalsEdward Payson 1834-1835MEKennebec CoHallowell Academy
TeachersGeorge Arthur 1863-1864MABarnstable CoHyannis
TeachersJohn Frank 1869-1871MECumberland CoYarmouth Academy
TeachersCharles 1839-1845MAMiddlesex CoLowell
TeachersErederick 1851-1854VTOrleans CoDerby Academy
TeachersFrederick John 1899-1907WIDodge CoBeaver Dam, Wayland Academy
TeachersAlbert Ernest 1908-1910IAPolk CoDes Moines
TeachersSamuel French 1887-1888PAPhiladelphia CoGermantown
PrincipalsRansom 1861MEPenobscot CoCorinna Academy
PrincipalsRansom 1861-1862MEPenobscot CoOld Town, High School
PrincipalsLincoln 1889-1893MEKennebec CoWaterville, High School
TeachersHenry 1825VTWindsor CoWindsor
PrincipalsHenry 1835-1844MEKennebec CoChina Academy
TeachersBurleigh 1880MEPenobscot CoBangor
TeachersHenry Allen 1885-1887PALycoming CoWilliamsport, Dickinson Seminary
PrincipalsCharles Norman 1893-1899MEAroostook CoPresque Isle, High School
PrincipalsJames Madison 1896-1897MEOxford CoParis Hill Academy
TeachersMabel Maude 1907-1908VTOrleans CoDerby Academy
TeachersGeorge Franklin 1876-1878MEPenobscot CoBrewer
PrincipalsClarence William 1906-1908MEWashington CoCherryfield Academy
PrincipalsStanley Thomas 1864-1865MEPiscataquis CoFoxcroft Academy
TeachersWilliam Moor 1882MEAndroscoggin CoAuburn
PrincipalsJoshua 1826MEPiscataquis CoFoxcroft Academy
PrincipalsClyde Earle 1909-1910MEWaldo CoFreedom Academy
TeachersJohn Peabody 1870CTHartford CoBerlin
TeachersElizabeth Mabel 1907-1908MECumberland CoYarmouth Academy
PrincipalsJunius Everett 1899-1902MEAroostook CoPresque Isle, High School
PrincipalsAlbert 1893-1894MEKnox CoSouth Thomaston, High School
TeachersWarren Eastman 1911MAMiddlesex CoWatertown
TeachersAlbert Moore 1906-1907MEWashington CoCalais
PrincipalsWilliam Henry 1832-1835MEPiscataquis CoFoxcroft Academy
TeachersFenton Craig 1895-1896VTWindham CoSaxtons River
PrincipalsEugene Lester 1890-1895MEPiscataquis CoFoxcroft Academy
PrincipalsEugene Lester 1895-1896MEPenobscot CoDexter, High School
PrincipalsGeorge Anson 1836-1837MEWaldo CoFreedom Academy
PrincipalsHenry Allen 1854-1855MEKennebec CoWaterville, High School
PrincipalsJudson Wade 1858-1859MESomerset CoNorth Anson Academy
PrincipalsGeorge Willard 1893-1898MEKennebec CoHallowell, High School
PrincipalsAlbion Keith Parris 1849-1851MEOxford CoHebron Academy
PrincipalsEdward Hawes 1876-1884MEKennebec CoWaterville, High School
PrincipalsJonathan Godfrey 1857-1859MESomerset CoHartland Academy
PrincipalsJonathan Godfrey 1867-1871MEPiscataquis CoFoxcroft Academy
PrincipalsPeleg William 1913-1915MESomerset CoHartland Academy
PrincipalsCarlton Beecher 1883MEHancock CoEllsworth, High School
PrincipalsGeorge Henry 1892-1893MEAroostook CoFort Fairfield, High School
TeachersRandall Leroy 1911MAMiddlesex CoWatertown
PrincipalsArthur Milton 1901-1906MEHancock CoBar Harbor, High School
TeachersBeatrice Cooper 1908WIDodge CoBeaver Dam, Wayland Academy
PrincipalsThomas Cox 1899-1904MEWashington CoCherryfield Academy
PrincipalsDavid Sawyer 1848-1851MEPenobscot CoEast Corinth Academy
PrincipalsChester Clinton 1909-1910MEAroostook CoCaribou, High School
PrincipalsHiram Chaney 1860-1861MEKennebec CoHallowell, High School
TeachersCharles Frederick 1857-1858MAMiddlesex CoWatertown
TeachersLoe Abigail 1907NYMadison CoCazenovia Seminary
TeachersNewman D. 1903-1904NYMadison CoCazenovia Seminary
TeachersVersal Jesse 1849-1850VTWindham CoSaxtons River
PrincipalsVersal Jesse 1850-1852MEKennebec CoChina Academy
PrincipalsVersal Jesse 1852-1854MEPenobscot CoEast Corinth Academy
TeachersCranmore 1830-1835SCChesterfield CoCheraw
PrincipalsHarry Thornton 1896-1903MEPenobscot CoOld Town, High School
TeachersEdgar 1848-1853MEWashington CoCalais
PrincipalsOzias 1863MEKennebec CoChina Academy
PrincipalsOzias 1865-1870MEWashington CoEastport, High School
TeachersWillmm Norman 1856-1857VTWindham CoSaxtons River
PrincipalsJames Sullivan 1836-1838MEPiscataquis CoFoxcroft Academy
TeachersCharles Adams 1888-1892CTNew London CoBlack Hall
PrincipalsWilliam Ellery 1907-1909MEAroostook CoPresque Isle, High School
PrincipalsJames Hervey 1846-1854MEKennebec CoHallowell Academy
PrincipalsGeorge Franklin 1878-1880MESomerset CoHartland Academy

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Most Recent Entries
13MinistersCA, Alameda Co, Oakland, Congregational Church
3PrincipalsCO, Denver Co, Denver
24MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Bridgeport, Congregational Church
4MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Bridgeport, Park Street Congregational Church
6TeachersCT, Fairfield Co, Greenwich Academy
14MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Greenwich, Congregational Church
4TeachersCT, Fairfield Co, Greenwich, High School
16MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Huntington, Congregational Church
5MinistersCT, Hartford Co, North Manchester, Congregational Church
11MinistersCT, Hartford Co, South Glastonbury, Congregational Church
8MinistersCT, Hartford Co, Windsor Locks, Congregational Church
10MinistersCT, Litchfield Co, Wolcottville, Congregational Church
19MinistersCT, Middlesex Co, Chester, Congregational Church
4PrincipalsCT, New Haven Co, Ansonia, High School
9MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Madison, Congregational Church
28MinistersCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Congregational Church
1071GraduatesCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Yale Theological Seminary
14MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Wallingford, Congregational Church
8MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, Second Congregational Church
10MinistersCT, New London Co, Norwich, Congregational Church
17PhysiciansDC, Washington
2MinistersDC, Washington, Church of the Epiphany
50MinistersDC, Washington, Foundry United Methodist Church
33MinistersDC, Washington, Georgetown, Methodist Church
6MinistersDC, Washington, Grace Methodist Church
3MinistersDC, Washington, Gunton Temple Memorial Presbyterian Church
4MinistersDC, Washington, Hamline Methodist Church
3MinistersDC, Washington, Metropolitan Methodist Church
3MinistersDC, Washington, Mt Pleasant Congregational Church
13MinistersDC, Washington, Rock Creek Church
5MinistersDC, Washington, Union Methodist Church
6MinistersDC, Washington, Wesley Chapel Methodist Church
4PrincipalsDE, Sussex Co, Georgetown Academy
9MinistersIA, Johnson Co, Iowa City, Congregational Church
3PrincipalsIA, Lee Co, Denmark Academy
7MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Plymouth Congregational Church
4MinistersIL, Kendall Co, Newark, Congregational Church
6MinistersIL, Rock Island Co, Moline, Congregational Church
7MinistersMA, Berkshire Co, Otis, Congregational Church
6MinistersMA, Berkshire Co, Pittsfield, South Congregational Church
3PrincipalsMA, Essex Co, Essex, High School
6MinistersMA, Essex Co, Georgetown, Congregational Church
4PrincipalsMA, Essex Co, Newbury, Dummer Academy
22MinistersMA, Essex Co, Topsfield, Congregational Church
4PrincipalsMA, Franklin Co, Conway, High School
10MinistersMA, Franklin Co, Greenfield, Congregational Church
8MinistersMA, Hampden Co, Chicopee, Baptist Church
13MinistersMA, Hampden Co, Holyoke, Second Congregational Church
15MinistersMA, Hampden Co, Southwick, Congregational Church
3PrincipalsMA, Hampshire Co, Easthampton, Williston Seminary
4PrincipalsMA, Middlesex Co, Ashby, High School
5PrincipalsMA, Middlesex Co, Ashland, High School
12MinistersMA, Middlesex Co, Billerica, Congregational Church
4PrincipalsMA, Middlesex Co, Marlborough
4TeachersMA, Norfolk Co, Brookline, High School
4MinistersMA, Plymouth Co, Brockton, South Congregational Church
7MinistersMA, Plymouth Co, North Abington, Congregational Church
8MinistersMA, Plymouth Co, Rockland, Congregational Church
40MinistersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Baptist Church
4TeachersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, English High School
3PrincipalsMA, Suffolk Co, Chelsea, Grammar School
3PrincipalsMA, Worcester Co, Dudley, Nichols Academy
7MinistersMA, Worcester Co, Fitchburg, Calvinistic Congregational Church
9PrincipalsMA, Worcester Co, Leicester Academy
4PrincipalsMA, Worcester Co, Milford, High School
4PrincipalsMA, Worcester Co, Uxbridge Academy
4PrincipalsMA, Worcester Co, Uxbridge, High School
9PrincipalsMA, Worcester Co, Worcester Academy
28TeachersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester Academy
6PrincipalsMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, High School
3PrincipalsME, Androscoggin Co, Auburn
7PrincipalsME, Androscoggin Co, Auburn, Edward Little High School
9PrincipalsME, Androscoggin Co, Lewiston Falls Academy
13PrincipalsME, Androscoggin Co, Lewiston, High School
5PrincipalsME, Androscoggin Co, Livermore Falls, High School
17PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Bridgton Academy
7PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Bridgton, High School
3PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Brunswick
6PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Brunswick, High School
8PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Cumberland, Greeley Institute
3PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, Gorham Academy
12PrincipalsME, Cumberland Co, North Yarmouth Academy
8MinistersME, Cumberland Co, Portland, Baptist Church
5PrincipalsME, Hancock Co, Ellsworth, High School
5PrincipalsME, Kennebec Co, Augusta
9MinistersME, Kennebec Co, Augusta, Congregational Church
4PrincipalsME, Kennebec Co, Augusta, High School
16PrincipalsME, Kennebec Co, Gardiner, High School
14PrincipalsME, Kennebec Co, Litchfield Academy
11PrincipalsME, Kennebec Co, Monmouth Academy
8PrincipalsME, Knox Co, Rockland, High School
11MinistersME, Knox Co, Thomaston, Congregational Church
6PrincipalsME, Lincoln Co, Boothbay, High School
7PrincipalsME, Lincoln Co, Waldoboro, High School
6MinistersME, Oxford Co, Bethel, Congregational Church
19PrincipalsME, Oxford Co, Bethel, Gould Academy
3PrincipalsME, Oxford Co, Brownfield, High School
15PrincipalsME, Oxford Co, Fryeburg Academy
10MinistersME, Oxford Co, Fryeburg, Congregational Church
3PrincipalsME, Penobscot Co, Bangor
3PrincipalsME, Penobscot Co, Bangor, High School
3PrincipalsME, Piscataquis Co, Abbot, High School
19PrincipalsME, Piscataquis Co, Foxcroft Academy
10PrincipalsME, Sagadahoc Co, Richmond, High School
11MinistersME, Sagadahoc Co, Topsham, Congregational Church
7MinistersME, Somerset Co, Madison, Congregational Church
8PrincipalsME, Somerset Co, Pittsfield, Maine Central Institute
5MinistersME, Waldo Co, Searsport, Congregational Church
7MinistersME, Washington Co, Calais, Congregational Church
8PrincipalsME, Washington Co, Calais, High School
3PrincipalsME, Washington Co, Danforth, High School
3PrincipalsME, Washington Co, Eastport, High School
14MinistersME, Washington Co, Robbinston, Congregational Church
4PrincipalsME, Washington Co, Vanceboro, High School
18PrincipalsME, York Co, Alfred, High School
3PrincipalsME, York Co, Berwick, High School
3PrincipalsME, York Co, Biddeford
6PrincipalsME, York Co, Biddeford, High School
17PrincipalsME, York Co, Limerick Academy
18MinistersME, York Co, Limerick, Baptist Church
6MinistersME, York Co, Shapleigh, Baptist Church
5PhysiciansME, York Co, Waterboro
7MinistersME, York Co, Waterboro, Baptist Church
10MinistersME, York Co, York, Congregational Church
3PrincipalsMI, Wayne Co, Detroit
3MinistersMT, Yellowstone Co, Billings, Baptist Church
5MinistersNE, Boone Co, Albion, Baptist Church
5MinistersNH, Belknap Co, Barnstead, Congregational Church
12PrincipalsNH, Belknap Co, Gilmanton Academy
5TeachersNH, Belknap Co, New Hampton
7MinistersNH, Carroll Co, Effingham, Baptist Church
3PrincipalsNH, Coos Co, Berlin, HIgh School
3PrincipalsNH, Coos Co, Colebrook Academy
5PrincipalsNH, Coos Co, Gorham
5TeachersNH, Grafton Co, Hanover
9TeachersNH, Grafton Co, Lebanon
10PrincipalsNH, Hillsborough Co, Francestown Academy
8TeachersNH, Hillsborough Co, Manchester
3PrincipalsNH, Merrimack Co, Concord, High School
6PrincipalsNH, Rockingham Co, Derry, Pinkerton Academy
3PrincipalsNH, Rockingham Co, Exeter
5PrincipalsNH, Rockingham Co, Hampton Academy
27MinistersNH, Strafford Co, Dover, Baptist Church
7PrincipalsNH, Strafford Co, Farmington, High School
7MinistersNH, Strafford Co, Strafford, Baptist Church
10PrincipalsNH, Sullivan Co, Meriden, Kimball Union Academy
5TeachersNH, Sullivan Co, Newport
6TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Montclair Academy
7TeachersNJ, Essex Co, Orange, High School
4PrincipalsNJ, Middlesex Co, Rahway, High School
4MinistersNJ, Warren Co, Montana, Baptist Church
8PrincipalsNY, Cayuga Co, Auburn, High School
4PrincipalsNY, Chautauqua Co, Jamestown, High School
4MinistersNY, Chenango Co, Columbus, Congregational Church
5MinistersNY, Chenango Co, Pitcher, Congregational Church
7MinistersNY, Essex Co, Wadhams Mills, Congregational Church
3PrincipalsNY, Jefferson Co, Belleville Academy
3MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Hanson Place Baptist Church
3PrincipalsNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, High School
7MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Lewis Ave Congregational Church
4PrincipalsNY, Monroe Co, Rochester
3PrincipalsNY, Montgomery Co, Canajoharie, High School
7MinistersNY, Nassau Co, Rockville Centre, Baptist Church
7PrincipalsNY, New York Co, New York City
101MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, Baptist Church
4TeachersNY, New York Co, New York City, Grammar School
11MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, Judson Memorial Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Bartlett, Baptist Church
9MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Lysander, Congregational Church
30TeachersNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse, High School
3PrincipalsNY, Otsego Co, East Springfield Academy
7TeachersNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy Academy
24MinistersNY, Suffolk Co, Aquebogue, Congregational Church
3PrincipalsOH, Franklin Co, Columbus, High School
3PrincipalsOH, Licking Co, Granville
6MinistersOH, Summit Co, Hudson, Congregational Church
8PrincipalsOH, Washington Co, Marietta, High School
3MinistersOR, Harney Co, Burns, Baptist Church
3PrincipalsPA, Bradford Co, Canton, High School
3PrincipalsPA, Franklin Co, Chambersburg Academy
11TeachersPA, Franklin Co, Mercersburg Academy
11MinistersPA, Northampton Co, Easton, Baptist Church
5TeachersPA, Northumberland Co, Shamokin, High School
6PrincipalsRI, Bristol Co, Bristol, High School
4MinistersRI, Providence Co, Burrillville, Baptist Church
6MinistersRI, Providence Co, Greenville, Baptist Church
18MinistersRI, Providence Co, Providence, Baptist Church
26TeachersRI, Providence Co, Providence, High School
7TeachersSC, Richland Co, Columbia, Benedict College
3MinistersSC, Union Co, Beaver Dam, Baptist Church
3PrincipalsTN, Hamilton Co, Chattanooga, High School
3MinistersTX, Jefferson Co, Beaumont, Baptist Church
7MinistersVT, Franklin Co, St Albans, Baptist Church
23MinistersVT, Lamoille Co, Stowe, Congregational Church
9PrincipalsVT, Orleans Co, Derby Academy
4PrincipalsVT, Rutland Co, Castleton, State Normal School
5PrincipalsVT, Rutland Co, Rutland, High School
3PrincipalsVT, Windham Co, Brattleboro, High School
6PrincipalsVT, Windsor Co, Ludlow, Black River Academy
5MinistersWA, Pacific Co, South Bend, Congregational Church

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11 Mar 2019Catalogue of Kimball Union Academy3,045
10 Mar 2019History of the Polk Co Baptist Association57
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20 Feb 2019Congregational Year Book 1920239
20 Feb 2019Congregational Year Book 1919144
19 Feb 2019Congregational Year Book 1921234
14 Feb 2019Episcopal Almanac 1871128
14 Feb 2019Episcopal Almanacs 1875-1879, 1886875
13 Feb 2019Congregational Year Book 1922274
12 Feb 2019Congregational Nebraska1,079
06 Feb 2019New Brunswick Theological Seminary 1784-19111,440
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01 Feb 2019Colgate University General Catalog 19196,158
31 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1923235
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18 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1925306
18 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1924264
16 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1926291
16 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1927272
15 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1929279
15 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1928319
14 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1930406
14 Jan 2019Congregational Year Book 1931291
11 Jan 2019Presbyterian Church in Iowa 1837-19001,213
10 Jan 2019History of East PA United Brethren472
10 Jan 2019Ellicott City, Westwood Methodist Church61
07 Jan 2019Susquehanna Methodist Conference Archives7,788
02 Jan 2019Episcopal Diocese of Maine, 1820-187085
25 Dec 2018Western PA Methodist Conference Pastoral Records20,590
19 Dec 2018Marietta College Catalog, 1835-1901132
14 Dec 2018Congregational Year Book 190097
13 Dec 2018Congregational Year Book 189875
13 Dec 2018Congregational Year Book 1899112
12 Dec 2018Congregational Year Book 1897113
11 Dec 2018Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Catalogue54
07 Dec 2018Delta Upsilon Catalog 19032,191
04 Dec 2018Bates College General Catalog 1863-19151,267
03 Dec 2018History of Methodism in Maine 1793-18864,281
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