Historical Record Lists

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Historical Record Lists
MinistersCarson Wilson 1875-1879NYBronx CoWest Farms, Presbyterian Church
MinistersAlbert Jacob 1896-1901INMontgomery CoCrawfordsville, Centre Presbyterian Church
MinistersGeorge Hoyt Jr 1919-1923NYChautauqua CoFredonia, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesS. Neale 1920Syria
MinistersGeorge Reed 1913-1918NYNew York CoNew York City, West End Presbyterian Church
MinistersBedros Kevork 1913-1918NYKings CoBrooklyn, Wyckoff Heights Presbyterian Church
MinistersNathan 1867-1878TNKnox CoKnoxville, Presbyterian Church
MinistersHenry Watterson 1896-1900NJBergen CoRutherford, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesWilliam Sullivan 1899-1900AK
MinistersCharles Scudder 1893-1897COEl Paso CoColorado Springs, Second Presbyterian Church
MinistersFrank Frelinghuysen 1885-1887IAMarshall CoMarshalltown, Presbyterian Church
MinistersAlfred Edward 1910-1912NYKings CoBrooklyn, Wyckoff Heights Presbyterian Church
MinistersGeorge Jeremiah 1910-1912NJEssex CoMontclair, Grace Presbyterian Church
MinistersOrlando Newton 1858-1861NYTioga CoApalachin, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJohn Alver 1881MSLafayette CoOxford, Presbyterian Church
MinistersNewton T. 1874-1877IACerro Gordo CoMason City, Presbyterian Church
MinistersWilliam Neely 1912-1915NYNew York CoNew York City, West End Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Samuel 1911-1912NYKings CoBrooklyn, City Park Presbyterian Church
MinistersGeorge Rutger 1898-1901NJEssex CoNewark, Memorial Presbyterian Church
MinistersIsrael 1874-1885ILOgle CoRochelle, Presbyterian Church
MinistersVincent Godfrey 1920-1923NYKings CoBrooklyn, City Park Presbyterian Church
MissionariesLysander Tower 1860-1870Syria
MinistersWolcott 1866-1880NYErie CoBuffalo, North Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames Oscar 1883-1888KSCowley CoArkansas City, Presbyterian Church
MinistersWilliam Wilson 1876-1877INOhio CoRising Sun, Presbyterian Church
MinistersAugustus Harry 1898-1903MNCrow Wing CoBrainerd, Presbyterian Church
MinistersAugustus Harry 1903-1923MNRock CoLuverne, Presbyterian Church
MinistersAugustus Lyman 1831-1833NYDelaware CoWalton, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesThomas McCulloch 1874-1883Trinidad
MinistersJames Johnson 1906-1908MTMeagher CoWhite Sulphur Springs, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesFulton Johnston 1890-1891Trinidad
MinistersCornelius Stadge 1876-1888NJHunterdon CoStockton, Presbyterian Church
MinistersLeroy Clark Jr 1908-1917IACerro Gordo CoMason City, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesThomas 1903-1904AK
MinistersJeff Russell 1891-1892KYDaviess CoOwensboro, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJohn William 1910-1912NEThayer CoHubbell, Presbyterian Church
MinistersWalter Stuart 1904-1908IACerro Gordo CoMason City, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesJohn N. 1871-1881Thailand
MinistersLaurell Wesley 1900NYAlbany CoAlbany, Second Presbyterian Church
MissionariesJames Shepard 1869-1871Syria
MinistersEdwin Henry 1897-1917NYErie CoBuffalo, North Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Frederick 1862-1884PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesGeorge Curtis 1893-1896Syria
MissionariesGeorge Washington 1851Syria
MinistersHenry Macpherson 1884NDCass CoFargo, Presbyterian Church
MinistersHenry Maepherson 1884-1886NDCass CoCasselton, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesAlfred Merrill 1903-1907Japan
MinistersNathaniel 1858-1862NYLivingston CoEast Avon, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJohn Yorstoun 1910-1917COEl Paso CoColorado Springs, Second Presbyterian Church
MissionariesHoward Moody 1904-1907AK
MissionariesJohn Haskell 1897-1922Thailand
MissionariesWilliam Arthur 1911Syria
MinistersFrederick Van Deuser 1885-1900NYSuffolk CoBellport, Presbyterian Church
MinistersFrederick William 1896-1898NYKings CoBrooklyn, Wyckoff Heights Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames Boardman 1869-1870IACerro Gordo CoMason City, Presbyterian Church
MinistersClark Bateman 1894-1895ILCook CoHarvey, Presbyterian Church
MinistersHenry George 1888-1893NYKings CoBrooklyn, City Park Presbyterian Church
MissionariesKenneth James 1870-1907Trinidad
MinistersSamuel Cox 1866-1867NYTioga CoApalachin, Presbyterian Church
MinistersSilas Edward 1907-1911IATaylor CoBedford, Presbyterian Church
MinistersLewis Bradley 1902-1909PhilippinesManila, Presbyterian Church
MinistersEdward William 1866-1872NYNew York CoNew York City, 14th Street Presbyterian Church
MissionariesHermann Marshall 1902-1905AK
MinistersWilliam Stone 1881-1896NYErie CoBuffalo, North Presbyterian Church
MinistersFrancis 1837NYDelaware CoWalton, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesWilliam John 1906Trinidad
MinistersFrank Latimer 1912-1918NYNew York CoNew York City, Brick Presbyterian Church
MinistersHarold Clarence 1913-1917NYNew York CoNew York City, First Presbyterian Church
MinistersLewis 1887-1888NEThayer CoHubbell, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames Harvey 1843-1851INMontgomery CoCrawfordsville, Centre Presbyterian Church
MissionariesSpafford Earl 1916-1924Thailand
MissionariesJames Wollaston 1899-1902AK
MissionariesJames Wollaston 1906-1907AK
MinistersLeonidas Cicero 1910-1912CALos Angeles CoLos Angeles, Boyle Heights Presbyterian Church
MinistersEdward Warren 1886NYBroome CoBinghamton, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesThomas 1844-1846Syria
MinistersAndrew 1888-1890EnglandMiddlesexLondon, Presbyterian Church
MinistersEdwin Hart 1905-1913COEl Paso CoColorado Springs, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesWilliam Edwin 1880-1892Bulgaria
MinistersEdward Hays 1897-1904COEl Paso CoColorado Springs, Second Presbyterian Church
MinistersRobert Themistocles 1916-1924MISaginaw CoSaginaw, Grace Presbyterian Church
MinistersHugh Bournonville 1914-1918NJPassaic CoPaterson, Second Presbyterian Church
MinistersIrving 1882-1889NYUlster CoRondout, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesJohn Campbell 1892-1906Thailand
MissionariesJohn Campbell 1911-1922Thailand
MissionariesJohn Campbell 1919Syria
MinistersDavid 1863-1871NYDelaware CoWalton, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesGeorge McCutchen 1901-1907Chile
MinistersSamuel 1877-1880PAAllegheny CoMcKeesport, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJohn Williamson 1830-1834NYRensselaer CoLansingburgh, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesCharles David 1882-1883Thailand
MinistersRobert George 1907NYDelaware CoEast Meredith, Presbyterian Church
MinistersWilliam Harry 1880-1881MDFrederick CoFrederick, Presbyterian Church
MinistersRockwood 1881-1882NDGrand Forks CoGrand Forks, Presbyterian Church
MinistersRobert Dodge 1896-1905NYSuffolk CoBrentwood, Presbyterian Church
MinistersWilliam McCracken 1919FLVolusia CoGlenwood, Presbyterian Church
MinistersMelville Gray 1913-1914INMarion CoIndianapolis, Second Presbyterian Church
MissionariesCharles Fitch 1863-1870Bulgaria
MinistersHenry Elliott 1888-1893IADubuque CoDubuque, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJoseph Henry 1876-1881FLNassau CoFernandina, Presbyterian Church
MinistersIsaac Newton 1858-1865VAPulaski CoNew Dublin, Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Sparrow 1910-1922WIRacine CoRacine, First Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Moses 1841-1842NYRockland CoNyack, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames 1902-1909NYKings CoBrooklyn, Wyckoff Heights Presbyterian Church
MinistersSamuel Gilmore 1898-1902NYKings CoBrooklyn, Wyckoff Heights Presbyterian Church
MinistersSamuel Sterling 1908OHFranklin CoColumbus, Broad Street Presbyterian Church
MinistersEdward P. 1894NJEssex CoMontclair, Grace Presbyterian Church
MinistersChester 1858-1868NYOneida CoNew York Mills, Presbyterian Church
MinistersAlexander Murray 1918NYMonroe CoRochester, St Peters Presbyterian Church
MinistersBentley Stephen 1866-1867PALackawanna CoArchbald, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesAndrew Tully 1853-1868Syria
MissionariesAlexander 1906-1907AK
MinistersJohn 1861-1867NYOswego CoNew Haven, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesAugust Karl 1905Japan
MinistersElias Jones 1840NJPassaic CoPaterson, Second Presbyterian Church
MinistersStephen Ward 1896-1898PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Walnut Street Presbyterian Church
MinistersIsaac Woodbridge 1898-1899NYErie CoBuffalo, Westminster Presbyterian Church
MinistersRalph Wright 1912-1916NYOrange CoCircleville, Presbyterian Church
MinistersWalter Scott 1887-1891COGarfield CoGlenwood Springs, Presbyterian Church
MinistersFrederick Newman 1891-1894NJEssex CoMontclair, Grace Presbyterian Church
MinistersHenry Hudson 1914-1916PAPhiladelphia CoPhiladelphia, Walnut Street Presbyterian Church
MinistersHorace Daniel 1905-1907NJWarren CoBlairstown, Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Herbert 1898-1899NYKings CoBrooklyn, City Park Presbyterian Church
MinistersHenry Louis Philip August Jr 1908-1910MNRed Lake CoRed Lake Falls, Presbyterian Church
MinistersEdward Jr 1890-1891NJMercer CoTrenton, First Presbyterian Church
MinistersHenry Martin 1843-1844NYWestchester CoNew Rochelle, Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Danelly 1862-1867NJPassaic CoPaterson, Second Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Danelly 1874-1909NJPassaic CoPaterson, Second Presbyterian Church
MinistersCharles Franklin 1904-1909NJMiddlesex CoRahway, First Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames Matthew 1901-1902NYSuffolk CoBellport, Presbyterian Church
MinistersFrederick 1912-1914MNRamsey CoSt Paul, Arlington Hills Presbyterian Church
MinistersHenry 1862-1865NYErie CoBuffalo, North Presbyterian Church
MinistersHenry Russell 1885-1886WVHarrison CoClarksburg, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesFrank Lovelace 1890-1922Thailand
MinistersEdward 1871-1872NJOcean CoToms River, Presbyterian Church
MinistersJames Patterson 1877-1888INMontgomery CoCrawfordsville, Centre Presbyterian Church
MinistersByron 1851-1852NYOnondaga CoSyracuse, Park Presbyterian Church
MissionariesAlfred Whidden 1891Trinidad
MissionariesWilliam McClure 1859-1878Syria
MinistersJohn Hamilton 1882-1884KSCherokee CoBaxter Springs, Presbyterian Church
MissionariesHowell Smith 1903Thailand
MissionariesHorace Tyson 1895-1913Mexico
MissionariesAlexander 1901-1902Thailand
MinistersCharles Hardy 1893NYRensselaer CoLansingburgh, Presbyterian Church
MinistersMaurice Seal 1919-1921NYNew York CoNew York City, Fourth Presbyterian Church
MinistersRobert Rombout 1919-1925RINewport CoNewport, Presbyterian Church
MinistersSamuel Jessup 1868-1875NYDelaware CoWalton, Presbyterian Church
MinistersClarence Hall 1902-1909INMontgomery CoCrawfordsville, Centre Presbyterian Church
MissionariesDavid Morrison 1848-1861Syria
MissionariesLeavitt Olds 1918-1921Mexico

Most Recent Entries
5MinistersAL, Calhoun Co, Oxford, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersAL, Lee Co, Opelika, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersAL, Sumter Co, Livingston, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersAR, Jefferson Co, Pine Bluff, Baptist Church
3MinistersAR, White Co, Judsonia, Baptist Church
4MinistersAZ, Pinal Co, Florence, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersCA, San Bernardino Co, Ontario, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersCA, San Francisco Co, Golden Gate Presbyterian Church
3MinistersCanada, Nova Scotia, Beaver River, Baptist Church
4MinistersCanada, Nova Scotia, Halifax, Granville Street Baptist Church
4MinistersCanada, Nova Scotia, Lawrencetown, Baptist Church
4MinistersCanada, Nova Scotia, Sherburne, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersCanada, Nova Scotia, Springhill, Baptist Church
3MinistersCO, El Paso Co, Colorado Springs, Second Presbyterian Church
4MinistersCO, Rio Grande Co, Monte Vista, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersCT, Hartford Co, West Hartford, Baptist Church
5MinistersCT, New London Co, Norwich, Central Baptist Church
4MinistersGA, Wilkes Co, Washington, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Cerro Gordo Co, Mason City, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Hardin Co, Union, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Iowa Co, Victor, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIA, Lucas Co, Derby, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIA, Page Co, Yorktown, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIL, Bureau Co, Dover, Baptist Church
4MinistersIL, Bureau Co, Malden, Congregational Church
4MinistersIL, Clark Co, Casey, Presbyterian Church
6MinistersIL, Clinton Co, Trenton, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIL, Cumberland Co, Toledo, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIL, Jefferson Co, Mount Vernon, Baptist Church
3MinistersIL, Lee Co, Paw Paw, Baptist Church
3MinistersIL, McLean Co, Towanda, Baptist Church
4MinistersIL, Mercer Co, Millersburg, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIL, Pike Co, Perry, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIN, Carroll Co, Rockfield, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIN, Clark Co, Utica, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIN, Clinton Co, Jefferson, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIN, DeKalb Co, Auburn, Baptist Church
3MinistersIN, Kosciusko Co, Pierceton, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIN, Montgomery Co, Crawfordsville, Centre Presbyterian Church
3MinistersIN, Ripley Co, Friendship, Baptist Church
4MinistersIN, St Joseph Co, Walkerton, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersIN, Switzerland Co, Pleasant, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersIN, Tippecanoe Co, Romney, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersKS, Greenwood Co, Madison, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersKS, Riley Co, Riley, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersKS, Russell Co, Russell, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersKY, Boone Co, Union, Baptist Church
4MinistersKY, Bullitt Co, Mt. Washington, Baptist Church
3MinistersKY, Fleming Co, Flemingsburg, Baptist Church
4MinistersKY, Gallatin Co, Warsaw, Baptist Church
4MinistersKY, Henry Co, New Castle, Baptist Church
3MinistersKY, McCracken Co, Paducah, Baptist Church
4MinistersKY, Pulaski Co, Somerset, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersKY, Spencer Co, Elk Creek, Baptist Church
5MinistersKY, Union Co, Morganfield, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersKY, Wayne Co, Mt Pisgah, Baptist Church
3MinistersLA, East Carroll Parish, Lake Providence, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersMA, Berkshire Co, Southfield, Baptist Church
4MinistersMA, Hampden Co, Chicopee, Third Congregational Church
3MinistersMA, Hampden Co, Springfield, Third Baptist Church
6MinistersMA, Hampshire Co, Huntington, Second Congregational Church
6MinistersMA, Middlesex Co, Malden, Baptist Church
4MinistersMA, Middlesex Co, Malden, Congregational Church
5MinistersMA, Middlesex Co, Malden, First Congregational Church
4MinistersMA, Norfolk Co, East Milton, Baptist Church
4MinistersMA, Plymouth Co, North Abington, Baptist Church
3MinistersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Mariners Baptist Church
4MinistersMD, Carroll Co, New Windsor, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersMD, Cecil Co, Rock, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersMD, Cecil Co, Zion, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersMD, Somerset Co, Rehobeth, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersME, Aroostook Co, Washburn, Baptist Church
5MinistersME, Cumberland Co, North Bridgton, Congregational Church
4MinistersME, Piscataquis Co, Monson, Baptist Church
4MinistersMI, Monroe Co, Petersburg, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersMI, Oakland Co, White Lake, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersMN, Winona Co, Utica, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersMO, Lafayette Co, Waverly, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersMO, Lincoln Co, Troy, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersMO, New Madrid Co, New Madrid, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersMO, Platte Co, Weston, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersMO, Ray Co, Richmond, Baptist Church
4MinistersMS, Chickasaw Co, Okolona, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersMS, DeSoto Co, Hernando, Baptist Church
4MinistersMS, Harrison Co, Pass Christian, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNC, Mecklenburg Co, Pineville, Presbyterian Church
1MinistersNC, Robeson Co, Red Springs, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNC, Rowan Co, Thyatira, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersND, Cass Co, Tower City, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersNE, Fillmore Co, Ohiowa, Baptist Church
3MinistersNE, Gage Co, Liberty, Baptist Church
3MinistersNE, Greeley Co, Scotia, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersNE, Harlan Co, Stamford, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNE, Valley Co, North Loup, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNH, Belknap Co, Tilton, Congregational Church
3MinistersNH, Grafton Co, Woodstock, Baptist Church
4MinistersNJ, Camden Co, Collingswood, Baptist Church
3MinistersNJ, Essex Co, Montclair, Grace Presbyterian Church
6MinistersNJ, Hunterdon Co, Milford, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNJ, Middlesex Co, Old Bridge, Methodist Church
4MinistersNJ, Morris Co, Denville, Methodist Church
4MinistersNJ, Passaic Co, Paterson, Second Presbyterian Church
3MinistersNJ, Union Co, Roselle, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNJ, Warren Co, Asbury, Methodist Church
4MinistersNJ, Warren Co, Marksboro, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Albany Co, Clarksville, Methodist Church
3MinistersNY, Allegany Co, Alfred, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Broome Co, Maine, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Broome Co, Port Crane, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Cattaraugus Co, Olean, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Chemung Co, Elmira, First Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Delaware Co, Walton, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Dutchess Co, Hyde Park, Methodist Church
4MinistersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, North Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, South Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Essex Co, Wadhams Mills, Congregational Church
4MinistersNY, Franklin Co, Malone, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Hamilton Co, Indian Lake, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Herkimer Co, Little Falls, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Jefferson Co, Adams Center, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Jefferson Co, Rutland, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Bay Ridge Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, City Park Presbyterian Church
5MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, New England Congregational Church
5MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Wyckoff Heights Presbyterian Church
3MinistersNY, Lewis Co, Lowville, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Livingston Co, Geneseo, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Livingston Co, Livonia, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Madison Co, Oneida Lake, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, Central Park Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, Church of the Reedemer
6MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, College Reformed Church
3MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, Epiphany Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Ontario Co, Gorham, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Ontario Co, Orleans, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Orange Co, Edenville, Methodist Church
4MinistersNY, Orange Co, Gardnertown, Methodist Church
4MinistersNY, Orleans Co, Gaines, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Oswego Co, Parish, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Oswego Co, Volney, Congregational Church
3MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Otego, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Lansingburgh, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Pittstown, Presbyterian Church
2MinistersNY, Richmond Co, Richmond, Dutch Reformed Church
3MinistersNY, Saratoga Co, Mechanicville, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Schuyler Co, Monterey, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersNY, Schuyler Co, Montour Falls, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, St Lawrence Co, Massena, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, St Lawrence Co, Parishville, Congregational Church
4MinistersNY, Westchester Co, Kensico, Methodist Church
4MinistersNY, Yates Co, Barrington, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Yates Co, Rushville, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersOH, Butler Co, Somerville, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersOH, Lorain Co, Henrietta, Baptist Church
4MinistersOH, Muskingum Co, Roseville, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersOH, Noble Co, Mt Zion, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersOH, Vinton Co, McArthur, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersOR, Umatilla Co, Weston, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersPA, Armstrong Co, Slate Lick, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersPA, Beaver Co, Monaca, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersPA, Blair Co, Altoona, Calvary Baptist Church
4MinistersPA, Bradford Co, Ulster, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersPA, Bradford Co, Warrenham, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersPA, Bucks Co, Brownsburg, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersPA, Bucks Co, Neshaminy, Methodist Church
5MinistersPA, Chester Co, West Grove, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersPA, Delaware Co, Ridley, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersPA, Huntingdon Co, Pennington, Presbyterian Church
7MinistersPA, Indiana Co, Wells, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersPA, Lackawanna Co, Olyphant, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersPA, Lawrence Co, Volant, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersPA, Mercer Co, Balm, Methodist Church
3MinistersPA, Northampton Co, Mt Bethel, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersPA, Northumberland Co, Turbotville, Baptist Church
4MinistersPA, Susquehanna Co, Rush, Baptist Church
4MinistersPA, Tioga Co, Tioga, Baptist Church
6MinistersPA, Warren Co, Sugar Grove, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersPA, Westmoreland Co, New Florence, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersRI, Providence Co, Providence, Pilgrim Congregational Church
3MinistersSC, Georgetown Co, Mt Tabor, Baptist Church
6MinistersSD, Edmunds Co, Roscoe, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersSD, Hutchinson Co, Parkston, Presbyterian Church
5MinistersSD, Kingsbury Co, Manchester, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersTN, Cocke Co, Newport, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersTN, Coffee Co, Tullahoma, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersTN, Hamilton Co, St Elmo, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersTN, Roane Co, Rockwood, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersTN, Warren Co, McMinnville, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersTX, Ellis Co, Milford, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersTX, Wichita Co, Wichita Falls, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersVT, Rutland Co, Fair Haven, Baptist Church
3MinistersWA, Kittitas Co, Roslyn, Presbyterian Church
4MinistersWA, Pacific Co, South Bend, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersWI, Burnett Co, Grantsburg, Baptist Church
4MinistersWI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee, Pilgrim Congregational Church
4MinistersWI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee, South Baptist Church
4MinistersWI, Waukesha Co, Waukesha, Baptist Church
4MinistersWV, Greenbrier Co, Richlands, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersWV, Jefferson Co, Harpers Ferry, Presbyterian Church
3MinistersWV, Jefferson Co, Shepherdstown, Presbyterian Church

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