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Historical Record Lists
PhysiciansWilliam B. 1903MIBay CoPinconning
PhysiciansHenry Clay 1882-1887IAChickasaw CoNashua
PhysiciansManning L. 1903IATama CoTama
PhysiciansLionel Andriss 1916MTDawson CoGlendive
PhysiciansFrederick 1883-1887NMSocorro CoSocorro
PhysiciansHoward Newell 1911-1916IADavis CoFloris
PhysiciansJohn Edward 1907OHGreene CoYellow Springs
PhysiciansFrank A. 1916IAEmmet CoEstherville
PhysiciansClarence Cordova 1910INNewton CoGoodland
PhysiciansFrederick J. 1889-1901IAAllamakee CoPostville
PhysiciansWilliam Henry 1903MIMontcalm CoGreenville
PhysiciansTheodore Morrison 1874-1901MIMontcalm CoGreenville
PhysiciansGideon 1919WIRichland CoRichland Center
PhysiciansEdward Francis 1903IAJasper CoNewton
PhysiciansVarillas Cleuthas, Jr 1903IAButler CoGreene
PhysiciansNewton 1883-1885IAPoweshiek CoGrinnell
PhysiciansMaurice 1919INLake CoGary
PhysiciansJ. D. 1919MNLake CoTwo Harbors
PhysiciansThomas F. 1903IAClinton CoDeWitt
PhysiciansThomas Jerome 1903IAClinton CoDeWitt
PhysiciansChristian Frederick 1926MNSt Louis CoHibbing
PhysiciansJohn Dennett 1863GATroup CoLa Grange
PhysiciansHenry Aaron 1903IAIda CoIda Grove
PhysiciansHugh Patrick 1903WIJuneau CoElroy
PhysiciansHenry C. 1903MNMille Lacs CoPrinceton
PhysiciansDavid Barnes 1856IAClinton CoLyons
PhysiciansGeorge Melville 1919MTPowell CoDeer Lodge
PhysiciansCharles Cass 1915INCarroll CoDelphi
PhysiciansGeorge V. 1913INJay CoPortland
PhysiciansRussell McWhorter 1919ALJefferson CoEnsley
PhysiciansRobert Arthur 1919INGibson CoPrinceton
PhysiciansAlfred Dorance 1919WIOneida CoRhinelander
PhysiciansM. G. 1916MTDawson CoGlendive
PhysiciansCharles Allen 1903WIFond du Lac CoRosendale
PhysiciansCharles Andrew 1884-1887FLSt Johns CoSt Augustine
PhysiciansCrosby Gordon 1892-1894NMChaves CoRoswell
PhysiciansElihu N. 1903IAHenry CoMt Pleasant
PhysiciansEdward John 1926INDearborn CoLawrenceburg
PhysiciansPerry 1919IAJasper CoNewton
PhysiciansThomas 1856-1858INJay CoPortland
PhysiciansAlford Jay 1903IATama CoTraer
PhysiciansJames Bonaparte 1862-1863WIJefferson CoJefferson
PhysiciansOliver James 1903IAAllamakee CoPostville
PhysiciansFrancis Sebastian 1903IAChickasaw CoNew Hampton
PhysiciansTheodore Alpheus 1884MIMarquette CoIshpeming
PhysiciansAlbert Leroy 1871-1872INShelby CoShelbyville
PhysiciansAlbert Leroy 1872INElkhart CoElkhart
PhysiciansHarvey James 1903IAChickasaw CoNew Hampton
PhysiciansLouis Albert 1919MNBrown CoNew Ulm
PhysiciansEdward William 1903MNBrown CoNew Ulm
PhysiciansRobert W. 1919MTRavalli CoHamilton
PhysiciansHannah C. 1906IABenton CoVinton
PhysiciansArthur T. 1903WIJuneau CoElroy
PhysiciansEzra Leonard 1855WIFond du Lac CoFond Du Lac
PhysiciansJames Eldridge 1857-1862OHGreene CoYellow Springs
PhysiciansThomas J. 1903WIIron CoHurley
PhysiciansAmbrose Louis 1909MTDawson CoGlendive
PhysiciansJohn B. 1903MTRavalli CoHamilton
PhysiciansG. W. 1903INElkhart CoElkhart
PhysiciansBenjamin Hubert 1903IAEmmet CoEstherville
PhysiciansMilton Parker 1896INDearborn CoLawrenceburg
PhysiciansErnest Samuel 1903IAIda CoIda Grove
PhysiciansWilliam Henry 1903IACherokee CoMarcus
PhysiciansWilliam L. 1906NMChaves CoRoswell
PhysiciansDavid R. 1864IALinn CoMarion
PhysiciansBernhard Alfred 1903WIWashington CoHartford
PhysiciansJackson D. 1903IAChickasaw CoNashua
PhysiciansErnest A. 1903IAMarshall CoMelbourne
PhysiciansErnest Alexander 1903IAMarshall CoMelbourne
PhysiciansCyril Christopher 1926OHShelby CoSidney
PhysiciansCharles Andrew 1903INElkhart CoNappanee
PhysiciansJohn S. 1903INElkhart CoNappanee
PhysiciansJoseph Max 1902FLSt Johns CoSt Augustine
PhysiciansTaylor R. 1903IAMahaska CoNew Sharon
PhysiciansDaniel D. 1903IADavis CoPulaski
Physiciansharlotte LeBreton 1883-1888NMSocorro CoSocorro
PhysiciansJohn Harwood 1865ALPerry CoMarion
PhysiciansMargaret May 1903IACerro Gordo CoMason City
PhysiciansWilliam Floyd 1915INLake CoGary
PhysiciansCharles Ashley 1915INDelaware CoSelma
PhysiciansSamuel Gilbert 1915INDelaware CoSelma
PhysiciansF. C. 1903INCass CoLogansport
PhysiciansAlvin Emanuel 1926ALJefferson CoEnsley
PhysiciansSamuel 1915INShelby CoShelbyville
PhysiciansGeorge E. 1903MIVan Buren CoMattawan
PhysiciansWilliam D. 1903IAJasper CoColfax
PhysiciansAlonzo Blackburn 1903MNSt Louis CoHibbing
PhysiciansFred Baldwin 1903INGibson CoPrinceton
PhysiciansWilliam E. 1909IACerro Gordo CoMason City
PhysiciansOsborne Greene 1872WIOutagamie CoKaukauna
PhysiciansJames Marshall 1910ORClackamas CoOregon City
PhysiciansWilliam Dunn 1903IAClinton CoLyons
PhysiciansJ. A. J. 1903IAMontgomery CoRed Oak
PhysiciansHarry C. 1903WIRichland CoRichland Center
PhysiciansEdward LeRoy 1908INBartholomew CoColumbus
PhysiciansWilliam C. 1878-1891IAHenry CoMt Pleasant
PhysiciansM. 1903MNFaribault CoWells
PhysiciansWilliam Denton 1903INCarroll CoDelphi
PhysiciansDavid Harvey 1896OHWayne CoWooster
PhysiciansCarl Theodore 1919MNLake CoTwo Harbors
PhysiciansC. D. 1903WIOneida CoRhinelander
PhysiciansEdward H. 1880AZYavapai CoPrescott
PhysiciansStephen Wilson 1908ORClatsop CoSeaside
PhysiciansWilliam Warren 1919IADes Moines CoMediapolis
PhysiciansJehu Z. 1919INCass CoLogansport
PhysiciansWilliam C. 1903INNewton CoGoodland
PhysiciansElmer Joseph 1903IACherokee CoMarcus
PhysiciansSilas Tevis 1883INBartholomew CoColumbus
PhysiciansCarl Otto 1919MTPowell CoDeer Lodge
PhysiciansNelson John 1903MIMarquette CoIshpeming
PhysiciansF. W. 1903WIWashington CoHartford
PhysiciansH. S. 1903IAMontgomery CoRed Oak
PhysiciansRomeo Richmond 1903AZMaricopa CoTempe
PhysiciansJohn Gaston 1919IAMahaska CoNew Sharon
PhysiciansFrank Loring 1903IALinn CoMarion
PhysiciansFranklin Wesley 1903INPorter CoValparaiso
PhysiciansMilo Myron 1919WIFond du Lac CoRosendale
PhysiciansWilliam Chambers 1908ORClatsop CoSeaside
PhysiciansWilliam Chambers 1909ORClackamas CoOregon City
PhysiciansR. O. 1903IADavis CoPulaski
PhysiciansOffa Lunsford 1901ALPerry CoMarion
PhysiciansWilliam Horace 1884-1899FLAlachua CoGainesville
PhysiciansHenry Richmond 1926GATroup CoLa Grange
PhysiciansIrene 1903IATama CoTama
PhysiciansEugene Benson 1910WIIron CoHurley
PhysiciansH. L. 1903IADavis CoFloris
PhysiciansAlvin Martin 1903IAButler CoGreene
PhysiciansDaniel 1870-1891MNFaribault CoWells
PhysiciansCalvin Guy 1914TXComanche CoGustine
PhysiciansMark Leonidas 1914TXComanche CoGustine
PhysiciansHerbert Bartles 1919WIOutagamie CoKaukauna
PhysiciansOren Cheney 1888-1902MNMille Lacs CoPrinceton
PhysiciansFrederick Almon 1903WIJefferson CoJefferson
PhysiciansWilliam Clark 1926FLAlachua CoGainesville
PhysiciansWilliam Harper 1903IATama CoTraer
PhysiciansJames Raymond 1903IAAdams CoCorning
PhysiciansAlice 1919IAJasper CoColfax
PhysiciansJohn Harold 1903IAAdams CoCorning
PhysiciansCharles Roy 1903INPorter CoValparaiso
PhysiciansEzra Irving 1897OHWayne CoWooster
PhysiciansWilliam Christian 1903IABenton CoVinton
PhysiciansB. H. 1903MIVan Buren CoMattawan
PhysiciansFrederick H. 1894AZMaricopa CoTempe
PhysiciansTheodore Campbell 1903WIRock CoEvansville
PhysiciansGeorge Morenus 1896-1897MIBay CoPinconning
PhysiciansEdward B. 1882IAPoweshiek CoGrinnell
PhysiciansHorace Plummer 1900IADes Moines CoMediapolis
PhysiciansVerne Ernest 1903WIRock CoEvansville
PhysiciansThomas Spencer 1851WIFond du Lac CoFond Du Lac
PhysiciansClarence Edgar 1912AZYavapai CoPrescott
Updated: 25 May 2020

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Most Recent Entries
7482Railroads, , Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
5RailroadsAL, Dallas Co, Selma, East Tennessee Virginia and Georgia Railway
35RailroadsAL, Mobile Co, Mobile, Louisville and Nashville Railroad
10RailroadsAL, Montgomery Co, Montgomery, Western Railway of Alabama
60RailroadsCanada, Ontario, Wisawasa, Nosbonsiug and Nipissing Railway
44RailroadsCT, Hartford Co, Manchester, New York and New England Railroad
48RailroadsCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
36RailroadsDC, Washington, Mobile and Ohio Railroad
23RailroadsDE, New Castle Co, Wilmington, Philadelphia Baltimore & Washington Railroad
22RailroadsGA, Bibb Co, Macon, Central of Georgia Railway
43RailroadsGA, Chatham Co, Savannah, Central of Georgia Railway
8RailroadsGA, Floyd Co, Rome, Chattanooga Rome and Columbus Railroad
35RailroadsGA, Fulton Co, Atlanta, Atlanta and Charlotte Air Line Railroad
24RailroadsGA, Muscogee Co, Columbus, Central of Georgia Railway
14RailroadsGA, Richmond Co, Augusta, Atlanta and West Point Railroad
2RailroadsGA, Talbot Co, Talbotton, Talbotton Railroad
2RailroadsIA, Boone Co, Boone, Chicago and Northwestern Railway
9RailroadsIA, Clinton Co, Clinton, Chicago and Northwestern Railway
35RailroadsIA, Des Moines Co, Burlington, Burlington and Missouri River Railroad
20RailroadsIA, Dubuque Co, Dubuque, Chicago Great Western Railway
25RailroadsIA, Lee Co, Fort Madison, Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
20RailroadsIA, Linn Co, Cedar Rapids, Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway
18RailroadsIA, Polk Co, Des Moines, Chicago Great Western Railway
7RailroadsIA, Scott Co, Davenport, Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul Railway
2RailroadsIA, Story Co, Nevada, Chicago and Northwestern Railway
7RailroadsIA, Wapello Co, Ottumwa, Burlington and Missouri River Railroad
1RailroadsIL, Bureau Co, Bureau, Chicago and Rock Island Railroad
7RailroadsIL, Carroll Co, Savanna, Western Union Railroad
1RailroadsIL, Christian Co, Pana, St Louis, Alton and Terre Haute Railroad
6RailroadsIL, Coles Co, Mattoon, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railway
439RailroadsIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Illinois Central Railroad
7RailroadsIL, DeKalb Co, Sandwich, Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad
4RailroadsIL, Edgar Co, Kansas, Chicago and Ohio River Railroad
8RailroadsIL, Hancock Co, Augusta, Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad
16RailroadsIL, Knox Co, Galesburg, Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad
3RailroadsIL, Lee Co, Amboy, Illinois Central Railroad
7RailroadsIL, Madison Co, Alton, Terre Haute and Alton Railroad
9RailroadsIL, Marion Co, Salem, Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad
11RailroadsIL, McLean Co, Bloomington, Chicago and Alton Railway
4RailroadsIL, Montgomery Co, Hillsboro, St Louis, Alton and Terre Haute Railroad
7RailroadsIL, Morgan Co, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Southeastern Line
42RailroadsIL, Peoria Co, Peoria, Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
2RailroadsIL, Perry Co, Pinckneyville, St Louis, Alton and Terre Haute Railroad
18RailroadsIL, Rock Island Co, Rock Island, Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway
16RailroadsIL, Sangamon Co, Auburn, Chicago and Northwestern Railway
7RailroadsIL, St Clair Co, East St Louis, Chicago and Alton Railway
5RailroadsIL, Stephenson Co, Freeport, Illinois Central Railroad
11RailroadsIL, Tazewell Co, Pekin, Chicago and Northwestern Railway
4RailroadsIL, Winnebago Co, Rockford, Chicago and Northwestern Railway
101RailroadsIN, , Evansville and Crawfordsville Railroad
41RailroadsIN, Allen Co, Fort Wayne, Pennsylvania Railroad
2RailroadsIN, Bartholomew Co, Columbus, Indianapolis and Madison Railroad
14RailroadsIN, Clark Co, Fort Wayne and Southern Railroad
4RailroadsIN, Dearborn Co, Aurora, Ohio and Mississippi Railroad
5RailroadsIN, Delaware Co, Fort Wayne and Southern Railroad
10RailroadsIN, Elkhart Co, Elkhart, New York Central Railroad
20RailroadsIN, Floyd Co, New Albany, Lackawanna and Western Railroad
4RailroadsIN, Gibson Co, Princeton, Peoria Decatur and Evansville Railroad
2RailroadsIN, Greene Co, Evansville, Indianapolis and Cleveland Railroad
13RailroadsIN, Jefferson Co, Madison, Madison and Indianapolis Railroad
1RailroadsIN, Johnson Co, Edinburgh, Jeffersonville Railroad
13RailroadsIN, Knox Co, Vincennes, Evansville and Terre Haute Railroad
17RailroadsIN, LaPorte Co, LaPorte, Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway
7RailroadsIN, Madison Co, Anderson, Chicago and South Eastern Railway
105RailroadsIN, Marion Co, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railway
7RailroadsIN, Miami Co, Peru, Wabash Railroad
3RailroadsIN, Montgomery Co, Crawfordsville, Indiana, Bloomington and Western Railway
4RailroadsIN, Parke Co, Rockville, Evansville and Crawfordsville Railroad
3RailroadsIN, Putnam Co, Greencastle, New Albany and Salem Railroad
3RailroadsIN, Sullivan Co, Carlisle, Evansville and Crawfordsville Railroad
23RailroadsIN, Tippecanoe Co, Lafayette, Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville Railway
37RailroadsIN, Vanderburgh Co, Evansville, Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad
37RailroadsIN, Vigo Co, Terre Haute, Evansville and Terre Haute Railroad
21RailroadsIN, Wayne Co, Richmond, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railway
20RailroadsKS, Atchison Co, Atchison, Missouri Pacific Railway
2RailroadsKS, Wyandotte Co, Argentine, Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
15RailroadsKY, , Lexington and Big Sandy Railroad
8RailroadsKY, Boyd Co, Ashland, Ashland Coal and Iron Railway
14RailroadsKY, Fayette Co, Lexington, Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad
4RailroadsKY, Franklin Co, Frankfort, Louisville and Nashville Railroad
82RailroadsKY, Jefferson Co, Louisville, Louisville and Nashville Railroad
3RailroadsKY, Jessamine Co, Nicholasville, Great Central Kentucky Railroad
15RailroadsKY, Kenton Co, Ludlow, Cincinnati Southern Railway
14RailroadsKY, McCracken Co, Paducah, Nashville, Chattanooga and St Louis Railway
1RailroadsKY, Mercer Co, Harrodsburg, Lexington and Southern Kentucky Railroad
45RailroadsMA, Bristol Co, New Bedford, Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad
31RailroadsMA, Essex Co, Lawrence, Boston and Maine Railroad
45RailroadsMA, Hampden Co, Springfield, Boston and Albany Railroad
328RailroadsMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
78RailroadsMD, Baltimore City, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
44RailroadsME, Cumberland Co, Bridgton, Bridgton and Saco River Railroad
1RailroadsME, Waldo Co, Belfast, Chicago, Iowa and Nebraska Railroad
7RailroadsMI, Delta Co, Escanaba, Chicago and Northwestern Railway
2RailroadsMI, Genesee Co, Mount Morris, Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad
9RailroadsMI, Lenawee Co, Grosvenor, Canada Southern Railway
15RailroadsMI, Marquette Co, Ishpeming, Chicago and Northwestern Railway
1RailroadsMI, Monroe Co, Monroe, Louisville, New Albany and Chicago Railroad
13RailroadsMI, Saginaw Co, Saginaw, Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad
2RailroadsMI, St. Joseph Co, Constantine, Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad
75RailroadsMI, Wayne Co, Detroit, Canada Southern Railway
44RailroadsMN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul Railway
117RailroadsMN, Ramsey Co, St Paul, Northern Pacific Railroad
2RailroadsMN, Scott Co, Shakopee, Minnesota Valley Railroad
12RailroadsMN, Winona Co, Winona, Chicago and Northwestern Railway
1RailroadsMO, Audrain Co, North Missouri Railroad
1RailroadsMO, Boone Co, North Missouri Railroad
46RailroadsMO, Buchanan Co, St Joseph, Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
2RailroadsMO, Cole Co, Jefferson City, Missouri Pacific Railway
39RailroadsMO, Jackson Co, Kansas City, Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
3RailroadsMO, Jefferson Co, Desoto, Missouri Pacific Railway
22RailroadsMO, Marion Co, Hannibal, Chicago, Burlington and Kansas City Railway
1RailroadsMO, Montgomery Co, North Missouri Railroad
10RailroadsMO, Platte Co, Weston, Weston and Atchison Railroad
2RailroadsMO, Randolph Co, Moberly, Wabash Railroad
4RailroadsMO, St Charles Co, St Charles, North Missouri Railroad
171RailroadsMO, St Louis City, St Louis, Missouri Pacific Railway
4RailroadsMO, St Louis City Co, Carondelet, St Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad
1RailroadsMO, Warren Co, North Missouri Railroad
1RailroadsMO, Washington Co, St Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad
23RailroadsMS, , Mobile and Ohio Railroad
1RailroadsMS, Noxubee Co, Macon, Mobile and Ohio Railroad
53RailroadsNC, , North Carolina Railroad
8RailroadsNC, Alamance Co, Burlington, North Carolina Railroad
7RailroadsNC, Craven Co, New Bern, Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad
1RailroadsNC, Davidson Co, Lexington, North Carolina Railroad
1RailroadsNC, Granville Co, Oxford, Raleigh and Gaston Railroad
9RailroadsNC, Mecklenburg Co, Charlotte, Richmond and Danville Railroad
25RailroadsNC, New Hanover Co, Wilmington, Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
2RailroadsNC, Orange Co, Hillsborough, North Carolina Railroad
7RailroadsNC, Rowan Co, Salisbury, Richmond and Danville Railroad
4RailroadsNC, Wake Co, Raleigh, Richmond and Danville Railroad
32RailroadsNE, Douglas Co, Omaha, Union Pacific Railroad
7RailroadsNJ, Warren Co, Phillipsburg, Morris and Essex Railroad
53RailroadsNY, Albany Co, Albany, Adirondack Railway
7RailroadsNY, Cayuga Co, Auburn, Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
100RailroadsNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Pennsylvania Railroad
3RailroadsNY, Fulton Co, Gloversville, Fonda, Johnstown and Gloversville Railroad
27RailroadsNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway
677RailroadsNY, New York Co, New York City, Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad
3RailroadsNY, Niagara Co, Lockport, Black River and Utica Railroad
54RailroadsNY, Oneida Co, Boonville, Black River and Utica Railroad
28RailroadsNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse, Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad
63RailroadsNY, Rensselaer Co, East Albany, Boston and Albany Railroad
4RailroadsNY, Schenectady Co, Duanesburg, Albany and Susquehanna Railroad
26RailroadsNY, Steuben Co, Hornell, Erie Railroad
1RailroadsNY, Warren Co, Glens Falls, Union Pacific Railroad
6RailroadsOH, Carroll Co, Carrollton, Carrollton and Oneida Railroad
2RailroadsOH, Coshocton Co, Coshocton, Steubenville and Indiana Railroad
16RailroadsOH, Crawford Co, Galion, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railway
156RailroadsOH, Cuyahoga Co, Cleveland, New York Central Railroad
7RailroadsOH, Darke Co, Cincinnati and Mackinaw Railroad
4RailroadsOH, Delaware Co, Delaware, Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad
81RailroadsOH, Franklin Co, Columbus, Pennsylvania Railroad
225RailroadsOH, Hamilton Co, Norwood, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railway
2RailroadsOH, Harrison Co, Cadiz, Steubenville and Indiana Railroad
12RailroadsOH, Huron Co, Wakeman, Cleveland and Toledo Railroad
26RailroadsOH, Jefferson Co, Steubenville, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St Louis Railway
10RailroadsOH, Lawrence Co, Ironton, Ironton Railroad
2RailroadsOH, Logan Co, Bellefontaine, Bellefontaine and Indiana Railroad
74RailroadsOH, Lucas Co, Toledo, Wabash Railroad
9RailroadsOH, Miami Co, Piqua, Columbus, Piqua and Indiana Railroad
31RailroadsOH, Montgomery Co, Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railway
25RailroadsOH, Muskingum Co, Zanesville, Pennsylvania Railroad
9RailroadsOH, Richland Co, Mansfield, Pennsylvania Railroad
10RailroadsOH, Summit Co, Akron, Cleveland, Akron and Columbus Railway
6RailroadsOH, Tuscarawas Co, Uhrichsville, Pennsylvania Railroad
122RailroadsPA, Allegheny Co, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Railroad
35RailroadsPA, Lackawanna Co, Carbondale, Delaware and Hudson Railway
19RailroadsPA, Lehigh Co, Hokendauqua, Ironton Railroad
368RailroadsPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Railroad
1RailroadsSC, Abbeville Co, Abbeville, Greenville and Columbia Railroad
2RailroadsSC, Anderson Co, Anderson, Greenville and Columbia Railroad
39RailroadsSC, Charleston Co, Charleston, Charleston and Savannah Railway
5RailroadsSC, Chester Co, Chester, Charlotte and South Carolina Railroad
2RailroadsSC, Fairfield Co, Ridgeway, Charlotte and South Carolina Railroad
2RailroadsSC, Greenville Co, Greenville, Greenville and Columbia Railroad
7RailroadsSC, Newberry Co, Helena, Greenville and Columbia Railroad
18RailroadsSC, Richland Co, Columbia, Wilmington, Columbia and Augusta Railroad
27RailroadsTN, Davidson Co, Nashville, Nashville, Chattanooga and St Louis Railway
5RailroadsTN, Madison Co, Jackson, Mobile and Ohio Railroad
27RailroadsUT, Salt Lake Co, Salt Lake City, Oregon Short Line Railroad
95RailroadsVA, , Fredericksburg and Gordonsville Railroad
4RailroadsVA, Alexandria, Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad
13RailroadsVA, Lynchburg, Charlotte, Monroe and Columbia Railroad
11RailroadsVA, Norfolk, New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad
11RailroadsVA, Portsmouth, Atlantic and Danville Railway
46RailroadsVA, Richmond City, Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad
1RailroadsVA, Rockbridge Co, Goshen, Virginia Central Railroad
2RailroadsVA, Staunton, Virginia Central Railroad
8RailroadsWI, Columbia Co, Kilbourn City, Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul Railway
14RailroadsWI, Dane Co, Madison, Chicago, St Anthony and Fond Du Lac Railroad
9RailroadsWI, Fond du Lac Co, Fond Du Lac, Chicago and Northwestern Railway
5RailroadsWI, Green Lake Co, Marquette, Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad
3RailroadsWI, Iowa Co, Mineral Point, Mineral Point Railroad
9RailroadsWI, Jefferson Co, Watertown, Chicago and Northwestern Railway
100RailroadsWI, Milwaukee Co, Milwaukee, Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul Railway
4RailroadsWI, Outagamie Co, Kaukauna, Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railway
23RailroadsWI, Racine Co, Racine, Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul Railway
12RailroadsWI, Rock Co, Evansville, Chicago and Northwestern Railway
43RailroadsWI, Sheboygan Co, Glenbeulah, Chicago and Northwestern Railway

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29 May 2020Ashcrofts Railway Directory for 18663,5323,532
19 May 2020United States railroad directory, for 18565,5615,561
17 May 2020https://archive.org/details/historyofillinoi00rail7676
05 May 2020Register of the Officers and Alumni, Purdue University1,5118
03 May 2020Officials of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway50115
30 Apr 2020Biographical directory of the railway officials of America8,3871,200
29 Apr 2020Poor's Manual of Railroads, 19027,796113
27 Apr 2020added 'Railroad' type
23 Apr 2020Register and Directory of Physicians of California, 19033,319
22 Apr 2020Alumni Catalogue, University of Kansas, 1905, 081,0846
21 Apr 2020Georgetown Directory 1874248
17 Apr 2020Medical Directory of NY, NJ, CT, 190714,25510
15 Apr 2020Johns Hopkins Directory 1876-19263,70914
12 Apr 2020Trinity College (Duke), 19166752
11 Apr 2020Boyd's directory of the District of Columbia, 1894706
10 Apr 2020Eastern Illinois University, Alumni Register, 1914425
09 Apr 2020Cornell College Register and Alumni Record, 19134992
07 Apr 2020Register of the State Department, 19162,225
05 Apr 2020DC City Directory, 1843379
05 Apr 2020American Art Annual, 1916454
02 Apr 2020Who's Who in the Nation's Capital4,846
28 Mar 2020Polks Medical Register of North America1,557
26 Mar 2020Directory of trained nurses, 18951,763
25 Mar 2020Georgetown university in the District of Columbia, 1789-1907187
25 Mar 2020Georgetown University Alumni Directory 1789-19122,0853
24 Mar 2020Physicians, Dentists, Druggists of MD, DC, VA2,2442
23 Mar 2020added 'Dentist' type
22 Mar 2020Physicians, Dentists, Druggists Directory of New England6,54072
20 Mar 2020American Physician and Surgeon Blue Book, 19192,27312
19 Mar 2020Directory of Administrators and Teachers in Kansas860
19 Mar 2020Naturalists Directory, 1869613
17 Mar 2020Naturalists Directory, 18982,710
15 Mar 2020State Normal School for Women, Farmville, Va, 1916455
15 Mar 2020State Normal and Training School, Potsdam 1869-1894727
14 Mar 2020Iowa State Normal School Alumni 19096471
12 Mar 2020Directory of graduates, State Normal School, Milwaukee, WI1,716
11 Mar 2020Teachers and School Officers Directory for Ohio5,845
10 Mar 2020United States Art Directory and Yearbook, 1882812
08 Mar 2020Musical Blue Book of America, 19154,518
06 Mar 2020Midwest Musicians and Allied Artist Directory1,927
06 Mar 2020added 'Musicians' type
03 Mar 2020University of Illinois Technological and Graduate Alumni2,28069
03 Mar 2020added 'Pharmacists' type
02 Mar 2020Who's Who in South Carolina615
01 Mar 2020The North Carolina Teacher 1884-1885189
01 Mar 2020The North Carolina Teacher 1886-1887112
29 Feb 2020Alumni History of the University of North Carolina2,2848
26 Feb 2020Catalogue of the officers and alumni of Washington and Lee University338
25 Feb 2020Baylor University, Alumni Directory, 1854-19142122
24 Feb 2020Milton College Alumni Directory78
22 Feb 2020American Men [and Women] of Science; a Biographical Directory12,332
22 Feb 2020added 'Member' type
18 Feb 2020Delaware College, Graduates129
18 Feb 2020Yale Graduate Directory of the Medical Department2542
17 Feb 2020Homoeopathic Medical College of PA and Hahnemann Medical College1,57517
16 Feb 2020Alumni Directory of Earlham College1351
16 Feb 2020History of the University of North Carolina71
15 Feb 2020Iowa State Teachers College Alumni8802
15 Feb 2020added 'Scientists' type
14 Feb 2020State Teachers College. Clarion PA64