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Historical Record Lists
PhysiciansEverett Fremont 1881-1882MECumberland CoHarpswell
PhysiciansAlmon Ethan 1878NHCarroll CoBartlett
PhysiciansHenry Dexter 1887-1911MEHancock CoBar Harbor
PhysiciansCharles Hardy 1881MAWorcester CoGardner
PhysiciansEdward Eugene 1887-1889MEKnox CoFriendship
MinistersHenry Varnum 1877-1882VTWindham CoEast Dover, Baptist Church
MinistersHenry Varnum 1899-1900NHCheshire CoEast Westmoreland, Baptist Church
PhysiciansAlbion 1849-1854MEOxford CoAndover
MinistersLuther Wiggins 1897-1899TXWalker CoHuntsville, Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansHarris Clark 1908-1910MAWorcester CoGardner
MinistersHenry Heath 1903-1907OHColumbiana CoEast Liverpool, Baptist Church
PhysiciansAlbert Abner 1888-1891IAJohnson CoIowa City
PhysiciansJohn Turner 1890MEAroostook CoEaston
MinistersDudley Cotton 1878-1880MANorfolk CoEast Dedham, Baptist Church
PhysiciansJeremiah 1865-1890NHBelknap CoGilmanton Iron Works
PhysiciansEzra 1839-1849IAJohnson CoIowa City
PhysiciansNathan Fletcher 1850-1871MESomerset CoBingham
PhysiciansCharles Smith 1874-1884VTRutland CoBrandon
PhysiciansCharles Burr 1887-1907MANorfolk CoCohasset
PhysiciansJohn 1910MANorfolk CoCohasset
MinistersJames 1876-1877ILSt Clair CoEast St Louis, Baptist Church
PhysiciansGeorge Hoyt 1880NHGrafton CoBristol
MinistersGeorge Henry 1898-1905VTChittenden CoEast Charlotte, Baptist Church
MinistersWalter 1887-1892VTWindham CoEast Dover, Baptist Church
PhysiciansJames 1824-1827MEWaldo CoBrooks
PhysiciansJasper Duncan 1886-1888MEPenobscot CoEast Corinth
PhysiciansEnoch Long 1839-1849NHSullivan CoClaremont
PhysiciansLorenzo Starrett 1865MEKnox CoFriendship
MinistersRobert 1846-1856MEWashington CoEast Harrington, Baptist Church
MinistersQuincy Johnson 1886-1888NYMonroe CoClarkson, Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansGeorge Danforth 1846-1861MAWorcester CoAthol
MinistersWilbur Fisk 1883-1888NYNew York CoNew York City, First Union Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansHenry Cooper 1891-1894COEl Paso CoColorado Springs
PhysiciansOra George 1909MANorfolk CoCanton
MinistersJesse Brooks 1850-1852NYClinton CoPlattsburgh, Presbyterian Church
MinistersWebster Swan 1891-1892NYCattaraugus CoEast Otto, Baptist Church
PhysiciansHenry Augustus 1870-1882MAWorcester CoAthol
PhysiciansElbridge Gerry 1851-1858MEAroostook CoAshland
PhysiciansCharles Fuller 1912NHGrafton CoBristol
PhysiciansCharles Alonzo 1880MAPlymouth CoHingham
PhysiciansFrancis Frye 1873-1886MAHampden CoChicopee
PhysiciansArthur Adelbert 1897-1905MEWaldo CoBurnham
PhysiciansOrsamus Monroe 1867-1868MAWorcester CoAthol
MinistersAlbert Michel 1892-1895ILSt Clair CoEast St Louis, Baptist Church
PhysiciansLincoln Augustus 1909MEHancock CoAmherst
MinistersAmbler 1870MANorfolk CoEast Dedham, Baptist Church
MinistersFranklin Boyd 1910-1922NJEssex CoOrange, Hillside Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansJerome Bonaparte 1858-1862MEAroostook CoAshland
PhysiciansJames 1868-1890MAWorcester CoGardner
PhysiciansHerbert Elwood 1895MANorfolk CoCohasset
MinistersMiles Bull 1921NJEssex CoOrange, Hillside Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansPaul Minot 1826-1860MEPenobscot CoCorinna
PhysiciansFrank Herbert 1888-1891MECumberland CoHarpswell
PhysiciansAlonzo Lewis 1884-1895SCRichland CoColumbia
PhysiciansCharles Frederick 1876-1909NHHillsborough CoGoffstown
PhysiciansIsaac 1877-1882MEAroostook CoEaston
PhysiciansGeorge Erving 1905MEYork CoBerwick
MinistersJoseph 1866-1868MEOxford CoEast Hebron, Baptist Church
PhysiciansPeter Evans 1910SCRichland CoColumbia
PhysiciansGeorge Leander 1879-1881MEOxford CoAndover
PhysiciansCharles 1848MAEssex CoBeverly
PhysiciansLorenzo Walter 1898-1899MEKnox CoAppleton
PhysiciansAlbert Bellathy 1904MEAroostook CoAshland
PhysiciansWarren Henry 1879VTRutland CoBrandon
PhysiciansOrville Leon 1901-1902NHCoos CoGroveton
MinistersEdward Lansing 1870-1871WIWalworth CoEast Delavan, Baptist Church
PhysiciansBruce Alvor 1902-1907MEPenobscot CoEast Corinth
PhysiciansClarence Eugene 1907NHCoos CoGroveton
MinistersJason Carson 1885SCPickens CoEasley, Baptist Church
PhysiciansRalph Hudson 1901NJEssex CoEast Orange
PhysiciansChessman Palmer 1898MAMiddlesex CoAuburndale
PhysiciansJohn Beach 1894COEl Paso CoColorado Springs
PhysiciansThomas 1830-1834MAWorcester CoBrookfield
PhysiciansBenjamin Henry 1907MEKnox CoAppleton
PhysiciansFrank Elliott 1901MEOxford CoAndover
MinistersEbenezer Hawks 1860-1861MEOxford CoEast Hebron, Baptist Church
PhysiciansGeorge Albert 1875-1888MEWaldo CoBrooks
PhysiciansGeorge Franklin 1900-1904COEl Paso CoColorado Springs
PhysiciansDaniel 1827-1874NHHillsborough CoGoffstown
MinistersThomas Albert 1875-1877PAChester CoEast Brandywine, Baptist Church
PhysiciansFrederick Pomeroy 1910IAJohnson CoIowa City
PhysiciansJames Webster 1900-1902MELincoln CoBristol
PhysiciansDaniel Heywood 1867-1869VTWindham CoBrattleboro
PhysiciansDelorme Gilkey 1887-1892MEAroostook CoEaston
MinistersSylvanus Boardman 1868-1869MEWashington CoEast Harrington, Baptist Church
MinistersArnold Rhodes 1868MANorfolk CoEast Dedham, Baptist Church
MinistersElliott Plympton 1889-1892NHCheshire CoEast Westmoreland, Baptist Church
PhysiciansWilliam Howe 1889-1890MEWaldo CoBurnham
PhysiciansClarence Wilton 1912NHHillsborough CoGoffstown
MinistersSamuel 1887NYCattaraugus CoEast Otto, Baptist Church
PhysiciansGeorge 1855-1871NHBelknap CoGilmanton Iron Works
PhysiciansJanies Seavey 1884-1891MEHancock CoBar Harbor
PhysiciansCharles Day 1905NJEssex CoEast Orange
PhysiciansSeth Smith 1909NHCarroll CoBartlett
PhysiciansMilbourne 1906NJEssex CoEast Orange
PhysiciansHarold Verne 1882-1909MEYork CoBerwick
PhysiciansFrank Leon 1875-1877NHBelknap CoGilmanton Iron Works
PhysiciansOwen St Clare 1866-1885MELincoln CoBristol
PhysiciansCharles Carroll 1881NHCoos CoGroveton
MinistersClarence Estel 1912-1915PAChester CoEast Brandywine, Baptist Church
MinistersOscar Lee 1901-1902OHColumbiana CoEast Liverpool, Baptist Church
PhysiciansFrank Wilfred 1867-1878VTRutland CoBrandon
PhysiciansHoratio Nelson 1858-1860MAMiddlesex CoAuburndale
MinistersHendrick Almond 1883-1885WIWalworth CoEast Delavan, Baptist Church
PhysiciansNathaniel Tobey 1842-1844MELincoln CoBristol
MinistersMilton Augustus 1909-1912OHColumbiana CoEast Liverpool, Baptist Church
MinistersFrank Emerson 1892WIWalworth CoEast Delavan, Baptist Church
MinistersAsa 1863-1866MEWashington CoEast Harrington, Baptist Church
PhysiciansIra 1859-1862MANorfolk CoCanton
PhysiciansCharles Henry 1901MAEssex CoBeverly
PhysiciansFrank Edward 1875MAMiddlesex CoAuburndale
PhysiciansCharles Henry 1887MAHampden CoChicopee
PhysiciansFred Leslie 1893MEPenobscot CoCorinna
PhysiciansJames Henry 1881-1900MAPlymouth CoHingham
PhysiciansWilliam 1872-1904MEHancock CoBar Harbor
PhysiciansGeorge Hosley 1879-1883NHCarroll CoBartlett
MinistersCyrus Stewart 1892-1902VTWindham CoEast Dover, Baptist Church
PhysiciansEdward Byron 1882-1886MEHancock CoAmherst
PhysiciansFitz Elmer 1902-1903MEYork CoBerwick
PhysiciansAlbion Keith Parris 1907MEPenobscot CoCorinna
PhysiciansWilliam George 1848-1882MAHampden CoChicopee
PhysiciansAsa Vernon 1886-1903MAWorcester CoBrookfield
PhysiciansJoseph Boniface 1870-1871MECumberland CoHarpswell
PhysiciansFrank Wood 1875-1876MESomerset CoBingham
PhysiciansFrank Wood 1876-1877VTWindham CoBrattleboro
PhysiciansCharles Goddard 1881-1885MAWorcester CoBrookfield
MinistersRobert Service 1907-1908NJEssex CoOrange, Hillside Presbyterian Church
MinistersMelancthon Woolsey 1876-1878NYCayuga CoAuburn, Presbyterian Church
MinistersMelancthon Woolsey 1883-1885MAHampden CoHolyoke, Presbyterian Church
PhysiciansAlbert Fales 1900-1902MEKnox CoAppleton
PhysiciansOscar Fitzallan 1857MAEssex CoBeverly
MinistersCharles Albert 1894-1896NHCheshire CoEast Westmoreland, Baptist Church
MinistersCyrus 1872-1874ILSt Clair CoEast St Louis, Baptist Church
PhysiciansWhitefield Nelson 1889-1891VTWindham CoBrattleboro
MinistersLuther Danforth 1898-1902MEOxford CoEast Hebron, Baptist Church
PhysiciansNathaniel 1842-1879NHSullivan CoClaremont
PhysiciansGeorge Sewell 1910SCRichland CoColumbia
PhysiciansSimeon 1825-1831MANorfolk CoCanton
MinistersWilliam 1878-1880PAChester CoEast Brandywine, Baptist Church
PhysiciansCecil Ernest 1882-1883MEHancock CoAmherst
PhysiciansCharles Jewett 1899-1907MEKnox CoFriendship
PhysiciansJames Davis 1858-1862MEWaldo CoBrooks
PhysiciansOsmon Baker 1867NHSullivan CoClaremont
PhysiciansGeorge Franklin 1882-1885MEWaldo CoBurnham
PhysiciansJohn Carlos 1883NHGrafton CoBristol
MinistersStanley 1888-1907NJEssex CoOrange, Hillside Presbyterian Church
MinistersGeorge Francis 1873-1874NYCattaraugus CoEast Otto, Baptist Church
PhysiciansFrederick Granville 1871MESomerset CoBingham
MinistersHenry Kirby 1916-1918SCPickens CoEasley, Baptist Church
PhysiciansHenry David 1891MEPenobscot CoEast Corinth

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Most Recent Entries
4MinistersCA, Los Angeles Co, Long Beach, Baptist Church
4MinistersCA, Monterey Co, Salinas, Baptist Church
4MinistersCanada, New Brunswick, Jacksonville, Baptist Church
20MinistersCanada, New Brunswick, St John, Baptist Church
4MinistersCanada, Nova Scotia, Argyle, Baptist Church
6MinistersCanada, Nova Scotia, Aylesford, Baptist Church
4MinistersCanada, Nova Scotia, Tusket, Baptist Church
14MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Danbury, Baptist Church
12MinistersCT, Fairfield Co, Stamford, Baptist Church
4MinistersCT, Hartford Co, Wethersfield, Baptist Church
8MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Meriden, Baptist Church
23MinistersCT, New Haven Co, New Haven, Baptist Church
8MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Wallingford, Baptist Church
18MinistersCT, New Haven Co, Waterbury, Baptist Church
7MinistersCT, New London Co, Mystic, Baptist Church
26MinistersDC, Washington, Baptist Church
5MinistersFL, Duval Co, Jacksonville, Baptist Church
7MinistersIA, Black Hawk Co, Waterloo, Baptist Church
5MinistersIA, Cerro Gordo Co, Mason City, Baptist Church
15MinistersIA, Des Moines Co, Burlington, Baptist Church
6MinistersIA, Lucas Co, Chariton, Baptist Church
11MinistersIA, Marion Co, Pella, Baptist Church
4MinistersIA, Wapello Co, Ottumwa, Baptist Church
11MinistersIL, Adams Co, Quincy, Baptist Church
7MinistersIL, Bureau Co, Buda, Baptist Church
41MinistersIL, Cook Co, Chicago, Baptist Church
8MinistersIL, DeKalb Co, Sandwich, Baptist Church
11MinistersIL, Henry Co, Cambridge, Baptist Church
11MinistersIL, Kane Co, Elgin, Baptist Church
10MinistersIL, Livingston Co, Pontiac, Baptist Church
7MinistersIL, Macon Co, Decatur, Baptist Church
13MinistersIL, McHenry Co, Woodstock, Baptist Church
16MinistersIL, Peoria Co, Peoria, Baptist Church
5MinistersIL, Pike Co, Pittsfield, Baptist Church
4MinistersIL, Richland Co, Olney, Baptist Church
10MinistersIL, Scott Co, Winchester, Baptist Church
4MinistersIL, Stark Co, Toulon, Baptist Church
8MinistersIN, LaPorte Co, Michigan City, Baptist Church
4MinistersIN, Marion Co, Acton, Baptist Church
10MinistersIN, Vanderburgh Co, Evansville, Baptist Church
10MinistersIN, Vigo Co, Terre Haute, Baptist Church
7MinistersKS, Clay Co, Clay Center, Baptist Church
9MinistersKS, Geary Co, Junction City, Baptist Church
8MinistersKS, Miami Co, Paola, Baptist Church
12MinistersMA, Bristol Co, North Attleboro, Baptist Church
9MinistersMA, Essex Co, Danvers, Baptist Church
8MinistersMA, Essex Co, Gloucester, First Baptist Church
9MinistersMA, Essex Co, Peabody, Baptist Church
17MinistersMA, Essex Co, Rowley, Baptist Church
5MinistersMA, Hampden Co, Holyoke, Second Baptist Church
9MinistersMA, Hampshire Co, Huntington, Baptist Church
13MinistersMA, Middlesex Co, Lexington, Baptist Church
6MinistersMA, Norfolk Co, Braintree, Baptist Church
7MinistersMA, Norfolk Co, Norwood, Baptist Church
16MinistersMA, Norfolk Co, Sharon, Baptist Church
27MinistersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, First Baptist Church
10MinistersMA, Suffolk Co, Boston, Tremont Temple Baptist Church
9MinistersMA, Suffolk Co, Charlestown, First Baptist Church
19MinistersMA, Suffolk Co, Dorchester, Pilgrim Congregational Church
8MinistersMA, Suffolk Co, Roslindale, Baptist Church
18MinistersMA, Suffolk Co, South Boston, Baptist Church
25MinistersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, Baptist Church
7MinistersMA, Worcester Co, Worcester, Main Street Baptist Church
13MinistersME, Androscoggin Co, Turner, Baptist Church
5MinistersME, Kennebec Co, North Vassalboro, Baptist Church
5MinistersME, Penobscot Co, Kenduskeag, Baptist Church
11MinistersME, Somerset Co, Fairfield, Baptist Church
9MinistersME, York Co, Acton, Baptist Church
4MinistersME, York Co, Buxton Center, Baptist Church
16MinistersMI, Bay Co, Bay City, Baptist Church
10MinistersMI, Berrien Co, Niles, Baptist Church
4MinistersMI, Berrien Co, Three Oaks, Baptist Church
7MinistersMI, Gratiot Co, St Louis, Baptist Church
12MinistersMI, Ingham Co, Lansing, Baptist Church
4MinistersMI, Kent Co, Oakfield, Baptist Church
4MinistersMI, Kent Co, Rockford, Baptist Church
8MinistersMI, Lenawee Co, Tecumseh, Baptist Church
4MinistersMI, Macomb Co, Romeo, Baptist Church
6MinistersMI, Mason Co, Ludington, Baptist Church
4MinistersMI, Oakland Co, Oxford, Baptist Church
5MinistersMI, Washtenaw Co, Salem, Baptist Church
33MinistersMI, Wayne Co, Detroit, Baptist Church
32MinistersMN, Hennepin Co, Minneapolis, Baptist Church
20MinistersMO, St Louis City, Baptist Church
14MinistersNE, Douglas Co, Omaha, Baptist Church
6MinistersNH, Cheshire Co, Richmond, Baptist Church
7MinistersNH, Grafton Co, Lebanon, Baptist Church
12MinistersNH, Sullivan Co, Claremont, Baptist Church
6MinistersNJ, Bergen Co, Hackensack, Baptist Church
7MinistersNJ, Burlington Co, Moorestown, Baptist Church
35MinistersNJ, Essex Co, Newark, Baptist Church
8MinistersNJ, Passaic Co, Passaic, Baptist Church
16MinistersNJ, Passaic Co, Paterson, Baptist Church
16MinistersNJ, Salem Co, Salem, Baptist Church
7MinistersNJ, Sussex Co, Newton, Baptist Church
6MinistersNJ, Union Co, Plainfield, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Albany Co, Watervliet, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Allegany Co, Rushford, Baptist Church
15MinistersNY, Broome Co, Binghamton, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Cayuga Co, Owasco, Baptist Church
17MinistersNY, Cayuga Co, Scipio, Baptist Church
8MinistersNY, Chautauqua Co, Fredonia, Baptist Church
9MinistersNY, Chemung Co, Elmira, Baptist Church
20MinistersNY, Chenango Co, New Berlin, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Cortland Co, Truxton, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Delaware Co, Meredith, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Delaware Co, Sidney Center, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Delaware Co, Walton, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Dutchess Co, Millerton, Baptist Church
34MinistersNY, Erie Co, Buffalo, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Erie Co, Hamburg, Baptist Church
10MinistersNY, Essex Co, Ticonderoga, Baptist Church
12MinistersNY, Essex Co, Westport, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Greene Co, New Baltimore, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Herkimer Co, Norway, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Herkimer Co, West Winfield, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Jefferson Co, Philadelphia, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Kings Co, Brooklyn, Strong Place Baptist Church
8MinistersNY, Lewis Co, Lowville, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Livingston Co, Hemlock, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Madison Co, Eaton, Baptist Church
11MinistersNY, Madison Co, Morrisville, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Madison Co, North Brookfield, Baptist Church
9MinistersNY, Madison Co, Oneida, Baptist Church
18MinistersNY, Monroe Co, Fairport, Baptist Church
20MinistersNY, Monroe Co, Rochester, Baptist Church
12MinistersNY, Monroe Co, Webster, Baptist Church
17MinistersNY, Montgomery Co, Amsterdam, Baptist Church
8MinistersNY, Nassau Co, Rockville Centre, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, New York Co, New York City, Madison Ave Baptist Church
10MinistersNY, Niagara Co, Wilson, Baptist Church
11MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Durhamville, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Rome, Baptist Church
23MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Utica, Baptist Church
8MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Vernon, Baptist Church
12MinistersNY, Oneida Co, Whitesboro, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Elbridge, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Fayetteville, Baptist Church
15MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Jordan, Baptist Church
8MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Manlius, Baptist Church
24MinistersNY, Onondaga Co, Syracuse, Baptist Church
8MinistersNY, Orange Co, Cornwall, Baptist Church
10MinistersNY, Orleans Co, Medina, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Oswego Co, Colosse, Baptist Church
16MinistersNY, Oswego Co, Oswego, Baptist Church
9MinistersNY, Oswego Co, Pulaski, Baptist Church
13MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Cooperstown, Baptist Church
8MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Gilbertsville, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Morris, Baptist Church
11MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Oneonta, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Otego, Baptist Church
3MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Springfield Center, Baptist Church
9MinistersNY, Otsego Co, Unadilla, Baptist Church
12MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Petersburg, Baptist Church
27MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy, Baptist Church
11MinistersNY, Rensselaer Co, Troy, First Baptist Church
8MinistersNY, Rockland Co, Nyack, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Saratoga Co, Galway, Baptist Church
23MinistersNY, Saratoga Co, Stillwater, Baptist Church
4MinistersNY, Schoharie Co, Greenbush, Baptist Church
22MinistersNY, Schuyler Co, North Hector, Baptist Church
12MinistersNY, Seneca Co, Ovid, Baptist Church
5MinistersNY, St Lawrence Co, Richville, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Ulster Co, Rosendale, Baptist Church
10MinistersNY, Washington Co, Granville, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Wayne Co, Macedon, Baptist Church
7MinistersNY, Westchester Co, White Plains, Baptist Church
6MinistersNY, Westchester Co, Yonkers, Baptist Church
9MinistersNY, Wyoming Co, Pike, Baptist Church
12MinistersNY, Wyoming Co, Wyoming, Baptist Church
20MinistersNY, Yates Co, Penn Yan, Baptist Church
16MinistersOH, Lucas Co, Toledo, Baptist Church
4MinistersOH, Mahoning Co, Youngstown, Baptist Church
3MinistersOH, Muskingum Co, Zanesville, Baptist Church
8MinistersOR, Clackamas Co, Oregon City, Baptist Church
9MinistersOR, Multnomah Co, Portland, First Baptist Church
4MinistersOR, Yamhill Co, Amity, Baptist Church
6MinistersPA, Bradford Co, Towanda, Baptist Church
6MinistersPA, Erie Co, West Springfield, Baptist Church
14MinistersPA, Lackawanna Co, Scranton, Baptist Church
4MinistersPA, Lackawanna Co, Waverly, Baptist Church
10MinistersPA, Lycoming Co, Muncy, Baptist Church
13MinistersPA, Lycoming Co, Williamsport, Baptist Church
4MinistersPA, Montgomery Co, Bryn Mawr, Baptist Church
8MinistersPA, Montgomery Co, Cold Point, Baptist Church
7MinistersPA, Montgomery Co, Jenkintown, Baptist Church
8MinistersPA, Montgomery Co, Pottstown, Baptist Church
6MinistersPA, Northampton Co, Portland, Baptist Church
80MinistersPA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Baptist Church
8MinistersPA, Susquehanna Co, Montrose, Baptist Church
6MinistersRI, Providence Co, Central Falls, Baptist Church
12MinistersRI, Providence Co, Providence, Roger Williams Baptist Church
5MinistersRI, Providence Co, Providence, Stewart Street Baptist Church
21MinistersRI, Washington Co, Westerly, Baptist Church
7MinistersVT, Addison Co, Vergennes, Baptist Church
8MinistersVT, Franklin Co, St Albans, Baptist Church
6MinistersVT, Windham Co, South Windham, Baptist Church
4MinistersVT, Windsor Co, Plymouth, Baptist Church
5MinistersWI, Columbia Co, Portage, Baptist Church
10MinistersWI, Walworth Co, Walworth, Baptist Church

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