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Railroad and Railway Service

Wabash Chester and Western Railroad5
Wabash Railroad1015
Wabash, Chester and Western Railroad8
Wabash, St Louis and Pacific Railway546
Wallkill Valley Railroad6
Warren and Corsicana Pacinc Railway4
Warrenton Railroad4
Warsaw and Rockford Railroad15
Washington and Georgetown Railroad2
Washington and Ohio Railroad1
Washington and Old Dominion Railroad1
Washington and Plymouth Railroad4
Washington County Central Railroad14
Washington County Railroad6
Washington Run Railroad7
Washington Southern Railway5
Washington, Alexandria and Georgetown Railroad6
Washington, Potomac and Chesapeake Railroad4
Watertown and Rome Railroad26
Waukegan and Mississippi Valley Railway2
Waynesburgh and Washington Railroad51
Weatherford, Mineral Wells and Northwestern Railway4
Wellington and Powellsville Railroad61
Wellsville Coudersport and Pine Creek Railroad5
West Chester and Philadelphia Railroad15
West Chester Railroad141
West Chester, Media and Philadelphia Railroad11
West Feliciana Railroad1
West Jersey and Seashore Railroad92
West Jersey Railroad111
West Shore Railroad223
West Side Belt Railroad6
West Virginia and Southern Railroad8
West Virginia Central and Pittsburgh Railway192
West Virginia Northern Railroad4
West Wisconsin Railway111
Western and Atlantic Railroad291
Western Maryland Railroad373
Western Maryland Railway3
Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad13
Western North Carolina Railroad61
Western Railroad of Massachusetts201
Western Railway of Alabama181
Western Union Railroad29
Western Vermont Railroad20
Weston and Atchison Railroad15
Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad404
Wheeling Terminal Railway71
Whippany River Railroad4
White Castle and Lake Natchez Railway1
White River Valley Railroad2
Wichita Valley Railway8
Williams Valley Railroad5
Williamsport and North Branch Railroad15
Williamsville, Greenville and St Louis Railway11
Wilmington and Manchester Railroad311
Wilmington and Northern Railroad113
Wilmington and Raleigh Railroad1
Wilmington and Reading Railroad51
Wilmington and Susquehanna Railroad1
Wilmington and Weldon Railroad525
Wilmington, Charlotte and Rutherford Railroad121
Wilmington, Columbia and Augusta Railroad51
Winchester and Potomac Railroad13
Winifrede Railroad10
Winnebago Railroad15
Winona and St Peter Railway261
Wiscasaet, Waterville and Farmington Railroad4
Wisconsin and Michigan Railway7
Wisconsin Central Railroad1
Wisconsin Central Railway62
Wisconsin Western Railroad7
Wisconsin, Minnesota and Pacific Railway51
Wood River Branch Railroad6
Worcester and Nashua Railroad28
Wrightsville and Tennille Railroad8
Wyoming and Lehigh Railroad1
Wyoming and Missouri River Railroad2