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Railroad and Railway Service

Sackets Harbor and Ellisburgh Railroad16
Sackets Harbor and Saratoga Railroad17
Sacramento Valley Railroad1
Saginaw and Lansing Railroad121
Saginaw and Ouachita River Railroad4
Sail Diego, Pacific Beach and La Jolla Railway6
Salem and Lowell Railroad30
Saline River Railway2
Salisbury and Harvey Railway8
Salt Lake and Los Angeles Railway4
Salt Lake and Mercur Railroad3
Salt Lake and Ogden Railway6
San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway302
San Antonio and Gulf Railroad5
San Diego, Cuyamaca and Eastern Railway6
San Francisco and North Pacific Railway5
San Francisco and San Joaquin Valley Railway41
San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad17
San Pete Valley Railway8
Sandersville Railroad6
Sandusky and Mansfield Railroad8
Sandusky, Dayton and Cincinnati Railroad22
Sandusky, Mansfield and Newark Railroad35
Sandy River Railroad13
Santa Fe and Grand Canyon Railroad1
Santa Fe Railway18
Santa Fe, Prescott and Phoenix Railway21
Saratoga and Schenectady Railroad202
Saratoga and Whitehall Railroad332
Sardis and Delta Railroad4
Savannah and Memphis Railroad33
Savannah and Statesboro Railroad3
Savannah River Valley Railroad13
Savannah, Albany and Gulf Railroad19
Savannah, Americus and Montgomery Railway7
Savannah, Florida and Western Railway132
Schoharie Valley Railroad9
Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad135
Scioto Valley Railway5
Scottdale Connecting Railroad4
Seaboard Air Line564
Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad312
Searcy and Des Arc Railroad3
Seattle and San Francisco Railway and Navigation Company3
Seattle Lake Shore and Eastern Railway10
Sebasticook and Moosehead Railroad4
Sharpsville Railroad7
Sheboygan and Fond du Lac Railroad12
Sheboygan and Mississippi Railroad14
Shenandoah Valley Railroad14
Shenango and Allegheny Railroad5
Shepaug Railroad4
Shore Line Railway252
Shreveport and Red River Valley Railway9
Sierra Railway of California12
Sierra Valleys Railway6
Silver Lake Railway7
Silver Springs Ocala and Gulf Railroad61
Silverton Northern Railroad6
Silverton Railroad5
Sinnemahoning Valley Railroad4
Sioux City and Northern Railroad8
Sioux City and Pacific Railroad12
Skaneateles Railroad7
Slate Run Railroad7
Smithonia and Dunlap Railroad5
Smithonia, Danielsville and Carnesville Railroad3
Sodus Point and Southern Railroad15
Somerset and Kennebec Railroad102
Somerset Railway11
Soo Line Railroad2
South and North Alabama Railroad6
South Atlantic and Ohio Railroad7
South Branch Railroad7
South Buffalo Railway8
South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company1
South Carolina Railroad1
South Carolina Railway13
South Florida Railroad71
South Georgia and West Coast Railway9
South Manchester Railroad7
South Shore Massachusetts Railroad12
South Shore Railroad14
Southern California Railway361
Southern Indiana Railway13
Southern Minnesota Railroad10
Southern Pacific Railroad7139
Southern Pacific Railway4
Southern Railroad1
Southern Railway558
Southside Railroad16
Southwestern Railroad3
Southwestern Railroad of Georgia13
Southwestern Railroad of Tennessee16
Springfield and Columbus Railroad12
Springfield, Jackson and Pomeroy Railroad5
Springfield, Mount Vernon and Pittsburgh Railroad17
St Augustine and South Beach Railway5
St Clair, Madison and St Louis Belt Railroad4
St Croix and Duluth Railway6
St Croix and Penobscot Railroad4
St Johnsbury and Lake Champlain Railroad15
St Joseph and Denver City Railroad4
St Joseph and Grand Island Railroad7
St Joseph and Grand Island Railway14
St Joseph Terminal Railroad9
St Lawrence and Adirondack Railway21
St Louis and Cincinnati Railroad1
St Louis and Gulf Railway6
St Louis and Hannibal Railway8
St Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad381
St Louis and North Arkansas Railroad8
St Louis and San Francisco Railroad612
St Louis and Southeastern Railroad111
St Louis Merchants Bridge Terminal Railway13
St Louis Southwestern of Texas Railway10
St Louis Southwestern Railway582
St Louis Transfer Railway11
St Louis Valley Railway8
St Louis, Alton and Terre Haute Railroad40
St Louis, Arkansas and Texas Railway19
St Louis, Belleville and Southern Railway2
St Louis, Cape Girardeau and Fort Smith Railway5
St Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railway352
St Louis, Kansas City and Northern Railway202
St Louis, Keokuk and Northwestern Railroad17
St Louis, Memphis and Southeastern Railroad13
St Louis, Troy and Eastern Railroad8
St Louis, Watkins and Gulf Railway7
St Paul and Chicago Railroad1
St Paul and Duluth Railroad173
St Paul and Pacific Railroad1
St Paul and Pacific Railroad282
St Paul and Sioux City Railroad51
St Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway342
Staten Island Railway291
Staten Island Rapid Transit Railroad17
Stem Railroad1
Sterling Mountain Railway1
Steubenville and Indiana Railroad27
Stewartstown Railroad8
Stony Brook Railroad16
Stony Creek Railroad7
Suffolk and Carolina Railway8
Sullivan Railroad23
Sulphur Mining and Railroad Company3
Sumpter Valley Railway7
Sunbury and Erie Railroad23
Surry, Sussex and Southampton Railway6
Susquehanna and Buffalo Railroad5
Susquehanna and New York Railroad4
Susquehanna, Bloomsburg and Berwick Railroad5
Sycamore and Cortland Railroad17
Sydney and Louisburg Railway6
Sylvania Railroad5
Syracuse and Binghamton Railroad23
Syracuse, Binghamton and New York Railroad17