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Railroad and Railway Service

Racine and Mississippi Railroad25
Railway Steel Spring Co8
Railway Transfer Company of Minneapolis6
Raleigh and Cape Fear Railway3
Raleigh and Gaston Railroad183
Raleigh and Western Railway6
Randsburg Railroad6
Rapid Transit Railway22
Raquette Lake Railway41
Raritan and Delaware Bay Railroad21
Raritan River Railroad5
Reading and Columbia Railroad224
Red Springs and Bowmore Railroad4
Register and Glenville Railroad2
Rensselaer and Saratoga Railroad361
Retner and Kay Fork Railroad4
Reynoldsville and Falls Creek Railroad8
Richmond and Allegheny Railroad11
Richmond and Danville Railroad858
Richmond and Petersburg Railroad201
Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad163
Rio Grande and Eagle Pass Railway7
Rio Grande and Pagosa Springs Railroad6
Rio Grande Junction Railway Company71
Rio Grande Railroad7
Rio Grande Southern Railway12
Rio Grande Western Railway191
Rio Grande, Sierra Madre and Pacific Railway6
Roanoke Valley Railroad8
Roaring Creek and Charleston Railroad5
Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad15
Rochester and Pittsburgh Railroad81
Rochester and State Line Railroad91
Rock Island and Peoria Railroad17
Rock Port, Langdon and Northern Railway5
Rockaway Valley Railway3
Rockbridge Alum and Goshen Railroad1
Rockford, Rock Island and St Louis Railway13
Rockville Railroad7
Rockwood and Tennessee River Railroad8
Rogue River Valley Railway6
Rome Railroad21
Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg Railroad391
Ruddock, Bonnet Carre and Northern Railroad4
Rural Valley Railroad2
Rutland and Burlington Railroad22
Rutland and Washington Railroad12
Rutland and Whitehall Railroad51
Rutland Railroad182