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Railroad and Railway Service

Nantucket Central Railroad2
Narragansett Pier Railroad9
Nashua and Lowell Railroad261
Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad43
Nashville and Northwestern Railroad27
Nashville and Sparks Railroad6
Nashville, Chattanooga and St Louis Railway401
Natchez, Columbia and Mobile Railroad10
Natchez, Red River and Texas Railroad6
Natchez, Urania and Huston Railway5
National City and Otay Railway9
National Railroad Company of Mexico7
Naugatuck Railroad28
Nevada Central Railroad81
Nevada County Narrow-Gauge Railroad9
Nevada, Callfornia, Oregon Railway7
New Albany and Salem Railroad38
New Albany and Sandusky City Junction Railroad16
New Bedford and Taunton Railroad311
New Brunswick Railway5
New Castle and Butler Railroad3
New Hanover Transit Company Railroad4
New Haven and Dunbar Railroad5
New Haven and Northampton Railroad191
New Jersey and New York Railroad9
New Jersey Midland Railroad8
New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company531
New London Northern Railroad253
New London, Willamantic and Palmer Railroad161
New Mexico Railway and Coal Company16
New Orange Four Junction Railroad4
New Orleans and Carrollton Railroad10
New Orleans and Mobile Railroad71
New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad72
New Orleans and Northwestern Railway111
New Orleans Belt and Terminal Railroad5
New Orleans Jackson and Great Northern Railroad71
New Orleans, Fort Jackson and Grand Isle Railroad6
New Orleans, Jackson and Great Northern Railroad31
New Orleans, Opelousas and Great Western Railroad37
New York and Erie Railroad454
New York and Harlem Railroad413
New York and Long Branch Railroad3
New York and New England Railroad474
New York and New Haven Railroad33
New York and New Rochelle Railroad13
New York and Northern Railway71
New York and Oswego Midland Railroad15
New York and Ottawa Railroad9
New York and Pennsylvania Railroad7
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad945
New York Central Railroad7211
New York Central, Hudson River and Fort Orange Railroad1
New York City Eighth Avenue Railroad12
New York City Second Avenue Railroad15
New York City Sixth Avenue Railroad16
New York City Third Avenue Railroad15
New York Elevated Railroad71
New York, Chicago and St Louis Railroad472
New York, Lackawanna and Western Railroad4
New York, Lake Erie and Western Railroad804
New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad953
New York, Ontario and Western Railway25
New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio Railroad251
New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad131
New York, Providence and Boston Railroad41
New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad13
New York, Texas and Mexican Railway14
New York, West Shore and Buffalo Railway241
Newark and Bloomfield Railroad151
Newburgh and South Shore Railway8
Newburyport Railroad15
Newport and Shermans Valley Railroad8
Newport and Wickford Railroad and Steamboat Company3
Niagara Junction Railway8
Nittany Valley Railroad4
Noble Lake and Southern Railway5
Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad4
Norfolk and Southern Railroad25
Norfolk and Western Railway592
Norfolk County Railroad41
North Bend and Kettle Creek Railroad8
North Carolina Railroad299
North Missouri Railroad41
North Pennsylvania Railroad441
North Shore Railroad8
Northampton and Hertford Railroad5
Northeastern Railroad of South Carolina16
Northern Alabama Railway123
Northern Central Railroad13
Northern Central Railway691
Northern Indiana Railroad7
Northern Liberties Railroad8
Northern New Hampshire Railroad321
Northern New York Railroad311
Northern Pacific Railroad1557
Northern Railroad of New Jersey15
Northern Railway of Canada5
Northwestern Coal Railway3
Northwestern Pennsylvania Railroad15
Norwich and Worcester Railroad503
Norwood and St Lawrence Railroad5
Nosbonsiug and Nipissing Railway4
Nova Scotia Steel Company Railway7