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Railroad and Railway Service

Macon and Birmingham Railway6
Macon and Brunswick Railroad111
Macon and Western Railroad291
Macon, Dublin and Savannah Railroad14
Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad21
Madison and Indianapolis Railroad6
Madison, Portage City and Lake Superior Railroad14
Mahanoy and Broad Mountain Railroad123
Maine Central Railroad812
Mammoth Cave Railroad2
Manassas Gap Railroad18
Manchester and Lawrence Railroad151
Manchester and North Weare Railroad8
Manchester and Oneida Railway11
Manhattan Railway211
Manistee and Grand Rapids Railroad12
Manistee and Luther Railroad6
Manistee and Northeastern Railroad20
Manistique Railway10
Manistique, Marquette and Northern Railroad6
Manitou and Pikes Peak Railway1
Mann's Creek Railroad2
Mansfield Railway and Transportation Company5
Manufacturers Railway5
Maricopa, Phoenix and Salt River Valley Railroad10
Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad44
Marietta and North Georgia Railway5
Marietta, Columbus and Cleveland Railroad9
Marion and Mississinewa Valley Railroad10
Marion and Rye Valley Railroad3
Marion Railroad16
Marquette and Ontonagon Railroad12
Marquette and Southeastern Railway6
Marquette, Houghton and Ontonagon Railroad5
Maryland and Delaware Railroad2
Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad10
Mason and Oceana Railroad5
Mason City and Fort Dodge Railroad16
Mason-Hoge Railroad Construction Co.2
Massena Terminal Railroad6
Mattoon Railway4
Mauch Chunk and Switch Back Railroad7
McCauley Mountain and Black Creek Railroad13
McCloud River Railroad7
McKeesport Connecting Railroad13
McKeesport Terminal Railroad5
Medix Run Railroad4
Memphis and Charleston Railroad461
Memphis and Little Rock Railroad17
Memphis and Ohio Railroad19
Mercer Valley Railroad2
Merrimack and Connecticut River Railroad131
Metropolitan Railroad194
Metropolitan Street Railway24
Mexican Central Railway Company731
Mexican International Railroad8
Mexican mineral Railway2
Mexican National Railroad291
Mexican Northern Railway4
Mexico and Pacific Railroad1
Michigan and Ohio Railroad4
Michigan Central Railroad20413
Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad641
Middleburg and Schoharie Railway13
Middletown and Cincinnati Railroad71
Midland Terminal Railway12
Midville, Swainsboro and Red Bluff Railroad2
Mifflin and Centre County Railroad14
Mill Valley and Mount Tamalpais Scenic Railway5
Milledgeville and Eatonton Railroad8
Millen and Southwestern Railroad7
Miller County Railroad4
Milwaukee and Beloit Railroad21
Milwaukee and Horicon Railroad11
Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad45
Milwaukee and Northern Railroad17
Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien Railway25
Milwaukee and St Paul Railway331
Milwaukee and Watertown Railroad311
Milwaukee, Benton Harbor and Columbus Railway6
Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railway303
Mine Hill and Schuylkill Haven Railroad19
Mineral Point Railroad20
Mineral Range Railroad16
Minneapolis and Pacific Railway5
Minneapolis and St Louis Railroad643
Minneapolis Eastern Railway7
Minneapolis Sault Ste Marie and Atlantic Railway8
Minneapolis, St Paul and Ashland Railroad5
Minneapolis, St Paul and Sault St Marie Railway484
Minnesota and International Railway10
Minnesota and North Wisconsin Railroad6
Minnesota and Northwestern Railroad13
Minnesota and Pacific Railroad1
Minnesota Central Railway18
Minnesota Transfer Railway6
Minnesota Valley Railroad22
Mississippi and Missouri Railroad252
Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad181
Mississippi Central Railroad201
Mississippi River and Bonne Terre Railway9
Mississippi River, Hamburg and Western Railway6
Missouri Central Branch Railway4
Missouri Pacific Railway2505
Missouri River Fort Scott and Gulf Railroad5
Missouri Southern Railroad10
Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska Railroad4
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway3846
Mobile and Bay Shore Railway3
Mobile and Girard Railroad18
Mobile and Montgomery Railroad82
Mobile and Ohio Railroad975
Mobile, Jackson and Kansas City Railroad7
Moncton and Buctouche Railway7
Monongahela Connecting Railroad15
Monson Railroad9
Montana Central Railway11
Montana Railroad6
Montana Union Railway5
Monte Cristo Railway5
Montfort and Gatineau Colonization Railway6
Montour Railroad14
Montpelier and Wells River Railroad17
Morenci Southern Railway5
Morgantown and Kingwood Railroad3
Morris and Essex Railroad482
Morris County Railroad1
Moscow, Camden and San Augustine Railway4
Moshassuck Valley Railroad4
Moss Point and Pascagoula Railroad4
Mount Airy and Eastern Railway4
Mount Carbon Railroad17
Mount Hope Mineral Railroad4
Mount Jewett, Kinzua and Riterville Railroad6
Mount Penn Gravity Railroad6
Mount Washington Railway7
Muncie Belt Railroad4
Muscatine North and South Railroad5
Muscogee and Georgia Railroad17
Muscogee Railroad14