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Railroad and Railway Service

Illinois Central Railroad2969
Illinois Midland Railroad7
Illinois Southern Railway9
Illinois Terminal Railroad8
Independence and Monmouth Railway4
Indiana and Illinois Central Railroad171
Indiana Central Railroad8
Indiana, Bloomington and Western Railway25
Indiana, Illinois and Iowa Railroad20
Indianapolis and Cincinnati Railroad32
Indianapolis and Madison Railroad16
Indianapolis and St Louis Railway24
Indianapolis and Vincennes Railroad5
Indianapolis Decatur and Western Railway51
Indianapolis Union Railway18
Indianapolis, Cincinnati and LaFayette Railway16
Indianapolis, Decatur and Springfield Railroad111
Indianapolis, Peru and Chicago Railway14
Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and Cleveland Railroad20
Intercolonial Railway20
International and Great Northern Railroad524
International Pacific Railway6
Interoceanic Railway of Mexico17
Interstate Railroad8
Inverness Railway and Coal Company3
Iola and Northern Railroad4
Iowa and St Louis Railway4
Iowa Central Railway40
Iron Mountain Railway5
Iron Rail Railroad16
Irondale, Bancroft and Ottawa Railway6
Ironton Railroad27
Ivorydale and Millcreek Valley Railway3